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I don't know what to do anymore, /ic/...
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I don't know what to do anymore, /ic/...
I want to
>do fine art
>do animoo shit
>do animoo porn
>make a comic
>do concept art for video games
I end up working on several things at a time and I feel like I'll never make progress in any of them if I don't focus on just one... But I also have to think of something that can be at least a bit profitable...
How do I make up my mind? Have you guys gone through something similar?
Dont create art just because you want to make money.
sit down and really focus on gittin gud before you do anything else, when you start going after money, it'll come easier if you already know your shit
My mind has done this sort of thing, but I always think that maybe signing up for an art college or someshit would actually get me making stuff.

Like, I can´t really do stuff on my own. I feel like in order to have things in order, I need something like "anon, you must make a character study of this involving this and concept" and then I make it.

Im not too good at thinking on my own.

I love to draw, and Im gud imo, but with this power, I don´t know what to draw desu.
the only way you'll make up your mind is when you git gud
1.Be totally honest with yourself. Draw what you really wanna draw atm.
2. Keep drawing it and finish a picture.
3. Note anything that issues you had while drawing it (body part that looks off, lighting/perspective that looks off, etc.)
4. Work specifically on one thing that you screwed up on till it's no longer an issue.
5. Repeat steps 1-5 till you're good enough to not have to ask questions like these.
You can work towards at least three or four in one.

>Animoo, animoo porn, comic
>fine art, comic, concept art
>animoo, concept art, comic

Getting good with your fundamentals will make the transition to any one of them easier as well. If you know how perspective, anatomy, light, etc works, you will be able to stylize and innovate more effectively.

Dunno what you're after for "at least a bit profitable", if you get good at any of those things you could find a bit of a side income, but making it your sole income/profession is more restrictive.
3. Fuck, typo. I meant note any issues you had while drawing
I'd say focus on fine art and get a really good foundation in that, and then branch out.
Na na forget the whole money thing with art
If all you want is money go back to school and get a real job

I understand that you still want to do these things for fun and that doing it as a job would be fun besides the money
Just make sure not to make any large commitments at this stage though. Imagine if you enrolled into an animation degree course and then after paying all your life savings you find you hate it.
Have a fun go at all the things on your list for a while
Casually of course, don't think of it like you've got to do it all in a day. You have your entire life ahead of you there's no need to rush
Anyway as I was saying just go through all the things you enjoy and eventually you'll find one that you like the most, or several, it doesn't really matter.

Don't worry you don't have to focus on one thing solely at a time with art. You're doing it because you enjoy it so the most important thing is to relax and enjoy yourself.
Of course don't neglect your studies all together but find a comfortable balance between putting in unfun studies and drawing what you love

>No need to make up your mind. Your mind will make itself up in the process of life.
I wish someone told me this a long time ago.
We live in a time where we are bombarded with great media. There's literally not enough time to watch, listen, play, read everything we should look at.
Never before has it been critical to be specific about the things you like. And when I mean like. I meant absolutely obsess over.
Curate obsessions. Not just things that you like or 'would like to do because it's cool'. But things you can't live without. Only then can you figure out what you want to do professionally.
But whatever you want to do, you absolutely have to curate your influences.

6 is the magic number. 6 references, influences, obsessions. Anymore and you dilute the purity of your ideas and your art.
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