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> Just share your own list.

- firefox
- picotorrent
- mratio
- hexchat
- pycharm
- winpython
- docker-toolbox
- unity3d
- lav-filters-megamix
- musicbee
- balsamiq-mockup
- illustrator
- blender
- bleachbit
Just wait, here come the Linux fags yellig "BOTNET!! BOTNET!!!!" At the top of their lungs spraying dorito crumbs all over the place
>inb4 BOTNET
I'am underweight as fuck 4% body fat and i use arch and debian (dual boot)
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Internet itself is a botnet and every machine connected to it is a part of it.
I believe you mistyped 40
Not like Windows users have dorito bags and crumbs too, anon.
Why? What's your main motivation?
No, i'am 6 foot tall and 120 lbs
Arch as main OS and Kali on a 100gb hard drive
Oh, fuck anon, don't starve to death now.
- shutup10
- bleachbit
- keepass2
- virtualbox
- kaspersky
- tor-browser
- visual-studio
- lav-megamix
- jackett
- couchpotato
- sonarr
- vuze-extreme-mod
- jdownloader2
Linux is more botnet than windows desu
All of their softwares,drivers,updates,patch,games are centralized.
>inb4 appstore
Is shutup10 actually good or is it just some placebo? Or another spy`?

>Canary & Firefox Dev
>μTorrent 2.2.1
>nVidia Share
>Photoshop CC
>Sony Vegas 13
>CCleaner w/ CCEnhancer
>Spybot Anti-Beacon
placebo like all the rest.
>Open source
- Qttabbar, add tabs to explorer
- Imageglass, image viewer
- Hexchat, which is currently the best irc client
- Ditto, clipboard manager
- shareX, screenshots/screen recording sharing tool
- OBS, streaming software
- qbtorrent, best client torrent
- Nylas, Mail client
- ConEmu, Terminal emulator with an unprecedented customization
- MPV, which is arguably better than MPC
- Bleachbit, cleaner
- 7-zip, archive manager

>Non open-source, but still best in their category
- Most of adobe suit
- Most of microsoft office
- Foobar2k
- Sony vegas
- Sublime text
- Google chrome
- Glasswire (?)
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2 MB, 992x1263
This is a bit outdated but most of the software listed here is still the best.
are you TRYING to get banned on private trackers, anon?
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old new explorer
visual studio
Fucking kill yourself.
Is this the new memecleaner
They HIGHLY overstate their abilities to detect it, they really can't do anything about it so they just make people sacred of it. Like the NSA and Tor.
>1GB torrent
>10 snatches
>reporting 50GB upload

>reporting upload when nobody's leeching

So hard to detect.

Just reading off my installed programs list:

Exact Audio Copy
Winsplit Revolution


Gimp for poorfags like me who can't torrent multiple adobe products.
Classic Shell (When I ran windows 8/8.1)
Steam obv
Not sure if that count since they're used probably more on Apple than Windows but easily some of the best being Adobe Premier Pro, Photoshop and Illustrator. (CS6 and CC)
Try MeGUI. Handbrake's usefulness is pretty much limited to a hybrid source that you don't want to go through the trouble of 2-passing with TIVTC.

People actually force themselves to use that?
I confirm this is much better than any other encoding GUI ever, it has a package manager where you can download and update all the avilable clodecs, supports AviSynth and it's almost bugless. Though, for AVS scripts I recommend to use AvsPmod rather than MeGUI script editor, because this one is quite laggy and kinda limited, AvsPmod not only has a better interface, it also tells you if there're errors in your script and what's missing. AvsPmod is like the Notepad++ of AviSynth editors.
What do you cute anime girls use for PDFs? Adobe keeps shitting up Acrobat reader.
I just drag them into my browser.
revo uninstaller
>implying antivirus
MS office suite
adobe CS suite

Some people might look at those last two strangely, but everything else I've found that tries to replace them are sad imitations of the real thing.
Uhh no, most know those suites are the best for their purpose and anyone saying otherwise is a muh freedoms autist
My List:
- Windows (clean install)

...that is all.
ESET Smart Security
Glary Utilities
Assetto Corsa
Wolfram Mathematica
Stardock Fences
μTorrent 3.4.5
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>ctrl + f
>no virtuagirl
are you guys gay?
>Memory Leak SJW gangbang
>Kill yourself
>Kill yourself
>not foobar
Illustrator is okay, well done
>>blend your poo
>broken, doesn't work when its not

What are you after? This post is 80% cdoss-platform FLOSS anyway.
>Gimp for poorfags like me who can't torrent multiple adobe products.
>Not sure if that count since they're used probably more on Apple than Windows but easily some of the best being Adobe Premier Pro, Photoshop and Illustrator. (CS6 and CC)

>using µTorrent above v3.0.0
You deserve to get shot
- f.lux
- firefox
- qbittorrent
- mpc-hc
- 7zip
- wincdemu
- avast
- ccleaner
- hwmonitor
- speccy
- sumatra pdf
- office 365
- Notepad++
- Diablo II
- League of Legends
- WinKawaks Emulator
All I really use
>Visual Studio
>People actually force themselves to use that?

Kek Pajeet. That's enough from the paid anti-shilling by uTorrent against qBittorrent.

qBittorrent just works really fine, without a problem.
If it's stalling then you're too autist to configure your network devices and your torrent client. So basically PEBKAC you fucking idiot.

But hey, I'm sure you got uTorrent 2.2.1 or the latest uTorrent which is nice! 2.2.1 is basically an outdated torrent client with bugs and open backdoor to your computer; the latest one is a huge malware, which contains adware and bitcoin mining tools. You should be proud and continue using your excellent softwares. ;^)
>Firefox 28
>bitdefender antivirus
>sony vegas pro 13
>adobe photoshop, flash, illustrator

you're welcome
Microsoft uses draconian laws to prevent anyone from popping the hood on Windows and studying the source code that underlies it. Because of this, the world's most widespread computer system is completely outside the control of its users. This puts Microsoft in a dominant position over its customers, which it takes advantage of to treat them as a product. In fact, Microsoft announced that, with Windows 10, it will beginforcing lower-paying users to test less-secure new updatesbefore giving higher-paying users the option of whether or not to adopt them.

Increased public scrutiny has forced Microsoft to adjust its advertising to focus on how secure it is and how well it protects privacy. But who does it secure and protect? Certainly not the user. Since Windows 10 is nonfree software, users and independent security experts can't access the source code, so they are forced to take Microsoft's word for it that their computers are safe and their data is being used responsibly. And it hardly seems warranted to trust a company that is reported togive the NSA special security tip-offsthat it could use to crack into Windows computers.

Advertising companies are surely licking their chops over Windows 10's new privacy policy, whichasserts the privilege to sell almost any information it wants about users, even creating a unique advertising ID for each user to sweeten the deal.
I'll just add 2 software that nobody has listed yet
>Yandex Browser
>Light Alloy (media player)
You're not going to go that far with your way of thinking..
I have like 10GB with different grils :3
File: 1452764160237.jpg (47 KB, 650x366) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Yandex browser

mien nigger
Dude that's auschwitz mode
File: windows_logo.png (56 KB, 940x823) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
56 KB, 940x823
Vivaldi ------------- web browser
Thunderbird ------ mail client
uTorrent 2.2.1 --- torrent client
Steam -------------- games client
uLilith --------------- music player
MPDN -------------- video player
Paint.net ----------- image editor
Notepad++ -------- text editor
Password Safe -- password manager
Teamspeak ------- VOIP client
ComicRack ------- comic reader
Calibre -------------- ebook manager
Veracrypt ---------- encryption softwar
dBpoweramp ----- music converter
Sandboxie --------- application isolation software
VirtualBox --------- virtual machine
Your /v/edditor insecurity is showing. Lmao

Enjoy you're botnet
File: 1444262544395.jpg (177 KB, 390x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Pulling from mine:

UTorrent 2.2.1
Core Temp
HD Tune
FL Studio 10/12
It got me a six figure job, so I don't know what you're talking about.
>he spent 10 minutes on posting his crap
>he disagrees with what I say! What should I do? Hmmmm...
>AHA, I'LL CALL HIM REDDIT! Hahahaha so clever and original, nobody's heard it before.
IntelliJ IDEA
uTorrent (2.2.1)
Sublime Text 3dev
nomacs Image Lounge
Total Commander
Sumatra PDF
back to reddit, faggot
Linux mint

Use in provided order
yeah, no, it didn't
>look mom! I posted it again!
Linux user here stopping into Windows 10 town.

We officially have better apps as of now, I've seen nothing in this thread that's actually better than what's available at this point.

Perhaps just because of how green /g/ is nowadays.
>microsoft office 2016 professional

guess I just want to be productive instead of protective
>Linux mint
Nigga if you gonna be a fucking normie just you Windows
>endorses botnet
>ironic reply to lack of originality
>9gag-tier reference
Come on.
What's wrong with it? uTorrent 2.2.1 user here, it looks alright from what I've seen.
270lbs 6'4 here, 6bf%, u mad?
I'm using Arch on my laptop, but Win10 on my desktop. Can't play games on linux, work oriented software are windows based, and software like mpdn and ulilith are windows only.

There are no good video player on linux sadly :/
Damage control.
>cant play games

You'll never see open drivers on your closed shit chink laptop hardware that nobody else can write drivers for. Put it on a desktop.
Time-stamped Pics or it didn't happen.
t. cuck
Playing both Diablo II and a MOBA.
You make me want to destroy the world.
In fact my optimus system works great on my laptop. But Amd shit isn't working on my desktop with the latest kernel. Eventhough I can't play Dark Souls on Linux.
Diablo 2 is fucking great, fuck off
I didn't know Linux Mint was Windows software

or the bios for that matter
age of empires
Post penor.
>no mention of Everything
With the pisspoor search function that tool is a godsend.
You don't understand how repositories work
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wow, edgy picture dog
no, i just don't want any bloat
sheesh, he just wanted to ask about the best Windows software

what's with all the non-free talk here, he didn't ask for that now did he
I am a user of both and i enjoy doritos
Doesn't look like a clipboard manager senpai
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>botnetted again by /g/
whats the point of win-python?
>an old Chromium version
>bleachbit/old ccleaner
>MPC-hc with xy-vsfilter
>Sumatra pre-3.0

Yeah, I have a pretty old PC.
- Firefox
- Deluge
- Foobar2000
>ask toolbar
>mc afee anti virus
>ie 8
>vnc viewer
>lotus notes
Civil 3D. Seriously I can't think of anything.
Visual Studio, only thing Windows exclusive that is actually worth anything
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Thread images: 11
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