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Euro Flags
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Why is every fucking European flag always "LOL 3 COLORED BARS" when Europe has such a rich history and tradition of heraldry to draw from? Its strange.

France should have the fleur de lis. Instead? LOL 3 BARS
Ireland should have the Dublin harp on their flag. Instead? LOL 3 BARS
Look at Lithunia's bad-ass heraldry NOPE 3 BARS FOR YOU!!

Why do Europeans do this????

I asked /pol/ and got "da j00s" so I thought y'all could explain


Then, you already got your reply.
The US has the tackiest flag, not even trying to troll. CSA is god-tier, Angola a close second.

Because you need to be able to recognize your country's standard from a distance regardless of atmospheric conditions like fog, rain, or smoke.

Plus, adding all sorts of small detail to a flag instead of bold symbolism is shit design.

i think the french one might have been a result of this one time where everyone got real mad at the king but im not actually sure
off the top of my head with no evidence id guess that the more abstract/less herald-like flags are like that because of a shift to nationalism and shit over the rule of noble families
but im not sure at all.
>Why is every fucking European flag always "LOL 3 COLORED BARS"

It isn't.

Next stupid fucking question.
Modern state flags started to emerge from naval ensigns of trade fleet. Before that there was no such thing as a state we know (or at the very least what we understand as a state) and state sovereignty was equalized with the rulers.

After the concept of modern state had spread, people needed something different than royal dynasty or military flags.
>France should have the fleur de lis. Instead? LOL 3 BARS
the harp isn't exclusive to dublin, it's leinster's flag though
Ireland's flag is the three stripes because
1-green for republicanism and the struggle for freedom since the 18th century
2-white for peace/amnesty/neutrality
3-orange for ulster
This. I wish we just used the coat of arms.
>The US has the tackiest flag
That place is forever reserved for Myanmar.

Belarus is close second.
It's not only a royalist flag, but it also looks solid white from a distance. Literally shit tier.
>not putting AK47s on your flag

euros pls
>why is every flag now easy to recognize with usually 3 colors representing some national values of a country instead of a shittily drawn lion with its tongue sticking out next to 30 symbols that represent some shitty aspect of a ruling family who is shit

fuck you OP
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Many flags aren't as simple as they seem. The green in the Ireland flag represents our Celtic history, the orange represents the followers of William of Orange and the white represents the aspiration of peace between us

I still wish Ireland chose this flag used in the 1916 rising though
It's Mozambique by a nautical mile. Belarus is alright.
>France should have the fleur de lis. Instead? LOL 3 BARS

Yeah it's like we don't know why the flag changed or something
>Red and fucking green together, there's a reason Freddy Krueger's sweater is like that
>Pattern adds unnecessary detail overload and makes the flag seem unbalanced

They had white-red-white, not amazing, but solid, and they had to go and restore the Soviet abomination of a flag.
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Dutch flag is best flag
>tfw he put my city's flag as an example of a good flag
>their flags don't have so much shit tacked on they can draw them from memory
Everyone in this thread is retarded. This is the right reason.
The Dutch invented the 3 bars thing
No one cared because because Netherlands lmao
Then the French revolted and adopted their one tricolor, which set the trend for this type of flags
B-But it's said that russian Peter took inspiration from the dutch flag ;_;
Great Tricolours: France
Good Tricolours: Belgium, Italy, Estonia, Luxembourg, Mexico
Okay Tricolours: Netherlands (should be Prince's flag instead) Germany (should be imperial flag instead), Ethiopia (should have the lion of judah instead), Ireland, India
Shit tricolours: Russia (should have the imperial flag instead), Lithuania, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, everyone else

The tricolour is the flag of republicanism. It makes sense that European republican democracies would adopt flags that their people already strongly identified with. Germany had a tricolour as far back as 1848 for christsakes. All the colours mean something about the national character, which is more than can be said of a royal crest like the fleur-de-lis, or giant imperial crests. Simple flags draw people together.
None of those states (except Belgium which isn't even a real country, but was created specifically to give Britain influence in the area) adopted a tricolour immediately after the Naploenic Wars.
Literally, everybody in mainland Europe seen revolutionary France as a progressive modern, civilised European nation and copied it to show they too where progressive modern and civilised. That is all really. Even Russia copied it.
SI there any significance in some tricolours being vertical (France, Italy, Belgium) and others being horizontal (Netherlands, Germany, Russia)? Did Germany and Russia choose horizontal flags to distance their flags from France, for example?
Dannebrog was literally a gift from God in recognition of how awesome the Danes were for switching from Viking raids crusades. Then the rest of the north copied us and put crosses on all their flags too.
It allows any member of your nation old enough to recognise it capable of depicting it correctly, which is good.
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>mfw this is real

I'm genuinely impressed.
>Having crosses on your flag is an original Danish idea
Dannebrog currently holds the record as the oldest national flag still in use, as far as crossflags used as national symbols, Dannebrog predates them all.

Any I missed?
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greater britain.png
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Only failed states use the tricolour
someone post the african flag in ms paint.
San Marino
Vatican City

>every European state
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