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CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA (NEWSPLEX) -- The Charlottesville Police Department has confirmed that 25-year-old Bryan Silva has been arrested, after a standoff that happened Sunday at a home on the 2500 block of Jefferson Park Avenue.

... In a press conference Sunday afternoon, Charlottesville Police Chief Tim Longo said the suspect surrendered after police used a chemical irritant on the home.

Police responded to a domestic dispute call around 6 a.m. Sunday at the home where the barricade situation occurred.

... "It was a domestic disturbance," said Longo. "A female caller said that she was threatened with a firearm, we responded and began an investigation."

Apparently, a 17-year-old girl had been at the residence when a dispute occurred. She then left go to the neighbor's house.

The girl told police she had been held against her will by her boyfriend and that he had also threatened her with a handgun. She also told officers that he had threatened to shoot the police... During the barricade, which lasted several hours, the stretch of JPA around the 2500 block was closed for responding Police and SWAT teams.

*** Also, on the subject of pornstars behaving badly, Dylan Deap remains in jail from last years child neglect charges. The disposition of he and his girls charges are apparently not yet resolved.
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Room 101.webm
2 MB, 640x360
And here is Dylan, of course. the darker haired one being drilled by the Asian...
live in charlottesville, and actually saw the idiot himself a night out once.

been chuckling to this today and yesterday when it was fucking bryan silva causing all the nonsense with a fucking swat team getting involved. he posted videos on facebook as the police surrounded the house.
have you ever seen christine weston chandler?
>implying she goes in public

I know he's silly and people make fun for different reasons, but I'm still a fan. Not so much of his 'music' but of his positive (if somewhat incoherent) attitude and upbeat confidence despite so many haters.

Plus, he does have a giant cock and fucks like a jackhammer.

Thus, I'm hoping he isn't in too much trouble.

I've been worried about Michael Hoffman lately. He's covered in tattoos, apparently messing in drugs and seems aimless. He's a good guy and I dont know why he seems to have gone so far off the rails of his own future. He let took that porn kerfuffle way too seriously.

I worry he will be the next cewebrity g4p porn star to end up making a mess of his life.
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I just saw the videos. The poor guy saw the spotters and seemed to think they were going to kill him. He was pretty rattled.

Let this be a lesson to us all about keeping a woman in the house.

I haven't heard anything about or from 'Prince' Sereen Curtis in ages either.
Who's on the left?
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Well, I found Bryan. I am tempted to write or send some money. I have a soft spot for inmates.


If you mean the other one tied up, that would be Josh Slyman
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Money plz
File: Bpl8NPPIgAAWF9X.jpg (35 KB, 681x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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My priorities.

1. Confidence.
2. Fuck ability
3. Body
4. Cock
5. Face

Just the first two would be enough, but he has more.

Im not going to sit here and argue with faceless people on the internet who want to hate on a pornstar with a lot of fans, a cut body and a huge cock. He has a FB for that.

Thats why this board is worthless for more than a minute. No matter who the topic is, Jesse, Storm, Hoffman, Silva, Justin... there are always the people who hang around, contribute fuckall and spend all their time here to tell us who they *don't* like.

Because I guess they think the internet cares or something, idk...
I don't like this useless comment, nobody cares about your priorities.
i love when anons come in and act like they're better than everyone else. i really hope you were kidding when you missed the blatant hypocrisy in this comment

eesh, he looks trashed now

That's why I posted porn and you didn't.

Worthless board, worthless community.

Between the creepers and the kiddies, I swear this site serves as nothing but a place for old pervs to meet or dream about their victims or something. I dont think I have ever encountered normal homos on the internet.

Especially here. Apparently the community here is people who are too inept to have friends in real life, so they use the board to convert their computer into an interactive 'friend', only to show everyone how and why they are so socially inept IRL.

No matter where these people go, they bring their fail with them to the point where they cant even keep a simple topic on a porn board going without failing as people.

Thats why I said this board would never really work. Web faggots are truly worthless, and this place is nothing but the same porn you can find on tumblr without the captcha and griping losers who just come to bleed from the ass for attention and dont contribute shit.

Pic related, someone who someone else doesn't like and will rush into the thread to baw about it.

I guess its true, the internet, especially weaboo image boards can even make fags homophobic after a while. Every time I read about a fag bashing, I can't help but cheer up.

This was a fun rant. But with porn.

Take care, /hm/. Im sure this troll cave will attract someone else for you guys to chase off in minutes any moment now so you can stew in your misery among each other and bitch about the porn no one is posting. Or a dozen of your 'first time' pedo stories.

Such a vile gutter of a board, really. I honestly cant tell if its this site or just fags generally, since I frankly dont find many bearable IRL either. Maybe it really is a mental illness. Would explain a lot.

Good. Don't let the door hit you on the way out. This board could use less long-winded, hypocritical complainers, we have more than enough.
Socially awkward faggots getting all fired up and sassy over some piety shits online.
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>All this projection

So can I find a video of this? Bondage and machines are great.
>this place is nothing but the same porn you can find on tumblr
>Dat filename tho
>Dat basic bitch taste in men tho
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who the fuck kicked you out of bed ?
>I've been worried about Michael Hoffman lately

People who do porn are sometimes really focused and milk it for all its worth, a quality that they may bring to all other aspects of their 'successful' lives

But a lot of guys and ladies who do porn are not the brightest bulbs on the Christmas tree and/or have issues already or end up turning to drugs or other things to keep up their momentum and confidence

Some make it for a few years, live high on the hog ( increasingly harder to do, btw ), and then suddenly find no one's interested any more. 'Regular' actors sometimes 'discover' this and it can do them in, too.

There are lots of super hot dudes that self-destruct in the middle of their porn careers, if you can remember all the ones who committed suicide, had overdoses, etc. This is pretty brutal business, right?

As for Michael Hoffman: dude's just a little bit more intelligent than Jimmy Clay, so I'll let that sink in for awhile.... Michael's struggling to admit to himself what most people already figured out, that it's less the exhibitionism and more the desire to be with other guys. The fact that he's ravaged his body with tattoos is a sign of the times, so worrying about the inevitable is moot, unless you're really in some sort of position to actually 'offer' assistance of some sort, which none of us are.

Guys with big dicks are a dime a dozen; plenty of them wax my car on Wednesday. A lot of these guys get 'suicidally beautiful' in High School and are pretty much over the hill by the time they're 30, as are most of the lower middle class guys and dolls.

Sean Cody mostly pulls from the higher end of the gene pool, but even some of their 'boys' have ended up on the way wrong side of the law and spun out like roman candles.

Sex is super, but it cannot become the focus of a person's entire existence...for many in the porn industry, it does.

I've seen a couple of friends completely implode--and nothing I did was much help in the end
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File: Brent Everett (9).jpg (149 KB, 400x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Brent Everett (9).jpg
149 KB, 400x600
>a little bit more intelligent
>a dime a dozen
>over the hill by the time they're 30, as are most of the lower middle class guys
>higher end of the gene pool

No offense, but thats a lot of cruel condescension and prejudice towards people who get by on looks for a time just because they can. People worship and celebrate these folks, and you talk about them like dirt.

I just think its poor taste to be so judgmental about guys who live as erotica idols for a while at the same time you are visiting a porn board. I am not trying to be mean, its just the impression you gave.

I dont mean you specifically, but there is something creepy about people who dehumanize the very people they gravitate to sexually in such an intellectual way. Its one thing to dismiss your sex object, but to have devoted the mental effort and time to articulate such contempt is disturbing.

I think people pick their perspective often. To say porn is especially brutal implies that most 'respectable' jobs are not. You can pick any fry cook or high-pressure vocation and I bet you would find their employment and personal life has hard challenges and temptations also.

Its one thing to shame sex workers as a joke; its a bit self deluding to actually believe we live in a world where the sexual aspect really makes a difference.

When I think of whores and degenerates, my first thought is Washington DC, not studios in Los Angeles
Too close to home, de gonsu.

>de gonsu

Sorry. I cant tell meme-speak from word filters on here anymore.

I dont think Hoffman is gay either. I do think he understands male beauty though as an intimate aesthetic. Arnie is like that too. To hear Arnie wistfully talk about male beauty, one might think he was gay too.

Hoffman seems to have the issue of 'default' heterosexuality. He probably does genuinely like females and prefers them, but I get the sense his personal image and self identity hasn't really solidified enough in any particular way. He seems to be drifting a lot lately.

He really took the betrayal by his gay fans pretty hard. All he did was make some vids for some quick coin for people he assumed liked him.

Its so predictable anymore. The web brings out the worst people. Inevitably, some perv gets infatuated with some ingenue porn wannabe and decides to ruin their life if they feel spurned. I dont really blame them for the animus they hold towards gays on the internet.

Sometimes I wonder if I would have been hetero if I had learned how horrible gays can be first. As it happens, I acquired a visceral disdain for females first.
Funny my priorities are the exact reverse of that (only body would come before cock, but face is #1)
Same. Confidence and fucking ability will come with time. Cock size and face are forever. Maybe body can change but more often than not in relationships, it doesnt.
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>Cock size and face are forever.

This is my favorite board.
>but more often than not in relationships, it doesnt.

lel thats because whole milk lasts longer than gay relationships. The concept of two people, especially males, staying together without legal consequences binding them after they tire of sex is ridiculous, naive and logically flawed from the ground up. You'd have to be neurologically impaired to view human interaction for the sake of validation the same way at 40 as you did at 20.

Even aging women understand its all a hustle. Society's culture says women have a role in leveraged dependance on someone. Men have no excuse at all. All gay rights from the last 50 years is dumb men listening to feminists convince us that everything we knew from human history about men and homosexual dynamics was wrong.

This should turn out well. If I listen to lesbians, I can believe that gay men are like straight men, and straight men are like gay women, and gay women can have dicks.

Likewise, if I listen to a retarded 10 year-old with a fever high on cough syrup, I could believe unicorns live in the attic and the sound of dog farts are actually elves singing.

Being open-minded is such a wonderful thing.

There's this gay couple in their 60's that hang out at the local Starbucks. The gays consider them an icon of the true potential of gay love.

Which is funny because everyone sees them from a distance. If you sit near them often enough, you learn what hateful things the one constantly says to the other and how emotionally and mentally crippled the other is to listen day in and day out.
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>fucking ability will come with time.

Which explains why white men can't fuck until they are too old for anyone to care. There is no greater insult to sex than the young white male. No wonder white gays tend to all be bottoms.

Could the NOI be right, and that whites were created to be destroyed?

But don't you get it? His relationships didn't last long, so obviously none of ours can, my 9 year partnership is obviously just a fallacy and neither of us are really happy. It can't just be that nobody would want to date that anon for a long period of time, it's everyone else; it's the gay community's fault!
Niggers might have the biggest dicks, but their dicks still look like logs of shit.
>fucks like a jackhammer.

top kek
The best way to fuck, hard, fast, and steady
This guy is fuckin ugly. Does he really have a bunch of fans cause he said "gra-ta-ta" on social media and did porn?

Smh millennials...
become adult
is that what you think fucking like a jack hammer looks like?

dick not even balls deep, rhythm fucked up, zero power behind the thrust. its like you dont even know what good sex even looks like
>Its one thing to shame sex workers as a joke

you got hold of rather the wrong end of the stick, anon, i wasn't trying to 'shame' these boys

merely trying to point out what frequently happens to these guys (and gals) and what their 'trajectory' in the industry often looks like

and there are plenty who are 'complicit' in their exploitation

i lost a friend in texas, who won day woke up, realised he was 30 and wasn't making it in the 'real world' after years of riding high in the 'porn' business (that didn't want him any more). The dude was still handsome, but not the young pup that's so highly prized, plus--he got 'soured' on the whole thing, but still had the 'stigma' of being a g4pay haunting him

there are a lot of dudes out there who aren't rocket-scientists, had 'compromised' upbringings and pin all their hopes on this business just because they got big dicks and don't think they have anything else going for them

some of these guys are sociopaths, but a lot are basically good guys with 'issues' or simply unreasonable expectations

the porn houses are money-making enterprises, not social welfare agencies and these guys are 'product'. the ones who don't look after themselves or can't end up as hamburger when their run is over

lost a couple friends this way--one committed suicide and another died of HIV complications

there are those who do quite well and come out on top, but these are the dudes who are pretty much successful at anything they try and are successful at life; most guys would be better to just go to trade school or college and make a life for themselves in the 'straight' world

most 'respectable' jobs don't usually run the risk of getting STDs or getting beaten up or stabbed by a john when you run 'side-jobs' (as a lot of us end up doing)

i just hate to see beautiful, decent kids get destroyed and too many of them end up damaged or dead

the 'stephano equation' is a thing, right ?

too many of us end up fucking ourselves over....
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