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Any advice when it comes to drawing lips/nose/eyes?...
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Any advice when it comes to drawing lips/nose/eyes? I was able to draw an eye pretty well, but I went to draw a different eye from reference and it looked flatter than hell.

The same issue arises when drawing noses/lips. How can I make them look like proper 3D forms without shading? If I draw them they look like flat ugly outlines. How much help will drawing less lines do?
sounds like you're symbol drawing. how good is your ability to draw basic 3d shapes in perspective (cylinder, sphere, cube, cone)?

if you can draw these basic forms, you can use that knowledge to draw more complex forms like noses, lips, and eyes.

But I'm not, I can draw 3D just fine.

I just don't know why these aren't coming out right.

you are a fucking idiot op. you can't draw in 3d at all. what you can do is plot some boxes in perspective.

> looked flatter than hell.
> How can I make them look like proper 3D forms without shading?

what a fucking idiot.

I've done a million boxes correctly in perspective. And I've drawn a bunch of eyes that are correct. But for whatever reason I tried drawing this one random eye from a picture and it doesn't look right. And I don't know why.

No need to be a nigger who should kill himself.
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Wrapping, overlapping lines and knowledge of the anatomy or form in order to simplify whatever you're drawing.
I mean seriously, what the fuck is with this place. Instead of giving any sort of advice. The default response is lolsymboldrawing. Fucking retards

That's what I am doing. But this one particular eye was off for some reason.

What can I do when it comes to lips/noses, without shading? Less lines the better?
Honestly it depends on how much you're trying to simplify it and the style you're going for. If you could post the drawing it would probably help greatly.
post your work or we can't tell what you are doing wrong

also I appreciate the aj posting
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1 MB, 2452x3340
I didn't bother with the nose/lips yet because I am expecting a ton of symbol drawing shitposts.

I noticed that I drew too fast so the tear duct/pupil is off. But I drew the lids wrapping around the sphere. It's not like I wasn't drawing AROUND the form and just drawing symbol shit.

and yeah, I've gotta work on my lineweight. I drew it all the same pressure.

It's just a matter of people telling me WHAT needs to be improved as opposed to just going "OH YOUR SYMBOL DRAWING, LEARN BASICS FAGGOT".

That tells absolutely nothing.
Man, all you're saying is 'i can normally do stuff, this one eye is shit.'

So????? Throw it the fuck away and make a new one. Stop dwelling on your 'one bad' picture. God...
hang yourself
1.Problem: you have two tearducts on either side of the eye, making it impossible to know where the nose would go
Solution: observe more, start drawing what your eyes see rather than what mind thinks, and learn to acknowledge that when the drawing doesn't align with reality, it's because your fucking up.

2.Problem: you fucked up the pupil and iris, they're supposed to be circles but they look more like blobs, and the pupil is way off the middle or the iris

Solution: practice circles until you can draw them perfectly without even trying; take a protracter and draw a circle, then trace the circle in both directions 8 times while trying to stay on course. Rinse and repeat until you can do it without flaw, and then work on doing it faster. Try timing yourself and beating your own record.

3.problem: Line control. It looks pretty stiff and scratchy. In other words, you have no line confidence

Solution: you need to grind straight line, and curve excercises ALOT. Draw with you're arm instead of your wrist, attain a light touch, and practice line weight with consistent excercises.

4. problem: the eyelids lack any sense of depth.

Solution: learn to construct, the eyelids have volume, this is shown by how they rap around the form of the eyeball, and protrude from the surface of the eyeball; the way you drew it makes it look like the exterior skin of the eyelid meets the surface of the eye.

5. The crease of the eyelid doesn't goes all the way from end to end. That's it. Just don't do that.

6. Problem: the eyelids don't seem to wrap around the form the spherical form of the eye or the bump that is the tearducts. It kind of just looks like you drew a flat almond shape that's bigger near the middle. That's not 3d thinking, that's symbolism. I'm not even shitposting/memeing; that's exactly what it is.

Solution: study primitive shapes (cylinders, cubes, spheres, cones, rectangular prisms, etc.), study one point, two point, and three point perspective, and do still life's.
>inb4 I'm not helping you
>inb4 you don't need to still practice all the basics I recommended
>inb4 you watched proko so you magically know how to do this shit already
>inb4 I'm shitposting/memeing
>inb4 I'm wrong
>inb4 you know better than experienced artists
>inb4 you're not symbol drawing
>inb4 you mastered 3d already
>inb4 plotting cubes in point perspective is the equivalent of mastering 3D
>you actually think you're drawing with the z axis in mind

I've been working with my arm instead of my wrist, it's taking some getting used to.

I addressed in the post that I went a bit fast so I know the pupil/iris is messed up.

How am I supposed to make them wrap around the form without it looking like its hovering above the eye.

I'm doing the exact same thing proko is doing. The eyes I was drawing before that one were exactly like his.
And out of all of these mistakes; do you know what you biggest flaw as an artist is? You.

You are horrifically, detestably glued to your ego. You defend every single criticism of your drawings with "well I can already do it right so that doesn't matter". You lack the capacity to admit your shortcomings and instead choose to believe that every single person on /ic/, regardless of how experienced they are, or sound they are in their criticisms, is wrong, just because you said so. Because you're offended. If you want to have any hope in your future of ever getting good, you must first learn to acknowledge that you are objectively garbage at most things.

If you can't do that, there is no hope for you, and you'll be forever doomed to repeat the mistakes you deny. Let go of your fucking ego kid.

I don't have an ego. 99% of the posts don't even tell me what the issue is. They just shitpost with "symbol drawing".
You not agreeing with it doesn't make it shitposting you dense piece of shit (do you even know shitposting is?), and the very fact alone that that's how your line of thought functions only further proves that you're egotistical: you're so wrapped up in your own beliefs and assumptions that anybody who opposes it is instantly labeled "retarded", and their criticisms deemed "shitposting" in your mind. You DO have an ego, and that ego that you do indeed have is preventing you from even coming close to considering the possibility that "symbol drawing" IS the very issue they're pointing out.

>99% don't even tell me what the issue is

The issue is symbol drawing you complete fucking idiot. Holy shit I swear to god if this is how autistic and dense you are, you're beyond the event horizon, and nothing can ever help you.

You are symbol drawing.

You not thinking that's true doesn't make it wrong, and it certainly doesn't make it shitposting faggot.
I'll tell you what can help you. Separate the human figure in boxes, lines, and shapes. Remember to get a drawing right it takes a long time.
Symbol drawing isnt a fucking explanation of what needsfixing you shitposting fuck. No wonder ppl like op never improve here
Nigga needs Proko.
>>2385313 ive seen his cringeworthy vids dozens of times. Doesn't seem to help
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stop making new threads shithead
then the issue is symbol drawing
There you go friend.
There's no point.
He's just going to say "but I'm already drawing eyes that way" or some other deluded bullshit.
Ive been doing exactly what the rifhtmost image shows. Why it still looks fucking flat is beyond me
I don't understand, it's literally a step by step. If you do exactly what he does, you'll get a result as good as him. Obviously that will require practice, and then you'll want to get better.
It's pretty obvious if you watch this that he is significantly better than this:
So if I were you I wouldn't be talking shit.
Case in fucking point.
This is literally the worst case of Dunnings Kruger ever.

>for some reason it still comes out flat

File: 1454518344794.jpg (13 KB, 499x499) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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You clearly aren't doing exactly what the rightmost image shows. If that were true, you'd yield an equivalent result you fucking retard. How is it so hard to deduce that you aren't doing exactly what the right image shows? How is it so difficult for you to comprehend that the reason it comes out flat is that you aren't doing it the exact right way that you've so pathetically deluded yourself into believing you are?

Jesus H Christ you'd literally have to be retarded to not understand.
>I'm doing the exact same thing proko is doing. The eyes I was drawing before that one were exactly like his
I don't have to see your drawings to know that they're not
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