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sissy greentext more than one guy edition
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Post your stories, how you were gangbanged , threesomes whatever.
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I need some stories guys :(
>Be curious about the whole sissy thing, like all of you
>Go on a site for naughty chats, trying to find a local guy
>Lucky enough to find a guy who is willing to do me
>Arrange that he comes over to my place in an hour
>Start dressing up: wig, water balloons in a bra, low-cut shirt to hold it in, miniskirt, stockings and 4" heels. Put on makeup, heavy around the eyes
>He shows up, asks to keep the lights turned off.
> I agree, but request that he ties my wrists behind my back, which he agrees to.
> Get on my knees as he pulls his dick out.
>Start sucking slowly, feels oddly good.
>He asks if he can fuck my face, and I almost panic, but take a break to say yes.
>He fucks my face hard, for, like two minutes
>FeelsGood.jpg, feel tears starting to ruin my makeup
>He lets me off for a couple of seconds
>Turn around and present my ass to him
>He gets the hint and starts plowing my ass
>Almost scream as he penetrates me, but damn it's good after a minute
>He's about to cum
>Tell him I want it in my mouth
>Fucks my face to completion and leaves without untying me
>Lie there panting for who knows how long, all happy and shit
>Finally untie myself by rubbing the string against a corner for a long time
>Go to wash myself, realize how big of a slut I've been
>Been trying to contact him on the same site for months, only succeeded once, repeating the same story
>Want more, getting wilder and wilder fantasies

There's a story for you

This is amazing, looking for more stories , the more details the better.
How long did it take to cut the rope?
>balloons in bra
And that's when I knew this greentext was bullshit
Been curious about crossdressing and sucking cock
>fuck it, buy girls clothes, shave whole body, makeup and buy a wig
>go to adult theater, wig in pig tails, makeup, wearing a loose blouse, small skirt, black thong and thigh socks
>nervous af
>3 guys approach me wanting to "have" a good time
>ask them for money hoping they will go away
>they accept, holy shit
>as soon as I noticed I'm sucking one cock, stroking another and taking one in my ass
>went from 0 to 60
>other men are watching and masturbating to what's going on
>feel cum buzzed at this point
>they cum everywhere, legs are shaking
>get $400 for the experience

Liked it so much that I kept on doing it. Here's another short one:
>buy more sexy clothes
>this time I wear denim booty shorts that make my bubble butt look even better
>get to adult theater again, guys approach me but no one wants to pay (might as well get paid doing this)
>old guy approaches me, agrees to pay me $180 in return from him kissing and worshipping my ass, plus a bj...and twerking for him
>ok whatever, start twerking
>he gets closer and starts calling me a dirty girl, spanking me and kissing my ass
>he takes off my shorts and starts licking my asshole, it feels good
>pulls out his cock, holy viagra it's huge
>starts sucking it, started slowly massaging with my tongue but he later starts throatfucking me
>cum on my face

More? I'm also in the Phoenix area if anyone wants to hookup, just leave your kik or email (but you have to give me a small money donation to make it worth it)
More, got any where you got fucked really hard by multiple guys ? Also more details please , don't hold back.
For a bj? You're expensive as fuck for a whore.
Sadly, that was the only time I've ever been with more than one guy at the same time, here's another story though:
>buy this short cute little blue dress and immediately get horny wearing it
>get a red headband with a bow so I'm like wearing the slutty version of kiki's delivery service
>there's this swingers club called Encounters that I've been meaning to visit
>go on Saturday night when it's more busy
>immediately get attention from guys
>black guy approaches me, wants to have something with me but doesn't want to pay me
>he's feeling me up, squeezing my ass, touching my lips
>start stroking his cock over his pants, god it feels so thick and juicy
>kind of getting lost but eventually leave since I can't convince him to pay me
>find a uy that just wants a hj
>go to lounge, start stroking him, noticed that black guy is there watching us
>pull up dress, start shaking my ass a bit
>decide to just give guy's cock a lick, though as soon as I do it he cums
>doesn't even land on me
>guy leaves, black guy approaches me again, said I convinced him and pays me to suck him
>we start fooling around again, his hands are all overall me
>he takes off my dress and thong and just leaves me in my black thigh socks
>can't help it anymore and take out his cock
>it's huge, can barely fit in my mouth
>getting a crowd at this point
>get so horny I let him pound me,it hurts but it feels so good
>huge load on my ass, feels so satisfied

And that was my first black cock.

Well he also wanted to ear out my ass and twerk/dance for him plus the bj. I'm certainly not going to do all of that for $60
Thank you, feel free to share more, dirtier the better.
>it's always been a fantasy of mine to do it through glory holes
>theater I go to just has 3 big rooms so no glory holes so I start searching for one that does
>find one like 5 minutes away from home, go there one night
>lots of guys pretending they're browsing
>start doing the same, though I start to show my goods "accidentally"
>raise my skirt higher to show my ass, bend over "to look at stuff"
>paid to go to back, hoping some guys follow me
>inside watching porno, cock suddenly appears
>little disappointed it's only one but I worship the hell out of it with my mouth
>lick it, stroke it, it taste so good, feel it throbbing a bit
>give it an ass job, squeeze it with my cheeks
>move it up and down, I can feel it's about to cum and
>warm cum lands on my back
>turn back and lick it clean
Great posts, thank you anon!

Bump for more greentext, pls keep it going!
ive always wanted to try doing all this
trouble is ive got a gf and really dont ever want to cheat on her
That's really fucking gay
Bump, this shit gets me so fucking hard.
Bump so hard!
water baloons are underrated breh. If you're high enough it's like you actually have huge tits.
You'll want to cheat on her when there's a fat cock slapping against your face. You can't suppress your feelings forever, anon.
Bump pp
>Fucks my face to completion and leaves without untying me
Fuck that got me so hard. Would really get off on that feeling of being used.
Me too bump
Id had 3 meets before this, just never as rough as id wanted them to be
>be on gaydar
>speak to older dom guy couple miles from my area, says he wants to spitroast and humiliate me with his black friend, both around 40
>go over on the weekend with lingerie ask requested
>step in take my shoes off
>as soon as theyre off they shove me against the wall and strip me down to my thong
>white guy groping my chest whilst the black guy is fingerbanging my ass- this goes on for 2 minutes.
>shove me to the ground, get their cocks out (white about 6 , black about 9)and make me suck their dicks whilst shouting verbal abuse "slut faggot" etc
>by this point i was fully into it begging for more
>black guy pulls me up on all fours, lubes his cock up and shoves it in my ass in one go
>holy fuck the pain is so good
>getting skullfucked whilst black guy is spanking and fucking my ass
>positions swap around every 5-10 minutes
>try to dp me ass but it hurt too much
>end with white guy cumming on my chest, me riding the black guy, which eventually gives me my first hands free orgasm and the black guy cums in my ass (condom)
>get up, get dressed have a cigarette and talk with them outside for 15, agree to do it regularly.

This was 3 weeks ago, hope to do it again end of Jan. First time greentexting
Moar please
More please.
How do you guys fix your girl clothes?
What do you mean "fix" ?
fix, arrange, buy, steal, whatever
Source anyone?
When you buy them just say its for your gf and she has a same build as yours.

Not a sissy , just assuming.

or just go and buy them?
its not that you have to tell anyone for whom it is or what are you going to do with it
More stories guys :(
Well since there's not a lot of multiple guy stories, I'll contribute a 1on1!

>be me, 20 year old aspiring trap/sissy
>never had been with a guy before
>took a tab of acid and watched sissy hypno videos all night and toying my ass
>feels soooo fucking good
>next day I randomly start thinking of cock
>get super horny, urges are strong
>decide to post CL ad , though all I have are a bra and panties to wear
>get multiple responses, spend all night browsing through, find a guy
>he's downtown, 420 friendly, and could host
>made sure I was shaved down and had my bra/pantie set on under clothes
>get in car and drive
>nervous as fuck
>it's like 4 am btw and I was already pretty high
>he greets me at car, whilst i'm en boy mode
>offers me a cigarette
>we climb up some rooftops to get into his house
>it's fucking dark outside, almost blindly following him
>my nerves and excitement are through the roof
>he tells me to be quiet and takes me into his room
>we smoke some weed
>get a nice re-buzz going
>he tells me to strip down
>strip down to maid bra/pantie set,my ass exposed
>tells me to get on my knees, i do
>i start to unfasten his pants but i'm nervous and excited, keep fucking up
>he strokes my hair tells me to calm down, take my time
>I get his dick out, beautiful cock
>I give it a kiss.....

keep going?
dont even ask
Moar pls
>I give his cock a kiss and look up at him
>he smiles
>I lick up and down the shaft before taking one of his balls into my mouth
>cock really is an amazing thing
>I lick back up his dick and then take the tip on my mouthh
>swirl my toungue around
>he starts bucking his hips a little bit
>I get in a fluent motion bobbing up and down
>I manage to deepthroat with a little bit of gag reflex
>he pulls me off and tells me to turn around
> i go face down ass up on the cold wooden floor
>he spits on my hole and then starts to put his dick in
>still a little loosened up from the night before
>goes in and feels AMAZING
>he starts fucking me doggystyle with his hands on my hips
>my face is almost drooling on the floor as i continously moan
>didn't know being fucked felt this good
>we get on the couch and he piledrives me
>he holds my cock as he pumps in and out, holding my legs together with his other hand
>he pulls out and cums on my face
>i catch as much as i can, and scoop the remainder into my mouth
>we smoke some more weed, watch some big bang theory and drive home

didnt talk for awhile after that, lost my sissy urges, but they are back, stronger than ever, and i think im gonna see him monday!!! :))) hehe

my kik is amberalexxander if anyone is curious as to what i look like haha
Holy shit this is amazing.

One question tho, how do you clean you rectum before fingering yourself or having sex ?
Because of you faggots i need something in my house to fuck myself with, what do i use? sharpies are too small, so dont bother saying so

ever heard of ebay?
I need it now. i cant wait that long
put some vegetable in condom or something, multiple sharpies

be creative
You got lube ?
Also how do you clean your asshole ?
which episode of the big bang theory was it?
you look really cute, i sent you a message, could you send some pics?

Lots of things can be used for an enema, A turky baster is a common thing most people have. I use my gryphon dildo that has a cum tube.
I'll post my story of when I was 18 and I met an 58 year old to dress me up in lingerie and fuck me BB if anybody asks for it.
I have a syringe that I use to "flush" myself with. Mix some warm water with a little lube, get on a toilet, fill yourself up, and squirt it out. Repeat until you can wipe and there is no shit on the paper.
>be 17 and curious about the whole sissy thing
>watching hypno's and browsing sissy tumblr's
>Give in and buys Victoria's secret Bra, sweater and panties
>Order Sephora makeup and eyeliner and shave whole body
>Grow out hair and dyes blonde
>Look in the mirror god damn I look sexy and want to suck a cock so bad
>Arrange a meetup online
>Smoke a joint before I go in because I am nervous
>Get compliments walking up to the apartment
>Boy is older but I am such a sissy and want to be used
>Undo pants to give a blowjob
>Feels so sweet and moist in my mouth
>Using tongue making sure not to bite the precious cock
>Playing with balls because that is what I liked when I was straight
>I am meant to service cock now
>Look into his eyes this is where I am meant to be
>Beg for the cock to be put in my tight asshole
>Guides cock from my mouth to my ass feeling even more in love
>Hurts for the first couple of thrusts
>But the I'm in heaven
>Embracing the big cock in my tight sissy ass
>Spanks me
>"awwww yeah fuck me master"
>"How much do you want my cock"
>Teases me by rubbing the head only on the outside of my sissy hole
>"I want it daddy"
>Cums all over my mouth
>Enjoy and savour the flavour
>This was just one of many more

Who wants more?
More you slut!
It's just a prank bro
>Been practising sucking on Bananas making sure not to bite through it to maximize pleasure when I give a real blowjob
>Staying up in my PINK Bra and panties
>Set a challenge that I will only cum using my asshole
>Started wearing thongs under my clothes all the time
>Find a cute guy and briefly lift up my shorts so he can see my ass
>Gropes me while I’m walking through the mall
>I blew him in the Walmart washroom
>Using my tongue and stroking with my left had and fingering myself with the right
>Guy gets call from his buddies
>Says they want to hang out at his condo
>Ask if I can come along
>Says “sure my little sissy princess”
>I wipe off the load with a paper towel and reapply my lipstick
>I ask to get starbucks on our way to the parking lot
>Says sure
>Get to his condo
>See 1 asian guy and one white guy
>I immediately get excited
>I slowly remove a pair of my favourite tights, bra and my thong
>They tell me to get on all fours
>Suck the asian guy off while being fucked by the white guy
>I was in disbelief the cock was massive and filled me with his huge veiny cock
>I loved it and my face turned red from being gagged and excitement
>The Asian guy plays with my hair while gagging me with his cock
>I took a sip of the starbucks drink when he was about to cum
>His face was full of arousal, I was turned on too
>I love being used and impressing men with my sissy ass
>All of a sudden the 2 white guys came all over my ass and one came on my chest
>I took a selfie and then cleaned up
>I love being a little sissy slut cocksucker
Word. I know what you mean. I realized that I want to try this a little too late. Im married. Im not gonna fuck that up for something that may not even live up to the fantasy. However, maybe if I was sure id never be found out, i might give it a shot. I have a gay friend who i know is into me. He's asian, which is my thing, and he doesn't look to bad in a wig. although, id probably be to busy being face down in a pillow to notice. I love the feeling of having my ass filled, im going to ask my wife to get into pegging, but that leaves one big problem, how am i gonna suck dick? im sure as hell not gonna suck a strap on. she wouldn't get anything out of that.
hit me
>watch a bunch of sissy stuff
>finally work up courage to find a guy
>first sexual experience gives me HIV
yeah man this fetish is a great time
Dude what?
Post the selfie
Eat shit
>buying girly clothes, etc. online
>have fantasies but never really planned to go through with them
>maid outfit arrives whilst I'm out, card through the door saying parcel has been left with a house across the street
>go to pick it up, guy answers the door is overweight and in his fifties
>definitely my type
>holds up my parcel, packaging not exactly inconspicuous
>brain fails to come up with an explanation
>he laughs and tells me to come back at midnight to pick it up, but I have to be dressed up
>wig, makeup, shaved & clean, heels, stockings & suspenders, tiny lacey panties, little black dress so little it's practically lingerie
>walk over to his house, get invited inside, super nervous
>he starts feeling me up immediately, squeezing my ass
>pins me against the wall when I try to resist, slaps me hard across the face when I try to resist some more
>tells me to behave, I say "yes sir", he smiles and throws me to my knees, takes out his cock
>I get hard at the sight of it, try to hide of under my tiny skirt, he totally notices
>start sucking him, its big and warm and at first a bit scary but totally amazing, soon lose myself worshipping it
>after I don't even know how long he tells me to get up and bend over the couch
>hesitate because nervous, he slaps me again, notices that turns me on even more, keeps slapping me until I beg him to fuck me
>he fingers some lube up my ass, I make girly squeals I didn't know I was capable of
>he starts fucking me hard and spanking me, my brain melts
>he pulls out and facefucks me
>cums so much it dribbles out my nose
>I manage a "thankyou sir"
>leaving with my parcel, a quivering mess, cum dripping down my chin, he stuffs a £20 note down my panties and spanks me
>tells me to come back Saturday midnight for more
>that's tonight, and I think he's going to really like this maid outfit!
I took some of my girlfriends cloth and headed to a porn-cinema in my town. On the bus I kept checking if I brought condoms and lube. Once there I decided to speed up and just walk right in not having second thoughts. inside I paid the cashier and walked straight into the movie labyrinth. I picked the first one I saw and started to dress up in my girlfriends cloths. Now my heart was pounding I knew there were a lot of horny guys outside just waiting to fuck a little sissy like me.
I took a deep breath and walked out.
In the hall I had all eyes on me, they started touching and grabbing my ass. I sat down in the big room .After a few minutes 2 guys sat next to me. I was so nervous I could not speak nor move. One of the guys started to lick my shoulder, while the other touched my thighs. It did not take long before they told me to undress and put me on my knees to start sucking theire cocks. Both had pretty average dicks but one of them smelled really bad, I was repulsed to suck it but he grabbed my head and forced it down. we had a crown watching us now. They put me on all four and he licked my ass while I sucked the other. Before the guy was about to put his dick in my ass I said he needed a condom. This is where things got weird. He laughed at me and said " sluts a don't get condoms"
I tried to shake him off me but the other guys joined in and held me down. He forced it in fast and hard. I was afraid confused. He started pounding me like there was no tomorrow. One guy came up and came in my face, and then the next one forced his dick in my throat. They both came inside me and not even a second later a new guy put his dick inside me and I came over and over again, I lost track of time. When they were finished the brought me to the shower rooms. I did not resist inside they put me on my knees and this is where I understood what they wanted. I closed my eyes and felt something warm in my face they all started to pee on me calling me a slut, a fucking cheap whore.
That sounds fucking horrible. Im into a little humiliation, but at that point I would have bitten one of their dick off.
it's a great way to catch STD's tho
so you suck their dicks without a condom but refuse to take it up the ass without a condom...
If you're into that, sure
Holy shit man...
I should try this. Could get ass and steal some faggot's console and phone. Not like it would be reported to the police.
big bang theory sucks, find someone else
>how to get hemorrhoids: the short film based on the award winning book
So what happened today?
I've been trying for a couple yeaarrs now..sadly No desire for a chubby Sissy In norway it seems...small towns are so bad for this...tried Craigslist too.
this place is for gifs

Best place to find good stories.
Post a pic of yourself dressed up
ok heres a story im proud of

>be me, 15 boy
>in highschool, confused about my sexuality
>am i gay, bi, tran, girl in boys body, cant decide
>rumors around highschool im gay
>one day a boy in a older year pushes me and says "suck my dick, fag"
> i mutter ok
>wtf.jpg on boys face then says come on then lets go to the toilet
>for some reason i decide to follow him into the toilet and he immediately whips out his huge cock
>before i could think i was sucking it as hard as i could
>i then punched him in the face knocking him on the floor and started riding him
>5 mins later i get up and clean my self up
>couldent tell if he was crying more from his face or from his dick
What a twist
more caps

you better greentext the next story
ITT things that never happened
>power bottom cuteboy

holy shit yes
Nice, well played.
Tips on how to suck my best friend?
has any sick fuck made a collection of these sissy stories or is there a reddit or tumblr or some shit
This so much
wheres the gifs
should be required that each sissy who posts a story posts a selfie, otherwise we've no proof.
half of these sound fake.
Most of these are reposts from tumblr captions
File: 333.gif (428 KB, 500x467) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
428 KB, 500x467
I don't have any greentext but I am going to post sissy caps.

Most of them are reposts/old but still good.
File: 191826088.gif (514 KB, 450x467) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1378279331846.gif (4 MB, 300x265) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1388039312902.gif (4 MB, 256x144) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1388105587169.gif (2 MB, 350x247) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1388464302934.gif (2 MB, 656x341) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 656x341
>Transgirl in college
>Meet up with friend from high school, who I have not seen in 4 years.
>She is also trans, and has been on hormones longer.
>Lunch date
>Talk about trans stuff, high school stuff, flirt
>We go back to my house, hang out in my pillow fort
>Lay there watching videos til roommate leaves
>Ask, "Anon, do you want to make out?"
>Roll around kissing, eventually both get naked
>Her tits 10/10, both of us super soft, thin girlfolk
>Made out, rubbed our bits together
>Introduced her to wand vibrators
>Sucked her cock for awhile, and she reciprocated
>She had a long drive home, leaves.
>Open Tinder, find cute boy
>He offers a night of weed and video games
>Says he's only ever been with vagina-having women, but interested.
>Up for that
>Show up at 9, mostly beat him in Mortal combat. Smoke like 6 bowls.
>Ask "Hey anon, do you want to make out?"
>Smooch, etc, go to pull off his pants, startle him a bit by taking his underwear too.
>Offer to get naked, he asks me to leave my panties on
>Go make out in his bed, he strokes me through my panties, staring at my cock, maybe surprised by the amount of precum
>Gets late
>Say I'mma go, he asks me to stroke him off
>Make him cum all over my stomach
>And such was Thursday
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File: 1397748452070.gif (1 MB, 400x202) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 400x202

i want you
File: 1397576418747.gif (498 KB, 250x420) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Hey anon, do you want to make out?
File: 1403408060235.gif (1 MB, 500x272) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 500x272
this whole "dont let any of it go to waste" is becoming to cliche to get me off
File: 1403623492539.gif (497 KB, 500x270) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
497 KB, 500x270
File: 1403623832174.gif (2 MB, 400x224) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1403623939478.gif (1 MB, 410x230) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1403902015737.gif (4 MB, 400x196) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1404075547242.gif (971 KB, 500x278) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Turns out you did care.

And this happened around the '70s in Miami.
Now, 10 years layer, you're set on taking revenge on every single one of them, while using masks to represent how you saw them and make them realize that in the end, it wasn't murder, by doing that to you, they signed their suicidal future.

Hotline Miami 3.
File: 1405103474021.gif (2 MB, 500x282) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 500x282
File: 1406266992190.gif (2 MB, 500x250) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1407253377665.gif (4 MB, 624x352) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1407253578939.gif (921 KB, 474x240) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
921 KB, 474x240
File: 1407253648330.gif (4 MB, 292x380) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4 MB, 292x380
File: 1411401623734.gif (3 MB, 800x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 800x480
her name is Ashlyn Rae
File: 1411401776125.gif (1 MB, 871x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 871x480
File: 1411409272272.gif (1 MB, 500x280) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Anyone have any good tumblrs to link?
File: 1411409564381.gif (741 KB, 500x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
741 KB, 500x500
File: 1425516143451.gif (1 MB, 307x495) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1428957986427.gif (2 MB, 750x630) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1438085500700.gif (2 MB, 1000x1000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1438086307714.gif (4 MB, 250x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1442615292389.gif (2 MB, 350x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Ever hear of a condom?
Who would've thought getting fucked by dudes is gay? It's almost like that's the point
Better cock descriptors pls
Please sauce, I've been looking for this forever
I can hook up with this guy on grindr. 8inch cock and lives close by.
Kinda nervous and havent been fucked in ages.
Kinda scared he might not be into me when we really meet though
Can anyone identify this?
It would be perfect for some captions.

I ripped these few seconds from "White Girl's Destiny - Born to take black cum" by Madysin Kitten
none of this shit is greentext idiots
Video source?
I remember some awesome stories, too bad those guys don't lurk often.
so hot
File: image.gif (443 KB, 270x420) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
443 KB, 270x420
>Had a few regular meets with an older guy
> Mostly just blowjobs, I tell him I want to try more, suggest me getting spitroasted
>He loves the idea, and we find a guy off craigslist who is down for it
>I get all dressed up: wig, heels, schoolgirl outfit, panties, and knee high socks
>Show up a nit late
>He meets me at the door, naked
>Doesn't say a word, just leads me inside
>The other guys also naked already, they pull me out of my normal clothes, and shove me to my knees
>After a while, one guy goes around and starts fingering my ass, then slides his whole cock in and starts thrusting
>It felt incredible, getting mounted and fucked by a guy, and thrusting forward, choking on another cock, with my panties pulled to the side
>One came all over my face, the other guy came in my ass.

Been trying to setup a gangbang ever since, but just cant get people to agree on a day
File: 1449498637847.gif (509 KB, 499x470) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
509 KB, 499x470
>get a red headband with a bow so I'm like wearing the slutty version of kiki's delivery service
fucking kek
i don't know if i should feel a bad person...
i'm ashamed to admit that i'm diamond hard, and really into this kind of humiliation...

and i can't help being sad cause i can't (and couldn't ever) sissyfy (?) myself (23 yo, 6,2 ft reporting).

sorry for bad grammar lol not native english speaker

>be 12 y/o me
>shy, thin, short and very submissive/feminine behavior for various reasons
>have 15 y/o old friend who is basically the exact opposite of me
>we'll call him John
>one day at johns house playing some racing game (his mum was in a different city)
>lying on the floor with my ass in the air (i told you i was very effeminate)
>wasn't sexual to me, it was just very a comfortable way to sit
>john decides to mock me and call me gay
>''im not gay asshole''
>''then why do you act like such a girl''
>after some name calling he decides to pick me up and throw me on his bed
>obviously i freak out
>john pushes me into the pillow while i scream and he laughs
>pulls my shorts and underwear off
>i immediately freeze
>still holding me down he says
>''wow dude you have like literally no body hair haha''
>im still not saying anything
>he covers my mouth with his hand and starts dry humping my bare ass
>realize im enjoying this but i have to pretend that i dont
>try to get away but he just holds me down more and keeps going
>he then laughs it off like it was a huge joke


>about 20 minutes later he asks me when the last time i ate was
>''last night'' i say
>he says to not eat anything for the rest of the night and to go to bed after i have a shower
>he says he has to shower with me to save water
>feel weird about it but considering what he did earlier i just go along with it
>midway throught the shower he says his dick is way bigger than mine
>through some bullying and coercing he eventually gets me to kiss it
>kissing eventually turns into licking, licking turns into sucking
>he doesn't cum but it goes on for a solid minute
>all the while pretending like what we are doing isn't sexual and we are just having a joke
>finish up, dry off
>realize i have no spare clothes with me and he won't let me borrow his clothes or sleep on his mattress with my dirty clothes
>he figures that i should just wear some of his mums clothing
>after telling him im not doing that for almost 15 minutes i eventually cave
>he gets me some of her lingerie-ish panties and a miniskirt (grown woman who owns a miniskirt, i know)
>says that is good enough
>go to bed
>about an hour later i wake up to him ruffling into the sheets fully naked
>he puts his hand around my mouth
>i start freaking out again but i dont do anything to try to stop it
>he starts slapping my ass profusely
>forces me to suck his dick
>after about a minute of sucking he pushes me down into the mattress
>he is about a foot and half taller and actually works out (not fully buff but pretty strong for his age) so i cant even try to move
>he slides his penis into my ass
>i freak out but he tells me his mum is about to get home and expects us to be asleep so i cannot make noise
>there i am, in the dark, under a blanket, getting fucked viciously by my best friend
>after about 2 minutes i cum for the first time and come pretty close to prostate orgasm
>his mum gets home before he can finish and quickly hops back into bed

i condensed that story greatly
from the thumbnail I thought it was a newborn pit bull puppy
>Big bang theory
This is the gayest thing in your story
>has gay sex
>doesn't expect HIV
Finally get the courage up (have own home and whatnot) and invite a guy over from online. little heavy and a bit older then me (late twenties here) but nice. I had prepped.I am naturally skinny I don't do the crossdressing bit, but I have over the knee socks and matching wristbands that all match super skimpy undies. and big sneakers even. Shave whole body smooth, had the room super warm (better for when nekked) and even used glittery victoria secret lotion and gave each of my ass cheeks a quick spray of glitter, and took a huge rip of poppers as he walks up to my door. Guy comes in we go to bedroom he immediately puts a blindfold on me and strips me down so all I have on are my wristbands sneakers and socks. Bends me over and plays with my ass, rims me (wow that felt awesome). Then proceeds to handcuff me, put me on my hands and knees on the bed, and uses my dildo on me, pulls me hair and gives me my first ever hands free holy shit it felt amazing. So at this point I am jelly face down, ass up and ready for him to do whatever he wants. walks in front of me, reaches over and spanks me some, I get super horny as I hear him rubbing his cock in his pants cause I am ready to just submit and suck his cock like a good dirty boy toy. But no :( he gets back behind me (dildo is still in me at this point) pulls out the dildo and I can hear him stroking himself with lube, OMG I am so ready to be fucked silly, but then cums on my back. We part ways after agreeing to do it again soon. But hot damn I want it BAAAAAD now. (That was earlier this afternoon)
Where are you from ?
>went back Saturday, full French maid
>oh god this outfit is tiny, so short panties are totally visible
>neighbour's jaw drops
>this time doesn't take me inside, fucks me and slaps me about right there on the front porch
>neighbourhood has fairly busy nightlife, half dozen or so people walk past
>so fucking turned on, brain is melting again
>stops briefly to record a video of me begging to be fucked and abused
>cums in my ass, stuffs another £20 in my panties, and tells me we're going out
>walk with him to a house a couple of blocks away, but takes me the slightly longer route past the main street
>walking past four busy pubs/clubs in a tiny maid outfit, a note sticking out my panties and cum dripping down my thighs
>holyshitholyshitholyshit trying so hard not to get noticably turned on, only moderately succeeding
>four old guys at house, "£20 each yeah?", neighbour tells me he'll pick me up in a couple of hours
>cue gangbang, get absolutely drenched in cum
>neighbour fucks me again in an alley on the way back
>plays back a bit of the video, tells me I'm his bitch now
>stuffs another £40 in my panties, slaps me on the ass and says same time next week
More details on the gangbang please
That was hotter than I thought, and it made me want to fuck you in the ass.

U K ?
Me too...
Ha also nice trips..
why am I having a hard time believing this bullshit?
Do you have more?
I'm gonna cum hard from these gigs and webms. MOAR PLOX
And now he wants to bring another guy sometime to play with me, apparently I did a good job hahaha
If you really feel embarrassed or whatever, just ask them if they have a gift bag/box. If they say no, mild disappointment and pay for your shit. If they say yes, either it's free or really cheap. Salesperson thinks you're a sweet boyfriend, you get your stuff.
Easier than that guy in the theater
Because all of it sounds like it's straight out of a manga?

>neighbour over the road just so happens to be some "overweight" (but obviously not unnattractively so) guy with a big dick
>the whole parcel at the wrong door thing in general
>walks along a main street in panties and a miniskirt too small to hide them
>doesn't get shittalked/smacked when people see the bulge/manface
>doesn't even get hit on
>nobody thinks anything of it
Or just internet your threads, that' what I do... kinda sucks you can't try it on, but then one day out of nowhere you get sexy lingerie in the mail and get to spend the rest of the day feeling like a hot little sissy
I met a 60 year old when I was 20, if anybody wants to hear it.
I've got the same guy coming over tomorrow ;) can't stop telling me how hot it was etc etc holy shit I loved when he was talking dirty to me spanking me and shit.
hawt as fuck
Here's the story of my first cock.
>Been thinking about sucking cock for a while.
>Put an ad on craigslist
>Lots of emails back and forth but nothing happened
>About to go to class
>Email comes in
>Guy says he's not sure if I'll get the message, but he'll be in a red Jeep at a particular store at a certain time
>Between classes
>Drive by the store
>Holy shit, there's a guy in a red Jeep
>Drive by about 57 times working up the courage
>Pull into parking spot a couple spaces away
>Sit there awkwardly with my windows down
>He finally says, "Hey, did I email you earlier?"
>I say yes
>He says follow me and starts driving
>We pull into a church
>Get out of cars
>"Don't worry, I'm not the pastor, just the maintenance guy"
>We go inside. Into a room
>I'm freaking the fuck out
>Eyeballing the door, about to make a run for it
>Look back and he has his cock out
>I'm mesmerized
>"You can touch it if you want"
>I touch it
>Tells me to sit down in the chair
>Puts his cock in my face
>Sucked him for a while. It was a really nice feeling
>He sucked me for a minute, but I couldn't get hard. Too nervous
>Back to sucking him. Loving the feeling and the taste.
>Says he's about to come and I can stop if I want
>I don't stop
>Shoots his load in my mouth and I keep sucking
>Have to swallow multiple times to keep it from squirting out of my mouth
>Zips up. Says thanks. We leave.
>Spend my next class with a huge boner thinking about what just happened.
>Never saw him again
area code?
Holy damn, haha I would not have followed a hook up into a church
I could join them :) nice little orgy.. I'm in Colorado too
tfw this will never happen to me
Another incident
>go to adult theater, usually the only young guy but close to closing, I am the only one left :(
>Older (I got a thing) guy walks in, eyes me up
I figured at this point I was going to get my rocks off good and hard, so in the back of a dark porn theater (little standing area behind the seats, with a waist high platform thing) I dropped my sweat pants and cute tiny undies, pulled my hoodie up, bent over and fingered myself while I jacked off (acting out what I had WANTED to happen anyways). Now, there is a walkway involved and you get plenty of warning so even tho I was able to get clothed I imagine my face was red, and hands a bit shiny from the lube (I prepped, I'm terrible haha) when this guy walks in.
>Lean against wall, hands behind back ;) he bites, comes over and starts groping me
>Turns me, and pulls my sweats down
Thrilled and terrified, these are TINY boy shorts and I wore them with the intent to drive a guy crazy, so in a theater with my goodies out to see was...WOW
>He plays with my ass, pulls my undies up between my ass cheeks like a thong and bends me over on the platform
>He asks "You like that? Nice eh?" I am about to reply when he follows up with "Come on, he likes it."
"Thats it." I think "I'm raped" I'm thrilled and terrified, too far to stop now right?
>Another pair of hands pulls my shorts to my ankles (cute sneakers are bulky) and starts to stroke me
>First guy now has two fingers in me (lubed up from my own self play) and asks me "You like to get fucked boy?"
>He smiles and three fingers now. The other guy has begun really pumping my cock now
Holy shit its amazing, and I know my job ;) I have spread my legs as far as I can (undies on ankles mind you) arched my back and pouted my ass out with my toes pointed slightly inward
>Gropes, spanks and spreads my ass with his free hand until I blow LIKE CRAZY
>Stay 'posed' that way and let them jack off and cum on my ass

>might as well get paid

Hah, I'm sure your parents are proud.
exactly. total bullshit
Speaking of orgy... This guy REALLY wants to bring a friend with him sometime (being spit roasted by two guys hnnnnng) I think I might wear some girly things today. I have a pair of black and red stockings I think I will wear with a TINY micro skirt that BARELY covers my ass cheeks... And I have a few more tales too. Looking back, although I have not yet been fucked, or sucked a guy, I have been kind of a whore LOL
Who is that?
sauce plz, she's pretty like that

if something happens tell the story please
Well I did not double check, and he was not able to make it early afternoon. Which sucks because there I was in my stockings and skirt, ready to put my plug in, ready for him to come in and do his worst lol. But we are trying for this evening and I will tell the sordid tale...
im in phoenix my kik is Chivboi
>be me
>gay website
>able to give emails over free limited messages
>chat for a while
>in shape 50 year old guy
>huge cock
>called me sissy, boy, faggot without having to ask him
>wants to dress me up
>I try to get out of it
>"I don't have a car"
>"I'll come and pick your cute little ass up"
>never felt so dominated
>picks me up near my house
>I reach my hand out, he grabs my cock
>jerks it
>hands me a pair of lacy white panties
>"put them on"
>wearing panties and a shirt in a strange man's car
>how did it get like this?
>get to his house, let's me put pants on to go inside
>spanks my ass on the way in
>as soon as we are in
>shoves me to floor
>spanks me
>grabs my cock
>spanking way too hard
>won't let me up
>tells me to put the clothes on that are in the bathroom
Please continue
Cont nigger
>big bang theory
where in colorado got kik?
>be 13
>neighbor is huge pedo
>know this and it turns me on
>legit have like fetish to let a pedo use me
>he has a daughter my age
>hes in his garage one day
>go over and ask if his daughters home
>i hate that bitch so he knows somethings up
>says hes not sure come inside and see
>leads me to her bedroom
>shes not there
>dirty panties on ground
>picks them up and says hey sorry about that
>i have a hardon at this point
>asks me if I want to see his cock
>say yes he pulls out his cock half hard
>shorter but thick cock
>tells me to get naked
>he gets naked with me
>lays on his daughters bed
>tells me to suck it
>my cocks diamonds
>suck his pedo dick while legit oozing precum
>up and down sucking like a slut
>tells me to stop
>orders me to put on his daughters dirty panties and bra
>omfg yes
>panties barely fit with rock hard cock
>tells me to lay face down on her bed
>climbs on top of me
>pulls panties to side and puts cock on my hole
>spits on my ass and slides cock up and down my cheeks
>im like paralyzed with desire i swear
>slips his cock inside me
>im moaning and leaking precum
>pressure and pain in ass
>he thrusts rest of cock into me
>pins me down and starts thrusting in and out
>only about 30 seconds before he whispers in my ear hes gunna cum
>final big thrust all the way in and he collapses on me as he starts cumming
>ropes of old man cum shooting up my ass
>feels incredible
>keeps me pinned down with his cock in my cummy ass
>goes soft in my ass and climbs off
>tells me to get dressed and go home
>i go home and cum like 10 times
>he did that to me a bunch more times the same way

I think he wanted to fuck his daughter and pretended I was her in her panties. This is 100% true and Im sort of depressed now that Im older since I cant get fucked by pedophiles anymore. Yea thats my fetish not kidding
The same place Olympians train. And no kik.
yay! you probably saved her from years of abuse
That's my fetish too, but I developed it 6 years too late
Neat story. Only thing I didn't like was the part about your character being 13, but it fits the whole pedo taking advantage of you theme if you're into it I guess.
this is my fetish too
I've posted this one time before
>be 20, listened to hypno mp3s, watched videos/gifs probably at least once a night
>past few years have more passively been into sissy hypno, not anymore
>also have been experimenting with drug usage/hypno, take high doses of benadryl for days, works very well in tandem
>really horny one day, maybe 7pm home alone, decide to look on craigs to find someone to fuck
>article for 3 black tops, location in a hotel fairly close to my house
>respond, and they actually respond back with the room number
>am high af, was watching hypno for about 3 hours leading up to this
>decide to walk to hotel
>3 black guys talking about random shit, hanging out
>ask what I'm into, I tell them I don't like to be in charge, and like being told what to do
>one tells me to take off clothes, so I do
>three stand up and also strip, then they crowded around me and started to play with my nipples and dick while one gets his fingers wet and starts fingering my ass while they stroke
>cant really form a thought, just super horny and loving the sensations
>they tell me to get on my knees, so I do. the one closest to my face pushes his cock in my mouth, they're all around 7.5-8inches, so after a small time his cock hits the back of my throat and I gag
>they grab my hair and start fucking my throat, then after a little while they tell me to get up and go to the bed, where I lay face down with my legs hanging over the side so my ass was up
>one stands behind me and shoves his knees into my thighs so I can't move my legs, then he starts fucking me, being fairly rough
>They cycle around, one fucking my ass while the other two stroke slowly before they're ready to go
>get round robin fucked for about an hour, two of them were done but one guy kept fucking me hard into a wall for a while until I came
>they say they're going out, I also leave
>legs super sore, hard time walking home but so worth it
thats my only 1+ story
Do you tell them in advance that you're a sissy, or is it something they find out?
Bump 4 fags
shower hose up your ass
Not even gonna try to greentext on mobile.

Just broke up with my gf, figured it was a good time to satisfy this fetish

Post ad on Craigslist after getting drunk

Only one reply, pretty nice dick, 6 inches with a curve to the right

Meets me at a local coffee place, hop in his truck and drive to secluded parking lot

Get nervous

Ask to just touch his dick with my hands, he agrees.

Pulls it out, soft as hell, I start stroking

Decide fuck it, might as well go for it

Put it in my mouth, it was soft and silky textured, smooth

Sucked with all my might for a few minutes, he's real quiet and hands off

I sober up, realize wtf I'm doing


Well that was my first experience, guess I'm just not that into it.
Haha no shit? That's where I live
I wonder if the idiots in this thread understand that all you're really telling them is that being gay is really easy, but sucks ass all the fucking time. Maybe if they weren't distracted...
best story on thread
File: 1449497135451.gif (4 MB, 440x235) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4 MB, 440x235
>come to this thread
>instinctively click bottom
>not using a condom
look at this faggot
That particular situation, aside from having a slightly girly demeanor, it was pretty much just gay. I'm sorry if there are people here who don't connect the whole sissification with being gay or bisexual, but you are literally fucking dudes. I am okay with this, and not all gay dudes are into sissies/traps/cds/trans so you really don't want to surprise someone like that. Working on the clothes, makeup, physique, mannerisms, or just the kink itself how it presents in your mind is pretty much just a masturbation aide, or foreplay if you can find someone interested. Other than that, if you're getting fucked by a guy, but you like dressing and pretending like you're a woman, you're gay and have a sissification fetish. I'm bisexual, men and women are attractive in different ways and with a beta personality type like myself and probably everyone here has, submission is more comfortable for me, role reversal is something I've been interested in since I was young, so the sissy bit just kind of works out. I enjoy recreational drugs, so if whatever I'm taking happens to dampen sex drive, or make it harder to stay up, or is extremely disorienting, having someone else in the driver seat is a lot more logistically plausible. I've also had a few exchanges with femdoms, which I find preferable to men for a number of reasons.
Who is the girl with the red bows?
Aight, back in my chair to tell about the tale i just underwent

>been wanting to suck a cock/ get fucked for 3 years, or more
>been on grindr, craigslist, whatever
>always find guys that i want to suck off
>always chicken out last minute
>today i finally went thru with it
>found a couple of guys on grindr
>one has a perfect cock, 8 inches, thick and aesthetically perfect
>give him my adress
told me hed be there in 3 hours
>the entire 3 hours i have been jacking off without letting myself cum to this thread and a few others
>sharpie in pooper
>cant get fucked because i hurt my ass a bit ago and still have a tiny cut
>fingers are fine
>finally he's here
>im ready and completely shaven
>go down
>get in his car
> he aight looking nothing special
>makes out with me
>nothing special
>not suffering not enjoying
>takes me to construction zone where no one will see
>tells me to get on all fours in the back
>do so, not really nervous not exited
>he comes from the other door
>licks my asshole
>fucks my asshole with his tongue
>feels good
>makes me suck his cock
>fucks my mouth
>hes moaning
>for me nothing special
>fingers me
>nothing special
>finally he says hes going to cum
>he asks to cum in my mouth
>eh, lets do it
>he does
>nothing special
>realise im really not gay
>or a sissy
> he cleans himself off
>drives me home
>we arrive
>realise my beanie isnt on my head
>not in his car
>god fucking damn it
>he says sorry and drives off
>i go home
>put on coat
>ride to the construction zone
>find beanie
>go home
>eat hummus and bread while typing this

overall it was literaly nothing special. i didnt suffer i didnt enjoy it. didnt get hard. it was aight. but im glad i finnaly went thru with it and realised im not gay, which is a shame. really wanted to be bi sexual

to all of you who keep chickening out like me. just go thru with it once, youll find out weather its right for you or nah.

really im just upset i had to go back out in the middle of the night to get my fucking beanie

>nothing special
>be me, 20, just moved into new flat
>openly gay bottom
>start dating guy, he has fetish to me dress up as a girl
>6 months later, thats become all im into
>cant get off unless dressed as girl
>bf and i break up
>scour craigslist to find hook up
>find guy, mid 20's, very attractive
>comes over one night, wants to tie me up
>let him
>starts punching me and calling me angry names
>beating me turns him on, rapes me
>beats me more
>says "might wanna get checked out"
>leaves me tied up, knocks me out
>wake up hours later
>walk like penguin to kitchen, cut ropes
>all my valuables gone
>ass bleeding still

>once healed, go to doctor for std check
>HIV +,
At least you can still take comfort in being a faggot
nah thats the point, i went into this curious about my sexuality, and now i know im straight, its too bad tho, being bisexual i would think is optimal
Whoa HIV plus?

Is that like a better version of HIV?
>water balloons
>not bags of sand
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Cock sucking fantasy guy here
positive, ya fucking shit
Haven't you ever seen Wild Wild West?
underrated post
>sissy hypno and LSD
please tell me more about this.
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