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You are send back to 500-100(for you to decide)...
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You are send back to 500-100(for you to decide) BC, you are given no prep time, but you are granted fluent speech and understanding of the language of Koine Greek, Latin and one language of choice and you can pick what geographical location you want to be send to.
You are told that you must make a nation significantly greater, wealthier, happier or generally improved before your lifetime is up or something sufficiently bad to convince you to try your hardest will happen.
What historical, scientific, philosophical, mathematical or humanitarian knowledge can you contribute that an antique nation could actually use?
How would you convince them to listen? and so on.
I chose Ireland, because I know the bogs are good at preserving things.

I then spend my days carving rocks describing the coming of Jesus Christ in three languages (therefor preserving the pre-iron age language) and chucking them into bogs.

That should create a lot of fun in a few thousand years.
Kill the jews, pretty much no other correct answer
Please stop posting my picture.
Wouldn't fulfill your objective
Wouldn't fulfill your objective AND you didn't explain how you'd do that
Rid the world of Jews
I said stop posting my picture.
I could try but it seems so likely I would just die before doing literally anything

Of sickness, slaying during a robbery, getting killed for not being the right religion or any other dozens of other ways you could go
I doubt I would do anything of any importance
also there was so much fucking obligatory suicide, random murder, backstabbing, and instability in politics so gaining influence is just a sure of way getting into a whirlwind of shit
I'll just study Latin and Koine Greek poetry w m boi Socrates
Seriously, of all the fucking photos, they had to use the one where I am in bed with my dakis.
Again, the punishment for failing is scary enough for you to attempt as hard as you can, that's part of the scenario.
The interesting part is how you would go about that, whether you have any modern knowledge you could actually apply
Yes but how?
I'm sorry senpai
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All Is Forgiven.jpg
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All is forgiven

Seriously though seeing yourself as a reaction image is fucking weird.
Is this your casual wear?
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top kek
How is visibility in those things anyways? I have a hard time believing they didn't do more harm than good
Get me to New Zealand
I'll spend the rest of my days camping, fishing and scribbling future prophecies into the stone in Greek, Latin and Modern English.
Take that, historians
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Better than you'd think, but still poor. I'd imagine good enough to fight in if the other guy is wearing them too.
Again, the scenario specifically states that you will follow the objective.
H9w can ever single person in the thread fail at reading comprehension? Did I phrase it really poorly? I'll admit I'm pretty tired
>Get transported to the past.
>Don't own land.

>Make a nation greater, etc.
>You're in an agrarian state and don't own land.

>What... knowledge can you contribute.
I have a pretty in depth understanding of etching, lithography, printmaking in general. Also paper making. Could probably make a quick and nasty printing press and figure out a cheap way to manufacture archival-quality substrates. While I might have value as a scribe, all my really unique talents would probably reduce the value of scribes. Also it would be hard to use this in a way that benefited one state in particular, rather than just disseminating anyone and everyone's message regardless of my intent.
>genuinely groundbreaking technology
>you couldn't communicate this without land
I fucking doubt it. Especially in lands like greece where you could just talk your way up since landed people were everywhere (act through someone else's patronage) or Rome, where you could enter slavery on your own terms to a master of choice (sell yourself to a senator or scholar, or as a pedagogue, which were often foreigners without citizenship).
With sufficient knowledge you could also fake it as divine messenger
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>neolithic/eneolithic ireland
>dazzle the locals with my foreign ways, hope they don't sacrifice me to Cruach
>make an army out of the bogniggers, cement loose tribes together
>teach them about the wonders of metal, make iron thousands of years before the hittites
>blaze a war path across the british isles
>gradually shift from oral tradition/culture to the written word
job done
>genuinely groundbreaking technology
The history of materials science, auto tech, and electrical engineering are full of people who died poor and forgotten.

Anyway my point was that my standard of living would likely be pretty poor, and that my impact would be very hard to control.

Patronage and slavery are both iffy prospects for a guy just coming in off the streets. In my real life I have never flubbed an interview I could bring my portfolio to (there aren't a hell of a lot of lithographers out there, and it doesn't hurt that I can draw), but I've also never failed to flub an interview for a "real" job.

Then there's the fact that a quick and nasty printing press would be pretty easy to make. One track with interchangeable letters is already a game changer and any idiot can do at least that much once demand for mass printing emerges. Basically, my technological innovations could benefit anyone. Any state religion, any mystery cult, any politician, any sports fans, whoever. Things could change in big and unpredictable ways. Establishing a canon in an early Christian church would be a fucking nightmare if the press already existed. Just off the top of my head.

I'm also not the right kind of manipulative to be a historical mover. I've pulled some elaborate and surprisingly lucrative cons here and there, but they mostly rely on math, sleight of hand, finding vulnerable targets, that sort of thing. I'm not charismatic at all. And I'm certain I'd get caught sooner or later if I tried anything as high profile as guiding the course of history rather than just enriching myself a little.
How would you become a general?
Do you know how to extract and work iron?
>The history of materials science, auto tech, and electrical engineering are full of people who died poor and forgotten.
And they still got their ideas out, becoming famous is optional
I guess I'll grant that I would have an impact. But it would be hard to control. Possibly destabilizing rather than uniting or strengthening whatever powers were in place. I'd be cool with that personally. Just thought that wasn't what we were going for here.
>given no prep time
fuk u finna pull OP
I know that black powder is some kinda mix of coal and saltpeter? Right? I know egypt has salt peter and I know that if you put something highly combustible in a metal tube it can propel an object at lethal speeds.
I also know there are multiple ways to do that, and if I can sell the idea to the senate somehow I'm sure I could get the budget to experiment enough to produce some really good designs based on my fussy memory and some semi-functional formations.
Rome with muskets and some wannabe railguns will conquer the world.
I guess. I'm almost certain that press would ultimately make most nations stronger ilwithin a lifetime though, unless it's a state that is vitally dependent on absolute dictatorship, like egypt
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extra language: Local Mayan dialect near current San Marcos, Guatemala

I'd blend into the population and slowly introduce "new" technologies like new uses for the wheel as well as crude metallurgy to create plows, weapons, etc without bringing much attention to myself as to not be at any risk.

I know for a fact the fishing on the coast is incredible, as well as being incredibly fertile, so I would try to convince them to move to the coast and allow time to take its course. Hopefully by the end of my lifetime, the Mayans would have stable civilization and possibly even explore the seas and be on the path to becoming a powerful empire.
Literally just fucking warn Caesar.
I'd teach some to make sandwiches I guess.
That's about all any of us know
Sandwiches are almost certainly ancient
What is the likelyness that a desperate individual can fill in the blanks in the knowledge he got from discovery and other popscience channels, given a lifetime and the ability to impress ancient people with his ideas?
>go to Greece.
>teach them that the urine of a pregnant mare is high in estrogen
>greece learns the basic concepts of chemistry and ushers in an age of enhanced trap love
Consider the nation improved, objectively
You wear them during a charge and discard them after. It's large enough that you can wear a coif and skullcap under it.
Ah, that's a cool and satisfying explanation
The roman empire wasn't until 27BC, but if I could go there I could show them...

1. How to use modern hydraulics to improve their ability to build

2. How to refine oil into gas
3. How to make steel
4. How to build an internal combustion engine
5. How to build a car.
6. How to generate and transport electricity
7. How to build a light bulb

I'll take my payment in gold. Assuming I can go back to modern times, I'll also take the recipe for Roman Concrete
Thread replies: 37
Thread images: 7
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