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Share your incest stories!
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Share your incest stories!

continued from >>863842
l'll share a video...

Ssauce op plz
It's from ClubJeremyHall, the title is Ryan fucks Chad. I think you can only download it though

I don't think you know what incest is.
Ellen Burstyn explains why incest is natural.

Anybody have a copy of that incest story an anon posted a while back abput him and his brothers? They had this outdoor shower in backyard and he was initiated into his older brothers incest group. I read the first part and missed the rest in return ill post my own experience cant greentext on a phone
So my first time was with my older brother i was thirteen he was nineteen
We werent close, he practically had to be forced into even talking to me
What madw it worse was he had to pick me up from school, at this time he belonged to an amateur football teateam, basically just old jocks from highschool getting together to pretend thejr athletic ability was still useful i would sit on the bleachers for two hours watching sweaty guus run around doing things
I remember one guy would come over and tease me still wonder if he was just messing with a kid or was flirting with me
Anyway brother would make me follow him into the lockerroom ( thry used the high school locker rooms ) he didnt want me wandering off and getting him in trouble
This is to annoying im going tp type up the rest when i get home

And then, he never go home...
jokes on you, i got home eventually
anyway let me continue
> this lockerroom wasnt the most concealing of places, and my brother never made any attempt to hide his shame
> it was often he would strip right in front of me and go to take a shower,
> this fateful day, i had neglected to take a shower after my own gym class at school, and apparently i stank, more then a couple members of my brothers team commented on it when they ran by me
> so i was told, not asked, told i was taking a shower too
> now imagine a normal 13 year olds body issues compounded by the fact he is now being forced to strip and shower next to a group of early twenties athletic guys, not a good mix
> i refused for the most part and in the end my brother almost literally had to to tear my shirt of my back to get me to do it
> but i stripped and entered the showers to loud wolf whistles and smooching sounds
> didnt realize my whole body could blush into that point
> shower was pretty uneventful, most of them were done quickly and left, one slapped me on the ass and said good game, which apparently was the funniest thing any of the remaining guys had ever heard
> suffice it to say i had a hardon throughout most of this, but i wasnt the only one and most of them were ignoringi t.
> it wasnt until after we were alone my brother turned to me and said, why the fuck do you have a boner? are you a queer?
> told him i wasnt, advanced on me and said then why are you hard
> you like this dont you queer, and started playing himself a bit, mostly just wiggling it around and grabbbing it with his fist
> i remember watching it intently and being mesmerized as it engorged itself, i remember htinking how big it was, even thought today i know he was just a bit above averagel
>anyway, at this point ive been backed into a corner of the showers and he is literally playing with himself now, slowly jerking off
> couldnt tear my eyes away
> i knew you liked cock you faggot blah blah blah
>gets really close and starts pushing my shoulders down tells me to get on my knees
> tried say no came out as more i dont think i should
> tells me he knows i want to do it, and i might as well get it over with if i hurried he would give me a treat
> so i kind of just let him push my shoulder down until im kneelingi n front of him
> i remember him rubbing his cock over my lips and saying you like that faggot? i bet you do
> anyway to long story short, i ended up sucking him off he came all over my face because " thats how queers like it"
> left me to clean myself up, this wasnt the last time he used me either, happened off and on for 3 years, he ended up fucking my ass less then a year later,

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>first ever sexual experiences were experimenting with my two cousins during early puberty
>they introduced me to it, and had already been messing around with each other
>went on for a couple years with both of them before the guilt started getting to my older cousin and he stopped wanting to do anything
>younger cousin was still game, and we continued to fool around whenever we got the chance
>years later, I ended up openly gay, cousin is closet bi, we're still close friends/fuckbuddies
>his older brother ended up as a stereotypical homophobic jock, started avoiding and talking shit about me when I came out of the closet
>one day I'm hanging out with my younger cousin, we're both drunk and I'm complaining about his brother being an asshole
>younger cousin laughs it off and comments that his brother is just repressed and "jealous" of me
>wait what
>he claims that his brother is a repressed closet case and still fucks him "all the time"
>I press him for details and he goes on about it for a while, claims his brother has a crush on me and all
>but a few days later when I bring it up again when we're sober, he gets all spooked and claims that he was just joking around about it
I'm not sure how much of any of it to believe, as my younger cousin does have a habit of spinning tall tales when drunk, but he seemed pretty honest about it at the time. Embarrassed, even.

I guess this is kind of ridiculous coming from a cousinfucker, but brother/brother incest just seems like... crossing the line somehow, I dunno.
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>uncle is a beefy ex-military guy
>have had a crush on him since puberty
>he's a lifelong bachelor and I'm 99% sure he's gay or at least bi, though nobody else seems to think so since he's very masculine and "straight-acting"
>ever since I came out of the closet, I feel like he's started acting subtly flirty towards me
>engages me in conversation a lot, especially one-on-one, despite not interacting with me much when I was younger
>drops random compliments all the time
>asks way more questions about my love/sex life than anyone else in my family
>seems to have gotten a lot more huggy/physical towards me lately
>lots of other minor stuff, including calling me his "favorite nephew" (I'm his only nephew)
>maybe he's just awkwardly trying to be supportive?
>maybe he actually wants to give me the D?
>about a year ago we were in an intimate situation where it felt like we were about the cross the line, but we got interrupted before anything happened
>have been telling myself I should just try making a move on him, but haven't been able to screw up the courage when I actually have the rare opportunity for it
First off thank you anon for saving the thread. Cannot believe how people argue about the dumbest shit.

Second details on the intimate situation that almost crossed the line
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My grandparents own this nice lake house that the whole extended family uses for vacations in the summer, and since my uncle is single he usually comes along with our family. Last summer, the two of us went out fishing together several times, and ended up having more one-on-one conversation and general bonding in a week than we'd had in my entire time growing up.

This is when I first started realizing that his little compliments and jokey questions about my sex life might've been more "flirting" than "teasing", as I'd always assumed. On the last day of the trip, he got a bit too drunk when fishing, so I helped him back up to the house. He was hanging off me the whole way being grabby and generally physical--I'm pretty sure he was exaggerating how drunk he was cause he didn't have that much.

When we got into the house and realized everyone else was out, he started going on about how we both needed a shower and that I should come help him change. At this point I was in full "oh god yes we're about to fuck", but before I was even done getting him up the stairs the rest of my family came through the front door (they'd been out to dinner) and he just immediately straightened up and went off to his room on his own.

So yeah. I've been playing that whole thing over in my mind so much I'm not sure if my own wishful thinking is making me think it was way more sexual than it really was, but I'm fairly convinced he is DTF. Haven't had a good opportunity to try anything with him since then, but he will "probably" be coming to the lake house with us again this July, so maybe something will actually happen then?
I'm no expert whatsover but from what you said he sounds dtf
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The Plot Thickens.
My dick also thickens.
Carry on.
Always been one of my favorite photos!
Ok I'll go. English isn't my main language so mistakes are bound to happen.
> It all happened through the course of 1 year when I was 13.
> My first cousin (a son of my father's brother) was 12 but he was much bigger than me and still is.
> I think it started by watching porn together and we started fooling around when we had sleepovers.
> I remember only few nights vividly even though it lasted for almost the whole year. I remember we never kissed. That was yucky to us.

Shall I continue?
> First time we ever did anything lasted only few minutes, we were interrupted by our grandmother.
> We were both under the covers and I wonder if she saw anything.
> Like I said we didn't kiss but being limber kids, and him being almost twice my size
> we were in 69 position, eating each others assess. I know for a fact we didn't suck dick and when I think
> about it, that's kind of weird. I loved eating his ass. We had our baths before we went to bed but still the > smell of it, taste and texture stuck with me. I love rimming to this day.
I have one involving my older brother giving me a footjob if anybody is into that.

Holy shit, that was a good one. Anything else?
My uncle recently lost a ton of weight, and he is hot as fuck now, big bulge as well. Too bad he's straight...
Do tell!
Well at least it wasn't tween rape like most of the stories of here.

It's here but you have to go to 2:06:00. It's the last part of the video.

Pics of his body?

I too have been seeking a documentation of that story you talked about. Gotta learn to save things.
yeah it sucks
seriously someone has to have saved it
if you want stories go to nifty.org
if you want pictures go to google.com
if you want my love you got it.
bump for story

this happened when my dad was still stationed in the U.S. and we were living in base housing

>be 15
>older brother was 17
>he was sort of a quiet jock, if that makes sense
>my dad was total moto, but not really a family guy
>ma had to do most everything herself and look after him like he was another kid
>my older bro really stepped up and he was more of a father for me and the younger twin girls
>be in school
>get in fight with other dude my age who was trying to push me around
>mfw this guy was my best friend, how did this happen?
>both kind of messed up
>my bro go called in from upper class and had to take me and my bud home
>mike got us cleaned up and bandaged
>sat us down and talked with us
>tried to explain how we had really crossed a line
>we actually listened to him
>mike was cool and didn't talk much, so when he did, he commanded attention
>I realized that mike was the most important person in my life and I had totally disappointed him
>started to cry and lost it
>my bud thinks I've lost my mind
>mike hugs snot-nosed me, consoles me
>zomg, I get a big fucking boner and I'm only wearing a pair of boxers now
>my bud also bones up
>mike bones up (he's fucking donkey kong)
>we end up just looking at each other
>then we all jerk off together
>it's actually cool
>me and my best friend studying mike's massive meat like it's the most important thing in the world
>cum everywhere
>get cleaned up in shower
>we actually get to touch his prick in the shower and all jerk off again
>mike drives hank back home after his ma gets off work
>mike talks to ma when she gets home and I don't get disciplined
>dad doesn't come home that night
>mike and I sometimes cum together after that
>hank and I never talk about what happened
sounds far-fetched to me.
Incest is hot!
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Has anyone seen this video? its pretty good
Full Video

I jumped and turned around on my back, which made it worse. "Dad! What
are you doing?" As I scrambled to find the sheet which was all the way
down at the end of the bed so there was no way to hide that I was naked and
hard and about to cum.

"It's ok son." He shut the door quietly and came in. He walked over and
sat on the bed next to me.

"Dad, I, uh,..."

"Son, you were jacking off. Every kid jacks off. Many adults do to,
especially men."

"Ya but I don't want to have people see me do it."

"Why not, son? It is a perfectly natural act." He took his big hand and
rubbed my bare shoulder. Thankfully, I managed part of the sheet up over
my dick, but my dick was still hard and tenting the fabric.

"Dad, you're embarrassing me."

"I'm sorry son. I don't want to embarrass you. I want you to feel
comfortable always. It is ok to feel comfortable being naked and hard in
front of another person. Here son, move over and lean on my chest."

Hesitantly I did. I was too eroticized now to say no.

"Let's pull that sheet down and show me what a big boy you are."

I did. My cock was so hard. It felt so good leaning naked body up next to
my clothed Daddy. He wrapped his big arms around me.

"Why don't you finished what you started, son? No one needs to know but
us. I'd love to see my big boy shoot his load."

I couldn't help myself at that point. I was too hot. It felt like an
extension of all the hugs and caring he gave me over the years. I grabbed
my meat and Daddy started whispering to me.
"Yes son. Let me see you touch yourself. Let me see you work on your
cock. Oh son. You are getting to be such a big boy. Daddy's big boy.
Daddy loves you so much. Daddy wants to hold you while you make yourself
feel good. Come on baby. Show Daddy your juice. Show Daddy how you
stroke you cock. You are turning into such a little man you are. That's
it baby. Rub yourself. Doesn't that feel good boy? Doesn't it feel good
stroking your boy cock while Daddy holds you tight? You're Daddy's little
man. Yes you are. Daddy's little man. Let me see it baby. Let me see you
shoot boy. Yeah, oh yeah son. Oh my God son. Oh Oh Oh. Yeah. Doesn't
that feel good? Look at all that white cream you made. You're my big boy.
You're Daddy's big boy."

That was the most intense orgasm I ever had.
how dumb are you?
pornography> porn + graph-
from the Greek verb ????? (grapho) that means "to write"
I love rainy days because I get to stay in bed all day and just play with
myself. Also I can text my dad at work with naughty pics of myself in bed,
and get him all worked up. You see, he and I have a special relationship. I
have had many boyfriends, but none can compared to my dad. The first time
daddy penetrated me, I made a promise, then and there, that I would give
myself to him and him alone. With dad, it wasn't just sex, it was more than
that, it was deep, passionate, gentle, caring, and nurturing all at the
same time. He made sure I was always satisfied. We're open with each other,
and about sex, and how we like certain things done in bed. We tell each
other what we like, and how we like it, so when it's time for us to be
intimate, it's a wonderful experience in itself.
Last Christmas he bought me some sexy jockstraps, each with a different
animal print, they were very expensive & were made special with my
initials on it. Dad has bought me many sexy things over the years,
underwear, sex toys, lotions, you name it, and our bedroom is filled with
them. One Christmas eve, he called me from the office to put on something
sexy, & so I got myself ready for him, knowing him very well, he had a
very long day, & wants to just unwind & just have some fun in bed. When
he got home, I greeted him at the door with his favorite pair of my mesh
jockstrap, & gave him a kiss. He grabbed my hand and walked me into the
living room, and pushed me onto the couch, spread my legs apart and started
digging my asshole with his tongue, slurping it. "You are so delicious,
son!" I lost it, daddy knew exactly how I like my hole to be eaten, and
he's doing it, exactly that way I like it. He took off his belt and dropped
his trousers and boxer shorts to the floor, his big cock was superhard, his
big balls bouncing side to side. He got ahold of my legs up in the air, my
hole still wet from him poking it with his wet tongue. He spread my legs
apart and started to rub the head of his cock against my hole, and then
with one thrust forward his huge cock was inside me, slamming into me. "You
don't know how much I want you, son" he moaned. "Been thinking about you
all day, and all I wanted was to be inside you my boy", as he pounded
away. I held onto him, as he fucked me, his big cock sawing in and out of
my boy hole. I was in pure ecstasy, he knew exactly what he was doing,
hitting my spot with his humongous cock. He leaned forward and started
kissing me, I remember thinking how much I love him, and how I would do
anything to make him happy. My daddy, my husband, my lover. I am yours, use
me as you please. "I think I'm gonna shoot son, I'm coming" as he pumped
his warm daddy juice inside me, I pointed my cock up towards him and
sprayed cum all over his chest.
While still mounted onto his cock, he
leaned over and kissed me and whisper in my ear, "I hope you enjoyed it, I
sure did baby. I thought of you all day at work, thinking of you, wanting
to spend time with you, son!" as he looked into my eyes and smiled. "I love
you, son, let's get you all cleaned up." He carried me to the bathroom,
puts me down and started running the warm water for our bath. I remember
getting into the bathtub with him, then the next thing I knew was waking up
in bed, next to him in his arms, holding me to close to him. I touched his
beautiful face, this man whom I loved so much, my dad, my husband, my one
and only. Sleeping next to me, holding me close, protecting me, feeling
safe in his massive arms. I'm so lucky!
>"Son, you were jacking off. Every kid jacks off. Many adults do to,
>especially men."

Many humans have penises, especially men
>Even autists read porn.
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File: Werewaiting.jpg (858 KB, 1433x1186) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Anyone got any good links or pictures for gay incest
So do you just troll around correcting people?
Not all men have penis.
Not all penis-enabled humans are men.
Check your privilege, you cishet!
I'm triggered by your dubs
This whole thread is transphobic!
You're welcome to post your own authentic transgendered incestuous experience.

Oh you don't have one?

Maybe no one else does either because that's gross.
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Now son im going to teach you about sex. This is a special moment for dads to bond with their sons and show you how much I love you. Do you want to see how big your old mans cock gets?
File: 543.jpg (22 KB, 500x301) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
22 KB, 500x301

Good. Fuck off, snowflake.

>penis-enabled humans

tumblr pls
omg. moar.
omg. shopped.


Dun dun DUNNN
>be only kid
>have cousins that live close by. girl Jan is 14, boy Alex is 12. I'm also 12
>three of us hanging out in the woods
>Jan tells us we should compare cocks
>I'm way behind the curve sexually. hadn't masturbated. didn't really realize you shouldn't be showing your cock to anyone so say sure
>whip them out. we're both soft and small
>Jan tells us we should rub them to get them bigger
>we do
>Jan tells me to put Alex's cock in my mouth
>tell her that's gross
>Jan belittles me telling me I know nothing about sex
>I don't but don't want her to know so take Alex's cock in my mouth
>he knows what he's doing and fucks my mouth for a few minutes and then cums. I spit it out shocked that he pissed in my mouth
>Jan explains cum
>we get up and leave

Over the next two years Jan instigated a lot of sexual contact between me and Alex, mostly me ending up being a bottom for him. Jan did nothing except masturbate sometimes while watching us.
more pls

>be about 6 months after first episode with Jan and Alex
>mostly consist of me sucking off Alex (at Jan's insistence) with a few time him sucking me, but never to completion (I figured it was my fault I could only cum from masturbation)
>one day Jan is minding us while her parents are out
>tells us to go up to the bedroom
>she pulls out old porn tape (yeah, tape) and puts it in
>fast forwards to part where woman is getting fucked doggy style
>says we should do that
>tells us to get undressed
>tell her not unless she does
>she strips down to panties and bra
>tell her she has to get naked
>Jan and Alex start forcefully taking my clothes off
>tell them I can do it myself and Alex and I get naked
>Jan tells me to get on hands and knees like woman on tape
>tells Alex to do what guy is doing
>at first Alex is just fucking between my legs
>actually feels nice to me with his cock rubbing against my balls
>Jan: "No shithead. it goes in there."
>Alex pushes his cock into my ass
>hurts but he's not that big so stings only for a minute
>fucks me like a rookie (which he was). no rhythm, no force.
>pulls out. All three of us sit there masturbating.
>Alex is about to cum and tells me to put his cock in my mouth
>grabs my head and pulls me down just as he cums
>first shot was on my face, rest in my mouth
>I loose interest in jacking off. So does Jan
>everyone gets dressed. Jan hides tape.
I hooked up with a guy and his step-brother once.

Maybe that really doesn't count.
Here is mine:
>Be me, 25 years old
>Got a sister 35, with a son 14
>Best ass fuck ever

I think we're gonna need some details, sir.
>be me
>live with mom, dad and half-brother from mom's earlier marriage
>almost 13, bro is 16, total country boy
>we're pretty close despite the age difference cause we share a room
>hitting puberty turned me into a horny little fucker so was hard finding time to jerk
>one day, bro's working out late (he was on the wrestling team)
>browse around on our computer and find a not very well hidden folder
>it's pics of my bro naked and hard
>initiate diamond boner mode
>fapping like a mad man
>think about how fucked up it is to jerk it to my brother
>don’t care, bust the hardest nut of my young life
>clean up, climb into bed, headphones, engage post-orgasm nap
>wake up to my brother sitting on my bed and shaking me awake
>must not have covered my tracks cause he knew I’d been snooping in his folder
>a little worried at first but tried to stay cool
>he tells me not to tell our mom and then asks if I knew what it was I saw
>feign ignorance
>”did your dad give you the birds and the bees talk yet?”
>proceeds to tell me that sometimes he trades naked pictures with girls online to jerk off
>asks if I know what jerking off is
>”n-no, but if you show me, I promise I won’t tell mom you’re trading naked pictures”
>bro thinks about it for a second
>”okay but if you tell anyone about this I’ll beat the crap out of you”
>pulls down his workout shorts and jock
>”it looked different in the pictures”
>”that’s cause it ain’t hard yet, dummy”
>sits down on the edge of my bed and starts jerking
>soon becomes even bigger than I thought from the pictures, at least 7 inches
>I sit next to him and start rubbing my cock through my shorts
>bro notices. ”you ever jerk off before, anon?”
>blatantly lie and shake my head
>”well, go ahead and pull it out and I’ll show you how to do it”

>yank my shorts off so fast they fly across the room
>”grab your dick like this just under the head and rub up and down the shaft”
>mimic his motions and moan
>”feels good, huh?” he laughed
>nod my head vigorously
>stroking next to my bro for a minute or so staring at his dick the whole time
>can’t stand it anymore and blurt out, “can I feel yours?”
>can tell he’s kind of conflicted
>he sighs. “okay but remember. don’t. tell. anyone.”
>reach over and can barely wrap my hand around his cock
>he shudders when I start to jerk him
>think he might make me stop but he lays back and closes his eyes
>bro starts moaning and telling me to go faster
>lean over to get a better grip and wrap both hands around his cock
>”oh, fuck, anon. that feels so good.”
>this is my chance
>lean down and start sucking his cock
>”what the fuck are you doing, anon!?”
>”does it feel good?”
>”well, yeah it feels fucking incredible but… you… you’re…”
>his protests start to die out as I go back to slurping on his cock
>after a few minutes, he really starts writhing around
>”stop, anon… I’m gonna cum”
>don’t stop
>suck faster
>”ah fuck… fuck… I’m cumming”
>mouth gets flooded by big bro cum
>swallow like a porn star
>bro sits up, looks down and laughs
>”you must have really enjoyed yourself”
>look down and notice his thigh is covered in my jizz
>realize I must have been fapping and had cum almost in sync with him

For the next couple years until he went to college, I sucked or jerked him off almost every day. We never fucked cause I wasn’t into anal and he never forced me into it. He never reciprocated the oral sex, but he did eventually start jerking me off and it soon became my favorite way to get off. I know it sounds weird, but the way he did it was even more intimate than oral sex. Maybe I’ll go into more detail in another post if anyone is interested, but I’m way too tired now, heh.
god, please
more details, please :3

>been blowing/jerking bro for a few weeks since the first time
>always the same routine
>me blowing/jerking him while I fap
>one day, I finish him off but I’m not done
>bro notices and asks if I need “help”
>nod my head and he reaches over
>can fit my whole cock in one hand
>tell him he’s a bit too rough
>he has an idea
>grabs some hand lotion from our bathroom and applies a generous amount
>start to lose control of my body
>squirming, shaking, toes curling
>suddenly, la petit mort
>bro’s laughing
>”damn anon, that’s gotta be the biggest load you’ve ever shot”
>he was right

Fast forward a bit and the routine became me blowing/jerking him almost every day and I either bust while doing him or he finishes me off with the lotion. I loved the jerking off. Like I said, I was never into the idea of anal and my bro seemed to have a hang up about blowing his little brother, so the handjobs became my favorite sexual activity. I wanted a little more intimacy though, so I started nuzzling up next to him when he did it, burying my face in his neck or armpit and just enjoying his smell. Eventually, I think he really started to enjoy getting me off. He’d whisper encouraging things to get me off like how much bigger my cock seemed to be getting, saying he wanted me to bust a really big load, rubbing my body, etc… but never kissing.

Things really tapered off when he went to college, but we still fool around to this day. His fiancée knows he’s bi, but has no idea about the “bros with benefits” thing that we have on the side. As much as I enjoy it though, I wonder if hasn’t fucked me up as far as relationships are concerned because it’s cemented much of my sexuality into adulthood. Like I’m not interested in giving or receiving anal and the very emotional and tactile way I like to have sex is something most people don’t understand.

Oh well, didn’t mean to end on a downer, but there you have it, lol.
>be 14, worried I'm gay
>family has land by the lake where literally all of my extended family crowd into a total of 3 campers and one trailer
>spend summers there, really close with uncle
>he has two daughters younger than me but I spend more time with him than my dad
>get to lake, my older brothers make trip there hell
>aunt is a bitch who hates my grannie long story, she didn't come
>uncle offers to dad to let me sleep in his camper, agreement
>didnt realize that meant sleeping with him
>uncle hangs around me everyone drinking party children screaming etc
>after dark he asks me to help him get things out of his truck
>tells me to sit in it for a second lights cig
>asks me if I'm gay
>"whoa wait what why did you"
>"all that time girls around bikinis etc and you were looking at us"
>talk about being gay, keeping it secret, if dad knew, etc etc
>get to trailer, girls already asleep
>uncle leads me into his sleeper and realization hits me whats happening
>start to get scared
>uncle asks whats wrong and starts playing it off because we are family and both men
>stripping leads to comparing
>get in bed
>uncle is very drunk
>rubbing me
>ask, get to explore his dick and balls hands only
>ends with him telling me to rub off and he did the same
>we go to sleep after wiping off
>next morning awkward awake at 6 am by uncle semi-freaking out about having me next to him
>after long serious talk we get the stories straight
>pretend nothing happened for months afterwards
File: 1397101119629.png (586 KB, 1688x2920) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
586 KB, 1688x2920
my story
This is so sad. Idk what to say if true.
I guess that isn't illegal?

its true. i got four more parts but have yet to post em here.
Well idk how you feel, but finding a platonic relationship or counselor (best idea imo) to tell all this to would definitely help you get over the systemic trauma you've had. I wouldn't be able to find a fucking job let alone goals or daily tasks with all that in my mind.

I wish I had money to donate for counseling. That'd be a good non-profit. May exist already but idk.

it was some bad experiences, but also a lot of good ones. I enjoyed a lot of the sex. there were moments i really wanted to just hurt my dad, but a lot of moments where i really loved what we had. it wasn't until the end that things started to get bad.

my lifes fine though. only person who knows this in real life are two of my highschool friends ( i dont keep in touch with either of them though ) and my current boyfriend.
Post other parts, I would like to hear!

I'd have to find them. i typed em up, but a lot of the greentext is a bit out of order. been wanting to sit down and re-write the whole thing. there were parts i missed, omitted, skipped over, etc.
File: DSC00044.jpg (2 MB, 2448x3264) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 2448x3264
once i fapped in front of my brother while watching oceanse (i'm drunk) 11
he was like "'WTF DO YOU DO?"
and i didn't care and finished.
It was on hollidays in austria.
once my 2 female cousins jumed naked in front of me in a garden fountain.
they was like: "take of your pants lets have some fun!"
and i was like no because i knew i would get the inredibelst amphetamines boner of all.
and so it was.
it was a real torture. the struggle was real.
pic is me.
Icona Pop - I love it (I don´t care).mp3
spread me around the world. i already am! alcoholic'n shit!
>no suggesting you go skinny dipping after fishing fishing
it's like you don't even read bad porn

>be 19
>going on vacation with family
>we drive to an campground my dad and his grandpa used to go to in Ohio (from Oregon)
>start to feel fucking awful during drive
>we get there
>its 100 in the shade
>we set up the camp site
>sweating so hard it looks like we were swimming
>"anon...lets go take a shower; you look like you're going to have heat stroke"
>I'm seriously on the verge of passing out
>we walk to the showers
>the stalls are hilariously misleading
>"showers" a big room with multiple stalls
>only one shower head
>we don't notice
>strip down and start using showers
>"oh what the fuck"
>look out
>naked furry dad standing with his back on one of the dividers
>"They are changing stalls, not showers. I need toy use that one when you're done"
>finish up
>dad talks up behind me and slaps my ass
>walk away to get changed
>put on some underwear and ask if he brought towels
>walk over to him
>hes jerking it
>why boner
>he looks at me and laughs
>"you wana?"
>he runs his hand over my dick
>I pull my boxers off and start jerking off
>he grabs my dick and tells me to work his
>we jerk eachother off
>I run my fingers under his foreskin and he blows his load all over my arm
>I shoot in his hand
>he lick it all up and I lick his up
>he turns around and washes off
>we walk over to chance
>no towels
>air dry and talk a bit
>awkward boner
>"hey, its okay...what we did, I won't do it again if you don't want to"
>I blush and more boner ensues
>he laughs and flicks my dick
>we finally get dressed
>fun rest of the trip
>I ask him if he wants to skinny dip when we were fishing in a secluded little alcove
>hes down
>we play around in the water and end up sucking each other off on the boat.
fuck off
Nice. Do you guys still fool around? Have you done more than just sucking?

Also pics
>everyone asking for pics of boyfriends/fathers
why in the fuck would someone ever post a picture of them and their father fucking online.
File: 1394668393975.jpg (27 KB, 350x350) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
27 KB, 350x350
Doesn't have to be fucking, just want to see the dad - even clothed. Cmon anon, let me fantasize.
Posting a picture of his father could potentially ruin both of their lives. Don't be an idiot.
Please tell me it gets better
Either that, or don't post
I'm sorry, I care but,...
These feels
After the military I ended up fucking my new openly gay step brother...
Anyone want a story?

For the love of zeus, moar!!
People who are in incestual relationships generally stay off the grid.

Think about it: if you were in a fully satisfied, symbiotic relationship with your father/son, wouldn't you?
asking for moar on a post with nothing in it...
how about just asking him to start the story instead of being insufferable?
also around 56 percent your the same guy and are just samefagging

Apologies, moar was the first thing that came to mind. Would love to read the story, though...
I will never post a picture of him on /hm/ or any other board...especially talking about this shit.
this isn't me, I just got off of work.
Some times we do, he thought I was gay for a while and I guess just...I don't even know, went for it? He's bi I guess considering he still watches straight porn and fucks my step mom (never seen this thank god). we haven't done anal yet but I have eaten his ass and he loved it; I'm a total bottom though, really just haven't gotten the chance since I now live four hours away and we only meet up for family functions or hunting.

a little more of our affair? the time he let me eat him out.
>hunting trip
>we have a blind and have been out about a week
>really shitty season
>almost shoot someone dressed in fucking ANIMAL HIDES!
>we don't see anything all week
>one of the last nights
>Sexy camp shower time
>we wash eachother off under lukewarm water from a shower bag and start kissing
>hes rubbing me ass and pokes it a little
>I start doing the same to him
>he fondles me dick and I start fingering him a little
>he tells me to stop
>I ask him whats wrong
>he says it feels fucking strange
>go down on him
>love working his foreskin and running my tongue under it.
>he eventually blows a load
>I get up
>wash off my knees because I'm stupid and blew him while not on the tarp we set up to shower on
>he starts going down
>ask him if I can rim him
>he looks at me for a sec
>says yes; but he wants to 69
>we dry up and go back to the tent and lay down
>tell him to lat on top of me and spread his legs
>I arch up and bit and start licking his ass crack
>still a little musky but clean thanks to my shower fingering
>really getting in there
>hes hard again and rubbing into my chest hair
>he licks my balls and starts slurping my dick down
>pull out and stretch him open a bit before darting back in
>he starts fingering me and I blow
>fall asleep in an awkward 69 position
>wake up with stiff neck
>worth it
I used to suck my father's cock while he was sleeping or drunk. He never knew
File: 19.jpg (153 KB, 500x375) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
153 KB, 500x375
Not exactly incest, but close I guess.

Me and my brother don't really talk. We don't even say hi or bye. Only time we would talk was when we were fighting.
I was 11 when it happened, my brother being 14.

>Saturday morning, parents gone shopping
>I'm in my room, brother is in his room with his best friend (pic related)
>Sitting in room playing with my Pokemon toys
>Notice half of the Pokemon are missing
>Walk downstairs to get a drink, decide to ask brother if he took the Pokemon
>Walk next to his door, hear giggling
>Put ear closer to door to hear
>Accidentally nudge door, it creaks
>Brother rushes to door and slams it in my face
>Immediately swings it open, sees me crying from hurt nose
>Notice naked women on brothers computer
>He sees that I'm looking at the computer
>Pulls me into the room and throws me onto the floor
>I try to get up and run away
>Brother grabs me and throws me again
>gets friend to pin me down. I'm flat on my tummy and friend is laying on top of me
>Brother comes up to my face and warns me not to speak a word about what I saw, slaps me
>friend laughs, asks brother to slap me more
>friend is laughing like a nutter
>he asks me brother to slap my butt
>friend moves his crotch off from my butt
>I get my butt slapped pretty hard, hurts like hell
>still being pinned down makes this so much more humiliating

Gonna go downstairs to grab a drink then continuing.
Now that was good. Any other stories?
what a long way it must be to his kitchen
i bet your halfway there
File: 139169362418.jpg (232 KB, 1280x906) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
232 KB, 1280x906
This is a long one...
> have an uncle and aunt on a bigger, better city
> don't know uncle very much, seen him few times
> move to said bigger, better city to study in bigger, better school
> if everything goes according to plan, gonna study in nice college there on following year
> gonna live with morbidly obese, spiteful, full of crazy aunt bc mother thinks she's gonna choke on fat and her dog is gonna eat her rotting guts
> that woman concentrates all the crazy in the family
> 'anon, I think she justs needs to live with a man for some time. she's had a tough life.'
> can confirm, she really had it rough
> every once in a while, visit uncle. he doesn't get involved with aunt bc, as previously stated, she's full of crazy and he's tired of her shit
> start spending more time on uncle's house than on aunt's
> doesn't directly interfere with aunt, but helps me whenever and however he can
> he's a pretty nice guy, actually tries to connect with me
> pic related, he was like that a few years ago, got fatter and had some health issues after divorce
> also, no beard ;_;
> he was 43 when all this happened
> we go to the movies, have lunch together on weekends, sometimes drink together
> we even start doing judo classes together
> he too had a tough life. moved to this city when he was married, tried having children but wife had consecutive miscarriages
> nasty divorce a few years back. an accident left him with some nasty burns on left arm
> wasn't really alcoholic, but drunk frequently
> once, when drinking, I tell him I'm gay
> 'oh, err, ok'
> on the following week, when drinking together, he tells me his whole life story
> hell yeah, drunken confession time!
> he never 'managed to maintain physical intimacy with wife'
> 'I thought having children would keep us together'
> 'always wanted to have kids'
> then, successive miscarriages
> 'we knew each other for so long, I believed we could overcome being child less'
> hehe nope
> 'sex was a chore. I just couldn't do it'
> after some more intimate talk: 'anon, you are the son I never had'
> heard that before from people I lived with in my travels, but that was the first time I actually liked it
> not a burden or a duty
> after that, I practically lived with uncle
> still visit and care for aunt bc of duty, but don't take her passive-agressive bs any longer
> we get to a mutual understanding, in a way. she still doesn't treat me well, but is considerably nicer to me than she was to my brother or to anyone in the family
> around that time I start fooling around with a guy from school
> he was kinda strange, crazy-in-the-making
> diagnosed with OCD
> he gets progressively stranger in the following 2 months, messes up his medication, refuses to go to psychiatrist
> gets involved with serious drug dealing sometime after his dad started smoking pot
> nope nope nope, I don't need any more crazy in my life
> then came vacations, I went back home for 2 weeks
> actually missed my uncle
> after recess I returned to fullfil my sacred mission of getting into a nice college
> got closer with uncle
> school wasn't bad, but I had 5 hours of classes during morning, 4 in the afternoon and still had to study at home, so I was always tired
> also, no more sex with drug dealing fuck buddy
> one saturday night, me and uncle are watching a movie at home
> The Good, The Bad and the Ugly
> so little dialogue, so long
> we start talking, after a particularly violent scene we somehow reach the subject of his ex-wife
> 'I really miss just holding someone, you know, like I used to hold her in the beginning of our marriage'
> I half-seriously joke that he can hold me, I won't find it strange
> we had judo classes together, so it wasn't like we never had some physical contact
> also, I helped a bit with treating the burns on his left arm
> I too wanted to have some kind of human contact, to be honest
> we cuddle, completely ignoring the movie
File: 139169366655.jpg (217 KB, 1280x907) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
217 KB, 1280x907
> I end up being the big spoon :3 looks like what he really wanted was being held
> It wasn't outright sexual, but had some nice tension and we both knew it
> it's nice messing with his tummy, he's kinda fat but not overweight
> he starts shaking when I breathe near his neck
> I like to rest my chin on his shoulder, he can barely talk when we are like that
> henceforth, let's call him uncle qt3.14
> we end up sleeping like that
> it becomes a ritual. every saturday we sleep like that and at least once during the week too
> once he was only wearing briefs
> he was so quiet, barely looked me in the eyes
> I was also so nervous, barely managed to keep my cool
> could clearly see the outline of his cock and he had such a nice butt, I could feel his hairy back when we cuddled
> doesn't take long before perfectly reasonable boners
> since I'm the big spoon, guess whose boner was evident?
> not mine, at least not at first! we had a blanket over us and he was pitching a most glorious and sacred tent
> he tried to adjust, but couldn't hide it
> I keep staring at it, debating if this is really what I want, if this is really a sound decision
> it's kinda cold, but we are both sweating so much
> decide it is
> 'aww, uncle qt3.14':3
> we both knew where this was going
> I held him tighter so he could feel my boner in his ass
> breathe on his neck, he starts MOANING
> wet spot on blanket
> I start caressing him, playing with his nipples, breathing on the back of his neck
> Start grinding my boner against him, brush my hands over his briefs
> 'how does it feel, uncle qt3.14?'
File: 139169372625.jpg (268 KB, 1280x906) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
268 KB, 1280x906
> no answer, just moaning, I started feeling his treasure trail
> 'should I go on?'
> 'anon, yes, yes'
> I slip my hands inside his briefs and start feeling his butt, spreading his cheeks, playing with his hole
> start kissing his neck, feel him squirm and twitch as feel his dick completely wet with pre
> he's circumsised, average length, little smaller than, but nicely thick
> taste some of the pre, then use some of on his ass
> I derped and hadn't taken my pants off. Take off the blanket, undress myself while grinding on him then take of his briefs
> he had showered some time before, so no strong smell. Held on to it because I like feeling his pre, though
> during pretty much all of this he had his back turned to me
> fingering is hard because he's too tense. also, no lube, so no buttsex
> he finally turns to me and we make out, he strokes our cocks
> I almost go down on him, but he insists on going first
> sloppy blowjob, but it was so intense, so wild, he clearly had wanted this for so long
> I like playing rough, so I force his head down
> drives him crazy
> he starts jerking off, moans like a bitch, I hold his hand and tell him to just focus on the blowjob
> cum on his mouth
> this is heaven
> then my turn, I rim and them blow him
> he was so anxious it barely lasted two minutes, cummed on my mouth
> loved all the pre, his grunts and moans were the best
> bitter as hell, swallowed nonetheless
> fooled around some more that night, he was such a sub :3
> no anal that night, though, because no lube
> after that we slept together on his room
> wake up to good-morning-blowjob
> guess we all know why that marriage ended in a ditch
File: 139169377793.jpg (255 KB, 1280x906) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
255 KB, 1280x906
> we pretty much became a couple, best relationship I ever had
> I have a thing for underwear, he would get the skimpiest ones he could find and wear for me :3
> he became an almost exclusive bottom
> he gradually stopped drinking too, which was great, and I convinced him to grow a beard
> but it's not like we had time for non-stop sex, still had to study a lot to get into a good college
> our relationship was, most of the time, kind of 2 different aged friends, sometimes more fatherly
> the year goes on, though
> I am approved on 2 colleges, both excellent
> one back at home and FREE
> one on that city, but it would leave us in quite a debt
> me and uncle qt3.14 talk about our relationship
> it was really sad for both of us, but we decide that I had to go back home
> this was in January
> I visited him in March
> there wasn't as much sex at first, but it was really intimate and nice
> but we spent my last 2 days practically having non-stop sex
> in April, uncle qt3.14 told me he decided to come back home too
> what held him back there was only his job, he's since my departure looked for one here
> Found a pretty good one
> says he's ready to move on with life
> we talked about our relationship once more, decided to keep having physical and sexual intimacy but slowly lose the sexual part so we can find other people for the long term
> I'm pretty anxious to see uncle qt13.4 again, I miss breathing on his neck and making him wild
> and I want to see him on jockstrap and buttplug again
> best ass, 10/10, but sub par blowjobs
> crazy aunt is still crazy, though, but seems more stable and is starting to have a social life and making friends and shit

that's pretty much it
Hah I just assumed nobody was interested. It's not as hardcore as the other stories. I'll do a rush job:

>friend pulls my pants down and asks brother to keep spanking me
>brother grunts at friend and goes to use the computer
>friend starts slapping my bare butt
>he tries to put a finger in. So much dryness, so much pain. Now I'm crying and screaming
>brother comes over and tells friend to get off me
>friend has one last go at sticking his finger in, gets right in there
>I get let free, pull up pants and run to room
>blood and tears everywhere
>never end up finding missing pokemon either :(
Your brothers friend sounds pretty much like a sexual predator :(
I want more brother/brother/friends stories.
Happy Fathers Day!
not really, I met up with my dad yesterday and visited some family; nothing happened....but I did say I wanted him to fuck me soon.
I do have more stories, but they are ll kinda the same since all we have done is suck, jerk, and finger each other.
that's the best part
Can't wait to know the rest of your story
holy shit man

that's fuckin intense
File: 1311117922354.jpg (51 KB, 400x485) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
51 KB, 400x485
>used to mess around with my older brother when we were first hitting puberty
>nothing very serious, just jerking each other off and trading BJs a few times
>eventually we stopped out of guilt, and our awkwardness over the whole thing was what started us growing apart as we got older
>he turned into a typical meathead jock while I was a typical femmy drama kid, so we didn't get along well
>homophobic insults were his go-to thing whenever we fought, though neither of us ever mentioned the gay shit we used to do together
>when I finally came out of the closet he completely freaked out about it
>treated me like shit for a few weeks until he finally broke down and admitted he felt guilty for "turning" me gay back when he "molested" me
>this is a surprise to me, since I was usually the one trying to start stuff back when we fooled around
>apparently he's been carrying this guilt for years feeling like he took advantage of me
>we have a long talk and work this shit out
>our relationship immediately has a huge improvement, and we actually start hanging out and doing stuff together for the first time in forever
>he eventually opens up and admits that the whole macho ladies' man thing he has going, he is really confused about his own sexuality
>he goes on about how I'm the only gay guy he knows and that he wishes he had someone to "experiment" with
>I take the hint and "jokingly" offer to suck him off, in a way that we can both pass off as a joke if he thinks it's too weird
>to my surprise, he immediately takes me up on the offer
>holy shit, his dick got fucking huge since we were kids
>he cums down my throat, then kinda clams up and avoids me for a few days
>oh shit, guess I went too far
>next time I see him, he gets me in private and asks if he can blow me
>he's pretty bad at it, but enthusiastic
>we've continued fooling around off-and-on ever since, pretty much whenever he's between girlfriends
Nice story anom.
I had some experiences with my older brother.
>me, 10, brother, 15
>(not sure about the ages, don't remember when it happened)
>brother used to watch porn with his friends and I was always with them
>being 10 years old, I couldn't cum, so I just watched my brother and his friends jerk
>one day, me and my brother were alone at home, and he had the ideia of we sucking each other
>I don't remember what lead us to this, but I guess we were watching porn
>guess who's sucking first?
>he took his dick out of the pants and started masturbating it to get hard
>he asked me to suck it, but I said that the head is disgusting, so he covered it with the foreskin
>I said it was my turn to get sucked
>he did it for like 5 seconds (of course he didn't wanted to)
>I sucked him for about two minutes, then he said that want to poke me
>I used to watch porn with him, and the guys always fucked the girls, and considering the girl reaction, that was hell good
>(stupid boy, doesn't even know the difference between an asshole and a pussy)
>he put me on my knees, and almost did it, but suddenly stop and say that will not because is affraid of hurting me
>I don't remember what happened next

Your story remembered mine because I'm not sure if he could bring that back when I come out, we never mentioned it since it happened, and he always told that will beat the fuck out of me if I turn gay.
Me and my older male cousin used to fool around since we were like 9. started off just getting naked and rubbing each others bodies and soon we were sucking and fucking each other until we were 20. He never did give me a reason why, he just said he didnt feel like doing it.
File: 125832482477.jpg (321 KB, 900x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
321 KB, 900x1200
So what's your relationship with him like now? I'm curious about the dynamics here, is it just some sort of "brothers-with-benefits" thing or does the sex make things weird? How far do you guys go, do you just trade blowjobs?

>he always told that will beat the fuck out of me if I turn gay
Sounds like he just feels guilty about having you suck him off.
The sex does make things kinda weird and awkward between us at times, but our relationship is still way fucking better than it was when we were teenagers. The sexual stuff is a very casual on-and-off thing, and we generally avoid acknowledging it except when we're actually in the middle of fooling around. Most of the time we try to act "normal" towards each other, though there's always a bit of awkward sexual tension hovering in the background now.

As for how far we go, it mostly depends on his mood. He still seems to be pretty confused and repressed about his sexuality, so most of the time he is only interested in getting his dick sucked and not much else. He fucks me every once in a while, especially when he's really horny or if it's been a while since he's been with a girl.

He gets a lot more relaxed whenever he's drunk or high though, and will sometimes offer to blow me. He's even let me fuck him a couple times, though he's kind of a wimp about it and has never been able to handle it long enough for me to finish.
I guess you're right.
If I remember this, of course he does too.
I don't blame on him for me being gay, I always had something with boys, even before this episode.
>holy shit, his dick got fucking huge since we were kids
So is he better hung than you?

Even ignoring the typical incest taboo stuff, I can only imagine that the usual brotherly rivalry thing must be even weirder when you throw sex into the equation.
Sadly, yes. I'm pretty average myself, but he's got one of the biggest dicks I've ever seen IRL. I guess I missed out on those genes. I'm used to him being bigger/more masculine than me in general though, so I guess it's not a big surprise. I actually find it kinda hot in a weird way whenever he teases me about it.
there are no words to describe the magnitude of my jealousy.
How big approximately? Could you get a pic of it and share it with us, please?
The perfect world, where a mother can fuck her own son's ass for the best time ever.
File: 1335844763619.gif (4 MB, 260x218) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4 MB, 260x218
>be adopted
>parents' bio son starting "molesting" me when I was about 12
>I liked it, but we eventually got caught
>parents freaked, blamed me for "corrupting" their son
>ended up kicking me out into the foster system
>bounced around between lot of different homes as a teenager
>ended up messing around with two different foster brothers (and one foster sister)
>eventually got into a heavily sexual relationship with my last foster father
None of that's "technically" incest I guess, but w/e.
>>eventually got into a heavily sexual relationship with my last foster father

This seriously has me contemplating being a foster dad.
Is there any more of these guys? They're hot as fuck
File: DeanWat.gif (911 KB, 500x280) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
911 KB, 500x280
Well, this literally JUST happened and I have to tell someone so leggo.

>Be me, 23, skinny twink build, 6', 140
>Live in small ass town in middle of nowhere, literally less than 2k people in my town
>On grindr, get message from guy like one mile away, cute enough, wants to fuck
>Put him off for a few days, finally run out of other people to fuck and decide to take him up on the offer
>Head over to his place
>Staying at some campground that his grandparents own, "This looks familiar"
>Finally meet him, 6'2, 19, slim/toned build, freckley as fuck, way cuter than his pictures let on
>Go inside, watch tv, cuddle
>Start making out, move into the bedroom, strip each others clothes off
>Absolutely covered in freckles which is just adorable
>Pull off his pants, huge dick plops out, not particularly long, like 6.5-7, but thicker than holy hell
>Deep throat it like a champ
>He starts sucking me, not nearly as thick but about the same length
>Start rimming him, he's never had it done before, he's moaning on my cock like crazy, tells me he wants it
>Put him on his hands and knees, try to fuck him like that but he's tighter than hell and I keep popping out
>Get some more lube, try it on his back, much better
>Fuck him for a bit, again, tight as hell, have to keep from cumming several times
>I accidentally fall out again, he tells me he's about to cum
>Swallow his load, it's massive and delicious
>Jerk off for like three seconds and cum all over his body
>Clean up, small talk, "Let's do this again tomorrow", leave, get home
>Get back home, decide to check him up on facebook. Small town so I know I'll find him through mutual friends
>Find him...see his last name, let's say "Smith"
>Know a lot of Smiths in the area
>A bunch died years ago in a power plant accident
>Some of my uncles or some shit died in it
>Their last name was Smith
>Check on facebook for his family
>MFW I see a lot more Smiths I know
>MFW I realize I just accidentally fucked a cousin I didn't know about
fuck off, you disgust me.
You fucked a cousin you never met, likely second or even third cousins. That's not incest by any legal means. You're fine. Fuck him some more. Sounds like you had a good time.
I know it's not as taboo as the rest of it but it was more of a "Holy shit is he...did that"

And also literally happened no more than half an hour ago
my brother I and his friend would suck each other and stuff when we were kids. Never cum or anything. Just fooling around
I was put into therapy for the last half of highschool because of this, so all of these jackoff stories are kinda wearing me thin. But my story is at least accurate and short but I'll cover as much as I can.
>grew up in a trailer park family
>most of extended as well as separated family lives there as well
>grow up around grandpa from my dad's side
>love him trust him spend time playing with him from a young age
>remember him giving me baths until I was 5 and still wanting to bathe with him afterwards
>8 years old when we are at a state park where we went camping with dad
>public bathhouse deserted because off season
>dad stands guard outside while grandpa tells me its to decide if I was gay or not
>stripped, shoved on the ground, finger of petroleum jelly goes inside me
>five minutes and three fingers later grandpa fucks me to much pain and screaming
>dad fucks me afterwards
>after much crying and they are both not horny anymore they are both freaking out because I'm bleeding really badly
>they decide not to take me to the doctor
>thankfully it was just a tear and eventually did stop bleeding, still hurts bad enough to make me sob
>get told happens to faggots and that I was going to have to be fucked by only them if I continued showing signs of wanting dick
>grandpa forces me not to tell anyone and come to him so he can check the wound
>I eventually healed and started to get fingered by and fucked by him until I was 15
>told mom
>now the whole family knows
>Be 21
>Not a englishe native speaker (sorry bout that)
>Meet a new 14 years old cousin
>Smart as me, we both like literature.
>Shocking handsome guy, beautiful eyes, beautiful skin, beautiful lips
>We both like art
>Satarts Strange friendship, very close friendship
>He's too Young, but very beautiful
>1.88 cm Hes like 13 cm taller than me
>He always come home. Listen music, talk a lot, laugh a lot
>He becomes my best friend.
>I fall in love with him. He knows i'm gay
>We cuddle a lot, hugging, almost kissing once
>That started 3 years ago. We do drugs together.
>We were at a friend's house doing cocaine and weed and alcohol
>Always thought he felt the same for me
>We back home, sleep together
>After all those years, i ask him a Kiss. He says "yes"
>Start kissing
>I confess my love, and how much i like him in all the posible ways
>The same. Kisses but no sex
>The morning after we say goodbye with a Kiss; previously we acorded to have a secret relationship
>Doesn't answer my messages
>I ask him, he says he's hetero.
>He likes me as a brother.
>Uses the Word "bromance"
>I laugh at him
>Never see him again, three months since that happened
> cousin and me started fooling around when we were about 10
> started with 5 second bjs and hand jobs
> eventually progressed to anal
> I was the bottom
> lasted for a few years
> eventually we grew apart and stopped hanging out.
> years without seeing each other but text occasionally
> casually bring up when he was gonna let me sick him off again
> admits to me that he was raped when he was younger by another guy
> says that's why we started experimenting because he felt it was right
> get sad

MFW I'll never get to see his big dick again.
File: 1358155456453.jpg (49 KB, 800x534) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
49 KB, 800x534
Had a similar experience to this myself.
>be 13
>dad gets remarried
>new stepmom has a son that's a few years older than me
>I have to share my bedroom with him
>he almost immediately starts initiating sexual stuff with me
>the whole thing was guilty and awkward and really one-sided, but I liked it anyway
>became a pretty regular thing for several years, though we never really openly talked about it
>as soon as he graduates college, he immediately moves across the country
>he goes very low contact and almost never comes home to visit, always avoids me whenever he does
>I figure he was probably struggling with his sexuality and deep in the closet, probably found a boyfriend or something
>years later, I get a job fairly close to where he lives, I'm out of the closet by now
>reach out on Facebook, to my surprise he wants to meet up and reconnect
>he's super awkward when we meet up for lunch, obviously needs to get something off his chest
>when we finally get in private, he basically breaks down and tearfully apologizes for "molesting" me, feels like he raped me and turned me gay
>lolno, that's not how it was man, I was completely into it
>he isn't willing to accept that, we end up having a long heart-to-heart talk
>he ends up confessing that his bio dad had been molesting the fuck out of him all throughout his teenage years
>his dad had half-custody of him when we were teenagers, so that meant he spent every other week getting used as a cumdumpster by his dad, then coming back the following week and taking it out on me in the exact same way
>this caused him huge amounts of guilt, the whole time I thought he was just embarrassed about being closet homo
>I'm eventually able to convince him that he didn't hurt me and that'd I'd enjoyed everything we did (which was mostly true), and he actually ends up crying in relief
aaaw that's so cute, but still kinda weird :D
I found my bro on grindr and I decided to prank him but it kind of went the wrong way, we fap to each other on skype, we talk about fantasies and shit and he tells me he likes to use a guy and just fuck him rough and stuff. He says lets meet up and I decided to tell him it was me that day but I bailed and I felt like an asshole but eventually he finds out because I ended up messaging him again on grindr and he ignores my messages so i kept messaging him and he found out it was me, he calls me to his room and starts yelling at me and I tell him it was supposed to be a joke but went wrong. He tells me to get out and we don't really make eye contact for awhile. I felt so horrible, I didn't eat dinner or really talk with family for awhile because I was fucking feeling horrible as fuck.

A couple weeks later I was taking a shower and my brother walks in, and I look down at the floor and just say I'm using the shower, he tells me to stop acting all fucking weird and go back to normal and I just tell him I feel like shit for using him and I love him (as a brother) and didn't want him to get upset or anything, he starts to strip and gets in the shower and I admit i got rock hard because I've had fantasies about this but after he was that mad I doubt it would happen, although we were in a room not a shower... He starts to jerk my cock asking if everything I told him was true about how I want him to fuck me and how I love him and find him hot and stuff. I tell him yes, skipping the sexual detail, we fuck, we're back to normal I guess. still kinda felt awkward with eye contact after that and how he would kind of whisper in my ear certain things in public to get me hard in awkward situations we're okay. Once in awhile we might, do some stuff but it's not really on a daily routine.

That's really cool of you to not take advantage of his guilt and give him a bit of closure on what happened. Did you ever find out if he enjoyed it too, or was it really just him acting out cause of the shit with his dad?
I think we can assume that he enjoyed the sex
>skipping the sexual detail
What's wrong with you?
That is literally the only parts I care about.

Also, have you never actually been told how to form a sentence?
I want more incest!
> be 11
> my only male first cousin was also my favorite cousin
> he's four years older than me
> we hung out a lot every summer and at holidays
> as the only two male cousins, we'd often end up in the same bed
> would cuddle a tiny bit, sometimes pee together
> be excited to share a hotel room at a family wedding
> our family arrives late the day of the event
> my suggestion of sharing a shower is not a big deal
> we all used to swim together and hose off together after
> mfw he has pubes and a grown man's dick
> I have no pubes and can't cum yet
> shower gets real quiet after we get over our giggles
> "anon, stop that" after I touch his dick
> back to showering and giggling
> screw it, I touch it again, it starts to awaken
> silence
> fuck it, lean down a bit [he was a good deal taller] and put it in my mouth
> "stoooopppp......" turns into the longest moan
> keep sucking
> rub those balls
> try hard not to use teeth
> he shuts off shower
> keep sucking
> all I can hear is his moaning and my sucking
> I get a warning of "watch out, anon!"
> ignore it and keep sucking, kinda knew what would happen from VHS porn
> shoots the biggest load ever into my mouth
> also the only cum I had ever seen
> kinda swallow some
> a lot dribbles out onto shower tiles
> tasted pretty good as I remember
> "anon, we really shouldn't do this"
> shower, clean up and get ready for wedding

Flash forward 25 years, he's an out homo married to a great guy for the last eight years. So he was into it but knew better than to initiate sex with his little cousin!

Seriously you found your brother on Grindr? I cannot even imagine.

Glad you made it happen though -- now give us the details!
oh my god
not my story, but from a guy on...... reddit

This happened years ago:
Straight porn was playing, I was sitting in a chair next to his bed, he was sitting on his bed. I was 14, he was 17. He was straight and I was very much in the closet, but I had a crush on my brother. He was the cool, older brother who was very comfortable being shirtless around the house and I was the nerdy younger brother who'd never seen a penis in real life (just in porn).
Anyway, there we were in his bedroom, the house to ourselves, watching porn. I was hard thinking about him jerking off to the porn, but he was just sitting there on his elbows in a T-shirt and shorts. Eventually, I worked up the courage to try to bait him:
"Do you mind if I jerk it?"
"I don't mind," he said.
"I'd feel a little weird jerking it next to you. Is the porn giving you a boner too?"
"Yea, but I don't jerk myself off anymore, I let girls do it for me."
"That's cool," was the only thing I could think of in response. He did have a pretty active sex life (with girls) and is still a cocky bastard. I remember thinking at the time what the best way to phrase, Mind if I jerk you off?, but after a long time I was able to work up the courage to ask,
"Would you ever let a guy jerk you off, you know, hypothetically?"
Without much thought, he said, "Zach jerked me off one time. It was all right." My eyes went real wide. Zach was his best friend. That gave me the courage to ask:
"Mind if I jerk you off?"
"Fine by me."
I remember my hands were shaking, but I got down on my knees in front of him. He just briefly looked at me and then looked back at the porn. I reached out and tried to undo the button on his shorts, but they were too tight or my hands were too shaky and after fumbling with it for a minute, he just stood up and pulled his shorts down to his ankles in a swift motion. So there he was in his full glory. His dick was flaccid, but still long and thick (we are both circumsized) with only a tiny trimmed patch of pubes above it and a pair of low-hanging, hairless balls underneath. He sat back on the bed and rested on his elbows again.
Reaching out, I took his dick in my hand and gave it a couple tugs. It was smooth and soft. He didn't take long to get hard. It looked huge to me then (I found out later he was 7.5" long and 6" around). I just jerked him off then way I like to jerk myself off, and after a little bit, I was jerking myself off as well with my free hand. Every so often, two handing his long dick. My brother was half-paying attention to the porn and the other half just had his eyes closed, moaning every so often. Other than that, not a word.
I couldn't help myself and asked, "Can I suck it?"
"Yeah," he responded, eyes closed still.
So I put my lips to the head of his cock and tried to get his girth into my mouth. After giving it my best effort, he interrupted me,
"Watch the teeth. Wrap your lips around them." I did what he suggested and he said, "There you go."
File: twinks.jpg (136 KB, 600x900) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
136 KB, 600x900
I don't know how long I sucked his dick for, but it was heaven while it lasted. His elbows must have gotten tired, because eventually he sat up straight and put a hand on the back of my head, encouraging me to deep throat his dick. I did my best, gagged a couple times, but once I was accustomed he just started fucking my mouth. Faster and faster, his rhythm and his breathing picked up. I figured he was getting close.
"I'm gonna cum..." He said, "Mmmm...yeah, here it comes." Then he let loose in my mouth. His big dick let out an equally big load of his hot, delicious cum. It is still probably the best I've ever tasted to date. I swallowed it and continued milking the rest out of his dick until he let me go. I didn't know what to do after that, so I sat back down in the chair nearby, my dick hard and ready to burst.
He said, "Good job, little bro." And went to the bathroom. While he was gone, I finished myself off and put my dick away.
When he got back we talked about random stuff, but most importantly he told me that he had always suspected I was gay. To him, it was no big deal and if anyone gave me any trouble at school, he'd protect me. It was refreshing to hear. He also admitted that his friend Zach had sucked his dick too, but they were both straight and they were just messing around. My brother is a cool guy, not judgmental. That experience helped me come out of the closet at school and to my parents. Didn't get bullied and my parents didn't disown me. I sucked my brother's dick again three or four more times before I got a boyfriend and he got a new girlfriend. That was the end of that. Regardless, I'd still suck his dick anytime. :-)
Pardon me, I am not a native English Speaker.
I am Lukas and I have a twin brother Lutz. This shit happened when we were 14. Unlike most twins, we were never that close. We have separate rooms and we don't get to talk much.

I was a week absent from class because of a flu. So I asked for his notes in class so I could copy it. He was heading to practice playing football so he gave me the keys to his room.

When I got inside his room I went straight to the notes. Since it's been years since I got in there I looked around.

His computer is still open so I turned the monitor on. Managed to view his conversation with his bestfriend. All I see is an exchange of pictures of their dick. Some sexy words and I found out they've been sucking each other.

Let's name his friend Achim. Planning to prank his friend Achim. I messaged him to meet me in the house. Within 20 minutes he's already in. I pretended to be Lutz and lead him in Lutz' room.

Teased him a couple of times, and I saw his bulge already. So I decided to come clean and tell him I'm Lukas. When I was about to tell him, he grabbed my dick and kissed me and he proceeds to take my shorts off.

He immediately suck my dick. I enjoyed every bit of it so I let him be. He sucked my dick for around 6 minutes
Then my brother Lutz caught us in the act. Only Achim's head sucking my dick is moving. Both of us are obviously shocked.

When I was about to explain that everything is a misunderstanding. He immediately kissed me while Achim is sucking my dick.

Apparently Achim texted my brother asking why he needs to come and see him. And they all played along. It turned out to be a threesome in the making.

The whole thing lasted for around 3 hours. I would fuck my brother while Achim is sucking his dick or fuck Achim while my brother is sucking Achim's dick.

I tried sucking my brother's dick but I keep on gagging. He suggested that sucking may not be my thing. I came inside my brother's ass. And I'll say that it was the most satisfying sex I've ever done. I rested for a while then I continued having sex with Achim until I came inside him as well. We don't know much about AIDS back then.

We talked about the whole thing after sex. Apparently my brother always wanted to have sex with me. After that we became close as ever.

I usually have sex with him (ave. twice a month) and we're already 19. I have a girlfriend and my brother is a closet gay. I don't know if I'm gay. But I enjoy having sex with both my girlfriend and my brother.

You make everyone's life worse

captcha: Hsports came
>Not all men have penis.
>Not all penis-enabled humans are men.

Not all brains are intelligent.
> 10 year old me
> visiting at deadbeat Dad's house for weekend
> newish bigger apartment, finally get my own room
>before this Dad, 2 older brothers & I shared a King-size bed.
>I once grabbed my Dads dick while pretending to be asleep. Got pulled out of bed for a huge screaming lecture
> desperately crave adult dick I can't have

> Dads having a party. Adult party with drinking buddies from his bar. He never does that while we're there.
>Brothers & I are sent to our rooms and told to stay there.
>Dad doesn't want us around drinking/drunks/whatever
> I have to stay alone in my room all night. Play Super Nintendo, read, watch Adult Swim
> Bored as hell cause this is when Adult Swim was all Space Ghost..
>My dad checks on me every once in a while. Brings me soda in a Solo cup
> usually Dad brings me refills, once his friend Norm does
> I like Norm. Big hairy friendly guy. All smiles.

> Iron Giants on, I'm chilling
> suddenly start overheating. Can't cool down
> get up to take off shirt, get sudden crazy vertigo
> take shirt off & fall on bed
> sweating & chills
> want to call Dad, shivering too hard
> pass out/fall asleep

> wake up next morning totally nude
> pants in a ball across the room
> no underwear anywhere
> Don't live at Dads, he's a weekend warrior-type father. Those are the only underwear I brought
>They're definitely gone. Have to free ball for the first time
> crotch feels weird, kinda rubbery & slick. Figured it was from sleeping nude
>who do you think it was, anon?
> still oblivious, embarrassed to ask about underwear, "Dad were you in my room this morning?"
>"no buddy, why do you ask?", then he gives me a long weird look

I said nevermind & didn't think about it again for years
MFW I realized my Dad &/or his buddies probably roofied me

I finally got the grown attention I wanted & didn't get to remember it
File: 1320774893988.gif (3 MB, 230x130) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>meet this cute twink through work
>I tried flirting with him and he politely turned me down, but we became pretty good friends anyway
>he shares an apartment with his older brother, who is basically his polar opposite (straight masculine jock) but otherwise a pretty cool guy
>I end up hanging out with both of them a lot
>as I get to know both of them better, I notice their relationship seems a little... unusually close
>they are very casually physical with each other
>also seem to do almost everything together and basically act like a couple in a lot of ways
>the older brother is also super protective
>once got me in private and indirectly told me to back off after I was jokingly flirted with his younger brother
>the thought of them being sexually involved crossed my mind a few times, but I always dismissed it since the older brother seems very straight and is constantly having girlfriend problems
>one night I am over at their place for beer and vidya, end up crashing there
>pretty drunk and dozing off on their couch, but not year asleep
>I suddenly hear a bunch of faggy giggling from the younger brother, followed by whispering:
>"cut it out, Anon is right there"
>"he's passed out, don't worry about it"
>more giggling and flirty talk along those lines before they move off to the older brother's bedroom
>a few minutes later, the unmistakable sounds of vigorous sex start filling the apartment
>I creep over to their door, which was unfortunately shut
>the younger brother was making more noise than a girl in a badly-acted porno, pretty obvious he was getting fucked silly
>I guiltily fapped while eavesdropping, then went back to the couch and passed out for real
>this was a little over a year ago, and I've spotted plenty more evidence of their sexual (maybe romantic?) relationship now that I know it's there
>still haven't said anything about it to either of them, not sure if I even should
inb4: mention it just to tell 4chan what happens

seriously though mention it and then tell us what happens
>still haven't said anything about it to either of them, not sure if I even should

My suggestion? Keep it to yourself.

The reasons for keeping it are many, and I'm sure you know them.

sounds like a hot situation, i wouldn't confront either about it, but you should catch them again and make them realize it while its happening. Pretending it's the first time you find out, this way they won't be able to get mad at accusations.

also... sauce on that gif? damn
Source on that gif?

Best I can find is this video. http://www.tube8.com/gay/twink/jesse-starr-fucking-and-cumming/3390001/

Jesse Starr is the obvious one, don't know who the other guy is.
The gif in question's segment starts at around 3:56
File: 1302285722637.gif (3 MB, 312x224) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 312x224
I realizing that bringing it up would probably just cause a bunch of drama and possibly end my friendship with both of them.

But on the other hand, I feel bad for them having to be so closeted and secretive about it. I wish I there was some way I could let them know I was cool with it without embarrassing the fuck out of them. I also guess I am sorta harboring a selfish hope that I could somehow talk my way into a threesome or something with the two of them, but I realize that's an even bigger pipe dream.

Damn, thanks anon. I knew the bottom was Jesse Starr, but had no idea what video it was from.

gif source?????
are u retarded
gif source pleeease
Don't worry just do it and tell us what happened plz
OH shit what happened after that???
File: 12862737502.jpg (96 KB, 500x417) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I'm friends with a pair of cousins who are in a similar situation. They've been living together for years, and it's an open secret among their friends that they're in a romantic/sexual relationship, but they are still in the closet about it.

It's a real shame because they are one of the cutest, most loving couples I've ever seen. But their parents and extended family are very conservative and religious and would completely freak out about it if they knew, and plenty of other folks would freak out about the kissing-cousins thing even if they didn't care about the homosexuality.
Yah I personally see nothing really wrong with gay incest. No tard children possibilities. As long as everything is consensual who gives a fuck
Personally, I don't see any problem with cousincest or brocest, but I think cross-generational incest can be iffy. A big age and power differential can make consent a tricky thing.

I say this mainly cause I used to be fuckbuddies with a guy who confided that he had a very sexual relationship with his stepdad. He was quick to say that the whole thing was "consensual" and that he enjoyed it, but he also admitted that it was a very one-sided relationship and that he'd never felt like he had any control over it.

Even though he'd never been abused or forced into anything, he'd basically been groomed over the years into what sounded like a very pederastic relationship, if I'm being generous (or his stepdad psychologically manipulated him into becoming his on-demand cum-dumpster, if I'm not being generous).

He felt like the sexual side of their relationship kept them from having a "normal" father/son dynamic, and that his dad's love and approval was too deeply tied to their physical relationship for him to ever "reject" the guy by trying to limit the sex or at least redefine it so that it was more equitable.

I'm probably letting my own biases color the whole situation though, because he did seem more or less happy with the arrangement--I think I was just one of the only people that he trusted to vent to about his frustrations on the isuse.
stepdadcest is one of my BIGGEST turn ons and fantasies... I didn't develop sexual feelings for them until after they were divorced from my mom. Afterwards I just want all their dick and ass.

First stepdad used to flash me all the time, his butthole especially. It's been a reliable fap visual ever since.
Unfortunately, it's one of those things that's a lot better as a fantasy than in reality. I hooked up with my own stepdad after having a crush on him for years, and it really messed up our relationship. The sex was amazing when it was happening, but it really wasn't worth it in the long run and I wish I'd just left it as a fantasy.
>wasn't worth it in the long run
that's a risk in any relationship
I don't mean it like "oh, it just didn't work out." I mean, it pretty much ruined the whole father/son dynamic that we'd developed up until that point. Even after we agreed to stop, we couldn't go back to normal because we had all that guilt hanging over all our interactions. It took us years to get over that and rebuild our relationship, we still have this awkward unspoken sexual tension that keeps us from being as close as I'd like.

Anyway, I don't mean to shit on the thread or anything. God knows the whole experience gave me a huge fucking incest fetish, despite my regrets. I just wanted to put that out there, in case anyone here in thinking of trying something similar.
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oh hey I actually have a recent and relevant story for a change
>just got back from a two week long family trip for the 4th of july
>was excited cause my cousin was gonna be there and I haven't seen him in a couple years
>don't actually like the guy that much but we've been fooling around since we were kids so I was expecting more of the same
>find out when I get there that everyone is excited about cousin's new fiancee
>some girl I didn't even know he was dating, honestly seems like she should be out of his league
>apparently they just got engaged a couple weeks before
>well fuck, so much for that
>end up avoiding cousin out of awkwardness
>he finds me later that night anyway, drags me off with barely a word
>as soon he gets me in private we get down to our usual shenanigans
>he continues randomly dragging me off to screw all throughout the rest of the trip, sometimes more than once a day
>he's normally only up for messing around once or twice every time I see him, but this time around I literally lost track of how many times he dumped his load in me
>never seen him so aggressive/horny/desperate before
>he even made out with me and jerked/sucked me few times, which is super rare for him
>find out near the end of the trip that the reason he's engaged is cause he knocked the girl up
I was expecting sex but nothing like that, still sorta getting over it now. Don't even care how sleazy and redneck it all was.

Feel kinda sorry for his fiancee though. I'm guessing he saw this as his last chance to get all his repressed faggotry out of his system or something, since I'm pretty sure I'm the only guy he's done anything with. But we'll see how that pans out... he's kind of a selfish asshole, wouldn't be surprised if he cheats after the wedding too.
do stepbrothers count?
because if not ive only ever jerked off in the same room with my cousin
>Me and my "straight" cousin had a thing going for about 6 months,
>started out just fucking but emotions quickly got involved.
>Lived together for 3 months fighting the whole time
>realize we're both too emotionally unstable to be around eachother (crazy runs in the family)
>I move to Alaska to get out of situation

Now I'm moving back to utah after a year haven't seen or talked to him at all since leaving, don't know if I avoid seeing him until next holiday or family party or just get it over with sooner than later, cause I can't avoid him forever
Keep telling myself I don't want anything to start again but I know if he asks me to fuck I won't be able to resist,
What to do?

Shit no wonder. That state is nuttier than...

I don't know but fuck Utah
If you can't keep your hands off each other but know a serious relationship won't work out, why not just keep it casual and try the friends-with-benefits thing? Or cousins-with-benefits, I guess. Just talk it out and set boundaries beforehand.
File: 1347567332188.jpg (378 KB, 500x747) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
378 KB, 500x747
>do stepbrothers count?
I'd say it depends on how close you are.

I have a stepbrother that I grew up with, and a half brother who I only ever saw maybe once or twice a year. I started fooling around with my half brother as soon as I hit puberty, and I never felt like it was a big deal. But the thought of doing the same thing with my step brother is just... fucking weird. Even though I recognize that he's a pretty good-looking dude, I just can't think of him in a sexual way, we're too emotionally close for that.
>be 9 or 10, 11 year old cousin
>at his house, getting changed in his room after swimming
>comfortably naked around each other
>he asks if I have any hair on my balls yet
>shows me his
>kinda want to touch and play with them

ultimately nothing happened but I always wonder what it would be like if something did, especially with how handsome he grew up to be
its nuttier than a pecan pie annon or nuttier than a fruit cake.
Yep growing up Mormon kinda fucks you in the head
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My mom wasn't regular with the shit but between the extended family and her oscillating views on sexuality (I'll cut your dick off if you mess around before marriage! *proceeds to bring a bunch of different men home in front of my face), I relate yes.

Vegasfag born and raised, family originally from Moab.

Shitsux but could be worse.

Oh hi lifestory.
my stepbrother and i werent close though
we were at the best of times distant friends and usually were most like aquintances that happened to live together for 6 years
>mfw these stories

This thread must never die
Almost cried...
>My (one year) younger cousin came to live with us for a year and a half for reasons
>His mom was long out of the picture
>His dad (my uncle) was, and a still is, a basket case, but had just gone off for some reason (jail or rehab or something like that, no one ever told me)
>Live in three bedroom house, so cousin is either going to share room with me or my little brother
>I beg parents to let cousin share room with me because friends and I am horny 14 year old little shit
>Cousin is one year younger and hot swimmer, already with an awesome tan
>Starts out innocuous enough with things like "just crash in the bed with me instead of on that air mattress"
>Quickly goes from little things like him exploring the chest hair I'm just starting to sprout and me tracing the scars on his chest from open heart surgery when he was a little kid to comparing dicks
>We're about the same size, but he's cut and I'm not. Major source of fascination for us both.
>About two weeks after he moved in, he got himself a proper bed in my room but continued to sleep in my bed after parents had gone to sleep.
>We talk about (straight) porn and such and I bring up a blow job I had seen once.
"Can I try it on you?" I ask.
>I get the go ahead and fail miserably with teeth. He tries on me for a few minutes and does remarkably well. We both finish ourselves off and go to sleep.
>This goes on for a month or so where I'd start to blow him, he'd blow me for a couple minutes, then I'd blow him to completion and finish myself off by hand.
>At some point we get to cuddling at night. I start locking the door at night after my brother came in and saw us one morning.

>I brought up one time that some people put it in the butt, and he can try it on me.
>Hurt like hell, tried it with some skin lotion as lube, but still didn't feel great. Got shit on his dick.
>Cousin goes to bathroom and washes the shit and lotion mixture off his dick. He comes back and I wipe the same mixture out of my ass crack. Still sleep in same bed that night.
>Between the internet and "The Joy of Gay Sex" at the public library (wtf?) learn that I should have douched. Get an old Dawn dishwashing soap bottle to use for this.
>I start playing with my ass in the shower and after a couple weeks ask my cousin to try again.
>I start getting fucked on a pretty much nightly basis.
>Cousin never seems too interested in getting me off, but at the time I really didn't care. He would cuddle with me afterwards, though
>I tried to fuck him once but it didn't work out so well, but I was happy letting him fuck me.
>School year ends and he goes back to live with his dad. Never speak of it again.

Seems kind of odd now, but we never tried to kiss. Might be just as well 'cause it could have ruined it.

Fast forward to now, my cousin lives in (I think) Austin, has a white trash wife, two (presumably) white trash kids and just got arrested for dealing drugs (again) and stealing from the store he was working at.
I feel kinda bad for how his life turned out, as I am literally trying to decide between a mercedes and BMW convertible right now.
Is your cousin at least still hot despite the white trashiness? share any pics perhaps?
not an asshole => not sharing pics

I haven't seen him since I was 18 (almost 14 years ago) at my grandmother's funeral
even though we were about the same age, I feel kinda guilty that I might have contributed to how he turned out
Please I beg of thee SAUCE!
Wait...so there were books about gay sex 18 years ago?
not him but
14 years ago was 2000 bra
gay sex books have been around since at least the eventies, just in back rooms and alleys until pretty recently
This is one of those things that I don't remember specifics about, so if you think I'm lying because of lack of details then whatever. Don't care. I don't even remember how old I was (maybe 11 or 12, I remember I was at the start of puberty and my brother, two years older, was progressing quickly).
The incest actually started long before this, when I was 9 or so maybe, and we did the whole "heehee comparing dicks" thing. I'd get my dick out and face the corner, give him a time limit to run through a fort in our back room (with the door firmly shut), and if he made it in time he could see. I always chickened out at the last second, so I don't remember when exactly it progressed to us jerking each other off, again in forts in the play room (even though we had no idea what we were doing and neither of us could actually ejaculate). Things kind of progressed and pretty soon we'd sort of pretend to fuck, with no actual penetration (our dicks may have been too short at this point). He developed a weird obsession with me sucking him off, and I never wanted to. I didn't really know why, it just seemed sort of gross. he suggested that we 69 one day, and I remember being really hesitant, but I agreed. He laid on top of me, once again in a fort, and rubbed his dick on my face, and I just remember it being really smooth. Then I opened up and he put it in, and at the same time he licked his fingers and pretended it was his mouth. I got up and confronted him (probably something along the lines of "no fair, you cheated), and he just laughed at me, calling me a cocksucker, made fun of me for ages behind our parents' backs. We didn't play around for a long time, until I was 12-or-whatever.
I remember our parents were out, and our big sister was out picking up my other brother up from a party or something, and he got in the shower. I don't remember why the hell I did it, but I waited a couple of minutes and followed him in. He just looked at me with his dick cupped in his hand. cont-
I was with this hot daddy on sunday and after we were done we sat and chilled naked for a while and chatted. He told me his twin brother was also gay and they were in the boy scouts together. Beyond having a little fun with another two brothers all in their early teens they never played together. Whats the point in that eh?
I totally forget what we said, but I think it was something about how I sucked him years ago and he owed me one. I remember him saying "Okay, I suck you, and you have to wank me while I do. Then it's my turn."
I agreed. So I took off my pyjama shirt and pulled down my boxers (I remember they still got wet from the spray, I was standing outside the shower and he was kneeling just inside) and he laughed at my tiny, furiously hard dick. He actually made fun of it, before moving his hand from his cock and kneeling down. I remember his dick seemed huge to me- I mean, the thing was like a sausage, semi-hard and swinging, and mine was just pointing to the sky like a fucking needle. So he took my dick in his mouth and I reached down to grab his, and I don't even remember the feeling of getting sucked but I remember the feeling of his cock in my hand. All warm and solid and thick. And after probably a minute of sucking me, he stood up and I knelt down. He grabbed my head, and I remember that was weird, he grabbed my head and started rubbing his dick all over my face, Sort of pushed against my lips, but I panicked and I stood up and started hissing about how I could hear our sister home, and he actually grabbed my wrist, holding me back. I put on my most convincing act and said "dude she's home!" and he let me go, and I picked up my shirt and boxers and ran back to my room, locked the door. Waited a couple of minutes while he finished showering, realised I'd lied, and tried to pick the lock. I had to sit against the door and hold the lock in (it was a button lock) until she actually got home.
I have no idea why I panicked so hard- guess I didn't really know I was actually so into cocks at the time. We just didn't speak of it ever again, never mentioned it. I'm 19 now and things are totally normal with us. One of my biggest regrets actually, not just trying it while I had the chance. I might have come out a lot sooner.
Plenty...even a Playgirl - equivalent magazine called Playguy that was targeted for gay audiences.
yeah. what i'm still surprised at is that i found this in the local library (Burlingame, CA if anyone cares)

>Shit no wonder. Utah state is nuttier than...
>I don't know
Uhhh typing it out it doesn't seem so hot but being there and imagining it just makes me rock hard again, we actually fucked on Fourth of July, well it was actually the fifth since it was pasted 12, so I'll tell you that story. We went to the beach to see fireworks and I may have been driving under the influence, while driving he kept reaching over and rubbing my pants, I pulled over and we made out for a bit then I kept driving home. Had to help him up the stairs to his room, I never realised how heavy he was fuck. Anyways I toss him on the bed and he sits up, unzipping me and starts sucking me off, I wanted to force my cock down his throat but I was worried he'd like vomit beer.

About to cum and he stops telling me not yet, on the verge of cumming, I try to start jacking off and he grabs my hand telling me no. He gets up and pushes me against this bookcase stand thing, lubes up my ass and starts to finger me, everytime I try to jerk off he spanks my ass hard and scolds me no. Begging him for his cock and he says no, he keeps fingering me, I'm like cumming slowly it was horrible I was going insane. After I cum he licks it all up. I go lay down on his bed. He climbs over me and whips his dick out and starts fucking my face, now I'm worried I might vomit. He keeps going and I'm like gagging like crazy.

He pulls out of my mouth and tells me to get on my hands and knees, face down ass up, he starts spanking me and fucking me as I moan, he tells that my ass feels great and how he loves me. He pulls out and starts rimming me, I can feel his tongue just going crazy, it felt so great. He pushes me down and grabs my legs and flips me over, lifting my legs up to my chest, fucking me missionary. Holding me down and fucking me, starts to moan loud and he tells me to shut the fuck up and covers my mouth and choking me. Eventually he pulls out and cums all over my stomach.


He starts jerking my cock since its hard again, and while I'm laying there panting like crazy he starts to straddle me, he starts riding my cock as I lay there moaning, his ass was so tight god, he was like, twisting and moving up and down, I reached over and jerk his cock. His ass is like twitching around my cock and hes moaning like crazy it was so fucking hot. This is the 1st time I was fucking my own older brother. I shoved him off and fuck him on his back his legs wrapped around my waist pushing me deeper into his ass and he'd grab my hair tight moaning and nibbling at my neck and ear. God the way he moans drives me insane, and when I see his face like that when I'm ramming my cock in him. Nnn. Eventually I finish up, suck him off till he cums too. We fall asleep together in bed and wake up in the afternoon lol we went for round two but this time I didn't get to fuck him this that time.

Thats the most recent story I had, so this isn't when we first fucked obviously :p
>things that didn't happen
What, no part 2???
and pics would be nice
I can't put up any photos of us sorry but I'll tell you something funny that happened yesterday afternoon?
I got a busted lip and nose because we almost got caught. Our brother came home to visit or something and we were on the couch messing around dry humping and spooning and we pretended like we were wrestling when he caught us and my brother 'wrestled' me off and I hit my face on the coffee table I had to go to the hospital and our parents were upset about the blood on the rug but I mean, at least nobody is going to think we were fucking
did you report him to the police for statutory rape?
no i didnt
i told my dad once
he got all quiet, and walked away
came into my room that night as i was getting ready for bed and had a lengthy discussion with me about making up stories and how that type of thing couldruin my brothers reputation
made it pretty clear without saying it that he believed me but wanted me to grin and bear it, keep it a dark family secret
>be 17
>After death of mother go and live with my dad.
> Stepmom has 2 sons from a previous family, 19 and 21, both jocks.
> move to new house and have to renovate my new room so i get to sleep with my older step- brother.
> third night in his room find his weed stache, Asks me if i smoke, and i nod.
> Both stoned on bed looking at the ceiling.
> talk about my mom bla bla, end up crying (as you do...?)
> He leans over towards me and kisses me briefly and retreats his head.
> In the heat of the moment push myself on to him and started making out.
> Take off his pants and underwear, and take out his cock ( ±7.5 inches)
> suck him off slowly
>getting wilder
>he kinda facefucks me and i'm loving it.
> places my head against the wall and facefucks me harder.
> he's about to cum and rams it in my throat.
> i swallow his load.
> i wanted to clean myself up but he stops me 'we're not done yet' with smexy grin.
> jerks me off, i cum
> starts rimming me.
> After while he finally gets it in, tells me i'm tight.
> he begins slowly but ends up fucking me roughly on my back with his hand on my throat.
> after cumming a second time he kisses me passionately.
> clean up
> fall asleep in his big arms
> occasionally suck him off or fuck for a year or two.
> both move out and rarely speak to each other again.


Great story. One thing though...

{begin ocd:
This -> ± is a plus or minus sign. It means "the number you're referring to plus or minus the following number." It is usually used to give vague approximations more shape (as in "his dick was around 7 inches ± .5 inches) not say that x is about the following number (that's what this -> ~ is for. "his dick was ~7.5 inches") I know I'm ranting but ±7.5 inches means he either had a 7.5 inch dick or a 0 inch dick, the latter of which gives a very odd mental image.
>being trolled this easily
I've been in a relationship with my older brother for almost 7 years. He's 22, I'm 18.

> come out to my family as being gay when I was 12, mum walked in on me watching gay porn and called a family meeting (wtf)
> massive shitstorm ensures, dad and my brother are cool with it, mum & 2 older brothers aren't
> try to avoid them all for like a week by moving my room to the 3rd floor in our house, same floor as my nice brother (he's 15/16 at the time)
> one night he comes in, plays some vidya and eat fruit
> "anon, are you sure you're gay?" asks that night, turning off tv
> "yeah" i say, getting upset because mum hates me and now i'm worried he's going to hate me too
> he slides into my bed with me and hugs me, tells me it's okay if i like guys, he doesn't care
i've always been super close to him (probably because he's the one closest to my age), always had a huge crush on him because he's so cute
> spur of the moment i kiss him, not just a little peck but like full on wrap my arms around his neck and make out with him
> he doesn't stop me
> he also doesn't stop me from pulling his cock out of his boxers
> play around with him, embarrassed
> he notices so he pushes me off him so i'm on the bed, he's on top
> he yanks down my boxers, pulls off my shirt, gives me blowjob
> turns me over and rims me, i'm moaning like hell
> he stops and asks me if i'm still gay
"pretty sure i am"
> keeps me on on stomach, he uses spit on his dick as lube (fml)
> fucks me hard (didn't bleed though, thank god), i blurt out that i love him and i always have
> he kisses me, cums in me
> i cum over his underwear
> we clean up, i'm embarrassed and worried he still hates me.
> i walk back to my room, he opens my foor about 5 min later and lays in bed with me
> don't talk, but he wraps his arms around me
repeat daily for 6+ years
that's beautiful
More stories please. Are you two like a couple or just fuck buddies?
Lol chemist fag
we're together as a couple, just kind of a... secret couple haha.
is your brother still alive? if so it's not to late to report him.
Have you tried topping him?
once. it was awful haha, I begged him to let me try and once I did it just wasn't for me. bottoming isn't for him either, thank god.
Well, it isn't MY incest story, but by some absurd chance I may have triggered an incest story for a complete stranger on cam4. Keep reading til the end for veracity check

I'm kind of rusty on greentexting and the story isn't entirely on my POV, so bear with me.

>enter random cam4 room yesterday
>18~22 bicurious guy (in my city) showing off he has a brand new Aneros waiting to be opened and is laying around his bedroom
>guy claims some aunt & uncle are having a quick visit, so he can't show much but keeps risking it by dropping his pants every few minutes
>guy is into underwear and such, he keeps changing undies in front of the cam for everyone
>ask him to go commando (a particular fetish of mine) in private chat. That means pants on, but no undies for those who don't know.
>guy agrees to give it a try real quick
>door movement seen on cam exactly when he is putting his pants on with no underwear beneath
>guy kind of freaks out, says it was his uncle calling him for lunch
>guy realizes his uncle could have seen the Aneros sitting around but isn't sure
>guy takes a break for lunch and says he will be back shortly
>few minutes later he is back
>Uncle requested him to take some stuff to the uncle's house and run some errands for his mom and aunt with him (they live in he same city, they don't live far away from each other)
>guy agrees, so he will take off.
>he is still going commando
>swap skype ids so we get in touch later

Then I mostly forgot about it until way late at night.

>guy signs into skype
>tells me I'm not going to believe what happened with his uncle
>jokingly ask him if there was any sex involved
>he says not, but it was hot regardless and starts telling the story

>>On the car ride to the uncle's house, uncle asked about the white thing on his bedroom (the Aneros) and if he was into sex toys
>>guy tried to say it was a joke gift from a friend
>>Uncle said it is completely healthy to experiment with such things so he shouldn't be worried about it.

>>Uncle then asked why was he taking his pants off earlier
>>the guy got nervous and told him he was about to take a bath, but then he was called for lunch so he put his clothes on again
>>Uncle told him kind of joking he had a nice "rear view"
>>Out of a sudden, it started raining real hard just before reaching his uncle's house (I can confirm there was indeed a storm over here yesterday)
>>Because of it, they got soaked wet while getting the stuff out of the car
>>Uncle suggested each should take a quick shower with hot water to not get sick
>>Guy went into the bathroom and stripped.
>>Uncle asked him for his wet clothes so he can hang them to dry
>>Guy gave him pants and shirt, but the uncle asked for his underwear too
>>he told him he was not wearing any, to which his uncle laughed
>>after showering, uncle was waiting for him and offered some of his own dry clothes
>>His uncle told him it was not a good idea to go commando anymore, so he would have to borrow some of his underwear
>>Uncle joked about how his underwear wouldn't fit and be too big for him, but he should wear them anyways
>>Guy tried to go elsewhere to get dressed but uncle told him to not be shy, as they are both men
>>While the guy dressed up, the uncle stripped to go to the bathroom and shower
>>Uncle suggested him to wait in his bedroom and watch tv until he finished
>>After showering, his uncle went to the bedroom and gut dressed in front of him
>>Guy got a massive boner, and with all the borrowed clothes too big for him it was particularly notorious.
>>Uncle joked how "that part" was sure as hell not cold anymore
>>Finally they got out of the uncle's house and went to the supermarket for errands before returning to the guy's house
>>Uncle went and put 4 pairs of underwear on the shopping cart

>>When they got back to the guy's house, his uncle accompanied him to his bedroom
>>Uncle took the Anero and joked about it, told him he should use it a couple of times "to get used to it"
>>Uncle then told him he bought 2 pairs of undies for himself, and 2 pairs for the guy and gives them to him
>>He told him it was the same brand he uses, in case he liked the one he is wearing but want a better fit
>>Uncle joked that he shouldn't go commando or he would damage his nice "rear view"
>>Then he saw the guy's laptop and asked if he was watching porn before lunch
>>Guy told him "kind of" and promised he would explain later
>>His uncle had to get going, so he said goodbye, but gave the guy a slap in the ass and told him they should see each other next week so he could explain the laptop thing

>I tell him it sounds hot, but unfortunately kind of hard to believe
>guy assures me it is all true
>ask him to see him on cam
>he calls me and we both turn on our cameras
>tell him to show me his underwear. If the story was true, it should be his uncle's saggy too-big-for-him underwear
>he take his pants off and he was indeed wearing saggy too-big-for-him undies
>surprised as fuck, tell him then he should also have the new pair of underwear laying around, still unopened
>he gets up and returns with 2 pairs of unopened underwear
>guy tells me now he thinks about it, he should thank me for suggesting going commando

After that we just talked on how hot it would be to get this thing going with his uncle.
I mean, yeah, I was the first to doubt about it, but the 2 particular proofs at the end would be hard to appear out of nowhere in case he was making the story on the spot.
Also, he would have zero motivation to make anything up for me, as he didn't know I'd have a thing for incest stories when we started chatting.

Now I'm eager for next week and see if he gets to see his uncle again, and more importantly, tells me about it.
File: 1356943106557.jpg (84 KB, 500x614) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Nice job, anon. I was in a similar position a few years ago... I have this friend who I met through WoW, and we ended up chatting over IRC/AIM all the time. He was a few years younger than me, and I think he saw me as a sort of mentor figure, since he was a bicurious virgin and often came to me for questions and advice about sex/romance stuff that he couldn't ask anyone he knew IRL about.

He eventually opened up to me and confessed that he had a guilty crush on his step-dad, which confused the hell out of him because the guy was always "making fun" of him in a sexual way, even though he was in the closet.

After he described the situation a bit more, I realized his dad wasn't teasing him, he was outright flirting with him. Took a while for me to convince my friend of this, and then he started asking me for advice on how to handle it. I basically told him what to do if he wanted to discourage it, and what to do if he wanted to encourage it, and he went with the latter. So I basically ended up giving the guy advice at least once or twice a week on how to flirt with his stepdad. Their relationship kept escalating for the course of several months until they finally ended up fucking.

To this day, I can't be 100% sure if this guy was just playing some sort of really long-term elaborate RP thing with me for his own gratification, since I never asked him for any sort of proof. He was damn convincing in any case... never gave me any sort of "sexy" or titillating details unless I pressed for them, seemed to genuinely be a confused horny kid looking for honest advice.

He eventually stopped asking for sexual/relationship advice as he matured, and now whenever I ask how things are going with his stepdad he seems a little shy/embarassed but otherwise blase about it. Sounds like they eventually settled into a stable, casual sexual relationship that seems to be working out without any drama.
My brother sometime hug me when we were alone,once he hug me from the back while im working on my pc and almost kiss my cheeks.

this make me feel really awkward. ;_; how can i tell him that i dont like it.
My older step brother once slipped my hand into his pants and told me not to do that to other people. That counts... r-right?
thank almighty white god that someone posted this so i don't have to.
i dont like it, or if you want better results just yell fuck off fag, and hit him in the throat.
Come to this tread
ctrl + f
wait a few days
Thank anon i will tell him next time he try it again.

Forget to mentions me 18, he 26 we used to close but since i move out with my parent.we didnt talk much.
Thank i will tell him next time he try it again.

Forget to mentions me 18, he 26 we used to close but since i move out with my parent.we didnt talk much.

Fuck double post i hate my phone
Be happy that you have a fancy phone anon. I have a 2002 brick phone.
What phone do you have?
I know that feel
Holy shit I need to hear the rest of your story.
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