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/g/, I want to learn programming from the...
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/g/, I want to learn programming from the ground up. Now where's the ground, and how do I start?
Pic unrelated.
get this book http://it-ebooks.info/book/2628/
get the environment where you write and run your code in from http://download.racket-lang.org/ .
If you don't know what some function does or you're looking for a function that does something check http://docs.racket-lang.org/
Practice a lot.
How to design programs, 2nd edition
Since we are talking books here.

Where I can get a decent epub version of sicp. I got one from bookzz but I cant upload it to play books.
Anyone know a good C# book? If its alright if I ask here.
Racket is an excellent language to learn on.
Beginner: C# in a nutshell
Advanced: CLR via C#
Seconding this. haven'tread it myself, but it replaced SICP as the first year comp sci text at MIT, so it must be good.

I'm a huge fan of BuildYourOwnLisp.com, almost done the course myself and i've learned a shitload.

Learn C the Hard Way also looks very promising.

people will recommend you K&R for C, but i'd advise against it. It is historically significant and not at all a bad book, but it's showing it's age, and it doesn't teach the best practices.

Hacking: The Art of Exploitation is excellent

CODE, by Charles Petzold is hands down, the best introduction to computing.

The Little Schemer, The Seasoned Schemer and The Reasoned Schemer are all excellent, and pair well with SICP.

That's it for books i've read.
Also looking for recommendations on Modern C and Java (because my school makes me take Java)
dunno why you want an epub, but the Gentooman library has the pdf in several formats.
i've usually just read it on my phone
I already know basic programming logic thanks to a class in college

I'm just missing applying it to an actual language. I'm choosing Python and I already completed the beginners course on codeacademy.

How is the best to go about learning python? Just read the entirety of the official documentation as I go along? Do I get a book with exercises? Which book?

Keep in mind I know next to none of the programming terms and jargon
just find program projects online. if you understand the syntax already you dont need to keep reading tutorials for basics over and over. that was also the biggest issue i had when i learned progrmaming. i was repeating the same shit over and over.
Have fun trying to find a job, sucker.
what do you actually want to do? build games? build a website? be a corporate code monkey? analyze data? contribute to oos? give us an idea why you want to learn to program, and we can give you more direction
I think the ground is more like machine code / asm than these other things. But if you're gonna do that, don't start with recent Intel, go with old ass 80's home computer (any of them!) and learn on that. And you can even have fun in BASIC too, while you're at it. Contrary to what people say, it doesn't warp your mind. Anyway you can start with BASIC and jump right to asm. It's how it was done back then, and you learned fast, because the systems were simple enough to understand in totality.

that being said ASM isn't that bad.
>if you understand the syntax already
Just the bare basics, but thanks yeah I think I'll just find a project and go through with it.

I just entered college and I'm studying Computer Engineering, right now I don't really have a practical goal as to why I want to learn to program, but I guess the closest would be analyzing data I guess?

I just want to further my knowledge of computers and how everything works, in the most crude way to put it I basically want to end up as a "hacker" in concept.

As for what I'm hoping to do as a job after I graduate, I think I'm leaning towards being a sys admin or something along those lines.
if you're in college, just focus on your classes. you'll learn the necessary programming along the way. i would focus on what college doesn't teach very well:

colleges don't teach *nix administration very well. get familiar with linux. do the linux from scratch project.

college also doesn't teach databases very well. sure, it'll go into relational algebra and database theory, but it does shit to teach you query optimization and database administration. go install either mysql or postgresql. postgresql has some really good documentation so i would suggest that.

learn git. why don't colleges teach git (or version control), i'll never understand.

soak up all the theory you can but keep yourself grounded in the real world by learning these things.
Oh yeah, I'm actually wanting to learn a language on my own since I don't have an actual programming course until next semester.

Thanks for the info though, my college is already not very good (beanerland) and I was aware that I would have to dive way deeper myself, but thanks for narrowing fields of study down!
i just started also,read everything from page 1 to the last.
i know thats what i'll do
have fun fellow soon to be coder
>linux from scratch
holy shit that looks awesome thanks

any suggestions for git tho?
I use play books on my phone to read it is quite good.

But I found this html version http://sarabander.github.io/sicp/html/ it is quite beautiful.
this tutorial: http://pcottle.github.io/learnGitBranching/

then go look up a common .gitignore and start using it.

git is complex but just use it and get used to it. just use it for every project, even if you just commit changes in 1 branch for simple text files.

don't use git to save changes to binary files, images, etc. basically, anything you can't open in a text editor shouldn't be in your repository.

don't worry about getting a github account yet. just do it on your own computer for a while until you get the hang of it.
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I'm not OP, but I'm a biology undergrad who took four years of computer science in high school (Java), so I have a rudimentary understanding of basic programming algorithms and concepts. I want to learn data analysis related to data analysis in R and various other computational concepts which coincide with the life sciences and bioinformatics, is there anyone who can recommend a few places to start?
Whoops, replace the first "data analysis" with.... uh, "things"
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