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I am very dissatisfied with Android lately....
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I am very dissatisfied with Android lately. All my Android phones (Samsung Galaxshit S4 and Sony Shitsperia Z3) have been complete garbage and I'm tired of them having bugs, random rebooting, lag, and all sorts of issues. I want my phones (one work phone and one personal phone) to just fucking work and not make me get a headache every time I have to deal with them while they feel like being assholes to me.

So I was thinking about switching to Apple or Windows. I have literally never used any of them, I've been an Android boy since 1.1 on my ancient Xperia X10 Mini (which weirdly enough was the Android device that gave me the least headaches).

I've been reading a few reviews on flagship iPhones and WinPhones but from reviews you can only learn so much (after all, according to reviews the S4 and Z3 are supposed to be god tier phones).

I need to know from iPhone and WinPhone owners:
1. Do your phones randomly reboot or have apps randomly crashing out of nowhere?
2. On iOS, is having limited access to the filesystem a major issue for you?
3. On Winphone, is having inferior quality apps a major issue for you?
4. Do your phones lag or have weird unexplainable issues?
5. Do you miss the absence of widgets on iOS or Winphone?
6. Do updates on iOS and WinPhone come with all sorts of trouble like on Android? Ever had an update that rendered your phone unusable?
7. What are the biggest advantages of iOS/Winphone over Android in your opinion?

Thank you.
get a real stock android...
nexus or moto(RIP... rola)
>Xperia X10 Mini
>xperia z3
are you me? (i have the compact version)
my z3c is all fine, heck its stabler than the x10 mini. Flash sony's android 6 on it and it will be 10/10 again anon-kun!

iOS is a walled garden. You can't even install a 4chan app without jailbreaking, which is difficult or impossible on new OS versions. You also don't have a back button.

Windows Phone / Windows 10 Mobile is shit. It has no apps, and many of the same limitations as iOS (still a walled garden, but you can still get shitty 4chan apps from the store at least).

Just get an Android phone that runs stock Android, or unlock your bootloader and flash it on your current phones. With Sony you lose some camera features, so beware. It's still better than Samsung's bloated touchwiz or Sony's somewhat better but still modified UI.

Then again, if you install shitty apps then no Android phone is going to be good for you. It's like travelling, you won't feel better in your destination because you bring your baggage with you. Maybe if you install CleanMaster garbage on Android then an iPhone would be better suited to a retard like you.
A friend of mine also has the Z3C and he never reboots it, I inquired if I was the only retard having his Z3 constantly rebooting but nope, on Z3 he had like 50 days since his last reboot. I'm lucky if I can get the piece of shit last 3 days without rebooting every single day.

Maybe it's defective.

That being said, I tried stock android on my S4 and it's dogshit, too barebones for me. Sony has the best custom UI, too bad it's unstable as fuck and the devices have awful build quality (not samsung bad but still bad); I held a friend's iPhone 6 and it felt so good compared to my Z3 which has gaps between the glass and the frame. The iPhone is completely flush, there's no gap whatsoever.
Stop implying m8, I don't use cleamaster or other dogshit apps. I'm an android veteran and I know how this shit works.

Speaking of stock android, it's too barebones. Nexus devices usually lack in some way or another. I like having a good set of stock apps, in fact on my Z3 I barely use any app that isn't stock. Sony's stock apps are so good compared to stock Google garbage, I couldn't possibly downgrade to that. And don't even try to suggest to use hackfest ported apps to turn my Nexus into an Xperia, shit would just crash and annoy me to no end.

I have a feeling that the walled garden would be a fair price to pay to get finally rid of all the glitches, lag, awful updates that ruin my phone, having to factory reset every month, and so on.
Speaking of the gap, this is what I mean. As you can see there's a gap between the frame and the glass. I honestly doubt this piece of shit is even splash resistant, let alone IP68 waterproof. And judging from the results if you google Xperia Z3 Water Damage, I guess that Sony didn't really test the device and hoped nobody would notice it's not waterproof at all.
I forgot the image.
Stop being such a retard and just get stock android.
Buy an iPhone, nog even trolling
1. no
2. No, limited access really doesnt matter, unless you're autistic
3. windows phones are terrible
4.not really, the widgets just take up space
5. They have never historically made anyones phone unusable, but that did definitely happen on my android.

Overall, for a more streamlined and useful experience just go apple. Better OS and better build quality really goes a long way, plus you wont be out of the major features like FaceTime and iMessage that your friends already have. It really is better than CurryOS and WinPhones nowadays.
On iOS, is there a way to for example uncompress rar archives to a specific folder in the file system?
Is there any way to browse the file system at all or is all indexed and apps able to open a certain type of file will just pick it up automatically no matter where it's saved?
Does the browser have some kind of retarded limitation that will not allow me to download certain file types because they're "not recognized"?
Will I be able to browse the file system through iTunes?
I've never understood this.
I've had an x10 mini pro, desire s, nexus 5, and currently a g3. No issues with it whatsoever.
Overclocked the htc and the sony, undervolted the g3 and the nexus 5. Custom kernels and roms.

After my iPod touch got stolen I find I'm actually happier using my phone instead because of viper.

What are you doing wrong op?
iOS is quite limited and will be a pain or just not work for most of what you asked.
I've owned several androids, one windows phone and currently with an iPhone.
Like others said, windows phone is pretty much shit, it tries to hit you with the premise that is customizable but ends up being more locked and retarded than iOS.
If you want a solid experience but not expecting to do much more than normie shit on your phone then iOS is the way to go. If you REALLY need all of the mentioned on your fucking phone then stick with android.
If you wanna use android without using a custom rom go with something stock like a Nexus or a Motorola
Thread replies: 15
Thread images: 3
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