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what was your first computer /g/
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what was your first computer /g/
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Mac Performa 630
ca 1994-1995
I got my first computer fairly late because we were poor. It was @ 2003/2004.

CPU: Athlon 2000+
GPU: FX5200 (256mb version)

My mom got a loan to buy us one because she knew how much I love computers (used to be non stop at the internet cafe). I love my mom.
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>GPU: FX5200
I knew that feel bro
It was a decent card at its time. Ran most games at full.
It was literally the cheapest nvidia card around. It was shit.
It was the cheapest out of their lineup. Yes. That's like saying a GTX 950 is a shit card because it's the cheapest out last year. I know muh gamur's will say it is but in all reality it's a good card and can play most games especially those before 2014 at very good fps and with beautiful visuals. Just because the game isn't @ full it doesn't mean it can't look good.
I had this, but with 256 MB of RAM, and with a GeForce 4 MX (this GPU was terrible), but later I used a FX5200 for a little while.
486 DX4 66 Mhz
Windows 95
I had this when I was 4. An Apple Portable.
You needed a motherfucker forklift to move it around.
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does anyone remember mega race
had >>52522136 or maybe a 6300 as my very first but it was a family computer

then I got a Pentium-90 all to myself when I was 2ish
idk some win 3.1/dos desktop with the monitor on top. after that was some shitty compaq win 98
GeForce4 MX440 feels returning at full force
yes. IT'S YOUR MEGA-HOST: LANCE BOYLE!!!1111111111

i used to play it on my aunt's packard bell

i pulled this out of the trash in 8th grade when my school was throwing it out. some idiot deleted the command.com and it was presumed broken. installed windows 3.11 on it, and copied some leet shit from the internet on floppies to it back in old 2004

printed lots of kinky rei ayanami hentai
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>pic related
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An Amstrad PCW. I still have it, but the CP/M Plus working systems disk won't boot anymore. ; _ ;
Surely you can find a floppy image online?
I'm a youngfag.
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A dumb terminal hooked up to an HP3000.

Unfortunately both the original, and the working copy (back when software companies encouraged you to make backup copies of their software) don't boot.

I have a feeling that it might be the belt on the disk drive, as they apparently get worn out and stop working.
the first computer i used was an apple 2

my first computer i built from junkjard parts, i took a motherboard from a dead computer i found in a computer dump, the soundcard and case too, a hard drive from a damn laptop along with the laptops cpu

when i put it all together it worked somehow, although there was a beeping sound and orange light, i had to keep on restarting it a lot before it would boot, but it always pulled through
it could barely play maplestory but i managed to have a blast anyway

>tfw looking back the cpu was actually for a different socket than the motherboard and it still worked
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Apple //e. Though prior to us getting one I did play with a friend's Atari 800, and learned on a TI99/4A in math class.

The 63x/62xx/63xx cases were cool. open a panel, add/remove components.
it was a laptop but I can't seem to find any info on it, largely because I barely remember it.

it was maybe 1995, the OS was entirely black and white and had a whale for a mascot I think. I'm pretty sure it wasn't Win3.1 but I could be wrong. it did have a paint-like program.
Fuck that looks like a fallout terminal
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IBM Aptiva

first computer I bought with my own money was HP DC5000 SFF
I know they suck but I kind of miss those desktop PCs.
I miss them too, I used to mess with this thing all the time and eventually ended up building my own

it was this one that began my lewd fascination with computer innards
My very first OWN computer...

E6300 core 2 duo
nVidia GT8400 GS
1 or 2 GB of ddr2 RAM
360gb SATA3 7200 RPM hdd

Always used a windows 95 system with w98 on it before that. That one was my parents'
old as Compaq Presario desktop running windows 98. played the shit out of rct and timeshock pinball.
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my nigger
Pentium 100Hz(OC'd to 120 with pre-SLi double 3d accel setup for quakez0ring)
Athlon 600MHz with Riva TNT2
Some shitty AMD processer at 1.3GHz with GeForce 2 MX something
Pentium 4 3.0Ghz + geforce Ti 4200
x3 720 with 2x 4650 xfire w00t

upgraded the x3 to x4 955BE(3.8GHz, 200c) now with a 560ti as the current system. has served me well.

Currently waiting for Zen + Polaris, although i might get a used kiketel cpu+mobo for ARMA 3 purposes.
Newfags. I dreamed of a gfx. 8mb 386 133mhz 250mb hdd. Dos 6.1. No modem.
Oh, forgot i actually had a second P4 system with a radeon 9800 Pro(later x1950). Pakis stole the previous one at christmas, rapefugees can fuck off...
Pentium 120MHz
S3 Trio64
15" SVGA monitor

got it in 1996
>>52522080 Mac LC

Holy shit, I can't remember that far back. I built it with the help of a tech friend. It had a Pentium II in it is all I can remember.
>old enough to have used an apple //first
>builds "junkyard computer" to play maplestory

This seems legit.
Chronological order:

Amiga 500
486DX4 - 100
Amiga 2000
AMD Duron 650
Intel Core4Quad (current shitty "battlestation")
Commodore 64 but I was kid when I own it and only played games.
First Pc:
- Athlon 1500
- 256mb DDR Ram
- Geforce 4 MX
- HDD 40gb
It is still standing in my room and I do know what to do with it.
Thread replies: 40
Thread images: 16
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