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The Golden Potato. The Potato Law.
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The Origin of the Golden Ticket.

Back in school I would often be given prompts. The prompts usually involved a task in order to be solved. They were tasked so as to unravel perplexities of the human mind, civilization, time and necessity. One of these was called the Golden Potato, the successor of the Golden Egg.

The reality behind the Golden Egg is that all commercial geese meat at one point had a common bloodline. They were the stockiest, the most delicious. If you were said to possess the original golden egg, you'd control society.

Now lets get back to the potato. The potato itself has become one of the largest food crops. It has caused wars. It has ended them. To the point it is one of the most influential foods. However it is said that all the potatoes in the world have a common ancestor from which they all came and/or developed from that is more recent than one would expect. It is said that this potato is the Golden Potato. If you can get your hands on it, you'd control every single thing in modern history and immigration.

It is said that mining is to technology as farming is to immigration.

If you could get your hands on the golden potato where would you put one of its seed potatoes. location, year and why that specific location in space-time?
I don't see how it would be a golden potato.

Let's say potato A mutates a new gene and becomes a new potato B which goes off to become a famous staple crop while potato A's unmutated kids are still in the Amazon jungle.

Then centuries later after the original potato A is dead, you find its potato A descendents in the jungle and say "hey I have the original potato, I get to patent all potatoes".

However other people can say "potato B was potato A's kid too, don't discriminate based on genes, that is racist". Now you're fucked, you have no claim.
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It can be the golden maize as well.

Remember these crops are susceptible to bacteria, viruses and humans are more than capable of moving to a better location to grow their crops. People will follow the surplus.
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If they didn't have that exact species of starch source, people would just find some other source of calories in their biome.
The fertile crescent would not be called so without arab-le land. The fertile crescent is synonymous with the crescent moon. Just like the moon waxes and wanes, the ebb and flow causes the water in the rice paddies to rise and drain...
maybe you have schizoid personality disorder and keep fixating on irrelevant similarities between things
to be good at math you have to learn the proper process of application. It makes a difference ya know.
There aren't that many species of starch that tolerate cold that well, or contain nearly as many calories. It is not like the Earth is covered in tasty food for humans. Even some of the potatoes' close relatives are poisonous to us.

Turnips is what potatoes replaced in the cold parts of Europe, but they contain just one third of the calories of the potato, and their taste is considerably worse to to be honest
I would put it in Peru. The ancient Peruvians bred the potato in the first place so it's only fair that it go back to Peru.
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Well on a macro scale, human population centers only thrive where they can find enough food, that is true. So if they didn't have the potato I guess the population would be reduced or "displaced". It would all just naturally distribute anyway.

So I guess specifically if there were no protopotato in lets just say the british isles, would the gaelics/picts/etc even be there to fight the Romans? I dunno.
Potatoes were domesticated by Native Americans in the Andes. The most popular variety was developed in Chile. Then Spanish sailors took them to Europe, with the Irish being the first to adopt them. Slavs also took a fondness to them due to their cold resistance, but French hated them for some reason and potatoes weren't widespread there until late in the 18th century.

The influence of potato came mostly in the 18th and 19th century, since they prevented the regular famines that Slavs, Germans and French faced, and thus allowed their populations to increase to their current sizes.

British isles would be more or less the same without potato at Roman times, but would probably have more famines and due a smaller population if potatoes had been put in some place where humans weren't able to find them.

Something OP seems to forget is that potato couldn't really have developed its current properties anywhere outside a mountainous terrain. So, if it popped anywhere else it would have to be in the Alps, the Himalayas, or other mountain chains.
>Now that you guys have the information and its route. Its popularity, its locations and its use.

Imagine being a Chilean or Peruvian exporter of potatoes in the 16th-18th century. How would adding one extra potato on the boat as opposed to a bushel change modern society?
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