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M$ in other appliance.
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So I got this job in a hospital, the ICU computer that's used to monitor the vitals of patients, uses Windows XP, is there a way to install other stuff on it?
I've tried Ctrl+Alt+Del to get a task manager, but I just got a screen to the user account.

Also the way to check in to work is through fingerprint scanner.
But the weird thing about it it uses the windows XP starting theme song yet it runs some form of linux kernel.
Is there a way to get it to register my print at certain time?
Or to have it
sudo rm -rf/ 
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>messing with medical equipment just because it isn't using your preferred OS
Don't do that
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And the monitor system is "Argus Pro System"
If that makes a difference.
Why not?
This isn't because muh looonnix.
It's about why using Windows for a monitoring system.
Also that hospital is in a 3rd world country, the nurse deactivate the alarm by draining the batteries of the monitor so they can sleep at night.
And the poor doctor have to check every patient every hour.
The alarm was for"chest leads are off"

As for the fingerprint is because,
A. How come it have a windows XP theme while running linux? Won't this make a copyright issue? At least for the manufacturing company which is in..... China.
B. The same old farts have a complex for doctors and they delete their check in for the day, and they can't do anything to it.
Op, you're an idiot. It's ctrl shift esc for task manager. Filthy pleb.
Be more specific on what you want to modify
post more qt
You have to be over 18 to use this website
>It's about why using Windows for a monitoring system.
Probably because the program(s) they use for monitoring only runs on windows. This is usually the case with hospitals, schools w/e -- They hire some no-name company that writes super complex proprietary piece of software.

If you want to install something else, you'll at least need something that can replace it.

No. Even if it where, what's going to happen? Is Microsoft going to sue your 3rd world hospital and/or the chinks who made whatever it is?
I have literally no idea what you're trying to say here.
they still have XP because they 'cant afford' to upgrade

>inb4 FLOSS, inb4 windows 10 is 'free'

its like this in UK not just 3rd world
>inb4 UK not 3rd world, kek

monitors usually use some special made thing like custom BSD or something because real time safety (xrays have per millisecond uninteruptables in hardware or someshit, monitors need back up power, at least outside of 'insert 3rd world country here')

either which way I wouldn't recommend screwing with those ICU machines, they are like they are because its known to do what it needs to, don't break what don't need fixing.

stuff like Rpi exists if you need a portable system with your own shit.
Stop tampering with hospital equipment, they need that shit to saves lives.


Also, if you have to check in with fingerprint scanner I wouldn't be tampering with equipment, your gonna get fired, struck off and sued no doubt.
Who is that semen demon
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Didn't work.
Also there is windows media player installed.
For the Argus? Increase the volume of the alarm.
It should be a .wav file and just increase the volume.
Also I don't think there is window manager? Since it only have close option and no maximize nor minimize.
And change the background.
The fingerprint checkin? Anything really.
Even bricking it is enough.
The doctors check in to there work with those fingerprint scanners, and if they don't , they're considered absent for the day and they get a pay cut.
>saving lives
That's what I'm helping to do.
Here you've to pay the nurse to insert a catheter.
Yesterday one of those doctors, put a chair in front of a patient, and sat.
He ignored the others because they were relatively stable.
>fingerprint scanner
It's more like fingerprint reader, instead of using cards to check in and check out from your work.
No one here gets fired, as I said 3rd world country anon.
We all hired by the government, to work for the government.
And for a minimum wage.
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You moron, medical equipment is crazy expensive so doctors don't upgrade unless they absolutely have to. Most of the stuff they use is relatively old by /g/ standards and doesn't support anything newer than XP, so they'll have a dedicated XP machine for the equipment and then all the other workstations will have newer Windows.

For example, dentists I work with will have a machine with XP that's sole use is to retrieve images from an Xray and then immediately dump it on a server, so they never actually touch the PC.

Doctors aren't gonna spend $30,000 on a new machine just so the PC they connect it to can run Windows 7 when no one is ever gonna use it for actual work.

Also, please just don't touch it at all unless you want to get fired, because most of the time those machines are either provided by the equipment company or have a maintenance team that works on them, and if you fuck with them the maintenance guys will get really pissed and tell the doctors to fire your gay ass if they don't want their support cut off.

tl;dr stop pretending you're a tech wizard because you installed Ubuntu once and leave shit alone if it's working. You're not a medical technician, you're a faggot who gets paid ten dollars an hour to remove viruses and call tech support.
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