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Grindr Hook Up Stories
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Grindr hook up thread!
>Drunk as shit one night cruising grindr
>get hit up by some 50 year old guy and his partner.
>Drive there in a snowstorm because I'm just that god damn horny
>Third guy is there, 40's tall bearish dude.
>They goad me into drinking more.
>Start blowing the partner right there in the kitchen. Thick uncut cock. He's basically fucking my mouth from the get go.
>We go into the "playroom." Swing down there. Wall of toys. Projector playing streaming hardcore.
>Drunk enough that they convince to smoke crystal with them (my first time). Holy shit i'm flying and beyond horny now
>They fit me into a silky jockstrap and set me up in the swing. Spend some unknown amount of time opening up my asshole with this giant dildo they call "the captain"
>I'm blowing the uncut guy when the original guy pulls the dildo out and starts ramming me.
>All three of them spend the next 8 hours feeding me crystal and poppers while taking turns fucking my brains out.
>Party ends with the original guy and the bear taking me upstairs and pissing all over me while I blow them one more time. I'm almost completely covered in cum at this point. Drive home tweaking my brains out. glad my roommate has gone to work because I look like I just got fucked stupid for almost half a day.

I have another story with those guys if anyone is interested.
I did not like that story.
In the 5ish years I've been using grindr I've had maybe two decent hookups with attractive guys.

One I gave my number to and was too nervous to answer when he texted back and the other was married with two kids.
first time ever submitting my story

>got another grindr message that day
>pretty anoyed with them at the time
>it was the guy i hardly knew
>he works in one of the fanciest pubs in city
>shows me photo of something weird
>thought these were drugs of some kind
>being a little junkie got him ASAP
>it was only incense
>but he got some stuff with him also
>we got pretty high and got some psychedelic-wanna-be music
>it got pretty intense in my head
>i reach to him
>he immediately tries to hug me
>but in some weird manner. more like planking on me
>we got some weird petting
>it's getting more and more weird
>he is touch me with his lips but not kissing
>touching my body from time to time
>i'm trying the old-school way kissing and touching him
>not working too well
>finally got undressed
>he is like 3 inch (forgot to ask for dickpic, got so stunned about this incense)
>he's got pretty mad eyes right now
>starts to do some stuff with his dick like frotting, touch my body
>after few minutes he starts to play as he is fucking me
>it lasts some time
>meanwhile he got his fingers down my throat
>i barely can breath
>trying to force him to take those fingers out
>he is hardly doing it
>finally made my throat free
>he starts to flex my head to my back
>it already hurts be he is doing it even harder
>trying to stop him
>still not too co-operating
>feeling pretty much threatened
>while being much into domination that time got this feeling that this was no more a play
>finaly forced him to leave it
>cum on his face
>he cums on mine
>sea of semen flowing around my head, getting into every single hole of it
>after all he is like "whoops, look what we got here. got to go, cheers" and he just disappeared

felt like in some weird movie abut 70s desperate gays
one most intense things in my life
probably beacuse of drugs lol
A few weeks ago cruising on grindr when this hot top sends a message. Live alone so invite him round and he is hotter in person. Start undressing him and pull out his thick uncut cock which i start sucking as he gets harder and harder. Both get fully undressed and get into bed and i continue sucking his rock hard cock. Spin round so he can finger my ass and loosen it up a bit. Can't wait to ride his cock so when he suggests it i whip out the lube and rubbers and get it ready. Quite thick so a struggle at first while riding cowboy so i lay back and get him on top so he can pound me easier. Switch to doggie so he doesn't cum too quick then back to missionary. He's trying to delay it but can't much longer so he whips out hjs cock so i can suck him dry. Afterwards we swap numbers but no part 2 yet. Hopefully soon, he was hot as hell

p&p leads to hiv
That black mask is grindr's logo? Why the hell is it so creepy?
>be dom chub top
>make grindr account
>no one ever messages me or wants to hook up

feels pretty bad.
I love dominant chubs!!!
Yeah but I'm not hung or have a huge dick, I'm like 5 inches maybe 5.5. Everyone on grindr is a fucking size queen that only wants a huge massive cock. I doubt I'll get any ass any time soon.
Why the hell are you so over-sensitive?

Time to resign yourself to being a bottom
Hace found 4 hookups in 3 months on omegle.
>decide to try grindr
>make account message around
>dude whos profile pic is him in stallings starts chatting
>hr later he gives me his address and i head over to meet him
Mfw 2 hours after installing grindr im getting laid (im 5'10, 230) >>1300656
Whats ur excuse?

>get to his place, chat while he smokes a cig
>hes wearing leggins and shapies
We got to his room whole house has no furniture, he says they remodel houses or some shit, still kinda odd to me.
>get to it pretty quickly, he sucks my dick before i rubber up.
>i hurt him a little trying to enter doggy style, move to missionary
>i cum too quickly
>he goes back to grindring immediately after i get out of him
>start talking about hookups, he shows me a black guy with a thick 9 or 10 incher

Days later im considering asking him to hook me up with the bbc he showed me
Well, my meet'n'suck guy just left.
I wasn't done cumming that he was already lacing his shoes.
Licked a mean ass and BJ was a bit too sloppy and slow but hey, beggars can't be choosers.
first hookup(ever)
>Awkward self-hating guy(Like i'm legit surprised he has not killed himself. His twitter is literally him calling himself a worthless piece of shit every few days)
>meet at Mcdonalds
>go back to my place
>watch TV, cuddle, and i give him oral
Body was a solid 9/10. Face maybe a 8.5. Attitude in person was maybe a 6, and online a 2.

2nd hookup
>QT3.14 nerd, wants to hangout all day and night with me.
>grab some food, then back to my place.
>Watch a few TV shows, play some PS3.
>We fuck, and he *instantly* loses all interest in being even near me.
>messages me a few times later, again, trying to spend a full night with me
>try again, and again he almost cant hide his disgust of me after we actually fuck
>Remember that he said he was Bi, and he only wanted me to top... So prob. some self-hating gay guy... whatevs.

I have met maybe 20 guys off grindr over the last 3 years. 4 were really cool, ~10 were okay, and 6 were complete nightmares(fake pics, odd attitudes, abusive, etc...). I dont really try to meet new guys over it now. Its mostly just to keep in contact with the dozen or so guys i like to chat with, and the 4 guys i really liked being with in the past.
That's a much better ratio than I've had. Granted I haven't done as much. What area of the country are you in? Or what country?
Eh, its all about physical value. You have a body that is unhealthy, objectively unattractive to the majority of people, and you putting limits on what you're into("dom top") is a pretty big turn off.

I would never hookup with a fat guy, but if i were open to that possibility, i sure as hell wouldnt waste my time on a guy who's got a lazy unmainted body who then, before even talking to me, has already put limits on what he'll do.

Got a 6pack and a cute slim? Yeah, i'll work around your interests and kinks to get with you.
80lbs overweight and look like a gross slob? maybe(in this hypothetical situation. In reality, it would always be a hard no from me) but not if you're already defining whats going to happen.

I feel the same way when i see obvious trans people. You're using a gay hookup app. You know 95% of the people signed up have ZERO interest in you, and probably resent you being there. I guess the MtF's make sense(esp. the ones who look like twinks) but i'm totally lost on why the FtM's would even try... And from the ones i have seen in my area, id doubt they manage to get positive attention(since they're profiles really make them seem antagonistic, or flat-out gross[one has a fart joke in their headline, and talks about how beans gives 'him' diarrhea.)
>that many good grindr hookups
>I call bullshit
Every time I use grindr the guy is either gross, his picture doesn't match, or he's some shallow queen who's more repulsive than someone who doesn't take care of themselves.
>Body was a solid 9/10
can we get a pic if this body? no face pic

>We fuck, and he *instantly* loses all interest in being even near me.
You are nasty
>you're here too
Those two things are not comparable... you dirty slut. Control yourself or youll end up as fucked up as the old dudes that fucked you.
That wasn't me, I don't really use Grindr, a few bad experiences were enough to put me off. I just can't stand anons that come in on high horses and judge other people for sharing their shit on a dirty ass porn board. Go somewhere else with that.
Nah, not gonna post other guys info here.(too easy to reverse search it, and the only way i could get the pic now would be off his instagram. This meetup was about 3 years ago[almost to the day. It was actually on the 19th of jan])

Huh. Maybe its your area. The bad guys i met were *bad*(like genuinely bad people. Not just a crappy hookup) but other than the one guy who was conflicted about being gay, post-orgasm, the other decent hookups were only decent because of bad chemistry. The guys themselves were fine.
Edit/crop the pic so its not reverse searchable
>Mfw 2 hours after installing grindr im getting laid (im 5'10, 230)
You just gave me hope. I don't hook up because I have gyno even though I'm ~5'7" 150 I have tits so it never felt right hitting up someone and then surprise tits. You gave me hope.
There are only young guys using grindr where I live.

all I want is a stocky 50 year old daddy
Is grindr better than a4a?
its the oppisite for me. i just want to be gangfucked by younger dudes
They made it into a musical out in NYC...
try craigslist for older dudes, also can find younger dudes in suburban/rural areas

grindr is good for younger dudes and in urban areas for all types. craigslist is good for advertising specific things like a party with multiple partners (gangfuck). say what you want and what you're looking for. ask them to send self pics and/or info if interested and then respond to the ones that you like.
>but i'm totally lost on why the FtM's would even try...

Never gotten one from gindr, but did get one on cl a few years ago.

GirlBro did totally fool me under we were naked and was afraid I'd go off or something but it was cool because I was horny and it was suddenly a turn on.

I'd fucked a couple sissy boys and a honest-injun trannie (preop), but still had the bits and pieces to play with.

This guy had some muscle and a crew cut and was obviously taking hormones but had his pussy and a really hard swollen clit. He had thin scars under his pecs (from the boob removal) and his muscles were hard but a little different and no six pack. His voice was surprisingly deep, but if you looked too long at the face it started to say "I used to be a girl" to you, you know.

I played with his junk but he wanted to be butt fucked like a regular guy so I obliged while my palm rubbed his pussy like he wanted.

He was conflicted about it, but thanked me afterwards. I didn't want to hook up again though and I don't think he did either since he lived with a girl.

I think TransMen have a harder time than Lesbians or SissyBoys. Not having a real dick when you want to have one, you know. Easier to turn a dick into a pussy than a pussy into a dick.

First time I wrote about this. Wanting to use all the wrong pronouns, it's funny.

Still prefer boys to be boys and girls to be girls and really only wanting to fuck guys. Buttfucking girls seems a little wrong since that's what you do to boys.

I don't think TransMan got too much physical pleasure from being buttfucked, since women don't have prostates, but my hand was really making his junk feel good and his chest and arms felt like a guys.
I'm not sure why you guys are having such a hard time. Are you objectively attractive?
I'd say I'm a 7-7.5 maybe. I've met about 35 guys from grindr for hookups. Only 2 of those went badly: once was because I turned out to not be attracted to the guy in person (he looked east Asian in his pics, but was south Asian in person), the other was because the guy only wanted to get fucked with a condom (no oral, making out, etc.) but I only fuck bb. Basically there wasn't enough communication beforehand in that case.
The rest were good, and probably like 5-10 of them were spectacular.
Perhaps you need to modify your approach? One thing I always try to do is get the person's snapchat before we meet so I can make sure I like them the way they look now
That's someone else. This is the guy who posted the story. I know I'm fucked up in the sexual sense. I have a very ordinary ordinary life and I still play safe with condoms and prep. The only time I ever caught something (chlamydia) was from a girl (I'm openly bisexual). For some reason I'm just twisted when it comes to older men abusing me like a plaything. I really don't know why I am the way I am. I had an average childhood and didn't even touch another man's dick until I was 19. Maybe it's the strict catholic upbringing I had. I could always just blame /b/
Samefag. I've even walked out of situations that I knew were dangerous. Last year I went over to this group party. A couple of the guys disappeared for a minute and when I asked where they went another guy casually said "oh they're in the kitchen slamming. I said "NOPE" and walked out.
>smokes meth with strangers
>walks out over someone else using heroin
>Still prefer boys to be boys and girls to be girls
It's a mixed up muddled up shook up world except for Lola
Being that this is a thread about hooking up with strangers over an internet app for anonymous sex I would say that someone smoking meth and someone sharing dope needles are on different levels.
You only fuck bb? Do you get checked on the regular?
Yes, every 3 months, usually even more often than that desu. And I'm on PrEP and vaccinated against HPV, Hepatitis A, and Hepatitis B
Eh, people who pnp have very high rates of HIV. I don't know the exact statistical comparison between them and heroin users, but in my mind they're both very high risk. I just found the extremely different reactions you had to be pretty surprising
Glad that you care about your sexual health.
Grindr sucks. Jack'd is better.
Yep. I kinda worry for the guys who agree to bb with me though. They're not sketchy or anything; usually they're hot, 18-21 year old college students. I just hope that, for their sake, they're not making a habit of doing bb and are only agreeing to it because I'm on PrEP and come off as sane. Then again, rates of condom use are falling. PrEP couldn't be coming at a better time for MSMs.
They are making a habit of it, simply because they believed you. "Seeming sane" is not a reliable test. You either precommit to always having safe sex with strangers or you eventually end up with HIV. Guys like the ones you fuck are why HIV infections are on the rise again (even if you are negative).
That app sucks around here
HIV infection rates for white MSMs have decreased over the past couple years, likely because of PrEP. I only have sex with white guys (no I'm not outwardly racist, yes my preferences probably stem from implicit racism, no I'm not in the mood to have a discussion about racism). And most of the guys I fuck are also only into white guys. So among my subset of partners, your statement about increasing HIV rates is inaccurate.

I also think you dramatically overestimate the overlap between people who don't exclusively use condoms and people who get HIV. I'd say about 80-90% of the guys I talk to are willing to do bb with me. But obviously not 80-90% of MSMs get HIV. If anything, my partners have some of the lowest rates of HIV among MSMs (white, college-educated, middle/upper class)
>Grindr sucks. Jack'd is better.
Given that it has such a higher bar for entry.
>they're not making a habit of doing bb and are only agreeing to it because I'm on PrEP and come off as sane.
Nope, viruses never mutate nor become resistant.
No sireebob. Happy days are here again.
If you actually read the research on the development of PrEP-resistant HIV (as I have, you would understand that it is extremely rare. In fact, it is even rarer than drug resistance among HIV positive people who are treated with antiretrovirals. Considering that antiretroviral treatment of HIV has been going on for 20 years with no alarming development of drug-resistant strains of HIV, I think you are being overly pessimistic.

And keep in mind, drug resistant HIV likely only develops in PrEP users who get infected while using sub-optimal levels of PrEP (similar to how not taking all of your antibiotics leads to antibiotic resistance by exposing the pathogen to a non-lethal dose and giving it an opportunity to adapt). Those who take their PrEP correctly are highly unlikely to get HIV in the first place (99+% effectiveness). This would essentially preempt the development of drug resistance
I don't even know what that means. Grindr has the absolute shiftiest motherfuckers there are on it looking for nothing but dick pics. Has only one picture for profile showing which means its easier for someone to jack pics off the internet and use for their profile pic that can't be reverse searched on google. Anyone can take a million pics and get at least one to turn out looking like they're way better then they are. At least with 3 there's enough to weed out the chubs. It's always down with some kind of server problem. There's a myriad of reasons.
Was meant to be a story thread, not a discussion.
People are welcome to post their stories if they'd like. Nothing is stopping them. Discussions are the only thing keeping this thread alive/bumped right now
for whatever reason, grindr doesnt work on my phone so i cant get some young dick
>I could always just blame /b/

that's the next tactic that ISIS is going to try, lol
But since you're being a bitch, I'll post one anyway:

>be 23
>2 weeks ago
>hot, blonde 19 year old from the local college messages me
>wants to top me
>tell him I only bottom if I can get bred
>he agrees since I'm on PrEP and tested negative recently
>I go to his dorm
>we make out and start undressing each other
>he's super fit, with smooth, pale skin
>his cock is perfect: like 6.5 inches, medium thickness, and bright white and pink skin
>we start 69ing with him rimming me and me sucking him
>he's a little shorter than me, so I move to his hole instead
>we're eating each other out, tongueing each other's smooth holes
>knock on the door
>louder knock
>he gets up to check
>it's the cops saying they smell weed coming from his room
>he tells them we're naked and in the middle of having sex
>they say to get dressed and come out so they can search the room
>I discuss life with one lady cop while the other searches the room
>they find nothing, and leave
>mood is kill

We rescheduled and met up a couple more times after that. He did eventually fuck me properly
>Yep. I kinda worry for the guys who agree to bb with me though

back in the day i used to bb a lot of guys

i used to feel bad i done it with them that way, but they said it was cool or didn't stop me

i was stupid and young, so wtf, but i figured the risk was all theirs

found out later that bit of information was dead wrong and i was still at risk from hiv and other things

just got lucky

days before PrEP, HPV vaccines or Hepatitis prophylactics

my risk was actually higher because although most of the dudes i was fucking were lily white, there were a lot of hispanics and also a handful of black guys and one of the black guys was a total prison bitch you know and took all cummers

only hook up with white or almost white guys now and use condoms except for a regular fuck bud

most of my hookups were blue-collar or military types, now they're mostly 'richie riches'
File: 626.jpg (9 KB, 149x221) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>>I discuss life with one lady cop while the other searches the room

totally lost, fucking a+ funny
You sound so naïve.
I'm presenting evidence, you present nothing. Who is the naive one?
Fine. Enjoy being anti-science.
Meanwhile, I'll be having all the satisfying, care-free sex my little heart desires.

2/10 for getting me to reply though
More like this plz.
Insecure and little bit scared, too.
File: MrNastyHands.jpg (52 KB, 349x470) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
52 KB, 349x470
>Meanwhile, I'll be having all the satisfying, care-free sex my little heart desires

it's all fun and games until someone gets stabbed in the eye and the docs start throwing alphabet soup at you
I might hook up with a guy totrade BJs soon but it might lead to more. Neither of us has ever done anything with another guy before. How do you clean upbdown there? Do you HAVE to do an enema or whatever? Cause i dont really want to find out what thats like
Also, i feel really fucking nervous about it. hes like a 9/10 imo. Perfect body and face, and im a 3/10 imo. Skinnyfat/fat pale and disgusting with a really small dick. Only reason he wants to meet up is cause hes a nice/autistic kid and we're both in our 20s and still virgins
man my greatest fetish is to fuck a FtM. We would work out, do some boxing together, watch some anime and i would fuck the hell outta the pussy.

Im bi but MtF do nothing for me. Tis a werid world.
>perfect body and face

please stop using the name of a legitimate condition to describe shy normies who are "lol so awkward xD". Jesus fucking christ.
Whoops, sorry i offended you capt. autismo. It wont happen again.

Seriously tho, hes hot af and is still a virgin at 20. Doesnt that indicate some sort of autism?
Ah, didn't realize you were just trolling.

>stabbed in the eye
>alphabet soup
No, autism isn't diagnosed by being a virgin at 20, sexy or otherwise. He probably has weird hangups about sex or a personality that is good at scaring people off. Or maybe he just chose to wait until he could find the pale skinnyfat of his dreams.
>Fine. Enjoy being anti-science.
>Meanwhile, I'll be having all the satisfying, care-free sex my little heart desires.
Typhoid Mary, Ladies and Gentlemen

Or perhaps more accurately: Patient Zero Redux
Bitter virgin, ladies and gentlemen. Don't worry, you're in good company on /hm/
"His nerve! I doth strike it!"

More this. Less faggotry
Just replying in kind, good sir.
wow, you're really defensive about how to use/not use "autism". do you have an autistic brother?
>be me, white, thin, very hairy
>first gay encounter
>turned 18 a few months ago
>install grindr yesterday
>not too many hot guys
>notice my librarian from high school
>black chub in mid-30's
>he wants to suck my dick
>spend like 20 minutes wandering around his apartment complex
>debating on going home
>eventually find it
>go in his apartment
>he gets naked, small ass dick
>pretty nervous so i just take off my shirt
>sit on the couch
>take my pants off
>we're both naked and its fucking hot
>hes fondling my cock and balls
>have a little trouble getting hard
>he gets on his knees and sucks my soft dick
>sucking me for a while
>bend over in front of his
>he feels my ass and asshole
>spanks me for a little bit
>go to his bed where i sit on top of him and jerk him off
>he says hes gonna cum after like 30 seconds
>he cleans up and we go back to the couch
>he sits down while i jerk off and finger my asshole in front of him, feeling super slutty
>spanking my own ass
>sit on his lap and we makeout while he jerks me off
>proceeds to give me amazing head, hes super into it
>moaning for him makes him go crazy
>i shoot about 5 squirts into his mouth while moaning like a bitch
>both get dressed
>thank him and leave

pretty cool but i was really hoping to suck dick and his was pretty nasty
wanna hook up with a 50+ daddy soon
>his was pretty nasty
What was nasty about it?
File: 1327555277671.jpg (149 KB, 586x438) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
149 KB, 586x438
>moved to new town
>meet cute guy
>Cute, twink, nerdy, would probably fuck
>"I'm going to cut my dick off Anon"
>go to his place to cuddle
>watch shitty movie
>start to rub his back while slowly pulling off his clothes
>he seems into it but says hes not up for anything sexual
>get his dick out
>it's perfectly normal a good 6 with decent girth and nice balls
>"So you're just going to chop it all off"
>"yep anon"
>movie ends I leave because idk what to do at this point.
Fast forward to today
>wake up
>go on grindr and get message
>"It's off"
>sends me pictures of his disembodied and not plasticized cock
>looks real
>"Do you want it Anon?"
>Of course I do, this is a once and a life time opportunity, how often will a regular guy like me get offered a dick (hurr hurr) but I truly don't want it because Jesus Christ why?
>Tell him no because I can't have it around.
>awkwardly not know what to do
>be happy that I don't want it and won't have to see him again
>masturbate to burn that image out of my head
File: download.jpg (11 KB, 225x224) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
11 KB, 225x224
Lived the dream.
Plz moar.
>Last year
>be 18
>living in middle Italy
>download Grindr
>start chatting with cool guys
>everyone sending me messages after uploading my pics
>be alone at home
>meet a guy of north Italy coming to my city for business
>he is an actor
>he's 30yo reaaaaally handsome 9.5/10
>show him part of my city cause i like him and i want to be more than a simple slut
>come back home together
>cuddle on my bed
>more cuddle
>hyper exited
>best lips i've ever kissed, way too soft and beautiful
>want his cock
>pants off
>suck him until he cums on me
>we don't fuck cause i'm too shy and it's the first time i meet a guy on grindr
>he thanks me and leave

actually i enjoyed it a lot.

>meet a lot of guys in the later 2 months
>age min 20yo max 40yo
>find 2 regulars to fuck
>always condom
>find a guy i love and he loves me
>delate grindr
>still with that guy


BtwI loved grindr
I've had more luck on squirt.org. Anyone else here use that one? Oh and what about growlr?
Wtf? How did he not bleed out? Shoulndt he be in a mental asylum??
Nah its chill
>Visiting senpai in a different state
>Start the grindr tinder grind
>Talk to guy on grindr
>also match on tindr, he goes to ~really good school~, also see his nice body there
>no place to go so we meet in the park
>We drink and I fall in love like a homo, we have alot in common, my type to a T shell
>He steps over to bushes to take a leak
>I go over and do the same
>Cross streams with him, romantically
>Barely have time to put my dick away before he starts eating my face
>go down on him
>go onto the table lying on my back to fit in my throat
>turns me around
>pain so good so butt so hurt so good much pain
>go home
>keep talkin. he's really erotically romantic
>Meet in the forest
>!First nature fuck!
>go home
>Decide we should get a motel room and get one
>fucks me all the ways u can
>takes vid of fucking me while fucking me doggie
>has me watch while getting fucked more
>!self reflective mindfuck!
>Sleep in his arms that night
>He wakes me up by fucking me with just the tip because I'm butthurt like a gentleman
> I'm still in love with this guy and he's so far away. he has brought me closer to Christ
>The things I would do are many
I did skip alot of good details, like I got called by my mother during !forest fuck! and he decided to start eating my ass. a compromising situation
I would sooooooooooooooo do this if I wasn't so afraid of HIV.

Happened about two hours ago
>be horny one night
>download grinder
>takes me about 4, maybe 5 hours to actually find someone that was hosting (I'm sharing a dorm with a roommate)
>some handsome looking Latino dude messages me
>he says he can pick me up in his car
>he arrives and I get in the car
>skeptical at first cuz he was chubbier than in picture and had a thick ass accent I could barely understand
>I think he asks me where's a good place to do it?
>I direct him to some dark parking lot at the corner of the University
>we Park at a corner, then he reclines our seats
>he leans over and we French kiss for a bit
>im a terrible kisser and he notices, even asking if I've ever kissed before
>tell him no, he goes slower so I could get into it.
>he brushes his hand down my pants and tries to grav my dick (I want still nervous so it was flaccid)
>That doesn't work so he puts my hand on his stomach.
>he pulls down his waistband and his hard cock appears.
>I start stroking it slowly and stroking his nuts too
>we do this for awhile, then he pulls away and gently pushes my head down to his dick
>decided not to be a killjoy (I've done oral before) and take his cock in my mouth.
>I think to myself "hey this isint actually bad"
>I do my best to suck while cupping his balls
>he moans quietly and very gently begins face fucking me
>Taste something slightly salty, must've been his precum
>we do this for awhile then I pull away and lay it on his chest and silently say "I want you to fuck me"
>I get out the passenger seat and go over to the back seat, spitting some precum out while doing so
>he goes to the back seat too
>I hand him a bag of condoms while I take out like a packet of lube
>spread it on my asshole
>I get on all fours after he puts on his condom
>he gets on his knees and I feel his tip dabbing between my ass checks
>suddenly, he actually puts it in my asshole
>too fucking big, I whisper loudly "ow, fuck, fuck, stop, it hurts."
>he pulls out and suggests me to change position
>I agree and wait for the pain in my asshole to subside
>seconds later, he sits and spreads his legs apart.
>I slowly lower myself and try to get my asshole to accept his dick
>try for a couple of seconds until I stop and say I need to put on more lube
>he suggests putting lube on the condom also
>after I put more lube on my asshole, I tear open another packet and begin spreading it on his covered cock
>we start making out again while I basically give him a hand job
>I pull away and we get in the same position again
>I lower myself onto his dick and it squeezes in
>it hurts at first but the pain goes away
>I lower myself lower and lower until he grabs my sides and just gently pulls me toward him
>we are now connected
>he fucks my ass while I take it
>we're both breathing shallow breathes
>in the middle of riding his dick, I somehow bend down and dig my lube covered middle finger into his asshole (call it instinct, I don't know)
>he moans and I keep fingering him
>he leans forward and starts kissing my back, I like it
>moments later he says he's about to cum, I tell him do it
>he gives one last thrust and moans internally
>I turn my head and begin making out with him
>while making out, he stars giving me a hand job
>we keep making out more intensely while he starts jerking faster and faster
>I feel it coming, and stop breathing, then gasp out loud as I feel my warm cum touch my stomach
>afterwards, he just bear hugs me and we sit there panting for a bit, spacing off
>he kisses me on the neck a few times and asks me how I'm feeling
>tell him im feeling tired as hell and he laughs
>We put our pants back on (I threw everything I was wearing into the dirty clothes bin as soon as I got back)
>he drives me back to my dorm
>I thank him, he thanks me, and we depart
And that's how I fucked the gay away! :D
>cross streams with him
That's the most romantic and adorable thing I could think of
young/old if you're into that

>19, college student
>got dumped over winter break, feel like shit
>get back to school, look for rebound
>handsome as hell 51 year old on grindr
>sharp blue eyes, cute silver beard, full head of hair
>message with pics
>24 hrs no response
>try again, send a paragraph with proper punctuation and grammar
>he says im too young but we can be friends
>meet for coffee, we talk for 2.5 hours
>fast forward a couple days later, im curled up next to him on his couch watching a movie
>tell him im a good kisser, we make out for like an hour
>hes all cute and playful, neck biting, licking my face lol
>we cook ourselves dinner at his place, he lights candles, steak and wine
>as friends
>fast forward a few more days
>I spend the night at his place, we sleep together but only kiss, clothes on
>morning after he says *we* should take a shower
>tfw you cant take a shower with clothes on
>strip down in his bathroom with him
>great cock, ~6.5 cut, same as mine
>I get hard and apologize cause we're just friends
>he says dont apologize
>stroke and wash each other in the shower
>I offer to finish him off, he says I'm the guest so he drops to his knees
>great head
>he stands back up, backs up into me
>grinds up against me
>my cock sorta just finds its way into him
>he moans
>second time ive ever topped
>feels good
>really good
>pound away till I finish inside him
>as friends
>he finishes himself off
>we clean up, dry off, and go to a gay bar to watch the game
>he texts me after i go home that night that hes still "leaking my load"
>will text him again this weekend
>dirty clothes bin

Lol what made this bit important?
>leaking my load
I don't know it just felt icky walking around in cum soaked clothes
Ah. You didn't mention it getting on your clothes. Anyway though, good story, boner was had.
Thanks, im gonna wash them ASAP, hopefully my roommate doesn't notice the smell
HIV doesn't cause AIDS. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zqjI-YiNliQ
Drug use like amyl nitrates cause the immunosuppression. HIV is a harmless retrovirus that has been in people for at least hundreds of years. All you have to worry about is syphilis, gonnorrhea, and Hepatitis.
I meant to type (I've never done oral before) and I pull away and laid my head on his chest. Also grab instead of grav
>claims HIV doesn't cause AIDS
>posts documentary from 1996
>mfw this is right before HAART dramatically reduced AIDS rates

This...is bait...right?
Unrelated but does anyone else think cum smells like chestnut blossoms? If you've never smelled a chestnut tree in bloom go find one. I swear it's the exact same smell. Also a girl I work with had some dollar store cheese crackers one time that smelled like cum. And no, no one came in the box. I watched her open it.
It's a straightfag trying to sabotage us.
Funny enough, my college has trees that smell like cum when they bloom each spring so I know what you mean.
I wish I knew the scientific reason behind this.
Clean glasses that come out of the dishwasher often smell like cum, in my experience.
I'll check this out. Thanks.
Ive noticed these trees too. They always makes me feel sick. Cum smell is gross

Stop eating detergent dude
Faggots if /hm/, what constitutes a good bj? Im about to suck a dick for the first time in my life but i dont know what to do. Should i study porn before i go?
nice boring basic story
Would love to let you fuck me
Hey, just be glad youre not 3.5/4 in. like my asian ass
I had plenty of dom chub cock. The guys are so nervous sometimes though it's funny but cute.
Live in fucking London and still get old men. I guess I don't live in a trendy enough place.
whereabouts are you? west is not too bad. fucked some yummy asian guys if that's your thing
There are guys like me into small dicked asian guys. find the smaller size cute to look at and more manageable to suck or take in the ass. you just gotta find us :D
>tfw fat
>never get messages

I'll guess ill go for a run tomorrow then...
Croydon. Into white and mixed guys but would probably be into Asians if I had the opportunity.
Also by Asians you of course mean Indians etc instead of orientals?
>Clean glasses that come out of the dishwasher often smell like cum, in my experience.

"Until that final squirt of stuff that looked like cheap dish-washing liquid and smelled vaguely of cod liver oil."

That's from a story in a sci-fi / fantasy compendium I read ~35 years ago. Never have found it on-line, but that sentence always stuck with me for it's insight.
nope cos i'm not from england originally so that meaning of that word doesn't come naturally to me. i meant like east asians but i also like asians in the sense you mean
I was about to call you out for drunk driving but then I read the rest of the story and decided there was more to worry about to be honest
>be last week
>spend a couple of hours on /b/ rating cocks
>see some real beauties and get all horny
>it’s 2am and I want cock in my mouth, what do?
>Go onto Grindr and alter my pretty vanilla profile to BJ OFFERED NOW
>say I’m all horned up and want a nice uncut cock to suck, no reciprocation required
>I’m usually a dom top kinda guy so this is kind of out of character
>get a few responses
>one guy a 24 year old wants me to come to his place and suck him in the bathroom and go
>sounds simple enough so I agree
>he says he shares with others so we’ll have to be quiet
>I think he’s a uni student, there are quite a few house shares like that round here
>has a bathroom on the ground floor immediately to the left of the front door
>text him when I’m outside
>he silently lets me in and we go straight into the bathroom
>Decent looking guy, about 6 foot tall very slightly chubby, nice smile nice chunky thighs, half Asian I think
>get down on knees and rub my face on his underwear
>not a micro penis so kinda relieved
>take it out, pretty decent size about 6 inches i guess
>has a slightly tight foreskin, ask him in a whisper if it hurts when I pull it back
>he whispers back that it’s fine
>use all the tricks of the trade and suck for jesus
>first 10 minutes he’s standing then he sits down on the toilet
>another 10 minutes go by and my knees start to ache
>finally he takes matters into his own hands and unhooks his foreskin from behind his glans and jerks off
>say I want his cum in my mouth and other encouraging things
>blows a big load into my open mouth and I make suitably grateful noises
>lick him clean and swallow it all down
>he goes to the sink and begins washing his hands for some reason
>I get to my feet
>”Thanks for coming” says he
>”Thanks for cumming” say I
>I leave
File: 1446085289300.png (175 KB, 480x368) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
175 KB, 480x368
>the stories in this thread

Good fucking Lord holy shit. No wonder AIDS is still a fucking problem.
>using grindr
>literally craigslist

Remember, I don't care how stable, fit, rich or attractive you are, you're the bottom of the barrel getting with other bottom of the barrels. Thank you.
Bump. Wanna hear these results.
Homosexuality seems to correlate with stupidity, eh?
This level of bait is dangerously retarded.

>HIV doesn't cause AIDS
The only time HIV doesn't cause AIDS is if you die before your T-cell count gets to the level that brings you to AIDS. HAART prevents this from happening.

Do I need to ask everybody on grindr now if HIV causes AIDS before I sleep with them? I always use protection, but still...
>be me
>be 20 and lonely af
>install grindr
>an asian guy close-by sends a message
>doesn't look very attractive, but am really horny
>arrange a meeting in a local shopping-centre
>come there late, because of work
>getting really nervous
>he's cool with it
>we go to the public-toilets
>"It's my first-time"
>he smiles and un-zips me
>still nervous af
>rubbing me all over
>starts to wank me
>get sligthly erect
>he asks to un-zip him
>get on my knees
>too tight for me, so he unzips it anyways
>dick is smaller than mine (am 5 inch myself)
>not shaved, get some hair to my mouth
>start with the head and go down deeper
>precums already
>dt him
>he moans and cums soon after
>we switch again
>can't cum because nervous
>we switch a few times
>we kiss a bit
>he comes like four times, while i cum zero times
>we stop
>exchange numbers
>he has to leave for bus
>a bit later, i go home

Was a pretty good feeling after that.
Maybe I should try with a guy who I know (and definetly somewhere NOT in public)
Hey guys, a lil update, he just friended me on FB, should I be wary of anything?
Not necessarily. It depends on the vibe you got from him. If he seemed cool, and like someone you'd chat with or hang out with again, there's no harm in accepting it. I'm fb friends with lots of my hookups. Some I still talk to, others I've never heard from again, but accepting a friend request has never had negative repercussions for me.
Oh alright. Yea he was chill and gentle, only his thick ass accent was hard to understand sometimes.
Would you have preferred that he shave completely, or just trim a bit? Whats the ideal pube length?
Trimming or complete shaving. Sometimes it can can look a bit hot if the guy has trimmed pubes.
Shaved is ideal, but ONLY IF:
-you have little to no hair on your legs and torso
-the shaving doesn't fuck up your skin

If you're not one of the very few people that those two conditions apply to, then:
-trim pubes to about .5 inches
-make sure the surrounding hair on your legs and torso is trimmed appropriately as well
I have hairy legs but a pale smooth torso. What do??
See above^

Only shave if you have "little to no hair on your legs AND torso". Because you have hairy legs, refer to the second set of instructions. And DON'T FORGET to trim your leg hair as well. Trimmed pubes next to noticeably hairier legs looks downright silly.
You have no idea. The third night in the motel room he told me this story about how he wanted to pee on this female prostitute he and his friends got just to see what it was like, I think he wanted to pee in my mouth but I didn't put two and two together until after...damn
>be me
>on grindr
>pretend to be a girl
>get messages from bi guys
>one guy wanted me to be his female friend, was acting very stereotypical, seemed to be a hairstylist
>another accused me of not actually being a girl
That was a fun day
I wonder if it's still up
Hi /hm/

I've been having trourle finding decent men on grindr in Sydney, Australia. Any tips on where to find them? I'm into people around 30-45, preferably hung, good looking, decent and educated.

Bi curious 26yr old here.
with standards like that I'd suggest eharmony or match
Thanks :)

>HIV doesn't cause AIDS
>Disease is caused by processed foods
>Islam is a religion of tolerance and peace
>President Obama is competent
>There were weapons of Mass Destruction
>Sadaam Hussein was working with Osama bin Laden
>Up is Down
>Left is Right
>The Moon Landings were forged
>The Earth is Flat
>AT&T is secretly in charge of the world
>We're living inside a hologram

(Did I miss anything?)
mix buttermilk with a little bleach and you get really strong cum smell
File: AtticFloorFuck.png (218 KB, 416x268) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
218 KB, 416x268

>be me
>getting tired of grindr
>activate tindr account
>post my profile
>'accidentally' on purpose post to 'bros'
>fucking wow the responses
>weed it down after talking to a few guys
>tfw only a few are pissed off
>end up swapping head with a couple hot dudes, 8/10
>fuck a bro who'd just broken up with his grille
>guys are age are just fucking horny
>some 'straight' guys will do just about anything to get off
>keep doing for awhile
>mostly no repeats
>hookup with another 'bro' a few weeks later
>encounter goes south
>get a bloody lip and we broke his nightstand
>tindr's fun for a few cool 'crossovers'
>but you're lighting candles in a fireworks store
>got to be careful not to light the wrong 'fuse'

>ran into one of these hookups at the mall
>sorting through a pile of jeans, looked up and there he was
>instant recognition
>instant boner
>i wanted his ass bad again
>think he wanted to hookup again
>his 'girlfriend' came over
>never got to talk
>don't have his profile
>i hate that feeling

>better stick with the gay guys
>Mfw 2 hours after installing grindr im getting laid (im 5'10, 230)

I'm 5'7", 170 lbs, and I, too, got laid within 24 hours of installing this app.

Too bad most of the guys on there outright LOOK like they're crawling with STDs.
>>encounter goes south
Elaborate pls?

Quality, not quantity, boys.

Yeah, any idiot who is halfway cute or in shape can use the apps to get a hard dick, if you're not considering quality at all. Personally, I've had them for years, and I can count the number of guys I've really talked to and/or met on one hand. I'm just usually not interested in meeting people through that format, and guys nearby usually aren't my type.
Im the guy who asked about whether it's OK for a hook up to friend you on FB. We're meeting again tonight, hoping this will lead to FWB.
>Visiting Austin, TX
>start talkig with this 18 year old, 10/10, 8+ in.
>arrange to meet at his place, he mentiones "roomie" will be there as well
>mfw "roomie" is 40+ years old.
>mfw they try to give me molly
>turns out roomie is a pedophile who's into young teen boys
>never got to see that 8in cock ):
Hot Ive been peed on and drank some.

A guy might come by later to do this if Im lucky
1 wrong
2. very wrong.
3. also very wrong
see a pattern here?
File: wJ5fcq8.png (31 KB, 812x732) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Its a weak joke, go back to tumblr
>into teen boys
>pick one

Pedophiles are into prepubescent children. The vast majority of teenagers are not prepubescent. If he's into young teens (13-15) then he's a hebephile. If he's into older teens (15-19), like almost everyone is to some extent, then he's an ephebophile.

Given that his "roommate" is 18, and assuming he's sexually attracted to him, he sounds like a completely normal man.
Grinder is a waste of time. Guy's that get on there are so full of B/S it's not even funny. Grinder has went down hill if you ask me. It use to be fun and meet real guy's , Not know more full up people who like to hear their self talk.
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Why even talk to me if your going to be weirded I tried to go with but it was dead after that last text
File: 1678135.jpg (107 KB, 500x660) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>>>encounter goes south
>Elaborate pls?

The bro was conflicted. He was turned on and wanted to know all about my hookups and how I had the brass balls to hook up with dudes from Tindr.

Jock-bro was hard from the get-go, all over my dick, but chickened out each time I was about to do the insertion.

Finally, I pulled him to the end of the bed and skewered him.

He moaned like a bitch in heat, but I wouldn't let him touch his prick, mostly because I realized that as soon as he came, he was going to kick me out.

No romance or anything, he just wanted to play with another guy's johnson and get his prostate worked over. It wasn't his first time, despite what he'd told me.

After he came, I finished up inside him and then made the mistake of trying to make small talk and enjoy the 'post-coital bliss'.

He freaked, started calling me names and shoved my head into the headboard, so I smacked him in the head and we had a bit of a 'tussle' as they say, during which time he busted my lip and I broke the shelf on his nightstand and I guess messed up the lamp, too.

After we stopped fighting, he said I should probably leave, but I told him we both needed to get cleaned up and pushed him into the shower.

Surprisingly, the shower was OK and we both got each other clean and I managed to get another stiffie, even though more sex was absolutely not going to happen, but like my dick don't care, lol.

When I left, we tried to be civil, but it looked like he was going to cry.

Hooking up with straight bros was OK, but I just picked the wrong one and you're playing with fire doing this sort of thing, anyway.

A couple days later, I got a "drunk call" from him at like 3 AM, probably when the bars were closing down, but I didn't think it would be cool to have a repeat performance, you know.

I used to think with my dick. Oh my God some of the situations I worked myself into just to get my dick wet.

Good and bad times with cl, grindr, tindr, but never tried scruff.
>hoping this will lead to FWB

Invent a whole new online 'experience':


face-time, anyone?
>No romance or anything, he just wanted to play with another guy's johnson and get his prostate worked over. It wasn't his first time, despite what he'd told me.
Meeting up with a guy soon and this is what im afraid of. I want romance. I want a bf damn it.

>I realized that as soon as he came, he was going to kick me out.

>After he came... tried to make small talk and enjoy the 'post-coital bliss'

>I smacked him in the head

>he said I should probably leave

>I pushed him into the shower

>looked like he was going to cry

You're such a selfish piece of shit. I feel bad for anyone who has the misfortune of getting near your arrogant ass. Do a service to the gay community and delete all gay apps and go to a conversion camp
Wasnt sure where to post this and /lgbt/ isnt very helpful. Im about to bottom for the first time. Most ive ever donr was stick a thick marker up my ass, and that was over a year ago. Any tips for a beginner and how to take the real thing? Also, how do you get clean down there? Do you have to skip a meal? I dont have supplies for an enema. Someone recommended taking a laxative but that seems extreme...

Thanks for any help
If you have any water bottles you can use those for an enema. You don't have to push that much water in, about what you can fit in your mouth is enough.
Wipe, and then repeat if you wanna be sure.

Once you're getting down to business, you need to lube up with actual lube, or a lot of spit and make sure to lube his cock all the way to the base. Also, be relaxed and don't tense your anus up, push out lightly instead. If you're riding him, then just sit on it and let it slide in at your own pace, if he's pushing into you, keep a hand on his leg or his abdomen, and use it to control the entry. If it went in with little or no pain, then you're gonna be good to go for the entire session.
Am I the only one who doesn't have an enema to prepare for sex? Is this really that common?
I'd say it's pretty common to douche before bottoming. I don't know the stats, but I'd guess more than half of guys do it. Some guys don't need to, or can tell of they're "full" or not. But most guys I talk to have to douche if they want to be clean
I wonder when this started to become a thing. Maybe the 80s...
What makes you say that? I honestly can't imagine anal without it. As a bottom, it's uncomfortable if I'm not empty. And as a top, it doesn't feel right if the guy isn't clean. Like, I'm either bumping up against something, or his rectum is kinda sticky or something. It's weird.
Thanks. How do you get the water in and out without spilling everywhere? And if you do it in the tub/shower, do you have to wash the tub after??

>dosen't know that "cool" means "Im not interested at all but too polite to say it"
You got the polite part right, but i dont think necessarily indicates disinterest
What do you guys reply to this, yes? Nothing? No? Im used to not replying but this guy is kinda cute and im horny but i hate this kind of shit.
Not him but when someone makes a list that includes "Left Is Right", and you think there is any ambiguity as to its status as a joke, then frankly you're a fucking retard.
Ask for facepic, and if he's your type, go for it.
H-how does he know your dick is hairy?
Also, ew.
Which part is ew? The hairy dick?
Hey, is it normal for a photo to have the Grinder logo on it?
Im meeting a dude and neither of us has had prior experience with guys. We dont want to fuck, but we want to fool around. What are things we can do without actually sticking our dicks in each other? All i can think of is rimming and blowjobs. Maybe a naked massage?
>Hey, is it normal for a photo to have the Grinder logo on it?
Not suspicious at all.

Hey! Maybe he works there!!
What this anon said.
It means it's from a screen shot. Perfectly normal if he wanted to hide it he would crop it no prob......
HAART only "reduced" the AIDS rate because they changed the fucking definition. That's in the video.

The earth is flat.
Watch the documentary. The primary study meant to prove the causation between HIV and AIDS, by a retrovirus scientist (Robert Gallo) who before trie to prove viruses caused cancers, failed to show even a 50% (44 out of 93) correlation between HIV and AIDS. That means less than 50 percent of the people with undeniable AIDS he tested even had HIV. He released this study for peer review ONE WEEK AFTER he announced with a government official that he had found the cause of AIDS. Oh, and he controlled the patent on the test for detected HIV. He is now a a millionaire. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zqjI-YiNliQ

The video shows with science incontravertably that aids is not infectious. AIDS drugs cause AIDS also. AIDS is just immunosuppresion and other symptoms in the presence of the benign retrovirus HIV. You're been mislead.
>AIDS drugs cause AIDS also. AIDS is just immunosuppresion and other symptoms in the presence of the benign retrovirus HIV. You're been mislead.
You're worse than Hitler.
the posted that you dip
Do you have to shave your hole in order to frott?
>Do you have to shave your hole in order to frott?
Frotting means rubbing your dicks together, with special emphasis on the frenulums. Fuck, Google it; there's not much out there, but it is incredibly hot. Usually, one guy cums and the second starts cumming right after, because IT IS SO FUCKING HOT.
What about during brokeback mountain-times? Or did they just have disgusting shitty assholes. And you KNOW they went bareback. I feel sick now.
>get a message from a guy
>swap some pics, he wants to come over and blow me
>I ask if I can reciprocate
>yeah sure
>he comes over
>nice cock, thick. About 6.5"
>I go total slut and end up blowing him the whole time
>he gets really into it, starts fucking my face, being dominant, slapping me with his dick.
>he says he wants to cum on my face
>I hang off the edge of the bed and suck his balls while he strokes himself
>paints my face
>rubs my nipples and lets me suck and play with his dick until I come

Pretty good. I have another story of him. We ended up messaging a lot and he's really into being dominant. He messaged a few guys to let me blow them.
Got any dick sucking tips?? Doesnt your spit snell bad on the guys dick? And doesnt his dick get cold as the spit dries? Ive never sucked a dick and i have so many questions
The big things to remember:
1. Enthusiasm counts for a lot. If you love to suck dick, you'll be really good at it.
2. Never ever use teeth. Some say "if you do it right, teeth can feel good." I have never sucked a guy who wanted teeth. And I've sucked a ton.
3. THE GLANS. The head, the mushroom, the cap, the tip. I've given blowjobs where I have literally just licked their frenulum until they blew. He loved it.
4. Don't neglect the balls. Self explanatory, be gentle.
5. Don't be afraid to deep throat. That said, don't gag more than twice. It's a recipe for disaster.
File: suck a cock.jpg (63 KB, 1024x768) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
suck a cock.jpg
63 KB, 1024x768

Your spit shouldn't smell bad but you are the only one who will smell it anyway, eh? And your should be too busy with your mouth covering his dick to be able to smell it.

How can any male not know how to suck a dick--you HAVE one, you know what you would like someone to do to yours.
File: 14787829.jpg (60 KB, 800x603) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
60 KB, 800x603
Boy, did you read the situation wrong, dude.

Maybe you're just reading in one of your own hookups that went south with a dude who ended up being a total prick.

My mistake was trying to get 'affectionate' with the guy; he was only comfortable getting off and I just crossed the line and he freaked.

Like I said, straight dudes are a mixed bag of tricks and I decided that gay bros are complicated enough.

>conversion camp ( right anon )...

Straight guys are horny and curious, but are much more comfortable with 'situational' sex or quick, NSA blowies or fucking, whichever roles they end up filling.

But come to think of it, that also describes most gay guys...sad to say....

Which is why a lot of 'drunk' sex happens and no one talks about it the next morning when everyone sobers up.

most cowboys didn't have guns and were young guys with a high mortality rate who were frequently sexually abused by older guys, ranch bosses, etc.

The myth of the cowboy has been perpetuated to such an extent that we don't want to accept the historical truth of the matter

The real cowboy: think of runaway teens and what often happens to these kids once they reach the big city


As to what guys do in the heat of passion--whether or not it's consensual--do you really think that when a dude is raping another he checks to make sure the other dude is clean first?

There is a scene in Brokeback Mountain where Jake has to scrub his jeans in the mountain stream the morning after and clean his hiney...does that answer your question?

It tends to come (so to speak) with experience. So even 100 years ago, and experienced bottom probably had had enough incidents of "ewww, brown" that he began douching in whatever way they did back then. At the same time, guys just getting into bottoming nowadays probably haven't learned that it's expected, and if they think "Well, he's got a condom, so he won't get shit on his dick exactly"...people are amazingly uneducated about sexual things, especially gay sex. You can't assume that they know what is expected.
File: 3Way-Spray.jpg (52 KB, 640x469) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
52 KB, 640x469

Well obviously you try to empty out in the regular way as much as you can first--no point in a log coming out in the shower. but after you've shat, then get something like a shampoo bottle that you can fill with water and squeeze up in you (wamr water works better) and suddenly you will need to "shit" again. You can leave the shower and go in a toilet if you prefer, but there probably isn't a whole lot of solid shit in you (that can't be wiped up from the shower). Might take a couple of times before the water that comes out is clear.

That is all plenty, don't you think? Kissing of course, tit sucking--some get into toe-sucking (I don't). The male body is a wonderful thing to explore especially if you haven't gotten to play with one before. You'll figure it out ;)
File: frottage 3.jpg (71 KB, 500x554) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
frottage 3.jpg
71 KB, 500x554


Stalin was worse than hitler. Hitler round up jews to put them to labor to fuel his war machine, not kill them..
Hi guys I'm Matty Brettle from Australia I'm a new B)Ro any body want to be friends on Facebook
>benign retrovirus HIV

this is a joke,right?

please...try 'comforting' THIS dude with that bit of 'magical' info
Saturday night and Grindr is down :(
Okay. Only watch if you have 2 hours because I don't have a timestamp set up of all the info. I might make one just to get the word out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zqjI-YiNliQ

>inb4 people detract before the fact that its an old documentary despite the fact that none of the debunking is 1990's specific. It's all scientific method, lack of causation, lack of behaving like an infectious disease, population difference between america and africa which is unlike an infectious disease, the fact the the virus itself is identical to the thousands of other retroviri that don't cause diseases, the fact that gallo failed to show causation or even CORRELATION in his chief study (only 44 out of 93 aids patients tested had HIV also), the fact that gallo stood to make millions of his patented HIV test (which he did and has made millions off of it), the fact that the disease is and was still mostly gay. drug user. hemophiliac specific in the 90's until they changed the definition in order to include women in order to say "Women are the fast growing demographic" because they included HIV + breast cancer as aids and suddenly all these women have "Aids", etc.

A lot of info in two hours so watch it all and talk or don't bother at all. This is important for the gay cmmunity because its the drug users, not our activity, which is causing aids. And that stigma needs to disappear.
>Quality, not quantity, boys.

Pretty much. You don't get a prize for getting laid by a dude since we're pretty much dtf 90% of the time. I deleted the app like an hour after downloading it because it looked like AIDS is a mandatory requirement as most of the dumbasses I chatted with were adverse to using condoms
>Saturday night and Grindr is down :(

I just don't know if it's ISIS, the GOP, or both working together.
AIDS is non-infectious. >>1305178
I think it's because I added my instagram link earlier and the server crashed with all the extra traffic
>in my dreams

>AIDS is non-infectious.
And Freddy Mercury is working at a Walmart in Yankton, SD.
AIDS drugs can cause aids. Hard drugs cause aids. Amyl nitrate (poppers) definitely cause AIDS symptoms. Watch the documentary. Once they have you on aids drugs, you will have all the deteriorating effect that you think are HIV caused aids but is really all your drugs. Freddy mercury is probably dead and that is why.
File: IMG_0564.jpg (91 KB, 750x1334) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
91 KB, 750x1334
>AIDS drugs can cause aids. Hard drugs cause aids. Amyl nitrate (poppers) definitely cause AIDS symptoms.
The endless ravings of a lunatic causes AIDS.
It's not magic. It's science. What are you doubting when you won't even watch the video. I bet you do drugs or love someone who does and so you have a personal stake in covering your ears.
Ahh, NOW I get it. You're POZ and you still can't deal with having been betrayed by a lover or acknowledging your reckless behavior is the sole reason.

So... you glom onto some sort of 'AIDS Spare Change' vast conspiracy theory to blame.

I'm sorry what happened to you, but that still does not justify you spewing lies to convince other men to become fellow sufferers.
why are you continuing to peddle a long debunked myth?

Putative link with AIDS[edit]
In the early days of the AIDS crisis, widespread use of poppers among the earliest AIDS cases drove speculation that poppers contributed to the development of Kaposi's sarcoma, a rare form of cancer that occurs in AIDS patients.[8][9] Some modest, short-term reductions in immune cells have been seen in animal studies. Overall, however, evidence that poppers cause any significant degree of immune suppression is sparse and, by about 2009, very little research on the subject was recent.[10]

It isn't even vast. Flat earth is much more vast. You only have to look at the chief study and realize it doesn't add up and all the other studies don't either. Over 600 PHD havers, doctors, scientist etc have signed their names to the point.
It's not debunked. It's a lie.
And here we were, wondering why nobody uses the board anymore
hey /hm/
first time here and I figure this is probably the best thread to ask

just wanted to ask
is it normal that I want to suck a cock once in a while (really not all the time, just all couple months) and get fucked in the ass eventhough I really don't like anything else about men?
I don't like their faces, their asses, their smell, their bodies, kissing, really, I find all of that more disgusting and a turn off than anything else
also really don't like gay porn, even when I'm horny as fuck I can't fap to it
I just like pretty dicks and balls, I'm very picky there too, only completely shaven and big 17cm - 22cm, preferably cut, and absolutely nothing else

I almost find no guys that fit that description

it's hard to be bisexual
>who am I telling this

ALso bi. I find it interesting that you don't care for faces, asses etc. I personally don't like cock,; only butt, and no facial hair, no colored hair, no piercings or tattoos, and only twinks. and on top of that, only virgins. So I don't get to make fuck a lot, but when I do it's great. No, we're not normal in any sense of the word.
File: DoctorRaven.jpg (141 KB, 640x366) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
141 KB, 640x366
>lack of behaving like an infectious disease, population difference between america and africa which is unlike an infectious disease

HIV may be an iatrogenic illness, accidentally bred during recombinant virus testings done as prophylaxis in Africa and the United States (opposite coasts), but it is an infectious illness, with four strains in the African sector and the remaining two starting in the US

it is infectious and is responsible for HIV, plus associated illnesses complicating matters

just because the medical community (that is combating it) are the ones who accidentally created it, doesn't change the fact that it is infectious and causes immune system collapse in most individuals exposed

intravenous drug usage is only one vector to spreading the illness, but it is a series of retroviruses and behaves just like other retroviruses (and may become part of our genetic code with time, just like other retroviruses)

HIV is a thing; latching onto one small series of studies whilst conveniently ignoring all the other elephantine masses of evidence is a fool's idea of scientific validity

all you'll end up doing is confusing some people

HIV is an infectious retrovirus that sometimes develops into full-blown AIDS given enough time and the proper series of circumstances

it can be spread to others even when one does not have AIDS and even one never develops AIDS oneself

blaming it on promiscuous gays or MSMs or drug users does not help us fight it any better

immune system collapse can be caused by many things, not necessarily HIV, but HIV-sourced immune system collapse is very specific in its development and associated illnesses (such as karposi's syndrome)

HIV is easily preventable given proper prophylaxis, screening and can be rendered nearly non-infectious and 'apparently' cleared, given the right individuals, treatment regimen and time-frame
File: 1447026947823.jpg (11 KB, 328x277) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>live in small town
>noone active that lives nearby
>Constantly messaged by the same creeper who keeps making new accounts

Small towns, fun
I seconded that.
OK HIV causes AIDS. Whatever. I don't want HIV.
The point is that most of the shitheads I chatted to briefly on GRINDR tried convincing me why they don't need to use condoms. If you fit in this category, kindly fuck yourself in the ass with a dry luffa
Thank you. There's no need to argue semantics of AIDS and HIV. Just wear a damn condom until you can trust your partner. It's that simple, folks.
>conventional party line
>“Who is this that darkens counsel by words without knowledge?" Job 38:2
That's an alright attitude. If I was a sex haver I would want to avoid HIV too given its current stigma. It doesn't cause AIDS though.
>I don't like their faces, their asses, their smell, their bodies, kissing, really, I find all of that more disgusting and a turn off
What self hating gay would even sleep with you?
In the year of 2015. I got my car. In this year I fucked or hooked up with about 15 or so guys, almost everyone from grindr.
I'll start with a recent one.
>Be 20
>Set filter to look for guys 21 and under, twinks, and trans
>Find decent looking blond twink 30 miles away, who also drags.
>Love fem guys, especially blonds.
>Talk for a couple days,were into eachother and want to hook up
>Get out early from work one day
>As I am driving I get the urge to take the biggest fucking shit of my life
>40 minute drive
>Get to his apartment complex, bitch is taking long as fuck to reply
>I really gotta fucking shit
>Get to his apartment, immediate ask to use the bathroom
>Starting shitting, it smells so bad, and its so much.
>So embarrased at this point.
>Get out the bathroom, he doesn't mind and is totally understanding.
>Start hooking up on his couch, just making out.
>His breath fucking stinks,but has nice lips and is a good kisses.Has a retainer on, I guess it might have been that.
>Go to his bed, and we get naked.
> Turn him around, on his stomach.
>Beautiful fucking white ass, with a pink hole, no smell, minimal hair.
>Start playing with his ass,biting it, playing with his hole and grinding on him.
> I tell him I have condoms and lube, and I ask him if he wants to fuck.
>"No, that's okay"
>I'm thinking bitch, I drove 30 fucking miles, and you're not gonna let me fuck.
>He proceeds to give me one of the best blowjobs and handjobs I've ever received in my life.
>His roomate enters the apartment.
>Door is unlocked
>He says its okay, she won't come in.
>She leaves and he proceeds to blow me.
>I turn him around again and start playing his with ass
>I make him arch his back, while I rub his, asshole and bottom of his scrotum.
>He starts moaning and tries to pull away
>Grab his ass and start rubbing, and fingering more.
>Get on top of him and start grinding on his ass
>Once again i ask if I can fuck
>He says "Its just that I am top"
>I proceed by grinding on his ass until I cum
>I wipe him off, and he lays down
>I noticed he had a really nice cock
>Start jerking it off and admiring it
>I start to suck it for a few minutes
>I jerk him off for less than a minute
>and he cums a ton
>we hop into the shower
>blow and grind on eachother
>get out the shower chit chat, and I leave.
>Never texted each again
I feel bad for not staying in touch with him, he was a nice guy, who just happens not to be a bottom.
Neither of you asked "top or bottom" before you met??
>one of the best blowjobs and handjobs I've ever received in my life.
what did he do that made it so good?
eugh.... Grindr was offline yesterday. I log in today and my favorites are all gone(not a big deal, re-make them from my chat log) and ALL my blocks are all gone.

I log in and theres literally 20 gross guys all within 1 mile of me, and a bunch message me... and since i'm cheap, i only have like 8 blocks per day....

Prob. gonna take me 1 full week to block all the gross guys again. Thanks grindr...
File: 1454293529289.jpg (112 KB, 750x746) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
112 KB, 750x746
File: IMG_0628.jpg (221 KB, 750x1334) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
221 KB, 750x1334
same here, except they say they are working on getting the blocks and favourites restored
Pic related
Clean your fucking inbox
haha now why would I want to go do something as mundane as that?
>same here, except they say they are working on getting the blocks and favourites restored
Dont expect much. Grindr is a shit app, so many tech problems.
Because the app gets incredibly unstable and slow once you get around the 600 mark.

>implying its not already incredibly unstable.
>In college
>In denial because reasons
>Install grindr
>End up blocking people, things are just weird
>Finally end up chatting to some normal dude for a couple days
>Near the end of my work shift we start chatting
>Asks if I wanted to just come over and chill, sounded like a deal
>He wasn't too far away, found it remotely easily
>We sat down and talked a bit, we talk about work, previous jobs, all that
>Then he mentions how he's trying to become a massage therapist
>Tell him I've never had a massage before and he'd be willing to oblige
>I say fuck it, why not.
>He gets his stuff set up and tells me to strip
>He starts massaging me, apparently used to work with athletes
>More small talk ensues
>Flips me on my stomach, it's starting to feel good
>He sees the bulge forming in the sheet he covered me with when I flip back over
>Shyly try to cover it, but he tears the sheet off and says something like "it's natural, no need to hide it"
>Goes back to rubbing my chest and then his hands got lower
>Gives my dick a few quick tugs and asks if he should continue
>I nod
>Proceeds to give me one of the best hand jobs I've ever had
>After he spent some time teasing my dick, he starts teasing my nipples
>Even played with my ass a bit
>It's getting really intense, I started gasping, bucking into his hand whenever he pinched my nipple again, etc
>As I'm getting ready to come, suddenly [spoiler] I have one of those weird out of body experience [/spoiler]
>Came so hard I couldn't even think straight
>He freaked out because I was apparently so pent up
>Shyly got dressed, blushing like crazy
>Left and walked around for a bit, wondering what the fuck just happened

Tame compared to this thread.
But still, it was pretty great.
Trying this for the first time was pretty god damn hot.
Felt amazing since we were both lubed up and uncut.

Honestly, it felt better than fucking him in the ass.
>be 20
>getting into fat porn
>holiday weekend, my mother and I decide to drive to the fl keys
>horrible fucking idea
>hit up some fat dude on grindr before I go
>mid 20s,white guy, in town, and staying at some nice hotel on Hollywood beach, fl
>apparently he was some teacher for a private school, they were in town for tournament or something with his students
>just got back from having a horrible time. Want to unwind
>hit him up, we agree for me to come to his room to fuck
>drive there to Hollywood beach, can’t fucking find parking cause it was memorial or 4th of July. Can’t remember
>he’s rushing me, telling me his students will be back any time now
>find parking, go to his room
>not what I expected
>too tall and too fat. Instantly regretting everything. What the fuck am I doing with my life
>he instantly starts kissing me
>I push him on to the bed, and flip him on his stomach
>fuck it, I’m already here
>spread his ass, holy fuck it smells bad
>bought some strawberry scented lube, which I apply viciously to cover up the horrible scent
>can’t even get hard at this point im just duffle bagging it(sticking it in soft)
>tell him I need to take a shower
>my shirt which I left on the bed smells like synthetic strawberries and shit
>as soon as im done with the shower. I put on my clothes and leave without saying anything
>trying to erase memory from my mind as I am driving home
>then I just embrace it and learn never to be that fucking desperate again
>>“Who is this that darkens counsel by words without knowledge?" Job 38:2

quoting scripture on /hm, lol

here's one for you, anon:

"If these, my disciples, are silenced, the stones themselves shy cry out the truth of my words"

HIV is a retrovirus that can be spread by sexual contact, intravenous drug usage and bodily fluid contamination given the right series of circumstances

it can be easily prevented by not sharing needles, using dams or condoms and by observing proper laboratory and medical protocols
>duffle bagging

all the time i spent in the corps and never heard this phrase

til: duffle bagging

10/10 !
>ALL my blocks are all gone.

...had literal fucking nightmares about this happening to me when i was still using grindr

they were prolly hacked
First and only (so far) grindr hookup

>>Rando messages me on grindr
>>cute and muscular (black guy)
>>get to talking
>>offers for me to come to his place
>>I man the fuck up and say yes instead of chickening out like normal
>>he picks me up
>>I turn on location recording because paranoid by nature
>>get to his place
>>immediately offered booze
>>drinking rum chata, doing shots of vodka and crown (not mixed, ew)
>>go to his room, agree to start with cuddling
>>"want some molly?"
>>MFW I have nothing planned tomorrow
>>ingest the insane chemical and await facemelt
>>cuddling for a bit and even singing to the music we were playing
>>we sense the horniness
>>immediately start taking our clothes off
>>huge dick
>> ~10.5", biggest I'd had before was 7"
>>Ass puckers so hard it makes a small black hole
>>get safewords done and over with
>>we both like kinky shit
>>7 hours of intense, fetishy sex all over his place
>>discover I have a piss fetish by accident in shower
>>we actually trade underwear
>>Dropped back off at home
>>Haven't talked with him since

I have no idea how many times I came, but to get the rest of the horny out when I fapped there was nothing. Jesus fucking christ that butt was cute.
I feel your pain
File: IMG_0632.jpg (164 KB, 750x1334) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
164 KB, 750x1334
>around the 600 mark.
Is that 600 conversations or 600 messages?

I've currently got 419 individual conversations in my inbox which only goes back to July 2015 because back then I had to reset my phone and lost all my previous history.

I have no idea how many individual messages I have and I'm not about to count

Latest message from Grindr
well favourites seem to be back now, I don't think the blocks have kicked in yet though
I didn't say none of that was untrue. I said HIV does not cause AIDS and it never has. Even the definition is dumb. Melanoma and no HIV is melanoma. Melanoma and HIV is AIDS. Karposi's Sarcoma and no HIV is Karposi's Sarcoma. Karposi's Sarcom and HIV is AIDS. They did that after it stopped spreading past gays and drug users at the rate in line with a so called infectious disease.HIV is transmissibl but harmless. AIDS is 100% behaviour induced only, and is not infectious from person to person except by picking up drug habits, including poppers.
Also I alone here am a disciple of jesus. None of you idiots.
File: DuluthMe.jpg (7 KB, 225x225) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
7 KB, 225x225
>>>we actually trade underwear

i did this by accident twice hooking up through cl

Well, it's a bitch that the blocks are gone. It caused me some embarrassment today.
no embarrassment for me as yet, just the usual suspects trying their luck

care to share your embarrassing story?
File: AsyKlsV.png (136 KB, 622x626) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
136 KB, 622x626
Lol. Noice.
>be me, 19 y/o student
>pull 6/10 in club
>agree to go back to his
>fall asleep on his bed because drunk
>wake up alone in the bed, its damp
>turns out I wet myself in his bed and he slept on the floor
>still have sex in the morning
>never spoken since
>still have sex in the morning
classy haha
He was surprisingly OK with the situation. Would have been rude to turn him down too after what I'd done
so it was a shamefuck as penance for pissing in his bed? That's kinda hot
Haha yeah I guess, was pretty good too, average looking guy but nice dick
in the past 3/4 months ive racked up over 1000 unread messages, its so annoying
Fucking wot m8.
I get like 30 a month.

"You have a body that is unhealthy, objectively unattractive to the majority of people"

I can't think of anything more unattractive than your personality.
File: IMG_0649.jpg (170 KB, 750x1334) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
170 KB, 750x1334
latest update on the block situation
>also in the hot club
>open grindr with no intention of hooking up
>watch the messages flood in
>pick the 1/100 hottest guy and actually hook up
>do it again next week

you faggots need to hit the gym for real. nothing better than getting an unsolicited message from someone with "no headless torsos" in their profile when your picture is a headless torso.
>getting an unsolicited message from someone with "no headless torsos" in their profile when your picture is a headless torso.
haha that's a good one. My favourite is guys who say "no hook ups" and then message you for a hook up

Definitely interested in that other story with those guys.
Not like I have another choice when it comes to meeting gays without taking the huge risk of falling for an hetero instead.
File: 623000769.jpg (32 KB, 544x408) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
32 KB, 544x408
>another choice when it comes to meeting gays without taking the huge risk of falling for an hetero instead

>falling for an hetero guy

the secret unicorn love-potion fantasy of 85 % of gay guys...

...aching for the straight stud who will fall in love with him and be husbando bff fuck-buddy, let's-adopt-a-puppy-or-retarded-black-baby-girl and live in your mansion thing

(because that's so much LESS complicated than simple daddy issues)

most guys on grindr are secretly holding out for THIS GUY to be on the other end of the app (pic)
Using dating apps, not hook up apps.
I'd probably let a guy like that use me as his personal sex tool until or unless I began to feel too degraded and exploited.
As for the love, puppies and mansions etc., I'm not interested.
Although I make no claim to represent the views of most /hm/ posters, whatever they may be
You sound perfect
I bet you don't even know what that's referencing, pleb.
It's from the Fate series...
>Also I alone here am a disciple of jesus. None of you idiots.

hi god here, just wanted to clear up a few things, firstly you are god to, (but you are pretending you aren't)

ps, jesus never said he was "the" son of god he said he was "a" son

pps the phrase "only-begotten son" refers not to Jesus the man but to the Second Person of the Trinity

ppps It should be understood that the expression "son of" means "of the nature of," as when we call someone a son of a bitch, "son of" has nothing to do with maleness or being younger than. Likewise, the Second Person of the Trinity, God the Son, the Logos-Sopia, refers to the basic pattern or design of the Universe, ever emerging from the inconceivable mystery or the Father as the galaxies shine out of space.

pppps Nowhere does the Bible, or even the creeds of the Church, say that Jesus was the only incarnation of God the Son in all time and space. Furthermore, it is not generally known that God the Son is symbolized as both male and female, as Logos-Sophia, the Design and the Wisdom of God, based on the passage in Proverbs 7:9, where the Wisdom of God speaks as a woman.

hope this helps - god

Some guy I had met once. He confronted me about me blocking him, at the train station. And I was in a bad mood. Sucks to be a faggot.
Jesus fucking whore christ, how long is it going to fucking take to get the fucking blocks back on.
"why did you block me"
well clearly because you're a cunt and/or terrible in bed.

He secretly wet the bed himself and is really happy he got a shag out of it.
If a guy was physically perfect but not very good in bed, would you keep him around or boot him?
Keep obvs. Sex acts and shit can be learned. You can't learn how to not have an ugly face.
Mostly >>1307135 - if he seems like a cool guy who'll be up for some lessons, keep.
Always been curious about fucking an FtM. Women turn me off but a man with a vagina doesn't seem to. Plus I guess they're hella sensitive because they're on T and it enlarges the clitoris. Something about an FtM dominating me gets me hard, which is strange because I'm not normally into being dominated.

Any FtM's in here? What's it like?
Do you guys have any tips for me so i wont suck shit my first time? Any advice would help, really...
Tips for fucking? Being fucked? Sucking? Kissing?

How experienced are you?
File: image.jpg (83 KB, 500x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Underrated post
>holy fuck my sides
Tips for all of it... Im still a virgin but hopefully meeting a guy soon. Scared cause i dont know about anything.
>I am turned on by this
When you were fighting did you get the impression at all that suddenly kissing him would lead to passionate angry sex? That sounds hot as fuck.

I definitely would have tried for round two.
>Tips for fucking? Being fucked? Sucking? Kissing?
There should be a sticky thread on /hm/ covering these topics
I know exactly what that was. I work at a massage place and whenever I get massaged I get so turned on- but that's a huge problem, so I focus as hard as I can not to pop a boner. Obviously I don't get many massages.

Still leak precum like a faucet though.
Hi satan. I see you are mixing lies in truths again and weaving them together like the fit.
>214 unread messages
This screws with me so bad. Do people out there really never open messages?
>passionate angry sex
Argument / make-up sex is amazing. From shouting to balls deep in like 5 seconds.
>passionate angry sex
Argument / make-up sex is the best. From shouting to balls deep in 5 seconds.

1650+ unread messages since October over here. No use opening the ones to guys I'm not into. I don't like to block either - find it too harsh a thing to do just bc im not attracted to the guy.
File: IMG_0692.jpg (189 KB, 750x1334) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
189 KB, 750x1334
>Do people out there really never open messages?

Yes I do because usually the person is just saying something inane like Hi which you can see from the message preview. And if they're ugly, have no pic, too old or whatever then I usually can't even be bothered to open their profile and clear the message
I kinda agree with the not blocking thing, although some people consider not being blocked as a sign of encouragement and keep messaging endlessly.

Also every person blocked frees up a space for someone else to appear at the bottom of your list of guys, although you sound like the type of guy that just has to sit and wait for contacts rather than actually searching people out and making the first move
File: image.jpg (33 KB, 218x265) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
33 KB, 218x265
>why you up so late then aubergine kiss muscle hand?
How could you ignore this winner you heartless fuck?
I sort of agree on the blocking thing. I'm not into fat dudes but I don't block them. There was this one guy who was huge and I've slowly seen him shed the weight over the last year. It's kind of impressive. When he messages me I'll message back something polite but he's kind of weird, so I don't see anything happening here.

But I should probably be blocking more people, because sometimes I do find myself waiting to be messaged by someone further than three miles away. It just seems cruel though.
Well here's my question: if someone can't just say hi, then what are they supposed to say?

IMO, someone just saying hi just wants to start a conversation, and if you're not interested that's one thing. I just don't understand how someone greeting you is unappealing or "inane", to the point you don't even want to talk to them unless they say something more "interesting", whatever that may be.

>inb4 you're overthinking this
I probably am.
haha that was funny. He's referencing my profile name which is a bunch of emoticons including those mentioned. If he was more my type I'd have replied but I did have a little chuckle
>It just seems cruel though.
yeah I understand that. You can elect to unblock everyone at any point though, although you can't individually unblock anyone.
to be honest although I said Hi was inane, which it is, my decision to speak or not speak, to open and read and respond to the message or not is not generally down to the message itself but to the profile of the messeger.

It's shallow I know but if someone with a fantastic pic said something totally repulsive I'd probably still reply.

Not everyone is like me though and I don't hold myself up as some example to be followed
>somewhat drunk and horny one night and decide to download app
>nothing really comes of it so I decide to go to bed
>somewhat forget I had downloaded it and wind up getting a few messages the next day
>figure why not atleast check it out
>talk to a few people and wind up finding a guy my age who seems to be cool with me wanting discretion
>have him come to my house (first mistake) and come in quietly cause of roommates and closet life
>ends up being really cool and we don't even end up hooking up just bullshitted
>i guess i should have mentioned before i have little experience and don't like being pressured so I was kinda glad
>hang out again and end up fooling around a bit
>was fuckin great and what i was looking for
>then everything turned over the next few weeks
>idk if he got the wrong idea eventhough I made it abundently clear i was strait acting and only looking to hook up but holy moly
>it started with constant phone calls/texts to the point where i had to block his number
>progressed to him showing up unnanounced at my house when i was the only one there thankfully
>i had to get almost to the point of aggression (which I do not like doing, and am mostly against) for him to finally fuck off
>smooth sailing since up until like a week ago he tried adding me on social media multiple times until blocked
>fucking grindr, still download it from time to time when horny but everyone in this town is wackadoodles

also sorry for shitty greentext i rarely post
>staying with family out of town recently
>only one awake so i decide to install Grindr and check shit out
>never tried in big city, or huge apartment complex and am instantly taken aback
>TONS of guys super close one even 70 feet away, panic and think some weirdo may decide to knock on door or something
>instant close uninstall and forget about it
>now its a week later and im back home, install grindr and its the same old weirdos
>kick myself for being such a chicken I should have just fuckin gone for it
>atleast now I know next time I visit it won't be hard to find someone

Also had a whole plan to go to a bath house that looked pretty nice, never had been to one and the idea of walking around naked with other men is just great to me, even if I didn't into sex. Chickened out of that last minute too, fuckin dammit.
if the dude was physically perfect, but couldn't suck dick to save his arse, i'd still keep him around, because, like, he don't need to be any good to take dick

i'd rather cuddle with a good looking guy afterwards anyway

i've fucked guys who weren't attractive before and had incredible orgasms, but certainly didn't want to stick around for post coital bliss

looks kind of matter
if you're as DL as you say, you are probably safer meeting guys one time only.

Sounds like the poor guy fell for you and you handled it insensitively because of your extreme closetness

>everyone in this town is wackadoodles
sounds like you're in good company then haha

>also sorry for shitty greentext i rarely post
no worries thanks for posting
Angry make-up sex only works with boyfriends or fuck-buds, definitely not straight bros who just wanted to get poked to get off or guys you don't know very well. This was just a hookup that went a little south.

Guy was uncomfortable and seeing me get hard in the shower again kind of freaked him out. And yeah, I did really want to fuck him again, hence my boner. Guy was a total hottie.

He did try drunk-dialing me a handful of days later and the idea of going over, finding him drunk and railing the snot out of him was a turn on, but i knew it would be awkward as fuck afterwards, he'd feel even worse about himself and I'd feel like a total heel.

Getting in a physical altercation with him after we got off wasn't a turn on at all, it was just stupid and not something I had planned for.

Straight guys who want gay sex are fragile creatures and I didn't like finally having to confront the fact that they could flip out at any moment if I do something that could shatter their fantasy.

Gay guys are more predictable.

Also, sad to say, I ended up fucking bareback with some of the straight bros, it was rare I'd do this with gay guys. I've noticed over the years that the bisexual and straight bros who are MSM don't seem to put so much 'emphasis' on having safe sex.

Previously, I'd already learned not to fuck straight guys I knew or was buds with. I lost one friend in High School because we hooked up on a ski trip. Losing him as a friend was not worth one weekend of screwing around.
>>progressed to him showing up unnanounced at my house

holy fuck this happened to me a couple times, pretty freaky stuff when someone gets obsessed and don't want boilt bunnies in my stock pot
wow are you god's gift to men then? That's a lot of messages.

Post your profile pic. This thread has reached bump limit now so there'll probably be fewer guys seeing it on here than on actual Grindr
Really wish I could get into the cock rate threads, I always start to then see like 4 in a row that are god awful and lose it.
yeah luckily for me the ones I don't like don't tend to spoil it for me.
That said, I prefer the /b/ cock threads to the /soc/ cock threads because it's all so much faster and ephemeral
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just don't be like this guy!
I don't think it was insensitive seeing as I completely explained what my intentions where and what I was looking for. It's also not like I was just a dick strait away either, dude got crazy first and fast. If I would have led someone to believe I was looking for or into something I truly wasn't that would be a dick move, but that was far from the case.
well fair enough. But it's pretty clear he fell for you. It doesn't matter how much you explain in advance, you can't help falling for someone. When you say it go so bad you deleted his number, it sounds like to failed to make it clear to him how you felt, and just tried to run away from the situation without confronting it, which led to him coming to your house.

I'm sure there were probably poor decisions on both sides. He probably acted like a dick because he had the hots big time for you. You probably acted like a dick because you saw his attention as a potential threat to your secrecy and wanted to run away and hide from him.

The point it could happen again regardless of whether you use Grindr, Craigslist, any of the other internet sites or meet someone in person and you need to ask yourself is there anything you can do to mitigate this type of behaviour
Anybody?? Virgin in need of help here
don't try to pretend you are more experienced than you are.
Find a partner who is willing to communicate clearly with you what they are enjoying and what they are not.
Go slowly and take your cues from your partner's responses.
Be open to experimenting but make it clear if you do not like something or are uncomfortable or in pain.
Try not to take it too seriously, be prepared to make mistakes and be able to laugh it off
Have fun
I can agree with what your saying, and for what it's worth I think you could be right. I probably could have handled it better, and most likely would if it happened again. I do understand too how it feels to fall for someone and them not feel the same and that shit does suck, I just never really have been the person to take it to that level I guess, I'm just more apt to cut my losses when it happens to me. It's easy to forget people react to things different. It is a risk involved with using the mentioned methods to find people as well, one that I definitely didn't realize or acknowledge at first. I avoid that stuff now for the most part. Just gotta chalk it up as a life lesson I reckon.
What this anon said, just have fun and don't overthink things. Also be verbal and don't be afraid to ask if he likes what your doing, it's nothing to be embarrassed about. Also just find someone your comfortable with or if possible in the same place as you. I know that finding someone in the same spot in their sexual experience and curiosity isn't always gonna be possible but it can happen. Also like this anon said know what your careful with, set your boundaries and stick to them unless you decide your comfortable pushing them. Sex is a pleasurable thing, no need stressing about something that is supposed to be great.

I can also say the first time I ever went down on a guy I thought "oh I'm a guy and I know what I like so I'm gonna be great at this" and was definitely not at first, but as time passed I guess found my groove? I don't have a ton of experience still but I can tell you after getting over that first speedbump it's just like any other thing in life you get better and more efficient at it.

Also one more tip that's purely based on personal opinion if your that nervous maybe try with a guy who is average or the lower side of average. A huge dick can be a lot to deal with and can be more intimidating.

Just go for it man, i know you can do it.
Thanks guys. This makes me feel a lot less nervous. I think he'll be willing to take it slow
Another virgin here. Do you have to fast if you're going to do anal?

>new to grindr
>had been doing cl for a handful of years
>grindr is way more 'on' than cl holy fucking shit
>immediately innundated with hookup requests
>'chat' apparently means let's fuck right now
>holy fucking shit guys are literally 100 feet away
>guy in next apartment!
>he knows, starts getting friendly
>end up hooking up with the guy next door who i would have sworn was straight after we found out we were both on grindr
>fuck my first grindr guy without even exchanging messages
>became semi fuck buds, even 'traded' grindr partners
>my first grindr experience: awesome!
>90% of grindr experiences: blocking annoying retards
>remaining 10%: half are hookups, a couple are good, most are liars or awkward fucks
>thank god my bud next door gave me a whole lot of advice
>i fared better with cl
>a lot of grindr guys don't want you to use protection
>grindr is the faggot equivalent of being a diabetic and getting locked in a candy store
>I can also say the first time I ever went down on a guy I thought "oh I'm a guy and I know what I like so I'm gonna be great at this" and was definitely not at first, but as time passed I guess found my groove
can you elaborate on this? always lookin for dick sucking techniques
I just somewhat assumed that I would instantly know exactly what to do right off the bat. Was awkward at first but I mean body language can tell you what your doing right and wrong I guess. Kinda hard to explain. I don't really have any techniques in particular because everyone is different, just be creative and when you can tell something you did was awesome for him then go for that.
How do you get your teeth out of the way? Especially if youre trying to go deep or if their cock is too big??
Honestly I've only been with one guy that was big enough to make me have that problem, I would say try not tense up. I can't really offer too much advice here because the one guy I mentioned was like HUGE and i just ended up using my hand more and concentrated on the head. You don't have to shove someones entire dick down your throat to get them off either.
happy to help, but i wanna greentext story when you're done OK?
well i'm sure there's plenty of info on the internet about it. I'm mostly top but on the rare occasions I've bottomed I did no preparation and everything was fine, but some guys swear by always preparing.

I think if you are not needing a shit and your stools are usually fairly firm, your lower anal cavity is empty and reasonably clean although there might be some residue in there which is why guys like to flush out.
I have tried flushing out for fun by unscrewing the head of the shower and pushing the jet of water from the hose into me. Then you've got to "shit" the water out again and if it's clear you're good to go. If not, repeat
If by fast you mean just ram it in then NO. Be slow about it have the other guy atleast loosin you up a little and use lots of lube. Especially the first time or your gonna have a bad time. I personally think it's prudent to prep just cause I don't wanna like have shit come out or anything (never happened to me but the thought alone is mortifying) So if you feel like taking the extra step then go that's my suggestion. Find a guy who's not super dominant trying to just get his nut off either, find someone who knows it's your first time and will be chill.
He meant fast as in refrain from eating
Well now I feel dumb. Well ya never know
>tfw you wanna top guys but youve only got a 3.5 inch dick
why havent i killed myself yet
There's hope man, I saw a CL not too long ago where a guy was looking for the smallest cock he could find.. Had a fetish for it and if that it exists where I'm at it exists everywhere.
Or you could just say fuck it become a femboy trap and make the most of it. They'd love you over on /b/
Unfortunately ppl into that stuff are usually weird af and ugly
I'd prob let you fuck me, I get off just as much on other people getting off as everything else. Not saying that just to be nice either.
If you have a kik or snap feel free to add me username for both is accord307
Youre into small dicks? On hm?? Are you ugly and fat???
I'm not fat or crazy looking atleast I don't think I am unless 6' 200 is considered super fat, I'm into all dicks for the most part. And just from experience I'd rather have a small one then a huge one. I know lot's of guys love huge dicks but it just isnt my cup of tea. I likes what I likes so eh that's that. If what makes a person a "handsome male" is purely determined by their dick size then I think that's pretty lame.
Also I was just trying to point out that just cause you have a small penis doesn't mean it's completely impossible to ever have that experience. Not gonna lie and say it's what people look for but I mean if the person is cool and good looking why not? Some person may get off on the simple fact that the other guy is enjoying himself, not everyone is completely self centered.
What is this, some blocks appear to be back, not all though. I block anyone who is ugly or annoying to look at.
hm how do I convince myself to stop bein pussy on grindr and actually go through with meet?
I would arrange a meet with someone but make it very clear in advance that it is PURELY a social meet-up for a chat or a smoke or some such thing and you don't want to have any sexual contact on a first date but just get to know the person a little more.

Then you have a perfectly valid and clearly expressed reason to walk away from the experience without having to commit to anything intimate.

But you always have the option, should you feel comfortable enough or turned on by the other guy or the situation enough, to get a bit more physical if you so wish.
>less than 50 percent of the people with undeniable AIDS he tested even had HIV

so if you have aids like symptoms you have less than 50% chance of it being caused by hiv. ok i guess many different diseases can lead to weakened immune system.

Buy almost everyone who has hiv will get aids if untreated.

Do you see the difference?
got really excited to fuck a good looking anon on Grindr. We got to trading pics and planning when we'd meet that night. He asked for ass pics I gave and he replied back with his own and we got joking. Last message was from me saying to hmu when hes free and he never replied since... Super bummed :( he was pretty hot too. Was I just catfished?
>Was I just catfished?
Difficult to tell. Possibly. But he hasn't blocked you so it's possible that he just got cold feet for whatever reason. You could try contacting him again and see what happens but don't get into an endless picture trade just in case
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