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Who else here has shitty parents?
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Who else here has shitty parents?

>come home from gym, rough workout
>mother immediately on my case, asking why I didn't take out the garbage
>tell her I was at the fucking gym, she knows my schedule
>I always get her to make me a post workout meal and she didn't cook anything
>I call her out, she says I can make my own food
>throw chalk in her face and leave house for an hour

Just got back, haven't seen the cunt yet, fuck I hate her
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I feel you OP
>be me working out in my home gym I got for birthday last year
>mom yells at me because I didn't flush the toilet
>she knows not to disturb while I'm working out
>I call her a bitch and say I forgot and it wasn't a big deal
>she tells me to get a job and to quit being such a mooching faggot
>then I kill myself
Let me get this straight, you're mad because your mom didn't make food for you and asked you to take out the garbage. Bro are you 15?
Let me get this straight, either you can't tell bait from sincere posts, or you feel some need to reply to it even though you know it's fake.

What is wrong with you? Are you 8 years old?
normie get out reeeeeeee
so happy to finally get away from them and my family as a whole.
It's sad too since the only members of my family I do not hate aren't even blood related relatives
/fit/ isn't your blog faggot.

Apologise to her, don't treat your mother that way.
>come home from gym, rough workout
>go to the fridge for my chocolate milk for GOMAD
>its all gone
>I have to roll around on the floor throwing a tantrum for a goddamn half hour before mom goes and buys more
>tantrums count as cardio so I lost all my gains anyway

seriously can you believe this shit
Id bet that's not the only cunt you've never seen
>get home from gym
>mom asks me how it went
>didn't break PR
>it's ok sweetie try again next time, want a muffin?
>what kind?
>she knows I only like poppyseed
>she's trying to kill my gains with chocolate
>throw muffin in her face and storm upstairs
>haven't spoken to her since

>26 years old
>Complete failure at life
>Don't talk to my parents very often
>come home from gym, tough workout
>mommy says she steamed me some brussel sprout
>I don't like brussel sprout
>she knows that but she made them anyway
>I get upset and smash the plate against the wall and run away
>lose all my gains from that cardio

Seriously what the fuck is wrong with her
>no cheesy potato
This thread is getting worse and worse
> Move out of my parents' house because I'm not a failure.
> Go to the gym, come home
> Take out the garbage and make my own food also clean up some
> Go to sleep at a reasonable hour because I have work tomorrow
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>work 8 hours
>sit in traffic for another hour
>come home
>house destroyed. Cheeto bags everywhere
>fedoras and gamer fuel litter living room floor
>autistic bastard son barges in
>ask him to take out the trash
>has steroid fueled meltdown
>asks me to make him tendies
>tell him that I didn't have a chance to go shopping
>becomes even more irate
>takes baby powder out of his pockets and begins throwing it around the kitchen
>keeps saying "C'Mon"
>squats down, acts like he's trying to grab something
>ask him what he's doing
>calls me a "normally cunt"
>runs to basement
>all I hear is furious typing
>wish I would have had an abortion
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>because I have work tomorrow

Hey everybody, look at this faggot.
>he's proud to be a loser neet
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Isn't it past your bedtime? Better make some money so that Tyrone has a big bed to fuck your wife in.
>relate cus of shitty parents
>go hme after 2 hour workout
>hi mom
>hi son
>hands me shaker with double choco whey
>thanks mom
>goes to kiss cheek
>slips and makes out with mom
>slips and dicks mom
>proceed and cardio for 20 minutes
hate them so much

>not taking care of your family

how beta lol
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>Come home from gym, tough workout.
>Go to get my eggs from the fridge so I can have the whites as post-workout
>My Mom is making a cake in there
>She better fucking not have
>Slam refrigerator while grunting like a bear to show how mad I am
>Ask her where my motherfucking eggs are
>She says she used the last of them to make a cake for my stupid fucking sister's 10th birthday
>throw the cake tin at her stupid fucking head
>Trip over in my Vibram Fivefingers as I charge upstairs to my sister's room.
>Slam the door open and scream that she should get her own god damned eggs if she wants a shitty cake next time
>starts crying like a fucking little 10 year old or something.
>Mom is crying too and phoning my dad saying I'm out of control again.
>Ended up eating 300 calories below my 5000 calorie target for that day because of this shit.
>>tantrums count as cardio so I lost all my gains anyway
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move out already fagget
>beeing 15 general
Don't you know you have to be 18 to post here, bud?
Who else supportive living arrangements here?
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>come home from gym
>mom tells me I have a nice pump
>high testosterone state causes me to say "you have a nice ass"
>we start kissing
>grab her nice ass
>proceed to fuck mom
>dad walks in, tells me it's real nigga hours and it's his turn
>leave the room and go to sleep
These threads make me feel sad, man. I was an asshole teenager.

None of these are true you know?
Yeah, I know.
>Was anorexic years ago so I start lifting and get decent gains and I got rid of anorexia
>Mom: "Didn't know I had a son, you don't even have boobs now and you look ugly with all that muscle"
>"I have bigger boobs than you, I bet you when you competed in bikini and I enter I would win since I have better boobs and feminine body"
>"You're anorexic again because you don't eat the foods that we are eating"
>"Hey clean up the toilet bowl, nobody in this house isn't anorexic but you"
>"Your father told me that you're the perfect example of a female body type that he would never sleep with"
>"You do know that no one will want you if you're looking like that right, men likes feminine body, not a manly body like yours. Stop lifting weights
>Me:"Dad I heard that you got a gym membership, I know a good workout routine that you might be interested"
>Dad:"You used to be anorexic. I'll go ask a personal trainer for that question"
>Dad I'm bulking and I gained from 124lbs to 140lbs you know that, I'm not anorexic anymore
>dad shuts the door
Take out the garbage faggot.

Cook your own food faggot, Always.
OP here, what a dumb cunt.

Update; went upstairs to see if mom was there, my chalk was cleaned up and she made some tendies for me. Still didn't see her. Enjoying tendies tho
>dad walks in
i think you meant:
>my mothers boyfriend walks in
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nigga what.jpg
26 KB, 368x268

Oh lawdy
>ITT: Entitled white kids thinking their parents owe them something
>actually taking these seriously
hey reddit
Stop the frog shit. You are the problem, not your parents.
I literally want you to kill yourself. Prepare your own final meal and take your worthless life
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>6 months into lifting and chill
>dad starts getting envious
>keeps pointing out anything he does better than me

lol k idc honestly, I might lift now but im still just some weeb who plays games
Happens to me every day;(
>get home from workout
>mum forgot to buy me another fucking shake
>call her out for the cunt she is
>go to my room
>bitch comes in with fickong muffins she baked to make me forgive her
>would have blown my TDEE

Why are parents such gains goblins?
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are you me?
>Dad sees my supplement bags while I am in the kitchen preparing food and a drink
>"Son this creatine is very unhealthy and it is doping, I want you to stop this."
>Proceeds to tell me about how unhealthy that while smoking his cigarette and coughing from it

>Start laughing plainly right Into his face for a good five Minutes until He realises how much bullshit He is saying
That old pal
Well I hope you atleast changed your behaviour then :-)

Thanks for all the keks and shitposts m8s

I just had to put down my cat RIP Max
>Go to drink protein shake
>Mom tells me protein is dangerous
>inform her that all meat and eggs and dairy contain protein
>she's now Vegan

th-thanks /fit/
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This is about ironic shitposting Cheekie, not true stories.
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