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I have become slightly obsessed with my online...
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I have become slightly obsessed with my online security lately.
I threw out skype for Jitsi,
I downloaded pic related though now i hear it's not secure anymore (alternatives?) I've been looking for alternatives to whatsapp messenger and my email (I hear protonmail is secure?)
I have also been looking at email encryption software that you can just integrate into your email.

Any recommendations for this kind of software or tips about staying "safe" online?

Cheers Folks.
You can't be safe no matter what you do.

They probably have the best hackers and control of the internet. It's basically impossible to guard against it. What you should focus on rather than privacy is freedom. Use software that gives you the most freedom such as firefox over chrome etc.
There's no such thing as being safe on the internet
Tor is secure enough for most things you'll be doing.

All these people saying nothing is truly safe are correct, but only in the way that you're never truly safe from being struck by lightning or being hit by a car.

Idiots with no sense of probability or proportion have become obsessed with achieving impossible 100% security.

I'll add to this. It's good you're getting rid of skype though. You're IP is very vulnerablee well using that piece of crap to get DDOS'd

Basically only add friends you trust if you must use it.

As for facebook, obviously dont put your real name for your profile etc. Better yet don't make a facebook at all.

Use firefox with appropriate extensions (noscript) etc.

If you use windows disable dodgy services especially crap from adobe, razer etc.

Use linux distros if you're really paranoid.

Use common sense, don't be a retard. Get a dynamic IP or VPN when using dodgy sites. User tor browser if you're doing "dodgy" crap you really shouldn't be.

Theres no fullproof method, even doing all these things you're still able to be found if they wanted to target you. There's nothing you can do to guard againsst the botnet, but you can at least guard yourself from hackers and 10 year olds that want to DDOS you.
I understand 100% security is impossible given the incredible disproportion of resources i have vs gvts..
But as much as i can be, i want to be secure.

Can you guys give like any "least unsafe" options?

For example protonmail, is that any good? I also just downloaded virtru. Is that any good?
NSA hasnt arrived at this thread yet, weird

Check out Retroshare and Pidgin and its modules, Pidgin has a WhatsApp module (you can get it from pidgins site).
>Use firefox with appropriate extensions (noscript) etc.

Could you please tell me a couple more etceteras? I just don't really know this kind of stuff.


Firefox or waterfox, your pick (waterfox is 64bit version of firefox).

Use the following extensions:
- noscript
- flashblock
- adblock

disable ALL automatic update services. Manually update everything.

use older versions of firefox if you want to be extra safe

If you install flash player or java disable startup processes for flash using ccleaner or msconfig. Do that for automatic updates on java also/

In edition to startup processes adobe also has adobe startup services which must be disabled (they are automatic updates)

For virus scanners

- Malwarebytes

For OS use:

Windows 7 (don't get SP1 or latest updates as they most likely have some crappy botnet attached)

Use linux if you want to be "extra safe"

Make sure your ISP isnt retarded, get a dynamic IP address. if you're frequently being banned from sites get a VPN.

for all the software you use, investigate patches amd updates. Use older software where possible. As software updates and becomes more popular stuff starts to slowly move to "cloud" services and auto connect bullcrap.

Use common sense..

That's it.
Safest mail is >>45760620 (Retroshare) or Freenet mail, but you can only communicate using it with other people which has the software.

I am not the guy who told you about that, I´ll tell you a bunch of addons that are good for Firefox (Pale Moon is also great):

- Adblocking: uBlock Firefox version (still in beta but its the best) or Adguard
- Security: NoScript and Request Policy or Policeman. NoScript is always recommendable because it protects you from some stuff no other addon can.
- BetterPrivacy to get rid of Flash LSOs
- Ghostery, this one is "botnet", if you decide to use it you must opt out the Ghost Rank feature to avoid the botnet. Apart from that its very good in blocking trackers and removes 2 kinds of LSOs (Flash and Silverlight), if you get Ghostery, dont use BetterPrivacy.
- HTTPS Everywhere or HTTPS Finder or both toghether.
- RefControl with forge mode to dont let sites know from where you came.
- Other addons to consider or are alternatives to these ones mentioned: Adblock Edge, Privacy Badger, Priv8, FoxBleed.

Recommended VPN for full anonimity: Mullvad (I use TigerVPN thought, which is fast)
This has a lot of options:

Use textsecure as an whatsapp alternative
Blur, HTTPS Everywhere, NoScript, and either Disconnect or Ghostery are a good start if you want a setup that's very unobtrusive. BetterPrivacy and Self-Destructing Cookies are also good to have but they can be annoying. There're a few redundancies with this setup but unless you have a toaster it's not going to affect how fast the browser is. PeerBlock isn't an extension, it's separate software, but add that to these extensions on Firefox and you'll have increased your security and privacy by a significant amount with just a few minutes worth of effort.
Did I seriously just see an Esperanto language option?
Also forgot to say

if you use windows disable remote desktop connection.

Also if you think somethings up check your internet using wireshank or shark i forgot what one it was.
>Windows 7 (don't get SP1 or latest updates as they most likely have some crappy botnet attached)
>don't get important security updates
Gr8 advice m8
This is OP
Thank you everyone, you are all awesome. Give yourselves a high five from me.

But on another note.
I just got permanently banned with another IP.
Reason: CP
I have only started this thread.

Now i got banned again. Permanently again, using a different IP.
Reason: Tor Exit Node

Just so you guys know.

Microsoft has even more malicious intentions as time goes on. If you're not retarded you can download those security patches manually.

HAHAHA is that all you're whining about.

TOR asigns you random ip addresses from all over the world. Basically that fat neckbeard guy over at anontalk and some russians spammed 4chan to hell with CP linking to sites that are similar to rapidshare where you'd have to get a premium membership to download the cp vids.

They basicall used up every IP address from tor. LOL. Sop using tor and get a VPN instead.
Ah i see.
Thanks for the info, mate.
>letting the dis-info shills get to you
Tor is secure as you can if you want to communicate out to the clear-net. NSA testified to this in the leaked slides.

Nobody is saying tor sucks, they're syaing it's not bulletproof. The recent scandall with java SHOWS that it's a possibility to still get traced.

Nobody cares about cp manchildren anyway, they'll focus on distributors, drug dealers, people who have sensitive information etc.
> Tor
> Java
Pick one
The dumb leading the blind.
Tor is still fine. It's as secure as ever.
What is not secure are browsers. And javascript has never been secure.
You mean the Javascript vulnerabilities in Firefox? The java plugin is not usable in TBB without hackery
newfag here, if i use tor, my ip can be use by another anon in the tor network ?

Yeah because you guys know all their tricks. The fact that you have to connect to the net through an ISP provider should already be a clear warning sign. The fact that they have control over the actual hardware being produced should be another good indication. The fact that the Illuminati exist and there is a spiritual reality present also is another indication. If they wanted to track you down they could easily do it. There are already spiritual entities such as the shadow people stalking you everyday anyway.

Nothing you do is hidden.
theoretically, if you could enable tor at the os level (eg running it in vm) then java wouldn't be a problem right? because all requests would be tor'd anyway
For browsing - use Tor browser, just don't be a retard and don't go to your Facebook, bank etc. Also, don't install plug-ins and disable JavaScript, especially if you are a winfag.

Also, don't be a winfag. Use Tails if you are paranoid but don't want to switch to Linux or *BSD.

You can proxy almost any program with proxychains and tor.

For email - just encrypt your emails with GnuPG/PGP and use whatever you are used to. That is, if the important thing is that they can't read the content of your emails.
It was a JavaScript exploit, not Java. You can route all traffic through Tor with a SOCKS to HTTP(S) proxy, and there is an OS (Tails Linux) which does just that.
Won't you stand out among the crowd by disabling Javascript? Since NoScript with the Tor Browser bundle allows scripts globally by default.
Unless you're going on shady/dangerous sites, or Tor sites, I think it's better to leave everything default.
The risk of JavaScript exploits is far greater than the risk of standing out by having it disabled. A JS exploit could reveal your actual IP address and hostname, which defeats the whole purpose of Tor.
I agree. Normal sites won't try to do anything malicious with their Javascript.
But the only times there are JS exploits on normal clear sites, are viruses or something when the site is hacked.

i-i hope so. I still block every JS I can. Just to be safe.
Stop going into CP sites
I don't know how can you even begin to be anonymous with HTTP when it contains headers like useragent and referrer.
Why hasn't some better protocol been invented?
Web security isn't very good in the first place.

>I usually disabled "Send HTTP Referer Header" for protect privacy reason.
>But sometimes, "Send HTTP Referer Header" was required for Web site authentication.
So, I enabled it and disabled it after leave such Web site.
>Unfortunately, sometimes I forgot disable it and made privacy weakness.

There's also this stuff for more automatic control.
You can enable or disable the referrer from being reported to web sites that you visit with this Firefox tweak.

Type about:config in the address bar and press Enter.
If prompted with a warning, select “I’ll be careful, I promise!“,
Find the entry that says Network.http.sendRefererHeader and double-click on it.
Set the entry to one of the following:
0 – Disable referrer.
1 – Send the Referer header when clicking on a link, and set document.referrer for the following page.
2 – Send the Referer header when clicking on a link or loading an image.
The Tor browser uses a very common Windows Firefox user agent, and you can disable referers in about:config.

your e-mail and chat might be, but is the person you are communicating with?

Go through all the crypto you want if you must, but if it can't be intercepted on your machine, it'll be intercepted on the recipient's.

Does the person you are sending a message to go through the same effort to hide? If not, your effort is pointless.
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Telegram its a good a alternative for WhatsApp
You dont need For if you have a VPN + Firefox with addons. Always remember, Firefox is the only browser that really protects your privacy.
Install the Tor background service, configure your browser to use it via connection settings. I made an FF addon called Private Browsing proxy that automatically changes my network settings to go through Tor when I go into Private Browsing. Very convenient. PGP for email, very nice too.
Saved for reference
Be aware that not all email providers allow you to encrypt outgoing messages. The safest way is through a mail client like Thunderbird. If you want to actually encrypt the message, you'll need the Enigmail plugin.

Retroshare is considered darknet, and I2P is more secure than Tor at present.
>I have become slightly obsessed with my online security lately.
Online security is an oxymoron. The Internet was developed by the US Military, why the hell do you think they released it to the public?

Tor was also developed by the US Military. Make of that what you will.
Is Tor really that safe? What about all the ops lately closing down sites? Could someone explain how they have done this and also collected info on people visiting dodgy sites? This is fascinating to me. Seems like the governments are really getting up to date with their security.
They were able to do it because Tor was developed by the US Military. They released it to the public, telling us that it was able to protect your identity, which was obviously false. They designed it to spy on the people using it, just like they did with the Internet.
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