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no clue if this should even be on this board
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Comp 2_1.webm
969 KB, 960x540
i'm really sorry in advance if this isn't the right board to post this but, im not really sure where else to put it
I got adobe after effects the other day and I started adding some sfx to an illustration to make it a bit more "alive"
I have no previous experience with this kinda stuff at all, so my first project looks kinda shitty, and I rendered it kinda badly as well, but I want to improve, so I started with another image;
heres the WIP so far: https://my.mixtape.moe/hnohjm.mp4
im not sure what to add next however
also im not good at drawing/animating AT ALL, are those things needed to "get good" at video effects?
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246 KB, 1920x1080
heres the original picture to compare to above
and heres the original picture of the mp4 i linked in the OP
also im probably gonna go to sleep kinda soon, but I'll try to stick around for a little bit

Seriously, i mean the first is okish.

But why did you turn smoke into bubbles? Also it looks a bit wrong because the different ammounts and the way bubbles go up from the orb dont really reflect on the lighting on the plague doctor.
Particles don't suite it at all, especially with the solid green ball behind them in the hand.

Change it to be a repeating smoke pattern that is constantly moving upwards, and is warped to the left and right via a displacement shader filter that moves on a sine wave zig-zag path.
Make sure it looks as though it's slightly expanding in size as it moves away from the hand (I believe after effects has a simple perspective transform that can achieve this).
Make sure the top of it fades out, and also add some faint particles moving diagonally in the background to look like the green dust moving about.

The pulsing glow is good though, leave that in.
Woops, ignore the part about the faint particles in the background....I see you've already got those. They look great.
File: deadbolt.gif (406 KB, 900x331) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
406 KB, 900x331
Hey, I thin this might be the right place to talk about this, personally I did some particle studies back when I was working on gamedev (indie shit, pixel art, never finished anything to be honest) But I think I got down some good stuff on this so lemme give it a bit of advice.
first of all, no idea what you wanna this for, video edition, animation and 3d is all things you could apply this into (maybe this not be relevant but just in case someone comes here and says why is it relevant to this board).

Ok, now onto the partcle:
1- you might want to tone the bubble like smoke effect down, right now, well, it looks like bubbles, but if you tone it down and make it much slower it might look like the trail fire powers would normally do.
2- no idea if those things on the back are supposed to represent snow or if they're some kind of ashes (thinking of something like those small sparks that fire places tend to have), either way, this also needs to be toned down and they need to have the same motion your fire has.
3- give some highlights to your fire shapes, they should go from white (the one your glow has) and turn green.
4-finally, I'd decompose your glow shape into 4-or so shapes, so they don't overlap the fingers, since that's not how light works, I would also look into making the green higlight darker at some point, and the glow you're giving to it turn a lot more white instead of green/yellow like you're doing it right now.

sorry if my redaction doesn't explain it well. I'd be glad to explain what I said if something is not clear.

feel free to tell me I am full of shit too.

pic related, is an example of what I think you did, but at the resolution you're working at it needs to be way more detailed
thanks for the advice regarding my first project, I'll go back and remake it using masks + fractal noise for the smoke
but in regards to my second project, what else should I add? I feel as if there isn't enough of a change to consider it "finished" but I'm not too sure what else to do or maybe in this case less is more?
the reason why im doing it in the first place is really just for fun + learning and I probably won't make it much more than a hobby; but again, I appreciate the input!
Thread replies: 8
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