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First time at the gym
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So last week it was the first time I went to a gym. While it feels great to visualize myself being ripped in a few years I couldn't stop being akward as fuck

>Follow a begginners guide I found on the internet
>Forgot where to begin, stand in the middle of the gym and whip out my phone to check the guide
>Takes forever to load the page
>Everyone see a fat lad messing around on his phone rather than working out
>Oh god the stigma
>Step one is to do some Dumbbell Bench Press
>All benches are taken
>Instead of doing something else I just stand and watch the other two people doing their workouts for a while
>All in all I stood for 15-20 minutes doing nothing
>Anyways, finally one dude is done with his reps
>My turn, bitches
>My fat gut is partially revealed as I lay down on the bench
>Fuck it, one day said gut will look like a damn greek sculpture
>Do my reps
>Feels like I took a baby step for something greater

I know that story sucked, but do you guys remember your first real time at the gym?
>dad takes my dyel ass to gym
>been doing bodyweight for month prior
>dad shows me some lifts. Suck at all of them
>dad tries to get me to use ez curl, helps out while I'm Mumbling "FUCKFUCKFUCKFUVK"
But that was a year ago. He mostly uses machines, I stay with free weights. He doesn't squat cus he slipped a disk doing squats.
>first day in the gym
>decide to just keep lifting weight till my body gives out
>way stronger than half the people there from being an outdoorsy kid
>do drop sets of shitty form curls but still better than half the people there until i cant move my arms
>super set this with push ups
>never rest
>queue up bench do 155 first time easily
>kid with a routine looks at me while crying
>easily surpass everyone else at my gym with in a year
>now one of the strongest and aesthetic people on fit
>easily top 5% better than fat losers like OP who ran SS for 2 years
Hah, now that you mention it, the first time I went I overtrained cause I've always been a lazy fatfuck and my pressure lowered after doing squats on a bloody smith machine. I just sat there half dying after it and my trainer gave me some gum to not pass out.

Now I realize I've come a long way since then, even tho I still don't look half as good as I wanted. We're all gonna make it OP, thanks for making me remember.
First time i went to the gym i got a roll of shame moment with the incline bench press. I couln't even bench 0.5 plates.

Yesterday ,13 months later, i benched two plates

Just keep in brah
>Come to gym with 531 wendler program
>Try to OHP empty bar for warm-up
>Can't even do one rep, left arm gives in immediately
>Decide to do dips
>Can't even do one rep
>Play it cool
>Just stand there for 10 minutes
>Decide to look for a machine which makes me move kinda like one would when doing dips
>See some guy using a machine like that
>Stand right next to him and use a second machine exactly like it
>It's a pull machine for back muscles, you're supposed to sit as well and we are both doing it completely wrong
>Next day
>can't move my arms
Hey guys. Tomorrow I'm going to the gym for the first time, I've read the sticky know all about nutrition and routines (planning on starting with SS+chin ups), and I've also done some bodyweight training. I'm not autistic or anything, I just want to know what I might do wrong having no experience. Basically just how to go about rest times between sets and which excercises to do first etc. Can you give me some tips?
Remember to tip the receptionist
great meme bro
I'm actually going to my university's gym anyway
>Can't go to the gym
>Costs too much to buy weights for the house
Some people weren't born to make it.
You know you ain't gotta buy all the weights at once, right?

>starting with 5/3/1

There's your problem
Looking at $400 just to start though. I'm a NEET.
why did you start with 5/3/1?
Where's your picture?
>400 just to start
you know you can just get some adjustable dumbbells and weights instead of a full setup, yeah?
Some males honestly can't push 45 lbs above there head once? That's not me being a cunt, genuinely baffled
>Read a bunch of SS and other shit
>Don't really have a clue, no idea of a regular routine
>Turn up first day at gym, only guy there with a towel, already feeling weird
>Surrounded by 300lb meatheads half my age
>Pick up some 30kg dumbbells because I have no idea how much I can lift
>Pick them up, carry to bench, try to lift.. fail hard.. walk back to weights, put them back down again.. pick up 20kg.. repeat til 10kg, literally the smallest free weights and JUST manage to get 3 reps
>Put them back down, walk out hanging my head in shame

Luckily I didn't act like a complete faggot and came back. I'm now up to 20kg dumbbell curls and still going, also added rowing, squats, overhead/military press, french press and will be adding deadlift and face pulls.
No longer feeling like a ridiculous fuck any more and I notice some of the same people every now and then. Feels good.
>french press
Nigga that's coffee ...
>girl spots me trying to bench struggling with an empty bar

i stopped going to the gym during the day after that, went at 3am every day for like 2 months so I could learn proper form and not look like a lost child looking for the equipment needed for my workouts
Been doing things at home with woman-dumbbell-tier weights before going to the gym so pretty much knew what to do in there on my first day.

Also, my gym is mostly empty because its small and low profile.

I do however had a shameful moment when I didn't realize that I could not bench 60kilos yet.

Had one guy in the gym doing calisthenics, that one guy who does bodyweight at the gym.

I struggled, he had headphones in or whatever you call the smaller ones. Stood with 60 kg of weight sitting on my chest for 5 minutes before he saw me.

Felt quite embarrassed not only that I could not lift it but because I thought it was just 50 kg.

No greentext because I'm not a good writer.
>read SS
>doing isolation
It's only embarassing if you're embarassed
You can buy a second hand power station or a huge set of dumbbells for <$150

Also if you don't have the discipline to get a job then you probably don't have the discipline to stay fit, sort your shit out
I'm new to squatting and also self concious about looking like a spacker, any advice?
Standing around at the gym for 20 minutes doing nothing is exactly why I built a home gym. Good job fatty. Keep going. Cutting calories and adding walking to your fatty routine will give you faster results in the beginning to lose your gut. DB chest press won't hell you.
neutral spine, keep tight core and record your squats and go deep. experiment with stance width etc until you find a technique that works with your body structure

make sure you have the ankle mobility required if you're doing them olympic style to avoid injury

also watch a fuckton of videos on how to do squats and compare your recordings with it
>Dont stand and wait for racks/machines/etc to be free, do another excersise while waiting.
>Don't go the gym in a tank your first day, or your last
>Don't be ashamed of using low weights, and don't compare yourself to others, that comes later
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Pepe rain.gif
2 MB, 696x478
>go to gym
>group of slavs start fucking with me
>go home, cancel membership
>don't go to another gym for almost a year
Don't overthink it
Realize that most people there are like you: new to fitness and unsure/unconfident in what they're doing
Don't compare your ability to others, nobody cares how little you're lifting
Re-rack your weights

Do whatever you're most comfortable with first, and/or whichever equipment is least in use by other people
As for rest time, studies showed 3 minutes were better than 2 and 2 were better than 1 respectively for rest and that basically the longer between sets the better. Problem with that is that you get bored, so I find 3 minutes works best for me.

Don't be afraid to walk around/sit down/take breaks etc if there's space/place for it

Your biggest mistakes will probably be your shit form and trying to lift too much. Worry about form first and everything else becomes easy.
Damn, sounds like you got stuck with the worst case scenario.
How are you doing now?
>don't stand around waiting
>literally one rack
>doing SS
Fuck em desu, we're all gonna make it
>Friend says I'm a fat fuck and he bets I won't go to the gym
>I will go to the gym
>I used to lift for 6 months 2 years ago
>Just do my usual shit I used to do solo
>We finally have time to go together 2 weeks after
>He shows me true pain
>But also supports me through the entire session

Trust me find someone to do gym with and your gains will increase tenfold.
>be 18 at school
>friends asks if i want to join them at their gym
>"sure why not"
>group of 5 people going in
>they all go through this rotary device with their membership cards
>no one at the reception so I jump over it
>suddenly PT from accross comes over and asks me what I'm doing
>told him nobody was there and I wanted a trial day
>"You shoulve waited, but let me show you around"
>great guy shows me the free weight section
>join the week after
>it has been 8 years
Yeah probably 70% of anyone's time lifting is spent standing around recovering so no one cares if someone else is just standing around. People are only going to notice you if you are using things completely wrong in a dangerous way
My first time was boring.

>Be complete skinny/skinny-fat dyel
>Have an appointment with a trainer
>She teaches me an easy routine mostly involving machines and bench press
>Start out benching 25kg like a girl
>Arms like spaghetti after first set
>Conclude I'll never ever be able to bench 50kg
>Benches 70kg now, still dyel as fuck
>At least there's some improvement
>Hold me senpai
Usually I'm really good at stuff, so I felt like skipping beginnner routines.
I disagree m80

>go with friend
>we chattin and shit
>no gains while chatting
>we liftin
>they get all weird because either were on different routines or I out outlift them
>same gains as if I went alone

>go alone
>in the zone
>clear mind
>make gains
Thanks for the advice.
I don't wear tanks, and I'm not ashamed especially since if I try to match others my first day I'll go for a ride to snap city probably.

I guess I've been overthinking it for about half a year now. I could have been lifting all this time... But now I'm dead serious, I'm doing mma for 4 months and need a lot of improvement strengthwise.
I don't know if I'll get bored, I got my music and I really wanna do this thing.
Form I'll have to work on, but I won't try to lift too much. I've done bodyweight versions of all the exercises except deadlifts (which might need some getting used to), so I'll do a set of those and then try a couple sets with the bar, and gradually add weight.

Another thing I've read is I should keep a journal. I won't be trying to find my 1 rep max my first day with my shitty form, so is that actually worth it?
I love you, man.
Keep working to improve yourself.
It's worth it.
>in b4 not your blog
>slipped a disk doing squats
This shit is my fear.

I'll be safe as long as I just increase the weight very slowly r-right?
Sounds like you're already past most of the average gym crowd, so I wouldn't sweat it, you're serious enough and know what you're doing

I've never kept a journal/notes so I can't say, but I don't have a huge range of workouts so I can see where it'd be useful. Whenever I've seen someone taking notes at the gym they've always been skinnyfat/noobs, but that's anecdotal, if it works for you try it.

Worry foremost about good form and you'll be safer
I guess I'll just quickly tap on my phone the max weight I could do a 5x5 with for each exercise, if anything just to remember it and see my progress. After the first few times it will probably be obsolete but I'll be resting for at least 2 minutes anyways so why the fuck not?

Thanks a lot for the info btw.
>Was on a home bodyweight routine at age 18
>Was also on a 200 a day calorie diet
>Went from fat fuck size 40 pants to skinnyfat skeleton size 28 pants within 3 months
>Following /fit/ and constantly reading what to do when I finally make the switch to a gym
>On family holiday with family and hotel had a gym
>its go time
>Load up 1 plate on smith machine
>Manage to do 1 set of 10 reps
>Squatted the bar on smith machine
>Weight dips though (Thanks chair dips and triangle push ups)
>Finished with a retarded attempt at pullups

Next morning we planned to walk around the city and sight see
>Chest in horrible DOM pain
>Can't lift arms
>Literally shuffling down the sidewalks like an old man
>Could not put on my own clothes
>Convinced family to let me stay in hotel in the hot tub

And that was my first experience with DOMS.

I remember my first OHP left me not being able to raise my arms for a week.
A question for those that are experienced with gyms

How do you feel about beginners? I ask this because there's some people on this board that act like smug cunts who don't seem to want us unfit people to make it
As a guy who is always either the strongest in the gym or one of the strongest whenever I go, we do not care.

As long as you do not hog equipment, take to long or do retarded shit we don't care.

You can even do retarded shit but be prepared to get laughed by us under our breath. Saw an Asian kid doing these nazi salute lunges all around the perimeter of my gym last night.

I have been going for 4 years and nobody cares if you are new. But I will admit I do like mirins when I do some heavy lifts so please look at us and make us feel good.
>Be 5'10" 115lbs soaking wet gym-virgin a year ago
>memorize SS and walk into my university roider central
>Get to the curl rack and ask one of the nattybros how much the bar weighed
>proceed to slap 10 lbs and squat that shit
>get to the bench press bench and ask a powerlifter if my form was ok
>proceed to struggle to bench the bar
>my arms are shaking as i hit the 5th rep
>look at myself in the mirror and see a literal shell of a person who wasted his natural test
>felt bad man

atleast now im kinda normal at 158 lbs.
How do first days work? Do I get a tour of the gym? I want to go at 5 am, will a trainer even be there?
>>>35969850 (OP) #
>>Be 5'10" 115lbs soaking wet gym-virgin a year ago
>>memorize SS and walk into my university roider central
>>Get to the curl rack and ask one of the nattybros how much the bar weighed
>>proceed to slap 10 lbs and squat that shit
>>get to the bench press bench and ask a powerlifter if my form was ok
>>proceed to struggle to bench the bar
I went at 2am for my first time. Was only person there and felt good man. I could take my time and learn how to set things up correctly, learn where to put pins and figure out that sweet spot form wise.

If you go during staffed hours they show you where everythings located and that's it such as showers, lockers and they will direct you to either the squat rack or out the door depending on how they view you
>either the squat rack or the door depending on how they view you
You won't fool me.
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Fuck, I remember that first time. Felt so out of place and had no fucking clue what I was doing, despite having shitposted and given advice on fit for a year. I think I ended up doing some curls and using some machines, before making my retreat.

After that I started going with a friend who'd been going to the gym for a couple of months a year ago, so atleast he knew how to perform most compounds. We're the same height and started off with almost identical weight, so he's been the most perfect gymbro ever since. We use the same weights for almost every lift, it's a blessing.

We started going every other day back in June, and we're still going strong.

Try and get a gymbro OP, it makes working out so much more fun. And don't stop going, you'll see results much faster than you think.
>tfw grills eyes light up when I take off my shirt
Best feeling desu
I joined planet fitness. Did I fuck up?
I wish I could lift with my dadbro
>your lucking anon
Proud of you. My first day went like this
>First day in gym
>I'm the smallest one there, 110lbs of skin and bone
>Friend recommended me to do SS so I went over to the squat rack
>At the rack, there is still weights on the bar (135lbs) but no one is there
>Awkwardly stand around there for 5 mins to see if anyone is using it
>I unload the 45lbs pl8s off the bar, takes me forever to do it because 45lbs pl8 was too heavy
>I'm already sweating
>Out of nowhere this muscular butch lady came up to me, stops and stares
>She says "Really?"
>Oh shit I took her rack without knowing
>Spaghetti everywhere, apologize like 50 times and offer her to put the weights back on the bar
>She crosses her arms and watch, smirking
>I can't even lift the goddamn 45lp8 up and put it on
>I give her the most cheesiest bitch smirk and tell her I need help
>I power walk away from her, wait until she is gone and did my squats with only a bar.
That memory haunted me for like a year, now I laugh about it.
>bodyweight at home since college because self conscious
>this year, say fuck it and start going to our sweet gym
>first time there, didn't know any etiquette, standing around awkwardly
>end up squatting, doing a bunch of legs
Saw a girl from my class in the locker room. Was awkward.
continue going to the gym senpai and break your austim
I have been. I've gotten less self conscious. I always have awkward moments checking out buff girls though.
I think I did. They said I need to pay with a checking account, but after horror reading stories about them, about billing not just lack of weights, I think I'll just go to someplace else even if it's more expensive. They still have my $5 too.
They don't have scales.
Bruh when I started at the gym I struggled to deadlift 65lbs. Now I'm at 315 (still weak but improving).

Everyone is shameful at first, suck it up and keep going like I know you will.
When I first went to the gym I could hardly bench the bar.
mad respect for taking that first step to better yourself my friend. there is no need to feel awkward. Keep it up, stay consistent , and dont worry about what your end goal will be.

you will transform one day and not recognize yourself.

(If i see fat people genuinely giving it their all at the gym, i will stop my routine and shake their hand, and praise the fuck outta them)
They had one actually. You aren't allowed to use it without a black membership though.
I remember going with my friend age 17, and we stood outside arguing who should go in first.

Once inside, I had no idea what to do first, and was too nervous to ask anyone what to do, go on rowing machine. Because I already had the amazing bodyfat percentage i had as a teenager, I had that immediate DYEL body, toned with abs.

Other than that, saw a lot of old guys ballsacks in the locker-room. They really don't care, do they?

Other tha
I had a couple buff friends that got me into lifting thankfully. I was a fat dude, they said I'd be strong because I was so big but I could barely lift the bar my first bench press. My bud just told me to copy whatever he did, and actually helped me out a lot with form that first time and for weeks after.

Feels good to have someone show you the ropes and really challenge you from the start.
Gym Cherry Popping;

>walk around with a composition notebook that had a routine copied from Arnold's encyclopedia
>feeling pretty good until two regulars start working out next to me
>they bant back and forth, sound like they're bros
>atmosphere seems pretty friendly all the sudden
>feel like I'm a part of something bigger than myself
>think that this must be what Arnold is always saying about the "energy" in a gym
>finish my workout and get ready to leave
>have to walk past the bros to get to the door
>decide in not going to be a quiet autist anymore and be an extrovert
>going to make some comment like "take it easy, guys" as I walk by but immediately think they'll just make fun of me for saying something like that in a place where you pick up heavy things
>make it almost to the door and, as I take off my fingerless gloves, I look at the bros and say;

"Lift strong, gentlemen"

>push door open with my hip as I throw my gloves info my duffel, feeling like I just excited a movie scene.

Halfway to my car the sheer spergyness of what I said but me.

Oh, well. It was a good workout.
Gym too expensive nigga.
Veni, vidi, vici.
I came, I saw, I conquered.
I asked two dudes there to show me proper form for each exercise except squats which I'm familiar with on bodyweight.
did 1x5 with the bar, then added weight gradually, and then did 5x5 for each exercise with the max weight. I failed on my 3rd set of bench press and only did 4 reps so I lowered it back a little bit.
I realise now I did way too many sets, should have been 3x5, 3x5, 1x5 but I guess I confused SS with some other bodyweight program I wanted to do or something. Still I'm ok.
I hope I can move later.
Thanks to everyone for the helpful answers!

I've seen stuff like this get posted quite a lot on here but I have to say that I've never seen any sort of aggressive behavior at the gym, which is kind of weird because my gym is mostly filled with minority type douchebags, a lot of them obviously on steroids.

I HAVE had people joke around with me saying shit like "I'm not using it but I don't want you to either" when i ask if they are using certain equipment, after which we both chuckle and they ask me about my routine. I wonder how many autistic /fit/izens interpret this sort of behavior as being an attack on them, especially considering it usually comes from minorities.
Is home gym best gym?
Hate looking like a pleb in gym
>Summer vacation
>Join a friend that started a month prior
>We were both fat but I was 15kg heavier
>Start with some cardio
>Try to bench and fail
>Pass on the smith machine
>Awkwardly curl some and do a shitty abs routine

We went every 2 days for the 2 month of summer vacation we had and then 2 times a week when school started again. I lost almost 30kg in 8 month.
You need two things:
>SL5x5/ICF5x5 or a similar routine
>Lots of food
Oh god.
> walk in, fucking terrified
> feels like everyone is staring
> stare at phone while waiting next to what I think are the squat racks
> they're Smith machines
> do 3x??? "squats" with awful form
> no warm ups, no weight
> next is deadlifts
> look over, see huge dudes lifting huge weights
> something in me breaks, feel like I'm going to cry from embarrassment
> find a machine facing a wall and do whatever the fuck that machine was while biting my lip trying not to cry in the gym
> can't do it
> leave and call my mom to pick me up
i know almost that exact feel anon
except i started together with some friends and i feel they resent me now
How do you take 20+ minutes on a bench? Is this normal?

Taking a few minutes between sets is all well and good but come on.
>fingerless gloves
Yep you're a sperg m8
If you do either one of these routines, especially ICF,
Not first but felt that way
Person in power cage
Other one open bu there's a guy with a bar loaded 1 pl8 in front of the other Cage.
Go to ask if he's using the actual Cage as it has an extra bar
He starts doing what I quickly dub Fuckups.
Puts shoulders on bench, puts bar on waist, then making fucking motion to lift it.
Is this a real lift?
First day I remember doing bench, squat and some OHP. I was watching a shit ton of vids online so I don't fuck my shit up (thank you based candito). The weight was weak as shit but it was my first day. Felt good enough to come back again and again.
Just lift water bottles or buy those chinese weights that you fill with water, they can hold like 16kg.
Legit benching 2pl8 in 13 months?

I reached 2pl8 3 weeks ago, after 18 months.
>can't ohp the bar
>thinks he's not a beginner
this, except the 2nd part

never seen or heard of anyone being a straight up asshole in the gym. maybe people are less than polite, but usually the bigger guys are the nicest. it's usually the DYEL's who might be rude, but never have I seen someone making fun of someone else.

>Huge, jacked black guy comes up and asks me how many sets I have left
>"This is my last one"
>"Ok, cool. Are you sure, take your time man don't rush because of me"
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Went for the first time with a friend on a free trial.
Was super scared at first.
Gym is almost empty.
He shows me how to use machines.
We workout together, get no bad stares or anything. People are super friendly.
Leave after 2 and a half hours. Feels good
>in gym alone with some older guy
>"d-do you know how much with bar weighs"
>almost kill myself benching
>"w-where do I deadlift"

That guy still shoots me worried looks sometimes.
The hell kind of gum?
File: 1448347994536.jpg (29 KB, 447x369) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Is "one plate" a 45 pound plate on each side, i.e. 90 lbs + bar?
Kek. I love me some french pressed coffee.
This is why the assisted pullup/dip machine is great for beginners/big boys
File: image.png (1017 KB, 750x1334) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Would french press/10

No homo
So much spaghetti would be saved if anons would follow this mantra.
File: image.gif (2 MB, 320x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 320x200
>Usually I'm really good at stuff
First time I went to the gym I hit my head on the bench press bar and knocked myself out.

So whatever you did it can't be that bad.
>Be me, skelly mode
>There are 2 people there besides me
>I do some basic stuff with dumbells and shit
>Try lifting since the bench is free, have to warm up with 20kg bar, add 5kg weights after warm up to not look like a the giant weakling i am
>One of the guys was pretty buff so i decided to change to 10kg weights to not look like a total fag
>Could lift it once and my hands hurt for a couple days
>Decided to not be a pussy ass piece of shit and go again after resting my arms, doing weights i am supposed to use

Now i have some gym buddies teaching me techniques and other basics, everyhing going fine and have a decent routine
All I remember from when I started working out is that after every single workout, I wouldn't be able to straighten out my arms, or bend my legs, or do anything involving core movement.
She sounds like a cunt
same here, small rural gym with a small free weight area, we were the only 2 people in the gym. guy was maybe 40-45 years old and bear mode, had a funny slavic accent (I'm German)

>first time going to gym, come in, be alone
>start with warmup, then squats
>everything going good, watched tons of vids beforehand only on the 3 main lifts I will be doing (SS)
>squat more weight than expected, feelsgood
>go over to bench
>finish first set of bench press at lowass weight, half plate
>this guy comes in while resting
>load spaghetti mode, say hi friendly
>think if I should make further conversation because its only the 2 of us and this is a rural area, so somewhat normal to smalltalk strangers
>fuck it, just continue with second set
>think I have to be ├╝ber-correct on form and overall image now to not leave a noob expression on the guy
>start first rep
>hear mark rippetoes voice from the videos in my mind "the bar path at the bench is actually not straight but slightly diagonal"
>proceed to push towards belly/balls instead of back towards rack when lifting the bar up
>see dude watch me do 2-3 reps like this from the corner of my eye, then he comes in
>"no, no, no, you must not do like this. Do like this"
>proceeds to grab bar while I have it in the air and corrects me to do them right
>all my spaghetti
>only wanted to do 5 reps, now on the 9th already but cant stop because he is watching over my form
>"yes, this better now. also you need grip more wide, if grip narrow you no work you chest"
>o-ok, thanks
>do 2 more reps, cant even rack the bar after, guy has to help
>"Im done here, you can have it"
>walk to other corner of the gym, try to do some pullups
>manage 1 and a half
>see through mirror how guy was watching me and slowly turns around in disgust/disappointment, probably thinking "just another one who will never make it"
>get so uncomfortable that I leave the gym 2 minutes later
No one really cares if you stand around doing nothing, so long as you aren't standing around doing nothing while hogging important equipment.
I still see this guy from time to time, he always only says a short breathed "hi" with a neutral to pitying look
I dont think he has a very good oppinion of me. First impressions matter guys!
Reminds me of that episode where Ross tries to help Chandler to quit the gym
Kek. My gym started gold membership bullshit where you have to pay extra to use their towels. I just bring my own.

Enjoy your greasy pizza, lunk alarms, and lack of squat racks.
I'll never forget my first time at the gym
>Me and bro sign up with gym down the street
>Even though our month hasn't started and we haven't even paid yet owner gives us our keys
>Tells us "You guys can feel free to start right away"
>Leave the empty gym and run back to our house to grab our gear
>Hyped to finally throw around some big weights
We only had dumbbells up to 55lbs at home up to this point
>Come back to gym full of 8/10-10/10 gym bunnies
>Not cardio bunnies so they had some sweet asses
>"Hi boys" They all called out in unison like they fucking practiced it
>Guy setting up camera
The local news had decided to do a story on women who workout to deal with their health problems
>Girls are all occupying the weight areas
>Bro and I are going to look like a couple goons just standing around
>We hop on the machines
>Camera starts rolling
>Our city then sees a bunch of hot chicks throwing around iron and lifting weights
>And a couple of dyels quietly being cardio bunnies in the back

It was made so much worse by the fact that the girls started flirting with us afterwwards
I refuse to enter a gym until I can do 1/2/3/4 for reps.
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>Lift strong, gentlemen
/r/ing pic of dude blowdrying his ass
>be freshman in college
>go to gym with 3 of my new friends
>they can all bench 1pl8
>I can't even do 25's
>sulk over to dumbbell press and do 30lb Dumbbells.
>fast forward to current day
>I'm stronger than all of them

Feels good.
>Lift strong, gentlemen

File: 1455291848155.jpg (71 KB, 600x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Pretty sure what you saw were hip thrusts. They're real, though admittedly funny. Don't really see much of a benefit to doing them as a weighted exercise. You can just as easily chill out on a mat or at home on the floor and do them with bodyweight with one or two legs.
>Go to gym
>Do treadmill cause idk what the fuck the other stuff is
>I'm a person on a treadmill. Nothing crazy about it.
/r/ing MS Paint pic
Been in and out of gyms for going on 20 years (old as fuck). I'm generally one of the stronger people in the building and I don't give a fuck what you do or how you do it.

Like the other guy said - don't hog equipment or rest where I'm trying to lift. Put your shit back up and don't be obnoxious about your newfound hobby. People will be much less likely to notice you doing the basic lifts - OHP, deads, bench, squat, etc. Weird/foreign/spastic shit will draw a crowd instantly.

People making fun of newcomers to the gym are literally fucking retarded children.
Haha! At least you shared your special moment with a bunch of hot chicks...and the rest of the city.
Just goes to show you the difference in people. My arms are fucking orangutan long and I hit 2 plates in about 6 months.
That's fucking moronic. If you have the shit to get those weights then why go to a gym ever?
just started this week, can barely lift 25kg

gotta start somewhere
The moral to these stories is you should get decent at pushups and pullups before you start moving iron
Because I'm a lonely autist that dreams of companionship.
First time I went I was 16 and got too excited and did everything, my body was exhausted and I felt sick afterwards
Didnt know shit when I first started. Just did a 1 to 1 session with a trainer and asked them to give me a program and show me whats what.

Learn what I can then go in next day and follow the program while trying not to get in anyones way or be an asshole. ez pz.

I had pretty bad social anxiety at the time but I never had that shit going to the gym. Feel better and more confident than ever.
>got kicked for wearing jeans
decent how
that was b8 you idiot
here mine:
>Grade 9.
>5'2 130 pounds
> friends dare me to go to the school gym
> Me being am idiot agrees
>Go there. It's an actual gym.
>Can't squat. can't even lift the female 24 pound bars
> Friends laugh at me.
>Go home cry
> That night i promise myself I'll get fit
>Go to that gym mon-firday.
>In grade 12 now.
>6'1 weigh 160
>Max bench i can do is 290
Feels good
Haha kinda reminds me of my dog a little. Be skinny as fuck grade 9-10. Start lifting free weights grade 11. Weight 158, bench 180, squat 210, clean 170. Lift hard core for year. 12th grade weigh 163. Bench 270, squat 290, clean 220. One of the strongest in school, feels good man
Thank you based anon
I bought all my gym shit on Craigslist. Yea it's used but saved me a ton of cash rather than buying the equipment brand new.
I have everything I need and then some.
>be in military for six years
>go to gym on base to build and maintain strength
>most people are bro as fuck
>very few memers
>come home
>go to bally's
>literal night club disguised as a gym
>women barely working out on machines, just showing off
>some dude who always wears shades while working out like he's the terminator
>some dancer who likes to practice in front of the dumbbells instead of the empty aerobic studio
>crossfit shenanigans

Right now I'm just running 5k three times a week and doing scooby's beginner routine, but I'm looking forward to going back to a gym just to see all the silly shit again.
lift rocks or gallons of water
>3 months 200 cals a day

You are a real 5%er, whatever it takes.
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>good at stuff

That's not what beginner/intermediate means.
File: 1329178030523.jpg (28 KB, 320x320) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Went to the gym
>Was too scared to use the free weights
>Kinda messed around on the machines for awhile
I would have done some light cardio to keep your heart rate up while waiting for the weights desu
If you arent going to lost proof of your claims then this is bait
Lost, his fucking grin
Post* not lost
>first time at gym
>curling with a buddy who had been going for a while
>I curl 7kg to start off, he curls 8
>long story but he's a bit of a faggot when it comes to gym, he's one of those "I'm happy with who I am" kind of types
>do some cardio, a few machines, lat pulldowns and bench press the bar and 5kg on each side
>feel like a fucking child
>no bad experiences with people, just did weights and went home
>eventually pay for my own membership
>fast forward to today
>friend barely ever turns up to gym after begging me to go to that one in particular so we can gym bro it up
>can now squat 70kg, bench 50kg and deadlift 80kg
>he can barely bench 40kg without me assisting in reps to rack
>he can't even squat or deadlift at all due to shitty form
>mfw progressing and he's stalling

I still can't do a single pullup though. feels bad man
we're all gonna make it, except for your friend.
Alright fit, I booked my first gym session on Monday. I'm gonna go at 5 AM so there won't be anyone. Anything I should know? I spotted a lot of benches, some rack-looking things and machines. Can I just deadlift anywhere? I'm doing SS.
There should usually be a deadlift rack. It will look like a squat rack (which is just a rack with a barbell), but have some form of rubberized floor/mat for the weights. If not, deadlift in the squat rack, it's a power rack for a reason.
I wouldnt count on it being empty at 5am on Monday since some people go before work
Then when should I go? Should I just ask when is the least busy time?
Former fat cunt reporting in.

I worried about the same shit as you did. Working out alongside fit dudes is seriously demoralizing but you need that to grow. Watching athletic people work out will drive how what you need to change about yourself and you will either leave this fitness path out of shame or be more committed to it than you ever were before.

About your gut. I had the same problem. Just don't care and others wont care either. You will run across a occasional cunt but they dont matter. Try to enjoy it.

>things that never happened : the post
>found bench and old rusty power rack on Craigslist for $300
>bought 300lb weight set and Olympic bar from dick's for $200
home gains for cheaps

The very first time I went to the gym? Was in high school, for gym class. One of the footballers was impressed by my mile so he showed me how to do some basic barbell.

After that, I didn't go to the gym again till I was in college, and I did nothing but walk on the treadmill for a month.
>only there with a towel
Fucking newfags always forgetting their clothes.
Now get in the locker room and suck me off, no homo

Why do slavs always seem like assholes?




This is how I imagine my first experience. I've yet to go to one and I'm 21. Waiting until I graduate.
just do bodyweight exercises
I think he meant 2000, otherwise that shit would mess you up
I used to go to gym at like 8:30pm and it was amazingly empty, each gym is a bit different though depending on what kind of people are members.

Basically just don't go 4pm-7pm and you'll miss rush hour
that is one strong fucking dog

It's all attitude. Just fake confidence until you actually are confident.
I just wanna say thanks to everyone for sharing these stories. I just finished my first week of SS, and it's comforting to read all of these. Except for a minor thing, I haven't made an ass out of myself so far. We're all gonna make it.
I've been going for two years now, so not really experienced but not a beginner anymore. When I see someone who is obviously a beginner I smile a little, there's someone making their first attempts at changing their life. Even if they have no idea what they are doing, they're already better than 90% of the population for the simple fact they got off of their lazy ass and are trying to change for the better.

10/10 you did good anon
Too late to join the party?
>at friend's house
>friend is 6'5" beergut but can lift his weight (260lbs)
>his brother and his wife come over
>brother is 6'10" 90% lean muscle
>wife is cardio bunny with tight ass and DSL
>brother says he, his wife, and mom are going to the gym
>I offer to go, like the dumb skeleton I am
>friend tries to refuse in my stead
>urge that we're going
>show up wearing my long sleeve shirt, gym shorts, and beanie
>do 2x5 bench at 115 (90% bodyweight)
>friend throws 2plate like it's the bar alone
>me and friend go do cycler and treadmill, I end up twice his distance every time at the same settings
>end up at the pull-up bar with everyone else chatting
>10 good form pull-ups at the speed of everybody's watching
>sit down because it's really fucking hot all of a sudden
>oh fuck I forgot to eat breakfast this morning
>take off beanie and roll up sleeves
>starting to see white dots floating in my vision
>stumble outside and cry inside
>friend comes out asking if I'm good
>suddenly vision and hearing 90% absent
>legitimately think I'm dying
>can't see and can barely hear for nearly a minute
>kidneys feel like they're full of tiny razors
>brother finishes his sets and we all go home
>go home that night and drink protein powder mixed with tears before bed
I'm still gonna make it
What do you lift now? Live to impress him and win back bear mans favor.
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