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I like fantasy, sci-fi, and medieval stuff. I do. It's fun to draw.

But honestly, I'd take art a lot more seriously, and I'd want to really express myself artistically and start flexing my creativity, if the REAL art scene wasn't so terrible. You know what I mean?

We have this pathetic joke called Modern Art. And it's inescapable. It's the gold standard now, for some idiotic reason.

My aspirations now are just to make art for the entertainment design industry. But imagine if art was actually still respected worldwide? People would genuinely want dreams of furthering art and elevating it to new heights, as the masters of old once did.
You really have no idea what you're talking about
"Nobody knows what REAL art is. Art is a noble pursuit meant for people who DESERVE it. I aspire to bring forth a new age for art, and make it respected once again!"

Fuuuck you! Art is not a pinnacle of mankind that has been brought down by heathens, you god damn hipster. It's a medium that has many different varieties, enjoyed by many different people in many different ways.

Art should have a positive impact on culture, if it doesn't, it's not significant. The objective value of art is that it was used to help society in the past.
I do not follow any artist or art scene
I have no favorite artist or anything of that nature.
I do not go to art school
I work on my art and I am my favorite artist

That said,

Can someone please show me example of what the latest trends in art are. The famous artists of today that are widely known? I would like to see what is out there and do not know where to begin. Whatever the genre is but preferably in the realm of what is considered fine art.

I appreciate any serious response. Thank you /ic/
If you draw using a tablet and PC, whatever's the result should be called modern art
>_____ should have a positive impact on culture.
Nothing is perfect.

>The objective value of art...
Art has no objective value, it is all subjective. I do agree that the culture of society grows and deepens with the maturation of art, but it's a "lead by example" sort of thing, you know? You are always going to get called out when you pretentiously lament about "the bygone era of true artistic form".

Let's all draw until our hands become stumps and our eyes bleed and dehydrate, to make art that incorporates both realistic and fantastic creative elements. Make art an intrinsic value of society, but accompany your words with proof of concept instead of talking out of your ass.
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>taking art seriously
In the past art could be graded by objective things like skill, originality and beauty.
Art had a definition
And then art changed and become more subjective and vague
Now art is everything and if art is everything than art is also nothing

Modern art literally destroyed the meaning of art

Sure, you can have a positive impact on culture, but can't you do that with also having put hardwork and dedication in? I've said it before and I'll say it again. Past masters made art bathed in cultural significance and value whilst simultaneously having a heightened level of technical ability. Today's art just doesn't share the same principle, it is mediocre if not beginner and is wide-spread and accessible by even non-artists. That has lead to a saturated and pathetic modern art industry that is only pushing one artists singular goals of 'attempted' self expressionism.

also, most of the time these artist/non-artists produce shock factor garbage... That is not art.

>objective things
>like originality and beauty
>as if the subject matter of pre-modern art was at all original
>as if originality was even an ideal of pre-modern art
>as if beauty is objectively measurable

I don't know where to start.
You are not a very smart individual.
>beauty is subjective

i want this meme to die
Ok, I think I add it to my list of /ic/ memes. So far:

>old masters
>Loomis is a meme
>implying storytelling
>gonna make "it"
you forgot the
>"loomis is a meme" meme

/b/-tier faggots like you two only make this board worse, not better
tell me something I don't know

These short pseudo-sentences make you upset since they are accurate representation of the board and probably you as well.
This pretty much desu baka senpai
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If you want to start flexing your creative juices and start making art that's relevant again, you need to start taking current events and approaching them in a manner that lets you create a piece that is out of the box. Work through the cliches in order to find a successful idea.

For example:
If I take the quote, "You will find it easy to make people like you."
The first things that come to mind are "handsome-people", "charismatic people", "funny people", etc etc. In order to find a unique and different idea, you need to approach the quote differently. What if I attached the word "Cloning" to the quote? It changes the entire meaning behind the quote. You could take it further and attach "Cult" or "Cult of personality".
Then from these out of the box ideas, do thumbnails, sketches of how you want to accurately represent the word you attached to the quote.
From there all you have to do is just make the piece and you have a finished product.

Don't try to reinvent the wheel, thats a useless cause. Rather approach the wheel from different viewpoints and express what you see on paper/canvas.

It's difficult at first, but once you start working in this mindset, you'll be creating unique ideas in no time.
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