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post gifs, webms, whatever you have
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>shiiiit, aiighhtt
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this one i made the other day = god tier in my books
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So, anyone have any good stories to share? Preferably not copypasta.
i do but they're aids and cba going into it and editing it all.
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Eh, I could do that, did a Nicki story on /s/ once that was so awful it didn't have capital letters at the start of the sentence. Or paragraphs.
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try your best anon, i believe in you.

"I wouldn't be surprised if Nicki offered a fan on stage to pull her dress up slowly as her soft
brown legs show as the light, see through dress makes it's way up to her big, soft, brown ass.
Nicki turns her head and asks into the mic "i tap my pussy enough on this stage and it gets me
really horny, now this special fan is going to stick his rock hard cock inside my pussy!" the fan
is stunned, but nicki is still holding her dress up with a sexy smerk on her face and her huge ass
is on sight with her black thong wrapped around her waist so tightly. While the fan is still stood
there, Nicki takes it into her hands to do a job first, so she squats down in front of him, undoes
his belt buckle and unzips his jeans. As she slides his boxers down, his huge circumcised cock pops
out right in Nicki's face while everyone in the crown lets off a huge gasp. She is jerking him off
for a few minutes and then his cock finally gets to meet her mouth.
As she is squatted there sucking his cock for a few mintues, she looks up and says "now do you want to
fuck me?" without hesitation he makes her stand up and turn her back to him while he repeats pulling her dress up
but this time he makes her bend over a little so he can put her panties to the side. When he does this, all
he see's is her nice fat pussy lips that are dripping wet. He spreads her ass so her nice brown puckered
arsehole is in sight too and then slowly slides his shaft into her pussy as she lets off a slight gasp...
You. We meet again at last.

...While they continue to fuck in that position, Nicki stands upright while her is still thrusting against her and says
"lay me down onto my back on this stage in front of everyone and fuck my pussy" He quickly takes charge, grabs the
top of her dress and pulls it all the way down, pulling her panties with the dress on the way down. Nicki is stood
on stage completely naked in front of her crowd, she lays down onto her back and the fan kneels down too. He slides
his cock into her pussy and cups her tits in each of his hands as she lays there moaning into the mic. after a few minutes
he lets off a slight few words "i'm going to cum, where do you want it?" she smiles and says "here, in my pussy" not expecting
that reaction his cock gets really hard as Nicki speaks into the mic and says "ohh guys i can feel his cum shooting deep into my pussy, his cock is so hard"
after thrusting for a few moments he slides her cock out she spreads her legs and ass with her hands and you see the cum drip
slowly out of her pussy over her asshole and onto the stage. She slides 2 of her fingers in and out of her pussy and licks them and says into the mic
"he and i together taste amazing y'all, maybe one of you will get this lucky next time" she gets up and walks off stage with her pussy still dripping.

Oh yes, I remember this one. Gave me a headache trying to make sense of it.

The hardest part is trying to work out just what you're trying to get across, like if this is supposed to be someone telling a story in the past tense, or actually happening in the present tense.
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yeah i have to admit, it is pretty odd.

I got gifs/webms for days too
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nutha' 1
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>I got gifs/webms for days too
Good. Keep the thread going whilst I try and untangle this tumbleweed of poor grammar and spelling mistakes you've written.
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I wouldn’t be surprised if one day, Nicki calls a fan up onto the stage in the middle of a concert and tells him (could be a her, but let’s face it, it’d probably be a guy who catches her eye) to pull up her dress. Just imagine, the lights shining on her smooth caramel skin as the see through dress makes its way up to her big soft brown ass. Reckon she’d probably talk into the mike at this point, say something like, “I get horny enough tapping my pussy on this stage, now this special fan (she indicates the guy trying to get as much of her backside into his hands as possible) gets to go all the way!”
The lucky bastard probably starts to think he’s died and gone to heaven at this point, but he’s distracted from contemplating his good fortune by a smirking Nicki. Still holding her dress up so everyone can get a good look at her legs and the tiny black thong diving between her ass cheeks to guard her treasures, she walks over to the dumbstruck fan.
She sticks the mike into her cleavage so she has both hands free, squats down in front of him, undoes his belt and unzips his jeans (she’s probably got a lot of experience at this procedure) before yanking his boxers down. To the surprise of the watching fans (but to Nicki’s delight), the guy’s dick is huge. So big in fact that the length of circumcised meat practically slaps her in face, producing a chorus of gasps from those in the crowd who have a good enough view to be aware of its size in comparison to the brown-skinned beauty’s face.
This is of no objection to Nicki, however, who immediately wraps a fist around the huge dick (her hand barely able to encircle it all) and starts jerking him off. The whole stage is silent, the ocean of fans watching with baited breath as Nicki’s hand drags up and down on this guy’s dick. A big drop of moisture wells up from the fat head of the cock in her hand, and without missing a beat, Nicki leans forwards and takes it in her mouth.

i just read that.

The mike wedged between her breasts picks up every sound as her head bobs back and forth on the dick; the gulping noises as she sucks on the head in her mouth and the gurglings as it plunges down into her throat, all of it is transmitted forth by the state-of-the-art speaker system so that every member of the audience can hear it. Needless to say, the combination of hearing and seeing their idol sucking a man off right before their eyes gets some of the fans in the audience quite hot and bothered. Plenty of them are recording it on their phones, this’ll probably be trending before breakfast tomorrow.
Thoughts of the future are cast aside however, when Nicki pulls back off the huge dick. A string of saliva connects her bottom lip to the glistening dick for a moment, before it snaps as Nicki licks her lips, savoring the taste of the fat dick all over her mouth.
“Now,” she pants, “do you want to fuck me, or do we disappoint all these good people here?” Ignoring the cackling from the audience, the lucky fan pulls Nicki up and turns her around. Some diligent tech switches on a camera mounted at the back of the stage so that everyone can see on the big screen as he pulls her dress up again and then pushes her thong to one side. Her big fat pussy is already dripping wet, looks like she wasn’t lying about tapping her pussy on stage. The guy sinks his hands into the huge expanse of her backside and then hauls the mammoth cheeks apart so the camera can capture her nice puckered asshole before he moves in.

it'll be trending at the moment it happens.
ya me too lets go kill each other
The voluptuous singer gasps quietly as his shaft slides into her pussy, though the girth of it is less than ones she’s had in the past, the length means that it goes deeper than she’s ever had before, making Nicki coo in delight as he bottoms out in her. The man is somewhat impatient and begins quickly pounding away into her, soft squeals and gasps emerging from Nicki as the big dick plumbs her depths. The muscles of her pussy clench and tighten around him, gripping onto his dick hard enough to make the man shudder as he tries to maintain his rhythm. On every backthrust, juice gushes from Nicki’s pussy and splatters onto the stage behind them, though neither notice it.
Suddenly, Nicki reaches back and presses and hand against the fan’s torso, making him freeze with concern that he might have hurt her, but she smiles disarmingly.
“Lay me down and fuck me properly so they can all see,” she whispers breathlessly to him. The fan needs no further prompting, but as Nicki turns to get into position, he seizes the hem of her dress and whips it up and over Nicki’s head.
The crowd cheers as they see Nicki unclothed for the first time, watching eagerly as she lays down on her back and the guy climbs between her spread legs. He re-hilts himself within her in a moment and goes back to pumping away like his life depends on it, cupping her big tits in his hands and playing with the nipples as he goes. The mike is still trapped between her big tits, capturing Nicki’s groaning and whispers of encouragement as the guy rushes towards his climax.
“I-I’m gonna cum,” he gasps, speaking for the first time, “where do you want it?”
“Here,” her pussy clenches around him and the man groans as Nicki replies, “in my pussy.”
His dick swells within her, Nicki taking the cue and wrapping her long slim legs around him to pull him as deep into her as possible as the dam bursts.
“Ohh,” she groans into the mike, “guys, I can feel his cum spraying into me, he feels so hard.”
The fan gives a few more jerky thrusts and then pulls out. Nicki turns and then spreads herself wide open so that the enraptured audience can see the lumpy white spooge oozing out of the bright pink of her pussy. She drags two fingers across her honeypot, gathering the mixture of juices on her fingertips before popping them into her mouth and sucking them clean.
“Mmm,” she purrs into the mike, “we taste so good together. Maybe one of you will get this lucky next time.” The crowd explodes in cheers as she awkwardly stands on shaky legs and walks off-stage, pussy still dripping all the way.

And done, at last. That wasn't so hard in the end, I nearly enjoyed it. Anyone else have any stories to share?
Y'know, the fact that none of the webms have sound is very representative of what people want from her.
So where are these gifs/webms for days?
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yeah sorry about that, i fell asleep.
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complex nicki.gif
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Thank you jew music industry
she looks a million times better without her stupid fucking clown make up on
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