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Artist feels/venting thread
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Any one up to talk about their feelings and listen to others?
yeah. everyone sucks, except me.
HAH! None of you have feelings. Your'e all just a part of my imagination anyway.
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Question: Is it harder to become an engineer than an artist? Is studying math and physics harder than learning to draw? My engineer friends study a lot but I think they just read and memorize for the exam which is easier but they don't like what they study as much as I like art so that may make it harder.

Whatever if I don't make it in 10 years I will an hero when my parents kick me out of heir house.
Im feeling good, why dont you tell us about your feelings OP?
I'm honestly really scared by my own art abilities. I've been reading Loomis but I still can't really draw and my art is stagnating for two years (mostly because I didn't draw much) but I'm really afraid that all my friends are better at art than me and I feel very ashamed of how bad I've became. /blogshit/
I fucking hate this shit. I started getting into art because of CA,org in 2008. I'm now able to make a somwhat decent living freelancing but I've never been more alone in my entire life. I have no friends left, my whole family is dead except for my mum and all I do all day is sit in front of a computer screen, wondering where it all went wrong. I was completely alone over the entire holiday season, ffs.


becoming an engineer is quite easy if you are somewhat dedicated and not a complete moron.
Why not visit hangouts and look for other artists in skype threads?
Why do artists have some of the biggest egos? It never made any sense to me. It's always the fan artists online with the biggest heads too. The people who make actual original content and IPs are generally a lot more humble. But fan-artists have some of the biggest egos when they don't accomplish anything worth a damn other than piggy backing off the success of a better artist's work while claiming they have rights. These people are always the first to get pissed when people use those works for whatever they want too. Makes me wish more companies exercised their right to give fan-artists a reality check. The egos of some artists blow my mind sometimes.
it really depends as to what life experiences you have, i have many engineer friends and from what i can see they just mindlessly memorize (probably not that useful) equlations and start to actually work (as in create or stuff) while as an artist you have to start creating work from the get-go.I honestly feel that you cant really answer homewer, which is a harder profession, mostly because the other end of the spectrum tends to have lower standarts in art and therefore uncapable of having a serious conversation.I gave up a while ago, now i just act as the big guy and ''acknowledge'' that their work is harder than mine and move on.
fan artist are incapable high school students who think they are tough shit for tracing someones work while actual artist are people who professionally gave their lifes for their craft.
You need to surround yourself with artists. Positive ones that can influence you. Ask for critique, have them help uplift you.
It's not even the quality of the work though. I'm not talking about your random dA tards who trace. I'm talking about people who's technical level are generally solid, but literally all they do is draw fanart because they are creatively bankrupt and want to cash in on the IPs of better artists and creatives.
I have reached what I feel is a minimal level of competence. As in, stuff that I draw now pretty much looks like I want it to. I can draw something from reference and it actually looks like the reference. And now, after realizing this, I'm having a lot more trouble starting to draw anything. Almost like I'm subconsciously afraid that I won't be able to live up to the standard.

I fucked it up with my local community, which is a big fuck-up since I live in one of the major industry hot-spots. A few years back I was about to quit art for various reasons (family, real life responsibilities, health) and I pretty much burned all bridges because I feared getting pulled back in just because of the community. After a year of working shitty part-time jobs and after my real life issues settled down I got pulled back in because I realized there's nothing quite like being a professional artist even though it can be an emotional and financial rollercoaster at times. You don't really know what you have until it's gone, as they say.

I don't blame them for not really wanting me around anymore. They all grew together as artists and formed cliques while I was gone and to them I must seem like a total outsider. And it's true, I really am a total outsider now and I see no way of getting back into the scene without being "that guy".
I see, well I think if you are friendly and explain your predicament some of your old friends then maybe some of them will understand. Everyone makes mistakes and it is natural to forgive them.
Both require lots of hard work and they'll kick your ass if you don't put the time in. However, I think learning art requires more critical thinking skills. (Maybe not fine art stuff where you try to copy the reference exactly) with engineering you go to school for 4 years and go through a very structured process, something that every other engineer also goes through. My here is no such process for art. Obviously you're supposed to learn the fundamentals but there's really no exact way to learn them. And after you get the basics down, you have to constantly think about what you need to improve and go out and improve it.
Just mindlessly doodle in your sketchbook for like an hour. Sometimes you just have to let it out.
How and why did you burn your bridges? Did you say or do something weird/bad to them or just stop hanging out with them?
I've been going through this too. Right now I'm mindlessly practicing values and shading techniques on simply geometric shapes.
I just feel like my level in art is so unstable,One day I can produce what I imagined in my head..the next day I cant even draw a decent circle or a clean line.
feelin pretty pissed and shit.
The only reference website I liked using has been down for 2 months or so and I have no idea why. I'm lost without it.
I just stopped using skype and hanging out with them, nothing more. I burned bridges because I felt like the community was making me stick with art instead of art itself. Turned out that wasn't true.
>It's always the fan artists online with the biggest heads too.
Fan artists have a terrible habit of thinking their popularity is a product of their own work more than it is a product of them catering to people who are fans of someone else's creative work. Fan-artists should be the most humble people in art communities since their success is not their own but they aren't. The art circles/communities on tumblr and dA are the most toxic and obnoxious because they are centered around fan-art and fandoms full of 20+ somethings who still haven't grown out of that highschool mentality.
that's a pretty pathetic excuse
"but I used to breath in just that corner, now that corner is gone, I'm hopeless"

Engineer here. I don't know about what becoming an artist require (since I'm know just lurking the board and thinking of picking drawing as a hobby), but engineering surely isn't about memorization. Sure, you learn a lot of basic stuff, but when you have to do a project you get to be creative and think about stuff hard. It's doubly apparent if you are doing some interdisciplinary stuff like mechatronics or robotics.

I actually picked engineering since I can't memorize for shit and can't do as students of biology, medicine, chemistry or even language studies do, that is - memorize heavily. Engineering is mostly analytics, analytics, analytics and synthesis.

Also sorry for no proofreading before posting.
It's not that I've stopped. I just float from one website to the next. Have also been drawing without reference more. I preferred it because everything was better organised and of a consistent quality.
It's good and bad, I guess.
You should be building your own reference folders to be honest, anon. What would you do if you had no internet access at all?
I'm retarded as fuck, m8. I never thought to do that. That's probably going to the top of my to do list.
I'm almost 21 and I'm still an absolutely shitty beginner. I know absolutely nothing about perspective or lighting or anything like that because as I was growing up everyone coddled me and told me I was great. When I was in highschool I got my first drawing tablet and pandered to a community for a children's game that my little cousin sucked me into. They treated me like I was a top tier celebrity. They would even upload youtube videos of themselves freaking out when they met me in-game. I had my head so far up my ass I never bothered to read books or watch tutorials. My computer broke about 5 months ago and I haven't drawn since because I realized I wasn't really going anywhere and got kind of depressed.

I'm working at a shitty job right now and I'm not really happy with my life. I want to be an animator but I have absolutely no idea where to start learning or if I'll even be able to git gud when I try. Advice would be appreciated
21 is nothing.
Gratz on your opinions
monopoly is not a right, is a privilege

doing fan art is as legit as doing remixes in music, nothing wrong with it.

Good artists are humble otherwise they're shit. To defend the legitimated use of their work is not the same as having a big ego.

Are you implying that's old? That's nothing. You have to be naive as hell to get caught up in age.
21 is nothing.
everyone starts somewhere, anon. try reading drawing on the right side of the brain and then going from there. loomis' books help, prokos youtube is good too.

just start somewhere and start drawing.
don't worry about time, you're not in a hurry, life is not a videogame, things ain't easy or fast, grinding is complicated and painful, accept it and play your way out of mediocrity, to succes requires the hard path, follow the sticky
study one fundamental at a time, start with basics, do personal work in between studies or it won't be userful, get a bit more disciplined, correct your mindset, do it easy
>fan artist detected

Copyright law enables IP owners/creators to go after any outside party benefiting off their work without their OK, specially if it deals with monetization. Fair use can't be used as a defense. Fan artists have no real rights to the work because it deals with an IP they don't own. It's crazy how much fan artists don't actually pay attention to IP law.
had a dream where i was drawing an old bum in a bus. once i was finished he was gone and i realized that i was drawing from imagination this whole time.
mind was literally blown.
Thats pretty natural man, just go with it.
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I will never make enough money off my art to continue doing it, or to justify doing it.

I'll have to work in some shitty factory instead.

I'll be dead inside because of it.
I'm not, I just discern between legislation and justice.

Ofc a fan artist don't own their influences. You can't own property rights of an idea, that means to take a bit of property of everyone else's troughts and actions, and that's fucking ridiculous and tyranic, it's a priviledge for the owner of the monopoly, To abstract other people's ideas or solutions and imitate them on your own is not stealing. Using their work PIECE without their consent is really an issue, using the ideas you got from them is not any issue at all. Except if the company policy is being a mafia.

You can't own a character, even if things are like that right now, it's based on greedy of who's on top and government priviledges to them, fucking up oportunities of the idiots down there who vote things to get fucked up only because they can't abstract shit.
The point of IP law is to protect content creators. It doesn't only benefit major corporations, they are just the ones who enforce it the most. That's not enough to pretend IP law isn't a good thing though because it is. Fan artists aren't entitled to make money off the popularity or presence of someone else's creative work and advertising without their OK. Fan artists aren't victims. If they want to keep being creatively bankrupt and drawing characters they didn't design, they should just move to China.

Either way, fan artists tend to have the biggest egos in online art communities I've been a part of. They gain popularity without going through the struggle that is designing original content of their own that's actually appealing, which will humble any artist because it's a hard thing to do. Fan artists just make fan content of stuff people already know about.
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Taking porn/fetish comissions in the future is making me anxious.
I'm afraid of the people who will seek my friendship just as a way to get free art, I'm afraid of filling myself with phony friends.
Also my fetish is full of cronies and pretetious assholes, I know they will try to befriend me and I'm unsure if I should tell them to fuck off or see what can I get out of them.
I want my personal life and my pofessional life separated, how can I tell this to the people?
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Solid post mane

Also anon arguing in favor of fanart, you changed your pitch to say that you can't own an idea, or sonething abstract, when we're talking about currently copyrighted IPs. If you do a painting of Vader's helmet from a screenshot and then sell it on posters, shirts, mugs, whatever, that is using that IP for your own monetary gain. Nothing abstract, just 1:1 appropriation of a creator's work. Is that stealing? I'm interested more in the morals than you finding IP laws that let people bend the rules, I'm just interested if you think it's wrong or not.
Best post in thread
>I want my personal life and my pofessional life separated
like so

Can someone explain to me why is Sakimichan has not been sued to shit? She's making 600k+ a month, what the actual fuck, Disney.

More people need to read this, should be in the sticky desu.
I'm so sick of practicing fundamentals, I am constantly second guessing what I am practicing, I don't think I'm improving at all, I get distracted too easily, it will be 2 years in may since I started drawing from day 0 and I'm afraid that it will not show any significant progress and that I will just be a laughingstock if I show it. I don't want to work my day job but I have to. I want art friends but I make no real effort to keep any because there's no point in getting any critique at the stage I am at, I just need to keep grinding, there is nothing else to it but to do it.

sorry for venting/bitching
instead of typing out your feelings, why don't you draw them?
this is not a literature board. do what you're here to do
>tfw not good enough to express my feelings through my artwork
yes you are anon, you just have to try
Ofc it protects creators, because that laws grants them ownership of fucking ideas instead of the concrete images they've created, it doesn't benefit the rest of the world who could get more elaborated content of the characters they like
Everyone can monetize their own cola drinks but you cant monetize your own batman comics, as you might get sued, that's an assault, it's a privilege and it only fucks up what's there for consumers and the opportunities for most artist.

World is crowded with such stupidity that people demanded steam to shut down their space-project for modding market, and it would had mean a fucking revolution on the mods we've seen, as it would have mean incentives to pursue that professionally for a lot of people.
If you invent the wheel and it becomes popular you can only own the rights to not tell anyone else how the fucking you're making it. The design itself is not private, some people will understand it, copying an style would be totally lame, but that's not a justice issue, you can protect your criterias because it's your fucking business, but that doesn't mean you own the idea of your work, everyone else can imitate it. You don't own any right of other people actions with the abstractions of your stuff

You have rights to avoid to get impersonated, you have rights to report whoever sells your own work without notification and you have rights to ridicule whoever use your work without lucrative objectives without even crediting. In fact, fan arts reinforce the popularity of the main products that moves the audiences and money, it's just protectionism from the past.

I'm not gonna discuss there are fanart artist who think their shit is gold and that's why they're popular, but they get popular due to doing things people want to see more frequently, that's not cheating, it's to adapt to the market needs, even if they're obviously mundane. The step to produce your own content successfuly is easier if you've done content people enjoy.
Some piece of shit broke into my car and stole my backpack along with my sketchbooks. Drawing Manual was in there too.
Ventings what this thread is for buddy

I wouldn't worry bout your progress as much, all that does is add so much pressure that you then progress less. Breathe. If you're tired of fundies do more of your own work or doodling for fun. For art friends find a chill Skype group. I'm in a couple and don't post for weeks sometimes but people are still friendly and chat whenever I do have time.

Great idea anon, might do this later if I can figure out how I really feel
>Ofc it protects creators, because that laws grants them ownership of fucking ideas instead of the concrete images they've created

Yes, an idea they refined and marketed to get it the attention it has. Their work is the reason it has fans. Fan-artists don't deserve any credit. They aren't an integral reason IPs gain traction. It's free advertising, but that method of free advertising is never needed because it always benefits the artist doing it more than the IP itself. Fan-artists aren't important. They are just leeches who don't know how to design their own captivating content.

>I'm not gonna discuss there are fanart artist who think their shit is gold and that's why they're popular, but they get popular due to doing things people want to see more frequently

They got popular by being creatively bankrupt and piggybacking off better creatives who actually did work producing and advertising their original content. The design and marketing process to making good captivating original content is a tough one full of trial and error. Even pandering to fandoms prior to making original content doesn't make it any easier. That's what makes those artists humble. Fan-artists will never know that struggle because they are selling to people who already know the brand they are pushing. I've got nothing against fan art in of itself. But if that kind of stuff is their claim to fame and the main way they make money, they aren't really worth a damn thing as an artist and have no business having any kind of ego. Fan-artists should be at the mercy of IP owners.
Sounds like Roblox
i feel like ive spent so much time grinding anatomy, ive forgotten how to give my work personality. i was trying to get down a character design and even though i was pretty satisfied with the anatomy and the extent of the stylization, she had none of the character i wanted to portray. im afraid my work is getting too bland
My art teacher gives me hard stuff and I know that I'm capable, but I feel like even though I work hard, my work, when I go to college, will be shitty and that no one will want me doing work for them (I want to be a freelance artist). I am learning at a fast pace, as I improve really quickly, but I am afraid for the future and what the outcome of all this hard work will be.
Maybe when you draw characters, make them wear clothes that express a certain type of personality that you'd want to portray, and also include a posture that expeesses the same thing. Ex. Trashy, grungey, low-life: Baggy ripped jeans, old converse, oversized t-shirt and slouchy posture. Plus, when you do do posture, you can use your anatomical knowledge.
Either get a new one to start over or put up "Lost sketchbook" signs. Sorry for your misfortune m9, but shit happens and I feel pretty bad.
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I've always really liked line-heavy styles, taking the typical graphic novel style as an example, but I've always been much worse at it than painting. I really want it to be my main style or at least a style I can draw competently, but since that'd mean spending a lot of time (I can only guess how much. Six months to a year maybe? Two years even?) grinding out work that is at a much lower quality than what I'd normally produce, it's hard to motivate myself to learn it. I've somehow boxed myself into a way of painting where, if I try to construct something with lines rather than blocking out forms in a digital painterly fashion, everything ends up out-of-whack and I have difficulty with stuff that I've found simple to do for a long time, like foreshortening.

Also, I want to surround myself with productive artists for motivational purposes, but the main subjects I like to draw (outside of generic concept art junk) have communities that've been poisoned by whackjob feminist cliques and just typically have a crazy, new-age, tumblr-brand progressive undertone running through them these days, making it hard to find other level-headed artists interested in the same thing I am.
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I don't feel like I'm improving as quickly as I should be/want to be.
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Is it possible to get gud at art when you're studying something non-art related in college?
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Yes, I am an engineer in my junior year.
yes, do it
I'm an engineer student who is hoping to get a degree in case I don't make it through art or music.
the hardest part about art is the handling your expectations of what you want to do and how well you get to do them. most of the time, your problems come from not having enough practice and skill. it's very tough on your ego.
for engineering, the toughest part is getting your head around abstract mathematical concepts and thinking efficient solutions to all sorts of problems. sometimes you have to think how to make a product ten times faster with half of your resources, or how to improve quality and cut costs.

however, in the end, I find both fields equally challenging. it's about having a good grip of the basic abstract concepts (be it geometric forms and perspective, or irrational numbers and infinitesimals), practising these concepts a lot so you can be creative on your next project. most of the time you are just trying to replicate what other people did, but figuring out how you can do it your own way.
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Constantly demotivated because shitbag delusional designer/animator wannabe art school fags getting more attention with their tumblr fan art /OCs and has like 10 fanpages and sites for "commissions". I know making art for likes is frowned upon but I really want to be recognized too :c.
I don't know what style I want. One day I want fantasy illustrations, another minimalist, another realism. Each style carries its own scene, perception and just going at everything makes you look unreliable to any client.
>started drawing after months of not doing anything serious
>decide I want to start from the beginning
>read up on loomis and practice the ball and plane
>tfw can't draw it right
>tfw all my faces look like shit
I want to give up, I really do, but I somehow cant. I dont want to keep thinking "what if" once Im older. Maybe this is the last of my teenage angst before I turn 20; but holy fuck. This existential crisis is killing me. I have to fucking toss myself into a pit, and crawl out, if I want to continue art. If I dont continue art Im fucking nothing, this is all I have. The only thing I can rely on is my art and I. I'll probably give up if I lose both my hands, but that wont stop me. I'll shit Jackson Pollocks on queue if I have to. I could regress into drugs, but that requires at least a source of income. I just want to rot away and become a neet.

Maybe I want to leave a legacy once Im gone? Evidence that I existed. Evidence that my hard work lives well beyond my life?
I am a sophomore in a very good art school in the US and freshman year I remember my friend telling me that his 4 year engineering degree in Colombia didn't have him working nearly as hard as his degree in computer animation (even though we were doing fundamental painting/drawing/sculpting/concept stuff then with a little bit of traditional animation. I'm sure he feels that way even more so now).

He also quit his engineering job a year after he started it, citing that he hated everything about the work he did.

So no, art is not easier than other disciplines and in a lot of cases it may be even harder. The point of your education is to MAKE it harder so you get better faster.
>doing decently after a year of drawing
>no motivation to keep on drawing

Now I'm pretty much trying to draw something each few days so I don't forget how to draw after all the time I've spend on gitting gud.
Sounds like sinix
I can't sit down and fucking draw something. I have all these ideas floating around in my head but I can't seem to get it out on paper. I tried to draw a comic but I had no fucking idea what my art style should be so I simply gave up.
You can come and see me. You will find I am very caring.
You will find many things, if you're looking. Just know that I care.


desu the struggle to feel like you are doing something meaningful with your life just intensifies as you get older, especially once you start working full time to survive. I'm 25 and it's just one of those things I feel like I have to tackle every single day so that each night I can go to bed and feel like I did something meaningful with my day, which is a struggle when life becomes a cycle of work, leisure, sleep repeat and you go on autopilot.

the depression and anxiety are jut the symptoms of being an open and sensitive person and sadly there are no easy answers. Try meditating and surrounding yourself with people who are truly happy, though those are few and far between.
Man the outcome of all the hard work is that you'll get better. Don't worry about whether you'll be good in a few years, worry about enjoying art now.

Just enjoy yourself, study, don't worry about the future, save that for later.
I used think the same thing, so I started doing the whole fanart on tumblr thing (I think I mentioned this on another thread) and now I hate it, like everything I do I'm worried about my followers not liking it, and I never draw/paint things that I want to anymore because I'm afraid of it not getting likes.

I'm just getting out of this habit and it feels so good to enjoy art for myself again. So let me tell you anon, getting likes for other people's characters doesn't feel as good as getting nothing for your own work.
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I hate how lonely I've become. When I first started drawing in 2010 with the Sonic fandom, there were so many other artists with me. I was absolute garbage but it was so fun coming home from school and doing all that autistic fan character stuff with them. As the years went on we grew up. We tried more original endeavors. It seems like most of them have given up and got lives. I'm still here making things.

The very very few that didn't give up still suck as much as they always did. It's disappointing to see but I still support them whenever I see their subpar art. I don't want to have a huge ego about my own art like this but, I can't lie and say I'm not good. I'm at a level (even if it's low relative to other more accomplished artists) that I would have never dreamed of.

I love drawing and all, it's my absolute favorite hobby. But year by year it feels emptier. I wish I still had friends who were lifeless NEETS like me who could dedicate their whole day to this shit. Who would be close to my (relatively low, like I said) level and had the same interests. Drawing with people is one of my fondest memories. Showing my art just doesn't feel the same too. I'm sitting on loads of art that feels pointless to share.

I'm not really doing anything to change this though. I don't want to "meet" anyone in this thread. Whenever I do meet other artists it just doesn't click, anyway. It can't be helped.
My advice would be make friends in the creative field you can laugh at shit with and brainstorm together with. Not artists. You're probably tired of thinking about art when you want to wind down. I made some writer and musician friends and we brainstorm about cool shit sometimes and just generally hangout.

I was in the same boat 2 years ago. my ex hated everything about me when I got into it and would disappear for a few weeks at a time trying to improve. Other people just stopped talking to me. But a handful sent me messages of how cool I was working hard at something I love and really enjoy my company. The people that stopped talking to me were neets as well.

tldr if you want friends, they have to be willing to improve with you to really appreciate what your doing and it doesn't have to be other painters.
i sculpt. i spend so little time working on my shit every day that it will take me literally forever to even finish a single sculpture. at least working on it every day is good i guess.
That makes sense. I'll keep it in mind.
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nothing really serious but I want to do a lot of pixel art and improve but (unlike regular digital painting) it feels like a chore and I get bored in the middle of it
> most of them have given up and got lives
true artists will be unhappy with "a life". art is the only thing keeping them going
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My rheumatoid arthritis continues to give me shit. I'm pretty sure now that I'll never be able to do art as more than a hobby--prolonged drawing, especially on a large canvas, fucks up my shoulder no matter how I stand.

Oh well. Probably for the best.
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What are you, 12?
Why are there so many engineers on 4chan? Is it that popular, does this site attract STEM types or is it a meme?
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>Is studying math and physics harder than learning to draw?

Oh, no. Learning the absolute basics of perspective and anatomy in order to make pretty graphite scratchings to sell to people is way harder than studying the mechanics behind our universe.

Are you serious?

I studied both graphic design and engineering, and I can tell you that both disciplines require rote learning and a creative mind to apply that learning. But understanding calculus, statistics and complex numbers takes a bit more effort than learning where to draw the nose so it doesn't look wierd.

Are artists really that delusional?
>muh key to the universe

Once you know the rules it's more like Paula Deen's Country Kitchen faggit.
>"you should draw me"
I'm so tired. I don't want to draw anything at all. But I do, of course I do, I love drawing and painting. If there's one thing I care about, it's that. But I can't do it. I don't want to do anything that's too hard. I don't want to do anything that's too 'easy' because it's boring, even though it makes the hard stuff easier. I don't have anything I like to draw.

I was doing so good, I wasn't pushing myself too hard either, good pace, good progress. And right now, I can't even manage to make a doodle. I hate everything I draw. I hate my brain, why are you doing this to me again? Why can't I escape it?
probably because Disney's not stupid. The cost of suing + the backlash from the fans makes it not worth it. it's not like she's a huge corporation or anything. She's not cutting into their profits by selling rips of dvds or other merch they're trying to sell. She gives them free promo too.

That'd be my guess, at least. It'd be interesting to see if Disney does eventually decide to sue people like her. I doubt it, but fanart is becoming a bigger and bigger thing all the time. They'll have to deal with it eventually.
Same. Sometimes I want to practice and sometimes I just don't want to do so. Almost forcing myself to practice sometimes doing the trick.
>She gives them free promo too.

Fan-art is free promo for the artist, not the corporation/IP owners. Disney is bigger than Sakimi-chan, they aren't benefiting from her fan-art because the people who like it are already Disney fans in the first place. Disney/Marvel has already gone after artists for profiting on their IPs before, in the case of Sakimi though, I don't know what the situation is.

0% chance of sakimichan not having had a good long talk with an expensive lawyer to make sure she is reasonably safely in the grey area of plagiarism etc.
Pick up a meditation habit m8
File: f94.jpg (339 KB, 1146x833) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
339 KB, 1146x833
I cant fap to drawn porn because I keep noticing the inconsistencies and anomalies that do not conform to my views.

Why cant Adam Hughes draw porn already
>because the people who like it are already Disney fans in the first place.

That can be said for most of the big companies. The point of advertisement is that it keeps the brand fresh on consumers' minds. Everyone knows Coke, the people who like it are already fans, but they sure seem to think it's worthwhile to spend a ton of money on ads.

So I have to disagree. Fanart promotes the material as much, if not more, then it promotes the artist. If you start seeing Star Wars fanart from random no-name artists, you and hundreds of others might scroll on by without checking out the artists, but the new movie will be fresh on your mind. Sure the artist gets a lot more attention then they would have otherwise, but viral marketing is powerful, and fanworks are a part of it, even if it's largely unintentional. I sincerely think going forward, we'll start seeing more campaigns that try to use that to get around the over-saturated airspace. A few thousand spent commissioning a carefully chosen group of artists can be pretty good kindling in the social media world.

I'm guessing they'll go after her at some point, but the times are changing. Make me wonder how these things will change.
>That can be said for most of the big companies.

That's what I mean. If these artists were doing fanart for indie or lesser known franchises, that's one thing. However, it's ALWAYS flavor of the month or whatever is popular. So it never benefits the IP or the IP holders. It only ever benefits the fan-artist doing it because the people they get attention from already know the material. They aren't converting anyone.
>Why do artists have some of the biggest egos? It never made any sense to me. It's always the fan artists online with the biggest heads too. The people who make actual original content and IPs are generally a lot more humble. But fan-artists have some of the biggest egos when they don't accomplish anything worth a damn other than piggy backing off the success of a better artist's work while claiming they have rights
Themrock is an example of famous fanartist without ego. It's rare but they exist.

fairly sure he did but it wasn't widely distributed
You might want to get that checked by a brain medic bruh
Heracane? Barely counts as smut.
File: 7.png (429 KB, 750x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
429 KB, 750x500
I hate every idea I have, enough for it to hinder my productivity. I loathe every finished piece and every attempt because of their blandness. I can't excite myself with my own ideas anymore, due to trying to endlessly strive for something I simply can't come up with.
How do I just draw and forget this shitty level of self-judgement that too often stops me from drawing anything at all.
>i keep telling myself i enjoy art
>im not sure i do anymore, i just wanna git gud
draw greek mythology
Getting stuck weeks on piece that should take few days to sort out,constantly finding excuses to procrastinate because of how frustrating it is to work on the piece, i've never been so low before.plz help anons
I'm very self conscious about the work I do in my classes, it's not that they're bad it's just that I know I can do better. Something about being assigned a specific assignment makes me lose all creativity in my pieces.

Also I CAN'T FUCKING DO WASHES IN WATERCOLOR. Everyone else makes it look so easy, what am i doing wrong?!?
Damn, I feel like I am starting to head down the same path, being overly critical.
Maybe conciously forcing yourself to be less critical will work. Also try to instead care about the time you put in instead of the results. I have had some days where I have created shit so awful, that it looked like I had degressed a year, but at the end of the day I still felt fulfilled, since I spent it working, looking at my errors and trying to fix them.
just fuck off with your delusions of grandeur and realize everything you make is shit and will be for a long time. that sweet ass drawing of naruto you spent 14 hours on will be as bad in 10 years as it is today.

stop agonizing over the shit you make now because when you look back at it in a year you'll feel the same way that you do now when you look back at the stuff from a year ago
I'm not afraid of starting over and one of the sketchbooks was brand new. I'm definitely fuming over the stolen Vilppu, it was a Christmas gift too.

> inb4 pdf
It's just not the same.
I can't stop writing graffiti and wasting valuable time on practicing tags and shit. Its like a drug for me. Anybody else know this feel?
File: 1448599756172.png (167 KB, 540x545) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
167 KB, 540x545
was thinking the same thing, wtf anons you should know better
engineering has the highest drop out rate for a fucking reason
File: 1449608821011.jpg (11 KB, 320x240) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
11 KB, 320x240
>get into drawing because of porn
>get better but not good enough
I'm so close
just a few more steps until the porn
just a few more steps until my korean dream comics become reality
File: 1421459093840.jpg (139 KB, 1024x942) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
139 KB, 1024x942
I used to be able to draw for 5+ hours a day easily, but now it just feels like a chore. I want to enjoy my hobby again, but every time I pick up a pencil I immediately get bored.
File: question shark.jpg (61 KB, 666x558) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
question shark.jpg
61 KB, 666x558
So, from the other thread it looks like you guys are some art students or unemployed guys who spend 6-8h per day drawing [s]anatomy[/s] porn and you don't have a patreon or anything so you don't get money out of it and are getting kicked by the rest of /ic/ in the gut everytime you post your art.

Are you counting towards suicide or what? What's the point? Why can't you be like those fucks on patreon that get 1000 of dollars every 2 weeks?
File: 1451837608190.jpg (72 KB, 598x673) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
72 KB, 598x673
>engineering has the highest drop out rate for a fucking reason
engineering is easy
Then anon why aren't you easily making $120k+ a year
File: FRwqRwS.jpg (19 KB, 640x272) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
19 KB, 640x272
i am

Calculus and Newtonian/electromagnetic physics are easy to understand, applying them is the hard part.


Which discipline do you belong to, mechanical or electrical?
>engineering is easy
Compared to some shitty socialogists, gender study, psychologist, economist bullcrap it's nightmare hard lol. It requires some basic atual thinking.

In other hand engineering is very easy compared to pure math and science. Becoming a mathematician or scientist is a whole new level.
File: 1435104982848.jpg (66 KB, 550x412) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
66 KB, 550x412
>tfw someone who looks up to you copies one of your drawings down to the placement of minor details
It's the exact copying of amateur work that bothers me, not that it's my drawing. They're old enough to know better, too. I hope they don't try to slip that into a portfolio of some sorts.
How much do you make with bonuses and stock?
show a comparison
I feel so lost. I graduated several years ago and still don't know what I'm doing. Where can I ask for art career advice? I've asked my career office, various portfolio reviews, random internet strangers. I get more confused by the widely differing answers and the ones that say, "you should be able to find work." I followed through on advice but am still floundering. I think I haven't found someone who has more than ten minutes to talk to me and knows my field. Should I cold email other artists or pay a consultant or something else? Not to make it sound like someone else can solve my problems, but I wish I knew WHAT to fix. I feel like I'm drowning
>tfw someone compliments your work and you have to fight the urge to tell them to stop because you aren't as good as you want to be yet.
I'm 25 and not much better than I was in high school god damn it. All those wasted years.
File: 614.png (20 KB, 256x223) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
20 KB, 256x223
>really want to draw and make some money from it
>wrist starts to hurt too much after drawing for barely 20 mins

end me.

t. retard

straight out of /v/
>lurk /ic/ for a couple of days
>hmm, let's start this art thing as a hobby then!
>grab blank A4 and a pencil, try drawing straight lines, circles, curves - basically what was posted in youtube video with an asian guy
>I feel wrist after a couple of strokes
>lines aren't necessairly on top of each other
>all is fucked

So, this is the time when artist quit, right?
Are you Carlos Mencia?

File: 829.gif (1017 KB, 500x279) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1017 KB, 500x279
oh thank you
>are you fucking kidding me
no i just started
>this is shit why are you saying this
im not where i want to be yet but ill get there
>i think less of you for encouraging me
DonĀ“t you men is time when you start too practice more stupid nigger, but good luck!
File: 1450760959705.jpg (45 KB, 652x362) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
45 KB, 652x362
>someone compliments you
>you can't tell whether they're being genuine or trolling
Drawing is like a sport. When you just start out, you are going to suck, you are going to be really bad, and you probably wont enjoy it. But, after a while, once you get the hang of it, it gets really fun.
File: 1452055660508.jpg (46 KB, 456x461) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
46 KB, 456x461
I feel like I've lost my heart.

When I was younger I used to draw garbage but I feel like I was proud of my garbage. My little characters that I can look back on and smile. As the years went on I got better. A little better. But as the years went by I feel like my stuff became less notable. Occasional interesting pictures mixed with generic or dull studies.

Every picture I have saved before a certain date feels like it has a soul. Some reason to be. But past a certain point, my pictures start losing that. They start to look like dull uninteresting studies, even as they become technically better.

I lost my drive and neglected my craft and now I'm rusty and I feel like I can't even make what I used to. I'm not sure if I should try unrusting myself with serious study because it feels like serious study fucking drains me to the point where I'm not even sure I'm learning anything.

But attempting to go back to my roots, drawing garbage that had soul, it feels.. fake. Like I'm trying to recapture some lost part of my youth. Like I'm not actually genuinely drawing from the heart, I'm just going through the motions. And when I finish something, if I do, I'm not even that proud of it.

I want to love art again.
good, less competition for us artists

get off your ass or stay behind
>>2335621 Kill yourself anon for the good of art and society in general.
>>2335624 Kill yourself before you do another piece of shit.
File: 1431280252037.png (103 KB, 400x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
103 KB, 400x400
I'm afraid/disgusted of dicks but I need to learn how to draw them to make money in the porn world
How can i overcome my fear?
>>2335633 Your a fgt and you have an ego, dipshit. If you were a genius you wouldn't be here being a little bitch ass cry baby and go to a gallery that might let you in. Doubt it fucking neckbeard.
>>2340680 Go work in a fucking pizza store and die there you piece of cock.
>>2340229 start with sucking dick, and if you can't swallow try another position, maybe hanging yourself? That way all of the circulation leaves your head and goes to your feet.
Thanks mate, I'll definitely keep that thought as my motive.
File: Trust me m8.jpg (7 KB, 250x188) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Trust me m8.jpg
7 KB, 250x188
There are strategies to make money off your art, that other artists would consider... Inmoral.
I'm assuming you're female? If you have any fetishes I recommend looking at that but with a male, try to enjoy what normally arouses you and accept the fact that there's also a penis present. Or just look at guides on drawing them, if that's less troubling than seeing a real one. If you're male and just afraid of other penises, start by drawing your own. Alternatively, do furry porn and just draw animal dicks. If you're afraid of them because you were raped or something, I'm sure you can find resources on getting over that.
Draw lesbian porn
i cant get off the internet
I recommend taking a break from drawing for a while. You sound burned out. At some point you'll probably feel the desire to draw again, and when you do just draw what you want. Trying something different might help as well, like using a kind of paint you've never used much before or doing something totally different like sculpting.
Why would you do that
Close this window, turn off the computer, and for the rest of the day draw or find other ways to entertain yourself. It's just willpower, anon.
I know this person just wants a reaction, but how can we keep this type from coming to ic? It has succeeded in ruining the board. I've gotten one useful comment from this forum in four months. If you look in any thread, less than 10% of the comments are actually helpful. I try to contribute, but it's like a drop in an ocean of waste
Ignoring them. They will never go away but that's what the [hide] arrow is for.
Its only when I turn off my computer that I realise how sad and lonely I am for glueing my eyes to a sheet of plastic for hours on end. I dont want to turn it off. But even when I'm escaping reality I still feel guilty for procrastinating, and failing to meet my responsibilities.

I dont fucking know what I'm doing with my life anymore
> Been drawing my whole life
> Was featured in a small town newspaper in High school
> Got into art school
> My fucking town sinks & no scholarship
> Can't go to art school, no monies
> don't get noticed, even when I post here
> Become an angry person, often believing most of the world is out to get me.
What the fuck happened to me, /ic/?
What have I become?
Pick it up where you left it.
Can't go to art school? Well guess what, the Internet exists.
There is no excuse. Get yourself a tablet, if you can't, get yourself paper & pencil and start drawing NOW.
The only barrier is your attitude man. It doesn't matter if you're broke, unemployed, homeless, as long as you have determination and a clear idea of what to study you can do it.

> don't get noticed, even when I post here
Oh come on, are you serious? You should do it for YOURSELF. Who gives a fuck if you're famous. If you get really good, then yes, you might get famous. But don't do it for the attention. Do it because you WANT to do it, because it makes you feel good, or don't do it. But don't do it to impress others, that's the quickest way to giving up.

What the fuck are you waiting for??
You know, I actually really appreciate the reality check.
I don't communicate with others often, especially not lately, and so trying to give myself a driving force feels harder than it likely should be because I force my own back & forth dialogue & thus defeat my own opinions, or bolster them into completely intangible road blocks.
In either case, I can't pretend the isolation doesn't have positive effects on me, but I'm also becoming more aware of how negatively it has affected me, too.

I feel like I'm missing a lot of validation from others - and that's not the Pat on the back 'its gunna be ok, anon' kind, but more like what you have just delivered.

I need to know when I'm wrong, and I don't really get that.

> what the fuck are you waiting for??
Probably just a reason to stop doing what I'm doing, but it's sometimes challenging to look at my own perspective objectively.

I have met a few homeless artists, and while impressed, I feel like they do it because it gives them hope. Maybe it's all they have left in the world.
For me, I guess I feel like I deserve more than what I've gotten, (like a self-entitled child, now that I'm addressing it) and pushing forward looks like more dismay, and so I don't, because I rationalize that I am simultaneously mitigating that 'dismay' effect.
History of depression / suicide / addiction, etc. Etc. That you don't really need/want to hear about, but for me its an internal struggle that is (mostly) never brought to other peoples attention, and so my rationalizations remain dominant.

As a predominantly traditional artist (not paint, but coloured pencils / pens & markers) I recognize that the amount of time I invest in a piece will often not pan out in its value, which is also demoralizing, as I've spent 30+ hrs on pieces that will likely never be recognized for what I've invested.

And then I get to thinking, if I'm only doing this for myself, then why even spend the time putting the ideas on paper anyways?
File: 1451800785621.jpg (7 KB, 216x233) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
7 KB, 216x233
>don't draw for six months
>first drawing is more accurate than when you were practicing regularly
I have this weird issue. I can sit and look at tutorials and drawing streams and anatomy books all day, but when it gets down to me drawing, I just don't want to.
Sometimes I can get into a rhythm and I enjoy it. But other times it just feels like a chore.

Does anyone else feel like this?
Sometimes you need to take a step back so see what's up.
Drawing is a lot like bodybuilding. You won't see the gains if you don't let the muscle rest and recover.
I only work 5 days a week because of this.
File: 1443552382977.jpg (31 KB, 456x320) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
31 KB, 456x320
yesterday i did my first commision, then i showed it to the commissioner and he never said a word. he might didn't liked it despite being liked by a bunch of people.

i feel like my years of drawing were a waste of time.
File: 1437257808137.png (257 KB, 533x296) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
257 KB, 533x296
>can't draw for shit
>become frustrated with sketches and pieces because they look like shit
>barely draw due to it
>can't even force self to draw once a week due self disgust
>realize I'll never git gud if I don't practice
>hate self even more
>end up just hating self in a never ending cycle >nothing gets done because i'm too busy sitting alone hating myself
Just do it, anon.
do you ever take out your frustration on others on /ic/?
That's a bit hard when you're forcing yourself to even eat on certain days.

Nah, I'm not a regular here. I might live in the beginner's thread but idk. Plus most of these people are better than me anyway.
I know this feel. Sometimes taking a break actually helps. Different methods work for different people. Not everyone needs to grind night and day to make progress. Work smart, not hard.
Copy from an existing image and make it your own as you do it. You'll learn something about drawing every time and the image you produce will still look cool. It's still art because you're interpreting an existing image, not tracing it.
I already do that and all it does is make me annoyed that I can't make something look the way I want it to.
That feel when artblock / don't want to draw anything at all
>That's a bit hard when you're forcing yourself to even eat on certain days.

Okay, in that case my advice would be to immediately seek mental help if you haven't already done so.
File: scream.png (28 KB, 656x458) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
28 KB, 656x458

ive been fucking up for 20 years now. 20 years of malpractice.

why god, why?
Already have done that. I'm currently trying to get an appointment with my psychiatrist in order to figure out my medication and dosage and all that jazz. It's working for the anxiety but not that much for the depression.
Glad to hear that you're doing what you can to take care of yourself. Good luck with everything!
well how old are you?
Most who draw in their childhood or teens dont study muh fundamentals, so i would not count that time
21. i was interested in learning how to draw "by the rules" as early as I could talk, but didn't really start looking at books and stuff until 15, and didn't "study" until I was 18.

I consider most of the time wasted because a lot of my core principals in drawing have been flawed from the start.
File: 1449496883040.jpg (71 KB, 618x677) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
71 KB, 618x677
I am a guy, I do want to draw fetishes but I also want to profit from vainilla porn, maybe gay porn too. No way I will draw my dick but drawing cartoony ones seems like an easier goal.
You are 21, and you are seriously complaining about wasting 20 years practicing drawing wrong? Are you being serious? ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS?

Okay, nevermind. If you are dumb enough to think something like that, just... jesus.
I'm not very computer savvy so I don't really understand what's going on. I got a new computer for christmas but the fan starts running as soon as its turned on and runs constantly. I had it returned and got a more expensive one, and its even louder than the last one. As soon as I press the power button the fan will start roaring like a hair dryer. I don't get why this is happening or how to fix it, none of my other computers have ever done this. If this is considered normal for newer computers then I'm probably going to give up drawing with a tablet because the loud and constant fan is too distracting and irritating

I am currently breaking this for myself.
It has taken me a long time to figure out why, when I am given specs I can design for others, but never ever for fun or for personal reasons. I also just didn't ever enjoy or hate the process. Basically I was indifferent even though I know I love art. I can feel it for sure.

I have grown up in some pretty fucked situations. The only thing relevant about that here is the habit instilled within me. I was constantly hawked by whomever was my guardian at that moment. Whenever I looked like I enjoyed something, it was taken away. For the longest time, it was this way. My passion became my own enemy as this feeling was what came right before emotional and physical pain.

Essentially, what it came down to today, now that I have created a much healthier life for myself as an adult. That I have been working from a place of sever discipline which is wonderful, but absolute indifference. I kept myself from actually enjoying absolutely anything. If something felt like it was in the least bit fun or leisurely, I would get nervous and avoid it. This evolved when I got healthier. Into basically doing a million things at the same time to avoid actually getting deeply into something. This too evolved into what I had recently. I would focus on one thing. But I would despise the entire process and have to check every single step both academically and in comparison to whatever standards I could find online which real professionals impose upon themselves. It would take me AGES to do absolutely anything. Playing games too. I can barely read a leisure book in a year.

Been drawing ever since I was at grade school. Got a hang of it as a kid. As time passed by, I forgot that I can draw shit and as I try, I can say that I still can do it. Then got stalled again because of other things that suppressed my drawing habit way back. Gone serious about it when I was in highschool. Just being right there in the corner drawing things up and being helped by some classmates who knows how to draw and color, who has their own forte. Being serious about drawing things then realizing that somewhat I'm not improving at some point. Now that I'm 22, I'm still learning how to draw "by the rules" as for me that I'm not used to which that would seem to help me improve.
Practicing just makes me realize that I'm just resisting to copy things and make sure that I can make my own one soon. At some point that something will just pop in to my mind but I can't even draft it on paper. Been doing Anatomy and anatomy alone. As I shift through another step thus forgetting the standards of how I will scale my anatomy again. I don't know what to do sometimes, being confused, and being depressed.
We're in the same boat.

But then I kind of realized something that absolutely changed my perspective. I looked at some of my favorite competitive games and realized... this game is MEANT to be understood and enjoyed deeply for a long time. You are supposed to get passionate and dedicated. You have permission to enjoy yourself. In fact, you are odd and unfortunate for thinking you would need permission.

I am by no means free of my shit. Not in the least. But I have realized my own issue and can now work to better my line of thinking and catching this bullshit. I can't say you likely have anything similar. I don't know your life. But I thought maybe this could give you some ideas.

I have been applying the, "I don't need permission to enjoy/get totally into/get passionate about this thing. I even have to think about this when I try and sleep, shower, take a break, read something that isn't academic, anything really. With this, I have seriously noticed a LOT of change. Not just in my work, but also in my life in general. I have changed pretty drastically in just a month of this. I am a lot happier though I am still shit at this. But I'm pretty happy with where I am going.

I hope you don't have this issue. Though I also hope this helps.
Do your best and try to use all the nerd in your heart to enjoy your work so that even the boring stuff is an exciting puzzle. This is a skill, so I guess it will take a little practice.

Good luck, friend.
>be me
>draw art
> sensitive teeth won't stop aching
>wisdom teeth are growing
>take a pill for festering gums
>the pill irritates other sensitive teeth
>>>/wsr/ is the place you're looking for
I'm the anon you replied to. Can't say my situation is exactly like yours, anon, but it did actually make me think. I am the same in one key way. I don't hate drawing, but I don't love it either. It's just something I do because I know creativity is just natural to me, and I enjoy it. But I enjoy having done it more than the process. In my case, it isn't so much that people took stuff away from me that I enjoyed, but rather many years of depression that taught me to take every possible precaution against being hurt. And loving something just makes you that much more open to being hurt in connection to it. You're right that the first step to fixing these things is to even be aware of them, so you have helped with that. Thanks.
glad you found some understanding. I had a similar revelation that was based in my upbringing. My parents (father while drunk, especially) were very critical. I started coping by not even trying, or in other words, withdrawal.

Years later, I'm getting so frustrated by my lack of progress. I knew the whole 'do thing, you have accomplished thing, repeat = progression', but I just couldn't get over the overly-critical self-hatred. It's weird to say, but it was a huge revelation to realize 'doing shit is better then doing nothing. Celebrate the shit. Love the shit.' I still struggle, but at least I see it better now, and the negativity is much softer.

It really helps to actively work against it. I hope you the best fampai. Good luck breathing fun back into your passion.

Replying to the replies to my reply

Yeah, I think we share in the dispassion which wasn't really brought upon us of our own choosing. Totally a coping mechanism. I do everything just to survive. So I will use the very least of absolutely everything. I have pencils i have owned for more than a decade. "I'll use them when I'm good" I say. But I honestly am not bad. I'm decent. So I should have used these a long time ago. But because they are nice, and I would enjoy nice things, they stay hidden for the future me that deserves them. But his isn't what I have come to discover actually works IRL. You HAVE to use resources. You HAVE to take advantage of what you have. Otherwise, you won't even survive. Much less thrive. This is also just a habit formed from being denied a lot of anything that I didn't absolutely need to be alive and a lot that I did anyway lol with that issue I looked at american white kids. Even those that weren't even that rich or anything. But they used excessive toothpaste. They ate only a portion of their food. No worries about tomorrow or a year from now in terms of essentials. It blasted my mind. I was so focused on stuff like that that I didn't at all pay attention to the actual things. I focused too much on wolfing down all my food to even enjoy it. Basically panicking that I was at all hungry and had food here NOW instead of later that I would forget the food tasted like anything at all. I assume it is the same with my creativity and fun. I panic that I am not making any art so I just throw shit together and I'm absolutely disconnected with it or I can't even start lol because I can't think of anything because I'm so out of practice at even imagining things. I forgot that I was making art at all and it just became a seizure of panic to put anything on a page and to have it approved of like the greats online. So I have had a hell of a time going on from academic art, back to the magic I used to have in my head.
continuing that post

lol the hardest thing for me is just not feeling like a total idiot. Dispassion makes you feel secure. You never have to stand up for anything you enjoy if you never actually enjoy anything. But as the lovely Krishnamurti puts it, "no rules, no laws, no authority". In actuality, you aren't breaking any laws, you aren't harming anyone, you have your limited time on this earth when you didn't even ask to be brought here. You don't owe an explanation to shit all. Pouring Tea, this nothing thing, done for ages, and stressed over and perfected in the hands of artisans has become a high art. But it is still nothing but tea pouring. Tea pouring taken to a level of appreciation and effort we do not expect and is honestly laughed at a lot of the time. Otaku, nerd, shit like that. They used to be negative names for enthusiasts of unpopular things. But we have another name, artists. Appreciation, effort, passion, and focus are our actual tools.

I would recommend anyone to read, Effortless Mastery. There are some good videos on youtube that will talk about the same stuff in the book. Would also recommend those.

Anyway, that's all I have right now lol I am glad spilling some of my innards was nice to someone. or maybe it wasn't. Meh.
I dropped out of year of school majoring in animation because of fear of crippling debt.

but now after trying to self-teach and work a full time job it feels like im going nowhere. Working 40hrs a week is starting to make me feel numb and cynical to where i wouldnt mind being in balls deep debt from going to school. I mean i did get a lot better at drawing in general and made a lot of friends...
File: 1383318107828.jpg (21 KB, 405x344) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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getting off this hell would pretty much solve my life
I think
File: SCREAMZ.jpg (5 KB, 435x387) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Literally never drawn before in my life
>Start 6 months ago
>Still shit
>tfw I feel like I'm going to be lagging behind forever

Hey, at least you can draw straight line, two-point perspective and ellipse correctly.

I started yesterday and oh boi, dis gunna hurt
>Straight lines
I know how, but I still can't do it properly, that shit is muscle memory practice.

I still feel fucked for not starting until I turned 18

Hey, I'm 26 and picking it as a hobby. Just something to relax me. I'll suck for my life probably, but I'll be damned if I don't learn how to sketch with brushpen. And those fucking ellipses and straight lines, man. Those fucking shapes.

regards, engineer
I went off the internet for a month, It was quite refreshing.


>hey, there's this Scott Robertson guy, sticky says he has mathematical approach and give huge art gains
>oh, youtube sketching! he is a nice guy, oh and he says to get brushpen for additional gains
>buy pilot ballpen and uchida brushpen
>ok, let's start those exercises! what can go wrong?
I started at 22, worked my ass off, now 24 and im amazed and insanely proud of how good ive gotten
In my entire life Ive only drawn 55 portraits, half of them small and terrible studies while I was figuring things out, over the course of about two years. Where will my skills be at 200? 500? Not at all saying im great now but I think my rate of improvement has been. i just have to keep working and studying. Most of my life Id wanted to do music and then science but it never felt like art does now. Give me five more years at the everyday pace Ive been at the past few months, I see no reason I cant or wont be rembrandt or sargent level. i wont be famous or make money off it but Ill be as good as anyone. This is the only thing I care about or have any reason to live for. At the same time I can not imagine dealing with the constant misery and disappointment of my non art life for that long
>Friends with artists in 6th grade
>A lot of artists
>In awe of how they managed to draw animus and mango characters
>They even got like, ten comments on their DA
>Take art classes
>Become frustrated since no animu is allowed
>Fuck fundamentals nigga
>Draw animu
>Still don't become good at it
>Still try
>Give up
>Cringe when I think of my art back then
>Meet friend
>In same situation I was in
>Started doing fundamentals a while ago
>He's not good, but he's miles ahead of where I was
>Think about it for a bit
>Try drawing again
>Post it on /ic/
>Get laughed at, told to read sticky
>Give up
>Pick up again over winter break, read Loomis, start doing fundamentals
>Look at Ex's art, old friends art
>Symbol drawing, sketchy, tumblr nose, wide anime eyes

It's been a wild ride, but I'm on my way to... Somewhere.
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>draw and animate original content
>not many people know about me
>friend who has only just gotten into art draws one lewd of linkle
>gets more attention than anything I've ever done in the last year
"yknow if you pandered too, people will look at you."
This is just something you have to accept, there's no use being bitter over it.

If attention is what you want then play the game, you know how, nothing is stopping you.

If you want people to care about something you've created you have to give them a reason to. Most webcomics are original works but they provide a narrative for readers to actually learn about and become attached to the characters/world. People won't become invested in occasional blog posts about OCs. Though I'm not really sure what you do so I'm making assumptions.
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>Be me
>Shit-tier drawings
>Want to make fucking vidya with RPG maker and shit
>Can't draw for my own life
>Read sticky
>Tried to draw a head
>After months of crying decided to make one study
>One simple fucking study
>Take waifu picture
>Trace head
>Actually trace guidelines and take measures
>Write everything off in notebook
>Decide to draw face
>Holy baby jesus, mary and joseph fucking diamond scrotum, fuck me
>Improved as never before
>Moved from diarrhea-tier to simply shit-tier
>Now I'm stuck.
>Tried to do more studies on legs and hands
>Still shitty
>graphic design
>literally the lowest tier of art careers
>absolutely zero artistic skill required

Something tells me that you think that art is ez because you passed a GD course.

I know more engineers than I do full-time professional artists and no, graphic design doesn't count here, because plenty of people on /ic/ are good enough artists to get a job in GD and that should be proof enough its not a skill-dependent job.

I'm not even saying engineering is easy, I'm just saying that becoming a *skilled* professional illustrator is much, much harder than most people realize.
If you think it gets better, it really doesn't.

I live off of freelance work, and it still feels like this a lot, except people become fans of your work, and follow you around, and throw money at you to draw.

I just give a sigh, bend and scoop the money, and then go back to never being good enough. =/
I'm in art school and I don't feel like it's doing anything for me. I'm improving, but I feel like there's little to no instruction and the teachers at my school don't really give a fuck. All the progress I've made has been entirely my own doing.

Should I take off? Does a degree really matter in art? As for connections, I've made some friends but all the teachers I've had have really mediocre personal careers and I think the best I can hope for is an internship somewhere.

Any advice for a person who really isn't digging art school? Would I be better off studying on my own and joining an atelier or something? I'm just afraid of making a mistake and fucking myself up. I've worked really hard to get here and being an artist is what i've always wanted, but i'm incredibly dissapointed in the quality of education i'm recieving. I also can't tell if I'm just being stubborn about it but it's hard to think straight when everything I read is telling me art school is a waste of time and money.
>a hobby, a career, that requires you to isolate yourself to your work area for tens of thousands of hours of your life
>going full cezanne
>In school full time, have girlfriend
>girlfriend dumps me
>I'm a broke ass student and she's tired of not being able to do everything she wants
>Finish semester extremely depressed
>focus on getting gud in art
>dont apply for fall semester, spend all my time getting gud
>10-15 hours a day practice
>burst into tears at random times because I'm so tired, but I can't stop now because I don't want to fail
>start getting gud. Getting paid to art.
>Bank account goes from negative to 2k on art alone
>getting lots of offers, and better and better pay
>family proud now
>Friends/acquaintances see me as a professional now
>Get lots of respect now
>Furnish my apt with new TVs and Cintiqs, and a gaming pc, and stuff
>Finish work for the day. Lay down to sleep
>"even now, she still wouldn't love me."

Why am I like this? Fucking pathetic

>in order to be a 'true artist' you need to be some depressed fuckwit with nothing else going for him

muh emotionally charged masterpieces!
You can be devoted to a skill without it being the only element of your life. Sorry anon, but you being useless at everything else doesn't mean you're a true artist.

You do not have a girl problem you have a problem that your happiness is dependent on other people.

I have 0 experience with it, but I will still post my opinion because I'm faggot like that.

Stick to studying. Degree is always important. Similar thing as for your degree can be said about IT/CS and lots of other subjects. Still, there's always a difference and often noticeble one.

Studies burn you out. I was burned out after my third year although my faculty have nothing to do with art. Important thing is to grind your teeth and finish them, tell yourself that you joined uni for a reason.

You always learn most on your own and in job. Doesn't mean that there's no big value to going for 5 years every week from morning till evening to learn about all art theories and what's going on around it. You might not realize it, but you have very, very unique view on things and access to knowledge that simply isn't that well known. Even if you will be later working in some design studio with people who didn't study art, your art school and insight from it will always benefit you. Also chances are that because you actually finished it, you'll be viewed as srs artist, lol.
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>become an engineer instead of an artist because all my friends were into math
>realize high level math fucking sucks and isn't fun
>drop out after 3 years
>go to community college to get an associates degree
>get job in technical support
>5 years pass
>spend free time drawing and wondering what could have been

...but high-level math is actually fun, it's really descriptive and used to make nice models.
It's never too late anon, all this "you have to start practising as an infant or you'll never amount to anything" is just /ic/ circle jerking their fears and insecurities. Don't let that stuff get to you, you can be an artist if you want to. If anything you're in a better position than a lot of people because you have something to fall back on.
thanks anon, I really appreciate your input. It's so easy to discourage yourself when youre not getting instant gratification, thanks for your grounding words.

I'm the other guy, but btw, again, it's funny that the same applies to programming.
Nah, trust me. Compared to before it was absolutely better. I could finally draw heads in 3/4 view and make them symmetrical.

I really want to improve, but I simply can't figure what is different this time and what stops me from getting gud.

There's plenty of qt3.14 girls in this world, dude.
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no moer memes.png
341 KB, 482x688
i know that feeling anon.
>People only pay attention to fanart of their favorite characters
>Can't morally/legally sell fanart
>Make original drawings, nobody gives a shit
>Don't know what to do
>get compliment from anon
>think my art is terrible
>reluctant to take compliment
Most of what I feel inspired to draw is fanart. It makes me feel unoriginal and I don't want to get a reputation for doing it for the attention. But it's what makes me happy.
File: image.gif (2 MB, 320x180) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 320x180
I feel really directionless in my learning. There is so much shit to learn and sometimes I wonder if I'll ever learn them. What if I miss something really important and it fucks me up forever? Just thinking about all the shit I need to learn sends me into a tizzy. The lack of direction is really hindering my progress. I have a decent idea of what I want to do (illustration, porn, comics) but not sure what the next step is. I feel like I'll be stuck sketching in my sketchbook at the same level I'm at now.

>What if I miss something really important and it fucks me up forever?

Stop worrying about this. Even the worst habits can be corrected, as long as you don't get too up your own ass and start ignoring critiques.
Go in the direction you want. Learn to analyze what your weak points are, and if you can't, ask people. Once you know, work on those. Consider your goals, and think of how to reach them. It's better to just do something than not do anything because you're too worried you'll do it the wrong way.

When all else fails, if you really can't think of anything to work on but you're afraid of stagnating, make sure you get outside your comfort zone sometimes. If you mostly do digital, do some traditional. If you mostly do lineart, do some painting. If you do black and white, work in color. If you mostly draw from reference, draw from imagination. Study and try to draw in a style you haven't done before. Switch it up and experiment, oftentimes you'll find something to take away from it even if you don't continue with it. And try to ditch the anxiety about 'doing it wrong', you're better off and will learn more from doing it 'wrong' than being paralyzed and not doing it at all.
You're right anon. I get anxious real easily. But i have one question. Is there a way to learn drawing wrong?
>start an [spoiler]art school[/spoiler]
>everyone seems better than me
>feel like a fraud for being here
but now that i'm surrounded by artists, my life feels right somehow. never knew any art friends outside of the internet. lots of figure and gesture workshops too.

i try not to think about the crippling debt.
Fan artists are used to having their dick sucked for producing garbage, so they start to think they are good. Original artists never get the privilege of a fan base desperate for any content half related to their unhealthy obsession with a video game or cartoon and so only get praise proportional to the quality of their work, and have far longer to criticize themselves as the improve and realize they aren't hot shit before they're good enough to get a following on their own merit.
Begin by completely removing any sense of self worth you have. That way anything above complete fucking garbage will be unexpected.
chans attract people with a tech affinity, if I had to guess, due to the unwieldy UI of them
File: 1451442075995.jpg (1 MB, 1465x3000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1465x3000
Stem and 4chan both attract nerds.
>unwieldy UI
This is the simplest social site I've used, barring IRCs. It's not really unwieldy at all. I think >>2341945 is right.
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pokemoa's Whitney.png
19 KB, 179x181
>drawing something for a now former friend
>know-nothing cunt says I'm a terrible artist for working at my own (slow) pace

>try to help a friend by offering critique on what could be better
>crybaby bitch whines and says I "insulted her art" and gets her equally oversensitive boyfriend to attack me
>now somewhat reluctant to give critique to prevent a repeat

>dreads unaddressed/unfinished requests out of fear of fucking up
>"It should be fine as long as they're reasonably nice about pointing out what could be fixed, right?"
>ends up stalling and feeling bad

>Make original drawings, nobody gives a shit
I feel you, Ans. But just keep at it! Eventually it'll garner interest.

I'd say to do what makes you happy. If you can't have with something you don't need to do, why bother with it?
>be a pro artist.
>after 4-5 years of incredible luck I have two really shitty freelance clients in a row which consumes much of my 2014/2015.
>first one pays incredibly well and the work is easy but I'm treated like absolute trash.
>spend most of my time being a parent to my managers who are plagued with emotional problems and are assholes to everybody.
>start going out for drinks with one of my old mentors all of the time, who is now a high level manager at a different company
>i jump ship and take a small pay cut to go help him
>my joining the team was not favoured by the other upper managers. He wrote my contract without really telling them. They don't like that, so they don't like me.
>place is just as bad as the last place in some ways.
>at the same time, I'm tutoring some people in art (in my spare time).
>then going home and taking more courses myself.
>basically never taking a break for months on end.
>get backstabbed by mentor.
>become severely disillusioned with my life.
>I end up quitting all of my jobs.
>unemployed for the first time in seven years.
>spend my entire December drunk and painting or just hanging around with random friends and family.
>feel a lot better in January.
>cold call a bunch of clients on the 4th.
>have an offer on the 6th.
>start up again on Monday.
>hoping that I hit it off with these guys.

Debatably. You can certainly pick up bad habits or do things that make you learn slower, but there's nothing that'll 'fuck you up'. Bad habits can always be corrected.
Take chicken scratching for example. Arguably, developing a habit of chicken scratching is 'learning wrong' because it doesn't look very good and it's easy to make a habit of. But even if you chicken scratch like shit you can still learn anatomy, or perspective, or anything. You'll still be picking up knowledge. Eventually, you might decide you're sick of your chicken scratching, so you might need to spend a few days or weeks breaking that habit, but it's not like all the time you spent drawing was wasted effort. You still learned plenty unrelated to your bad habits.
It's always better to draw than not draw because you're worried about doing it wrong. You will inevitably learn plenty of things just by trial and error alone. From there you can consult tutorials/books/etc as you go, pick and choose the things that jive with you or address things you know are wrong.

So sure, there are less productive and more productive ways of learning (and if you've been on /ic/ long you'll notice people don't agree on what these are or what the ideal end goal is), but even if you're chickenscratching bad anime it isn't 100% wasted time, as long as you're being critical of your mistakes and trying to fix them. The stagnation happens when you get too comfortable and don't accept / apply critique, whether self-critique or critique from others.
>trying to draw a dream i had
>dream perspective isn't fucking real life perspective
>i'll never be able to put it to a page with my sorry skills
>able to accept critique

Pick one
The fact that she is also a tumblrfag didn't make it any better.
>cold call
I thought people flip out if you call. It always says no calls on job postings.

Better luck this time, sounds like you needed the break
i had that feeling too, but during critique i would always find that i was my own worst critic. not everyone is great all the time. what comes easy to you will be something another person struggles greatly with. try not to discourage yourself, you WILL improve
The idea is still interesting, but the actual down and dirty doing it just isn't fun for me. Spending 4+ hours on one proof in a night really just killed me.
Thanks anon for saying that.

I'm going to try taking it more seriously this year and see if I can learn how to do more than doodle and copy anime girls.
You're mistake was assuming she wants to get good.

She wants to produce shit and be praised for it. She wants a participation ribbon and the ability to pretend to be creative.
Some people don't like it. I just don't care. Plus, there is a process to it. If it's a larger company it's definitely better to find the corporate recruiter. In a smaller company (less than 30 people) any contact you can make will do. In a larger company having people on the inside helps but only a little bit.

If a company needs someone with my skillset they will be thankful I applied. Nobody likes having to interview a ton of people just to find someone decent. I've been on both sides of this process. It's boring and stressful and we all just get through it lol.

My entire process was... Tell social media (Facebook and such) that I am available. Go on Linkedin, apply to ~50 jobs on the site, apply to another 20 or so studios via e-mail even though they have no postings. Use Linkedin and the Internet to find recruiters in my industry, cold call or cold e-mail them. Message some friends asking if their studios need anybody.

Out of that I got two interviews for the next day (one through a referral from a friend, one from just cold e-mailing a studio online and immediately getting a response). Then I got emails from two of the recruiters that I called/messaged and a callback from a third.

A lot of creative directors/high level managers lurked my Linkedin over the course of this week. I cold messaged them and (so far) none responded. I was undeterred because it has worked for me before; one of the best jobs I ever had I got just because I messaged an artist on Linkedin asking if they needed someone like me and I had an interview the next day. He became one of my closest friends and we talk every day to this day (years later).

I spent the next day negotiating with three different studios and settled on the role that I found (actually a good fit for me, I got lucky).

I am actually still accepting interviews just in case and have one tomorrow, which if I did take would almost double my pay rate compared to the last job I took.

Thank you btw!
"Your." not "you're" in this case, but yeah, I see what you're getting at.

Fuckin' hell, and she actually gets paid for producing shit work. I hope those people smarten up and she goes bankrupt because of it. "Teh real world is too hard!!1!11" which is why she doesn't get an outside job.
File: 1438139338715.jpg (135 KB, 493x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Im a complete beginner who, while having loved art and casually doodled all his life, is only recently starting to seriously learn and study fundimentals. I've been drawing constantly over the last 6 months or so and while I saw noticeable improvement in the beginning, I feel as if my progress has ground to a halt. I worry that Im not capable of ever reaching the level I desire. Weither it's because I simply wasn't born capable enough or because I poisoned my teenage brain to heavily with drugs and achohual back in high school. Either way, Ive recently felt as if I don't have what it takes to achieve the technical proficiency I aspire to and I've felt incredibly depressed because of it.
The name of the game with being an internet artist is to find your clique and get good enough just to get by. So mostly, draw fanart and pander to a fandom who will cosign your stagnation while bolstering your ego. Most internet artists don't actually want to get better or improve for themselves. They just want attention because they don't get it offline. Too many people like that make up the majority of the deviantart/tumblr art communities. That's why those sites are shit. The people who consume their stuff will never wise up or get bored of their stuff either because they borderline worship the artist.
>>2342209 meant for >>2342040
people still fucking correct "you're"?
is it a meme at this point or what jesus christ who gives a shit

It was never a meme

"___ is a meme" is a meme

"you're not your" is just internet etiquette
This hurts me, but I'll become stronger because of it.
Some people want to help others not look like retards. It's their form of charity work. :)
File: 1440248422361.gif (253 KB, 447x415) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>making a cart on dickblick
>contes are sold out AGAIN
>backordered for a month
>I have enough supplies left for a couple weeks at best

Fuck me.
File: FUCK (2).jpg (213 KB, 690x783) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
FUCK (2).jpg
213 KB, 690x783
>have entire dreams where i drew something i was proud of
>wake up

It's the worst. the whole image is clear and everything but ill NEVER SEE IT AGAIN.
This also happens with music and straight up stories. clear as day and ill think they're real. but they aren't. I want to hear them again.
I, as a non native english speaker, feel sorry for your parents.

They wasted their money on sending you all to school and you never learned proper grammar.
Shit man, I feel you. But make your effort and git gud.

Recently I had a similar dream.

>You start drawing in your dream
>Making your best to impress people
>Ends up looking like middle school doodles at best
>People is looking
>People remains silent
>You feel ashamed
>You realize you'll never git gud
>Wake up
>You realize you'll never git gud

Feels like torture.
>I poisoned my teenage brain to heavily with drugs and achohual back in high school
No excuses, just work

Find some old drawings and redraw them with your improved skill. Then mess around with line strokes (circles, infinity signs, diagonal lines, etc)
That's a really frustrating problem. But you can actually exploit it.

Sleep with a notebook/sketchbook aside your bed. Learn to write down everything once you wake up.

I like to compose music for fun and my dreams give me really catchy melodies. I also write down the dreams I liked the most. (One involving assassination with needles, conspiracies, fucking drones chasing you, maori masks, stabbing fuckers to death...) to see if I can turn them into full stories or use the parts separately.

But really, write/draw every single detail before you forget.

Download a free music composition app on your phone to make the song part easier.

Oh, and the things you already lost... are lost FOREVER AHAHAHA!!
Brad Rigney was an alcoholic that didn't take art seriously till he was 28. Now he's one of the top fantasy illustrators.

to be fair though he's an outlier, but there's no reason to bitch with an example like that
Fan-artists and smut artists are hands down the most annoying artists in any online art community. But that's what happens when people like and praise your work only because you enable their unhealthy obsession with whatever cartoon, videogame, or fetish they can't get enough of
>be me in the bus
>carrying my portfolio
>see qt girl
>Smile at her
>she smiles back
>everything goes as usual
>20 minutes pass
>Guitar player enters the bus
>"all rite, laddies n gentelmen, have a nice day, if u wanna stand up and dance or u wanna record me on ur cellphone that's fine..."
>He can't be that good
>He's not
>Start playing The Beatles.
>Few give a shit.
>This girl looks at him, he looks back smiling.
>When time goes, gramps start tapping the floor.
>qt girl leaves
>gives him 5 bucks before leaving the bus.
>two songs later
>"Thanks for lisenin', I u wanna give me a coin or u wan my phone..."
>Old lady gives him one buck and quite a few people too.
>He exits.
>Wut. For some reason I feel jelly.
>Maybe because he's got the girl's attention.
>Or becase he actually makes money vamping the normies' likes.
>For some reason I wanted to get the same attention.
>"Ok, maybe you want to learn to play the guitar."
>"Come on dude, you just learn some popular songs for the normies, learn to sing and get in the same place"
>"What? No, brain. That's some form of prostitution, I don't wanna get attention that way"
>"What do you want then?"
>"I...I don't know... I want the same attention, but for what I do."
>"Yea, that'll never happen dude"
>"So what?"

So I started to think what I really want to gain from drawing. If it's the money or the attention like that guy, when you need to vamp the normies and appealing their shit tastes (talking about art, not music).

Or if I wanna keep the way I am ... learning to git gud and finishing deeply personal works, hoping that one single person likes it.

Also I was wondering if drawing can get you as much pussy as playing the guitar... because I want pussy, but not learning to play the guitar.

Sorry for bad ingrish.

Supposedly if you have models that pose for you, you fuck them in 99% of cases. I've heard it from /ic/ though so I don't know if it's necessarily the case.
>Supposedly if you have models that pose for you, you fuck them in 99% of cases

I wish

not everyone can be Rodin or Schiele
I'm not great at art, I know that. And I know I'm absolute dogshit at drawing anything realistic, but today I drew my friends cat, and I was super proud of it. Shared it on facebook, and showed it to my best friend. 4 hours later, no likes, no comments, and all my buddy has to say is "I've seen you do better".

Am I blinded by my own bias, am I actually just no good at art, or are my friends assholes?
nothing hurts more than finally sharing some art you made, and then not getting noticed. Kinda kills me inside too.

about the cat drawing, I've definitely seen a lot worse, and although it's not the best, it shows that you could have potential.
>left eye is wonky
>not sure what's going on with the furthest leg
>graphite smudges outside of the lines/paper looks dirty
>no "final outline" on your work

Overall it mostly looks unfinished. Give it a solid outline, and clean up the smears around the picture. I bet it'll look a lot better after that.
you're whoring for attention without being anything great
and by messy, I mean it looks like you rubbed your hand across the paper after finishing, and blended the graphite everywhere. It looks washed out.
Left eye is wonky because his cats eye is wonky, but everything else I'll reflect on, thank you
I didn't draw it for attention, I drew it for my friend. It's natural to be disappointed when your loved ones don't appreciate something you were proud of.
looking forward to seeing how it looks afterwards.
I fucking hate painting hair but I spend 90% of my days doing just that.
instead of being depressed be happy of surpassing your expectatives on yourself, and increase them even more. take it as an opportunity to humble yourself and to know you should hold yourself to a higher standard because you can achieve that too

there's not much to it

depressed is such a strong word to spend it like that
I tried correcting the things you mentioned. there's not much else I can do as far as fixing the smudgy look, I used a charcoal pencil. hopefully I understood what you meant otherwise
different guy.

Work on textures, light and shading. Drawing fur is a pain in the ass, but it will worth it.

Never give up.Suffer now and enjoy the rest of your life as a fucking gud artist.

>thanks /fit/
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>need cartoony art for my projects
>decide to learn
>start drawing people realistically
>6 months and I got much better
>finally feel like I can do the art for my project
>draw a stylized character
>it's a fucking abomination

Holy fuck I'm lost as shit, how the fuck do I go from realism to cartoony style? I don't know where to start it's like all the forms are gone, I could think of muscles and shit when drawing real people and I kinda knew where to put the shades and how big to make stuff, this is fucking unreal. I don't even know what ratios to use to make my character appealing, every drawing looks out of proportion.
File: 1452161798005.gif (726 KB, 320x246) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>meeting someone who's so confident about their art that they interpret criticisms of it as "they don't get my style!" or "they don't know anything" even though they draw at a middle-school level
>they got BTFO'd out of an interview with an art school and blamed the immediate rejection on other factors
I'm familiar with the Dunning-Kruger effect but how can you be so assured in your art and dismissive of other artists' work and advice when you're beyond secondary school?
They said "disappointed," not "depressed."
>independent animator
>getting absolutely screwed on youtube revenue due to watch time requirement while all the letsplayers earn insane amounts
>i have MILLIONS of views per video
>patreon barely has anything, same for other youtube animators

I guess you can't make it on your own with animation, gonna go get an IRL job unrelated to animation and do animating part time.
post ur animation fgt
Just a heads up. The daily drawing challenge is now open. So if you would like to join in

Here the links

Main site

Good luck have fun.
prove to me right now you are gonzossm. I am subbed to you faggot.
You make money on patreon by pay-walling stuff that people want.

With animation what people want is the final product. Most people don't care about the storyboards or scripts, that's enthusiast shit and your audience is about as normal as normalfags get.

Right now what you're offering isn't enough to convince people that it's worth their one dollar a month. Think about it dude you have all these viewers yet they won't even put a dollar down for you, you're doing something wrong.

offer drawings of titties instead
He said youtube, not Patreon you dingus. He really should use youtube as a springboard for Patreon though, good idea. Gonzo's Black Sunshine and Tequila Sunrise are among the most important pieces of modern non-fiction 2d animation that have been produced, I'd be tempted to throw him a buck or two a month, myself.
>>patreon barely has anything, same for other youtube animators
Now who is the dingus.
>1.3 million subs

literally nothing.
I'm 20, and I know nothing either.
We'll be fine. It won't seem that way until we make progress, but we will. One thing at a time, but nothing will happen if we just are negative 24/7.
>once gave a 'draw me, draw me' guy I was sure was taking the piss something deeply insulting
>he's over the fucking moon with it and puts it on display in his office

Meanwhile my reaction to compliments is blank face, no response, let the conversation go elsewhere. It doesn't matter what compliments they are, it could be my clothes or anything, I've never known what do, and when I say 'thanks' it sounds so fake or smug or something. If you add 'it's not that great' you sound just whiny.

I know it's probably because I've grown up in an environment where the only feedback I ever get is 'that's weird' and 'that's wrong', so playing out any compliment scenario is a once a month spaghetti tumble.
I suck at everything but art, I thought about admitting it "boo hoo" but realized people wouldn't even give a shit. oh you poor soul!
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sponge coffee.gif
439 KB, 500x338
>watch a famous internet artist stream their current piece
>want to ask them questions about their skill and just gain knowledge from them
>I don't know how to ask questions naturally or just show genuine enthusiasm.

I hate myself so much. I wish I could be like other people who know how to schmooze.
There is nothing you can learn from them that you can't learn elsewhere from more qualified people. I'd ask people in the industry before I ask any "internet" famous artist. Internet fame is too cheap and half the time those internet famous artists can't articulate things well anyway.
He did though? My
Mom has the Herricane comic he did for Penthouse Comix.
To be fair, that's how a lot of artists become popular, and it's a means to have their art spread around to maybe later do something original.
It's the people who stay in one space doing fan art forever the ones that never go anywhere.

The same thing applies friendo. I'm even worse around famous industry people because it's a face to face interaction. Usually my classmates will garner their attentio because they are social butterflies while i"m a wall flower.

I just want to learn, but in art those who are striving get the help the people struggling need.
it's looking a little cleaner, although the background still looks dirty. Look near the spirals of the notebook, and you can see charchoal smudges. You want your art to look ~professional~ and cleaned, rather than a drawing you dug out of a high school portfolio.

I'd also work on the cat's non-wonky eye. A cat has a very detailed iris, while yours looks very flat and cartoon-y. It appears that you're going for a more realistic look, so make sure to focus on the eyes and make them sharp

and like >>2342966 said, work on textures especially fur because it's a nightmare to master.

I wouldn't recommend continuing to work on this drawing, but rather do a handful of sketches practicing all the above mentioned. .
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Hey, I care.
I am willing to listen, if you will listen to my feelings too.


what are your feelings senpay?
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I feel ashamed. Scared. Depressed, but not fully aware of the extent. I just think that anything more specific is too personal. But that's how I feel.

sorry I must go. keep in touch. I will be back, i promise. Things will become more clear shortly I swear.

Care to elaborate? Are these feelings stemming from a recent event or something?

I'm okay. I'm just kind of annoyed a friend is coming into town and I have to hang out with him instead of working on this art piece.

Which is pretty selfish, I know.

Uh, huh?
Look on gesture for animatior, I can't recall the names of the books but their had the name of the subject in the title
Basically, think in geometric forms first and add details after. Like the body is a box and the head a baloon.
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annyone up for a new thread?
For sure, this threads been pretty good, bunch of people getting things off their chest and sometimes getting support/advice for it

It's what this board is all about for me t b h f a m; being open and honest with where you are and then people being (brutally) honest back on how to improve
Can u focus on studys when u are going through a breakup/heartbreak?
Yes. It's one of the things that helped get me through bad times personally, focusing on working on stuff, learning a new step everyday instead of focusing on the feels and letting the days blur into one.

You got this anon. Git gud and git happier too.
Please don't do this. There are just as many males who hate criticism too.
dont go there anon
Bottom line: Those kinds of people need to harden the fuck up.
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>Professional tells me I could get work if I brought my A game
>Think too hard on quote
>End up doing worse art

File: yNlQWRM.jpg (865 KB, 1813x2111) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Artist does QnA stream
>Normies flood the chatroom with shit tier and irrelevant questions
>Who's your favourite X-Man!?
>What sports teams do you like!?
>Is that grey hair!?
>Tell us a joke!
>What did you think of _____ trailer
>Own any pets!?
>Only one of my questions get noticed, at least he went in depth with the answer.
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