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After Effects help needed.

Can anybody more familiar with AE explain to me how can I achieve this water wave effect (or at least point me in the right direction because I have trouble finding tutorials for this). Basically what I want is this: I have a black&white scene and a single colored object going through the scene (a ball, to be more precise). I want it to make these waves behind it while rolling on the ground AND everything behind it to become colored again. The idea is that object returns color to everything it passes by. If there is some (easier) solution to this I would really appreciate the help. At least I need to find a way to animate saturation on the scene so that it looks like it is gaining color gradually, part by part (e.g. the ball is passing by from the right to the left, and in the same way the background and the floor is returning its original color).
Actually, I think smoke trail would be better for this, but I'm still having trouble finding the right tutorial.
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this board is slow as fuck there's no need to bump.
you have a few options:
displacement map+cc distortions it's the obvious choise for faking waves but it would prob. look generic (unless you know how to do a precomp inside another, expressions etc.
another way would be animating some noise and displacement textures.
another one would be using trapcode plugins (form particular especially) or film footage of waves and play with the blending modes.
or you could make the animation on a 3d software (using something like turbulencefd, or krakatoa, fumefx or even realflow) and bring it to AE with a few render passes it would give you alot of control and a less generic look.
Ok thanks, I'll probably first try blending a real footage because I have no exp with those other things. Also my laptop is pretty shitty so playing with 3D (which I still never did) would be problematic. Any tutorial on animating the mask so that it looks like the ground and the walls are gaining color across the shot, if possible with a tint effect? (Idk how to put it in words better, I have exp with PS and Premiere but not very much with AE except some simple motion graphics.
I meant ink.
>another one would be using trapcode plugins (form particular especially)
this. you can make wavy stuff fairly easy with trapcode form.

>Any tutorial on animating the mask
This one should give you an idea on how to approach it
if you're not charging anyone (personal use) you could just download some hd "ink drop footage" from vimeo or yt.
but i think you might need to work on the basics first try to get used to this effects/tools:
luma+alpha (inverted) mattes
masking (keyframes + graph editor)
adjustment layers
keying (removing the background from footage)
levels (i use this on every ps and ae project)

if you only want to do the effect where the wave colorize the background a fast and cheap way would be rendering both final versions one black and white and another with colors and mask+feather (F) color on top of the b&w.
Honestly I'd do a stripe-y gradient, distort the fuck out of it with that wave-something effect, transform so one corner's far as fuck to get that stretched to infinity look and blend it on top.
Thanks for the great help guys. I went through some tuts for masking and feathering, tried doing it and I see I can easily do the simple color spread through the room with a basic mask in the corner of the screen, feathering it and animating the expansion. Looks almost too simple (and cheap) but for what it does, it doesn't actually look bad at all. I'll have to play with it some more so that it spreads from the little ball and just behind it, not in the all directions. I'll see what would be the best solution for the waves but given the amount of time I have I'll probably settle for the quickest solution for now, if at all. Even just playing with masks I think I could work around it. I have yet to try blending some videos with the footage but I don't know how I could position that in the space, maybe it will affect my framing... I'll see.
Anyway, thanks again, if anybody else also has some idea for a quick and decent solution I'd appreciate it.

Oh and btw,

if you could recommend me a tut for this it would be great, Idk what exactly is stripe-y in this context. Looks simple enough so that would maybe be a good thing to do.
I'm not really sure, I do usually follow tutorials.
What I meant was use the Ramp or whatever effect allows you to repeat the A-B gradient so you get black and white stripes, or just use Colorama on top of black-to-white ramp. It would be prudent to generate a 45 degree gradient, cause then you get a nice and easy distortion with corner pin or mesh transform. Animate the gradient color so it cycles, align and mask it with, well, a mask. Maybe add and stretch some noise in there somewhere to add irregularities to the pattern.
Aim for an arrow-like shape with the distortion and animate the position so it follows your object.

Then duplicate your scene with color, duplicate your wave effect, mask it with alpha matte and done.

That's what I'd try first anyway. Haven't used AE in a while so don't remember the effect names and shit, you shoul be able to find some info with googling.
I dont* usually follow tuts.
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