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Uhh... hey /h/. I am Dr. Butthead. Writing...
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Uhh... hey /h/. I am Dr. Butthead. Writing some greentext stories where you get to score with Nintendo's hottest chicks. I'll start with Palutena. Who's ready?
That's my secret doctor. My dick is always ready.
>Anon is an angel, sitting at the dinner table of Palutena's kitchen.
>It was just you and her.
>Her kitchen was small, and dimly lit by the glow of the heavens outside the temple, but enough to see. The room was built with marble walls and floors made entirely out of what looked like diamond. You were sitting at a table of solid wood that not unlike mahogany, with her giant oven and island sink sitting nearby.
>Palutena was busy sweeping the floor, cleaning up after a good dinner with just you and her.
>You were her most trusted angel in her command other than Pit, who was busy elsewhere. Being this close to her was very special.
>She was a paradigm of beauty, her knee-length locks of emerald hair held together by a golden laurel crown shining with the glow of the heavens.
>Her flowing white toga, adorned with red lining, gold ornaments, and jewels created a regal sight to behold. She was the Goddess of Light, after all.
>She was wearing a giant pendant, shaped like the sun, and it gave off a golden shine just like the sun. It looked very heavy to you, but Palutena showed no signs of strain on her neck.
>Her toga was held together by two belts and a fibula embellished with a ruby. Several golden ornaments hung from her belts, shaped like leaves, vines, moons, suns, stars, and various other divine symbols.
>She even had a pair of gauntlets on her arms, further adding to her image as a ruler. All this gold looked it would weigh her down, but she seemed to have no problem with it.
>Her face was very feminine, softly chiseled, and it gave off a motherly vibe, as if she was always watching you.
>Palutena had green eyes of glass that were hypnotizing to whoever looked at them. She had a gaze that could seduce even the most stubborn of men.
>But all those details of her appearence weren't coming to mind right now. Because there was one thing on her that you had all your attention focused on: her ass.
>Good God, was it big. It was plump and showed no signs of sag. It was perfectly round, flawlessly curvy in all the right places and then some. It was something a mere mortal simply could not match.
>Palutena knows that some of the angels like to stare, and loved to flirt with the angels to get a reaction out of them. But she never actually had sex with them, as it was not right for a goddess like herself. That didn't stop the temptations from welling up in the other angels, including you.
>You knew it was wrong to stare, especially behind her back, but you just couldn't stop.
>And to make things worse, when she bent over to pick up the dustpan, her butt appeared to expand another jean size. As if that didn't get your attention enough, Palutena gave it a little wiggle.
>You could feel something start to expand in your underwear. You tried to hold it back, but it just wouldn't stop.
Shall I continue?
Good. I've got something cookin' for all you guys.

>You had to flush these thoughts out of your mind. You had to think of unsexy things, like someone's ugly aunt shaving her hairy legs. Or that time you saw that guy who crapped his pants when he was doing squats.
>Think unsexy thoughts... think unsexy thoughts... think unsexy th-
>"You wouldn't happen to be staring at my butt, would you Anon?"
>You could feel your body tense up in shock at this. You were keeping this all in your head! How did she figure it out?
>"I can see into your heart, Anon. And you're thinking of something... very naughty..."
>You made your lust too obvious. You blew your own cover. But did you even have one to begin with?
>"You seem to really love my body, don't you? You've been staring at for some time."
>The pressure in your pants kept rising. It was just about to rip your underwear open and pop out on its own.
>"You want it, don't you Anon?"
>You weakly shook your head yes.
>"Then take it out." Palutena said audibly.
Feel free to have some fun, guys. Go ahead and insert your own dialogue and your funny little memes. Doctor's orders.

>Was this real? Did she actually ask you to pull your dick out?
>"Don't leave me waiting Anon." She said as she stripped the gauntlets off her arms. She wanted to get down and dirty.
>You sighed and began to undo the belt on your tunic, and pull your underwear down, as your erection sprang free.
>Palutena stared at it with wolfish eyes, and began to pull her pendant off, and undid her dress, pulling her huge breasts out.
>You could already tell she was into it, her nipples becoming rock hard.
>She takes your cock and sticks it in between her cleavage. Her tits are so big, you can barely see your dick from between them.
>Her breasts, as supple as they were, seemed to form a mold around your shaft. You were practically about to erupt on her.
>She slowly moves her breasts up and down your shaft, sensually licking the glans of your penis.
>You start to lose control of your breathing, your heart thump, thump, thumping against your chest. This was heaven.
>"Oooh, you love this, don't you Anon?"
>You could already feel the pressure beginning to build. Yet, you were nowhere close to done.
>Palutena began to twirl her tongue around the shaft of your member and then put the whole thing in her mouth.
>She began to bob her head up and down, gradually getting faster and faster. It was hard to believe she was actually sucking you off. And like a porn star too.
>The urge to cum began to grow uncontrollable, yet you still had plenty of energy left.
>After a while, she pulled your cock out of your mouth with an audible pop. Why did she stop? The fun was only getting started.
Never seen your work, but hot damn, doc
Oh, doctor~
Sorry for the delay. Getting some dinner.

>"Lie down, Anon."
>Oh yeah! She was gonna ride you! You complied and lay down on your back.
>She began to remove the fibula from her belt, and her dress began to unfurl. She wasn't wearing any underwear!
>Her pussy was too much for a mere mortal to handle from looking at it. Everything was perfectly sculpted down to the finest detail. Labia, clitoris, vulva, all of it. You could already feel yourself ramming your dick up it. And a little tuft of green public hair was the cherry on top.
>"Are you ready for this, Anon?"
>You could feel your penis twitching in anticipation. You closed your eyes, bracing for impact.
>Suddenly, it became dark in front of you… and very moist. It felt as if someone was sitting on your face.
>"Liking the view from down there, Anon?"
>This was not what you were expecting. Your body wasn't ready for this.
>"If you want my body that badly, you're going to have to prove it. Now start licking!"
>Her pussy was so hot and moist, yet it smelled so sweet, like flowers. All you could do is tongue her from the inside.
>You could hear her breathing start to speed up. She was starting to get very wet down there. You could only tongue her faster, hoping she would get up. You snaked and swirled your tongues around her nethers, using the tip to poke her g-spot from below.
>"Mmm… that's a good boy…" she moaned.
>Palutena was trying to hold back any signs of pleasure, maintaining her dominant position.
But it was obvious that she was starting to crack.
>Her loins were on fire by now, and her clit was throbbing with arousal. After a good minute or two, everything lit up again.
>You could see Palutena picking you up by the arm. She grabbed you by the hand and dragged you into another room and shoved you onto the couch.
Doctor I want Samus
Working on it. Could be a few days. But I promise it will be worth the wait.
File: 1453154136821.gif (768 KB, 291x179) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
768 KB, 291x179
Doc, you're a miracle worker.
Time to crank up the heat.

>The room was comfy, and lit by the glow of a stained glass window nearby. If you looked close to it, you could see the heavens outside. The couch was very big, almost like a bed, and made of a plush, white fiber.
>She stripped all your clothes off and threw them to the side, leaving you naked. She stood in front of you, looking down at you with a sexy smirk.
>"I think you earned yourself a little reward. Why don't you play with my breasts for a little bit, Anon."
>You lit up like a firecracker after you heard those words. Almost instantaneously, you jumped off the couch, reached out, and grabbed her breasts.
>"Aaah, yes… that's good…"
>Those jugs were so big, you could barely hold onto them. Trying to grasp them was like trying to pick up a melon with one hand. You began to tweak her nipples, eliciting cries of pleasure.
>"Ohh! S-slow…down, A-Anon! My nipples.. are very… sensitiiive" she began to whine.
>She tried to rein you back into control, but it was hopeless. The tables had turned in a flash.
>Forcing her around, you reached out and gave that big booty of hers a smack. You could feel her cheeks burn on impact. A big red handprint was left behind on her right cheek.
>"Oh! Be gentle, Anon!"
>Her cries only fell upon deaf ears. You fished your right hand under her dress and pushed two fingers past her aching folds. At the same time, you took your free hand and used it to twist and pinch her nipples.
>"Aaooh! You're… mmn.. so good at this…"
>Palutena was audibly panting and heaving at this point. She was starting to submit to you. You felt so powerful right now.
>You came up with a nasty idea, and forced her onto her knees, doggy style. You took her dress and ripped it off, throwing it to the side.
>This was unreal. You had the Goddess of Light, completely naked and like clay in your hands. It's time…
I like this. You maka me da diamonds. :> Maybe I will do some writing myself. Maybe.
>You took your member and stuck it inside her pussy…
>It was simply perfect. Wasn't too loose, wasn't too tight, and fit around your cock like a mold. It was so wet, and warm.
>Grabbing her by the butt, you start thrusting your hips faster and faster. Palutena began to softly moan.
>"Mmph… yes…"
>As your thrusting sped up, you could see her breasts start to jiggle and bounce. You could hear your skin smacking against that big butt of hers. You could feel your arms go numb and your skin start to burn.
>"Oooh.. f-faster…" she squealed
>You had a different idea in mind. Pulling out, you flipped her onto back, watching her emerald locks of hair go everywhere.
>"Why's you stooooohh!"
>Interrupting her, you reinserted your dick inside her, and began to violently pound her pussy even more.
>Palutena was in ectasy. Her mouth hung open, eyes rolling back into her head. All she could get out were feral grunts, groans, and moans.
>"Oh my god... you're so… hah… hard…."
>Is this what heaven's like? Because it sure as hell felt like it.
>"Nngh! Anon! I wanna… ride" she managed to say in between breaths.
>Slowing down, you obliged. She tried to get up, her knees buckling. You laid down on the couch, and helped her onto your dick. She sat on you like she was riding a horse.
Oh god I so can relate to this its like you know me ha ha ha
We're at the top of the rollercoaster folks. Hang on, and have your bodies ready.

>You had a very special view from down here. Her already big breasts and figure looked even better from below. You gripped her back and pulled her forward and locked into a kiss.
>Her big boobs pressed against your chest, her nipples poking into you like needles. They were burning hot from all this roughhousing, and throbbing with arousal.
>Both of your tongues rolled and twirled against each other, your juices mixing with each other. Your lips were practically glued to hers. Minutes began to feel like hours.
>You began to thrust your hips forward, gradually increasing the intensity. Her muffled moans only encouraged you to go even faster.
>As you drew her closer and closer, you kept ramming her pussy harder and harder. You were running out of air, so you had to part.
>Finally, you began to feel your balls start to tighten. Pressure began to build in your penis like it was gonna explode. Palutena's breath was getting hotter and more choppy. The walls in her nethers were beginning to tighten.
>"Anon… p-please… cum inside meee!"
>This was it. You were about to cum inside the Goddess of Light. The urge to cum began to grow uncontrollable. Her moans were banging and ringing in your ears by now.
>"Aaah! A-Anon... I'm gonna.. cuuum!"
>The urge to cum was unbearable by now.
>You could hold it in no longer.
>"Anon! I'm...AAAAOOOOOH!!"
"hot damnnnn"-clinkz
>Her warm folds tighten up on your member as you released your love juices inside of her. Multiple streams of warm, thick cum shot out your cock and filled her warm pussy. She milked every precious drop out of you.
>Exhausted and out of breath, Palutena flopped forward and onto you, pinning you to the couch. Her eyes locked with yours, shining with satisfaction.
>"That was so hot, Anon. Feeling your hard cock inside of me..."
>All you could do is pull her closer, cuddling and nudging her body, poking her with kisses in between.
>You just had sex, and came inside the Goddess of Light...
thank you Dr. :P
Well, you just scored with Palutena. And that won't be all. I've got more in progress like Rosalina, Samus, Tharja, Wii Fit Trainer, and more. But that will be for another day. Until then, this is Dr. Butthead, punching my card. Feel free to chat around and spread the word of this thread to the rest of /h/ before the mods find out. But first, I'm going to leave you a few excerpts from works in progress.
Oh I think I like you indeed. See you around Soon I hope.
A little piece of Samus for the one who wanted it:

>The swimming hole was one of the most beautiful sights you ever seen. High above you was the tropical canopy, a giant quilt of palm tree leaves. The leaves locked in the humidity, making it feel very steamy.
>Everywhere there was flowers of all colors, like red, yellow, white, purple, orange, and blue. Right in front of you was a little creek leading to the swimming hole. The water was crystal clear, and mirror-glass smooth.
>At the creek's source was a little waterfall. It was just about 10 feet tall with water gently cascading down it. The fall formed a curtain of water you had to see to believe. Behind it was a little cove, made up of flat, smooth rocks that came together to form the edge of nature's kiddie pool.
>From what you saw, this was a paradise untouched by the hand of civilization, so nobody was going to catch you and Samus's little antics.
>Samus looked at you with lustful eyes, and a little smirk. She knew she was going to break protocol, but she didn't care. Nobody was around, communications to base were lost, her signal was missing, and it was just you and her on a tropical island.
>She pulled the zipper on the back of her Zero Suit down, slowly revealing more and more flesh. First her midriff, then her breasts, followed by her abs, her pussy, and then her legs and feet. She tossed it to the side, revealing her completely naked body.
>"You want to have some fun?"
>You eagerly shook your head yes. Quickly, you took your uniform off, and tossed it to the side. It was you and Samus, the hottest bounty hunter ever, alone and naked.
>"Come with me, Anon. The water's fine" she cooed as she waded into the water.
And one of Wii Fit Trainer...

>While you were busy washing your underarms, you didn't notice a shadow of a familiar figure appearing in the curtain behind you. Suddenly, a white arm came from behind you and grabbed your cock. It started jerking it up and down with an iron grip. Then you felt something that felt like breasts pressing on your back. Turning around, you found it was Sarah.
>"Shhh… I've got a special workout just for you, Anon"
>You liked where this was going, but in the men's locker room?
>"The place is closed... so it's just me and you.."
>After standing in the shower with you for so long, Sarah's top and yoga pants were beginning to get soaked, revealing her rock hard nipples and breasts.
>For her comfort, Sarah began to take off her soaked tank top, revealing nothing but her breasts from underneath. It was like something out of a wet t-shirt contest.
>Her breasts were B-cups, but perfectly shaped and perky. Her nipples were average sized, and a cloudy gray to distinguish them from the rest of her body. Her perfect abs glistened with droplets of shower water.
>She threw her wet top to the side, landing on the floor outside the stall with a wet plop. Her breasts began to shine with droplets of water.
>"Now, stand with your feet shoulder length apart and relax…" she said as she kneaded your shoulderblades.
And Rosalina (waifu)...

>Rosalina's bedroom had a higher roof than the library, but was about as large as the library. Most of the rooms in the Comet Observatory were rather small, kind of strange for someone of Rosalina's size.
>Everywhere you could see in the room was a royal purple. Purple carpet, purple walls, a purple ceiling, all of which filled into a marble skeleton that composed of the bedroom.
>In the bedroom was a king-sized poster bed. All four of the bedposts extended at least 9 feet from the floor, and formed a giant canopy over the bed. The canopy was draped with silky, royal purple curtains, all with silver-colored hems and gold-colored tiebacks.
>Rosalina's bed looked oh-so comfy, and simply stunning to those who saw it. It looked like something fresh out of Versailles. But right now, the bedsheets were a mess. And sitting on the bed was Rosalina!
>You had just caught her in the middle of an act. She looked as if she had seen an angel. A pair of sky blue panties with pink frills was sitting on the floor, cast aside with no care, as was a sky blue bra that also had pink frills.
>Rosalina had pulled up her dress past her knees and had her legs spread open, exposing her pussy. She also had pulled the neckline of her dress below her bust, exposing her C-cup breasts.
>Her left hand was rested on her right nipple, as if she had been pinching and tweaking it. Her right hand was resting on her crotch, with her index and middle fingers inside her pussy, like she was fingering herself. You had just caught her masturbating!
>"Anon! What are you doing here!?" she gasped.
>This seemed unnatural for her to be pleasing herself like this, but even the most elegant of princesses have their desires sometimes.
>You tried to say something, but the words just wouldn't come out.
>"I… I'm sorry Anon. But I was in heat!"
And before I really go, Tharja.

>"Aww, how sweet. He's sleeping. Sleeping….and helpless. Hee hee hee hee."
>Your eyes were still shut, and your mind was still asleep. But your body was under control by Tharja's hex.
>"You're my little toy now, Anon. Now strip!"
>Without hesitation, you quickly complied. Soon, you were standing in front of her, naked and asleep. She was busy eying your flaccid cock.
>"Oooh.. you're so sexy, Anon. But one thing's missing…"
>She snapped her finger, and a blue spark came out of her hands.
>Something began to grow in your crotch. And it there was an added tingling sense to it, like someone cast a spell on your dick. Your balls even felt the same way.
>"Mmh... I love watching you get an erection, Anon."
>All of her attention was focused on your cock. You didn't know it but it wasn't finished growing!
>By now, it was much bigger in diameter, and was only getting longer. 6 inches became 7, then 8, and then 9. The veins in your cock became much more prominent, and the head engorged with flesh. After a minute, it was finally over. You now had a 9 inch penis, with proportional balls to boot.
>"Oooh yes… you have such a big cock. And it's all mine…"
>Tharja eyed your cock all over like a shark and his prey. Her eyes burned with lust and desire. It was going to be a long night. Wasting no time, she took her bodystocking and began to tear it off her body with an audible rip. She didn't care if she was destroying her only clothes.
This some good shit doc
Bumping for future fapping
Fuck off back to tumblr.
I like it when you act mean to me
I enjoy your enthusiasm and it is very sexy DR. Maybe we could write a romantic book together!
File: 1448030551945.jpg (50 KB, 340x763) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Thank you, doctor!
No, Charles.
Kinda plain, but more writefaggotry should be encouraged.
File: 1452976915012.jpg (107 KB, 1024x768) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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thanks doc
Really, you don't belong here, >>>/b/ , >>>/jp/ , >>>/a/ , >>>/r9k/ or >>>/e/ .
Would be much more your speed. If you would ever so kindly vacate to one of the above? It would be ever so gracious of you.
Humbly requesting some Peach, doc. I'm hungry.
I don't mean to be demanding doc (>inb4 >>>/r/), but I was wondering if you can do non Nintendo characters, a request I have is Hsien Ko
Uhh.. hey /h. I thought I'd swing by my old thread for a second and give you an update on how I'm doing. About halfway through my greentext on Samus. And I thought the only thing that would do her justice would be some smokin' hot jungle love in the water with just you and her. Look for it in a few days. It will be worth the wait.
I'm thirsty for that Tharja fic
You had me at bodystocking ripping, so hot
You could also try posting a pic of the girl you're writing about in each post?
Hey /h. I came back to tell you that my greentext on Samus is complete. I hope you guys are ready to score with Samus. Spread the word.

PS: I would love it if some drawfriends were able to make a comic of my greentexts.
I will be starting a new thread, so come check it out.
Just ignore the thread I made with the deleted image. Check out the thread titled "Dr.Butthead is Back". My apologies. Feel free to yell at me.
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Thread images: 7
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