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Post battles, which were lost only because...
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Post battles, which were lost only because of commanders' autism, despite of numbers and quality of troops.
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>continously assaulted Hougoumont even though it obviously couldn't be taken
>went full retard and commited to attacks on the british center, even though his advisors told him to flank from the west
>even Wellington was perplexed at why he didn't just go west,, which would have cut off the retreat path of the british and delayed Blüchers arrival
>Ney sperging out, sacrificing his best cavalry at infantry squares

Yeah, old napoopan had autism.
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>What? Pratzen?
>Nah, it'll be fine. Just take all the troops off and send them all in some vague direction to the left

Russians praise this man
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Battle of Antietam, should have been a decisive victory for the Union wiping out the Army of Northern Virginia after discovering their battle plans. Except George B. McClellan was an idiot who believe it was all a Confederate ruse so didn't trust the plans, not to mention a poor general overall. He failed to win an outright victory, and extended the civil war by 3 years.

Then got so assblassed over being fired he ran for President in 1864 just to say fuck you to Lincoln despite disagreeing with the main Democratic policy
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>be the most autistic revolutionary commander in existence.
>use British army tactics against the British
>using Minutemen and Militiamen in LINES an OPEN FIELD against THE BRITISH with BRITISH TACTICS
>spanish cavalary
>215 BC

did i miss the ancient spanish empire like the finnish one?

Cannae is not the Roman fiasco it's been made out to be. The Romans had broken through the center of Hannibal's line at Trebia, so they had reason to believe their plan would work. Furthermore, planning sophisticated maneuvers with 80,000 men and a maximum command range of however far your voice can carry. That's not to say it's impossible - Hannibal obviously pulled some maneuvers with 50,000 men - but it's not easy, either. And lastly, the commanders and soldiers likely would have wanted to take the army head-on. That was the Roman way, and that was what the consuls had been elected and the armies raised for.

The commanders at Cannae weren't incompetent, they were just predictable. That tendency had won the Romans many battles. Against Hannibal, it got them slaughtered.
OP and his battle against the desire for a big fat juicy cock
OP said post battles that were only lost despite superior numbers and quality of troops.
this thread needs more autistic generals.
>Ardennes ? It will take them at lest 2 weeks to cross
>Let us send all our reserves into Holland instead
Battle of San Jacinto
Carthage had a lot of troops from the Mediterranean Spanish coast at this point. After the first Punic war they expanded anywhere which didn't break the treaty between them and Rome, until Hannibal besieged Saguntum in order to force a war.
This has to be an example of offensive autism.

>One of his most notable exploits was the capture of the Spanish xebec frigate El Gamo, on 6 May 1801. El Gamo carried 32 guns and 319 men, compared with Speedy's 14 guns and 54 men.[10][11] Cochrane flew an American flag and approached so closely to El Gamo that its guns could not depress to fire on the Speedy's hull. The Spanish tried to board and take over the ship. Whenever the Spanish were about to board, Cochrane pulled away briefly and fired on the concentrated boarding parties with his ship's guns. Eventually, Cochrane boarded El Gamo, despite being outnumbered about five to one, and captured her.
Brits were still in a bad shape before Prussian arrival
Yeah. Wellington would probably have retreated if Blücher didn't show up.
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>mfw the descriptions of this battle in War and Peace
Fuck off, cannae was disastrous- it became a byword in rome for a tragedy. More men died on that day than the first day of the somme
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polish autist.jpg
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>best christian army you could put togather
>commanded by military genious
>theres this hothead king
>the battle goes well
>kid charges right in the center or jannisaries
>gets beheaded
>battle lost because the heavy cavalry was meant to deliver the final punch

thanks polish plumber for flushing us down
anon was pointing out there was nothing the consuls did horribly out of ordinary

they pushed for the center breakthrough which worked almost every single time, just not this time
since their army was green encirclement meant a horrible defeat
>Let's put my soldiers with the lake on their back, so they can't run away and have to fight to the end
sound like medieval Chinese shit
>lets go on our days march
>we have to pass a lake but no biggie they are moving away
>god damn fogg getting my sandals wet
>what's the hold up?
>the enemy you say?
>nah no reason to order my troops to face the wooded hills
>I mean what is this? a planned ambush?
>ha next you are going to tell me that gauls can fight
>muh Southern Gentleman War
this was the hardest part of the battle until the reinforcements arrived as union in sid meisers gettyburg
I was gonna post this. My surname is McClellan too, feels bad that the only historical figure that shares a name with me was some dumb aspie
>Mark Antony sitting in his camp while his wife commands the boats

Was he a cuck?
>poland always bragging about how they saved Europe from the turk
>they actually condemned it

It all makes sense now.
>not tall tales to scare children
yes, i know that. but were they called "spanish" already? its like ralling romans "italians"
Hispanic and spanish are the same word. Hispania = Iberian peninsula, and although there was no unified hispanian people the romans used that term (compare it to "indians" in the americas). This sometimes makes it hard for us to know if they're talking about iberians, celts, lusitanians, basques or what.

But it's all about context. The form "hispanian", closer to the latin form, is advisable to avoid confusion since spanish is more often used to describe someone or something from the modern Kingdom of Spain. But spanish is still technically correct, España (and therefore Spain) is just the deformation of Hispania. And we do use italian (sometimes italic) for the roman peninsular socii.
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>watching first episode of The Last Kingdom
>the Northumbrians attack the Danish wall
>stupid zealous peasant shits roar like a bunch of autists when the Northumbrians look like they're pushing the wall back and rush in to help
>2nd danish wall appears behind the assault and encloses the Northumbrians
>mfw if the retards hadn't rushed in, they could've attacked the 2nd wall from behind and probably would've won the battle

It was caused by 2 of the 3 commanders' autism. They outnumbered the Danes
Basically, everything the Germans did post '41 on the Eastern front failed because of pure autism

>OKH: Um ok, but what about winter coming and our exposed flanks?
>OKH: And what about HGr A?
>Hitler: Send them into the caucasus with the majority of the armor WIR MUSSEN TAKE ZE OILFEILDS!
>OKH: Ok.

Stalingrad is surrounded:

>6th Army: Hey, is someone coming to get us out?
>Hitler: No, you stay NOT ONE STEP BACK!, hear?
>6th Army: We're surrounded and out of supplies
>Hitler: Goering will send you planes to drop 1000 tons a day. Hoth is on his way with a dozen Tigers, that will defeat the Red Army
>6th Army: Hoth wants us to push towards him, he can't do it all by himself.
>6th Army: We are literally starving here and Hoth's counteroffensive failed. What do?
>Hitler: Stay tight, help is on the way
>6th Army: All hope is lost, authorize a break out now or capitulation is imminent

and you get it.
Grade A example of a /pol/tard with shit reading comp
He could have literally taken Moscow, either for himself or just burnt it to the ground. But instead he decided to suicide his best units inside of that worthless city ruin. Pure autism indeed.
It's funny to think that the largest militaries ever fielded by humans were both commanded by people with no military experience.
Stalin wasn't as much of an autist though, he listened to his generals, unlike Adolf the Autist.
>"The initial advance of the 6th Army was so successful that Hitler intervened and ordered the 4th Panzer Army to join Army Group South (A) to the south. A massive traffic jam resulted when the 4th Panzer and the 1st Panzer both required the few roads in the area. Both armies were stopped dead while they attempted to clear the resulting mess of thousands of vehicles. The delay was long, and it is thought that it cost the advance at least one week. With the advance now slowed, Hitler changed his mind and reassigned the 4th Panzer Army back to the attack on Stalingrad."

Jesus, there was no stopping this mans autism.
>He could have literally taken Moscow,
The fuck?
By December 1941 Moscow was one of the most heavily fortified places in all of WW2. The winter counteroffensive made any future German plans of capturing Moscow even more improbable, but had they ever attempted to do so it would be 10x the carnage of Stalingrad. Leningrad was a more realistic target - they had it surrounded, they had the Baltic sea under control and it was a lot closer to German factories than Stalingrad. But the window of opportunity had long passed as with Moscow. Stalingrad was the only option and it was the absolute worst option to commit an entire campaign on since there were literally no realistic strategic plans for what to do after its capture with the precarious state of the entire German Ostfront.
>taken Mosow

"Worthless city ruin" had better be referring to Kiev in September 41.

Not him, but the Kiev operation was never about the city itself, it was about the Red Army reserves being build up around the city; and you can make a pretty good case that taking them out was necessary.
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Poor Charles fell for the bait hook, line and sinker.
18th century peek-a-boo
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