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>Starting weights for bench press, OHP, deadlifts, and squats
>Current weights for bench press, OHP, deadlifts, and squats
>How long you've been lifting

Squat: 200 lbs starting, 285 lbs current
Bench: 85 lbs starting, 145 current
OHP: 65 lbs starting, 115 lbs current
Deadlift: 185 lbs starting, 285 current

Time lifting: 5 months
Squat: 135 ->245
Bench 95 -> 155
OHP 45 -> 95
Deadlift 95 -> 275
Time: 8 months

One day I'll be swole
I don't know how people start so high with squats. I started like 6 days ago and did 5 135s and said fuck this.

Squats - 95
Bench - 185
OHP - 135
Deadlift - 225

I'm mostly using it to get my form down right now. I can bench 225 and deadlift 275 and even that was easy. Squats though are hard as fuck on me. I didn't think my legs were that weak.

I'm going to continue working on my form on each lift though and am going to purposefully lowball myself. The only one I feel comfortable doing is ohp and even then I don't think it's great.
Squat 80kg(176 lbs) x 5 -> 100kg(220 lbs) x 5
Bench 60kg(132 lbs) x 5 -> 85kg(187 lbs) x 5
OHP 40kg(88 lbs) x 5 -> 50kg(110 lbs) x 5

Time lifting: 3 months

I used to lift then I stopped for around a year due to circumstances. Now back on the band wagon lost 3kg and started to look a lot leaner and muscular
squat: 105 starting , 275 current
bench: 65 starting, 205 current
deadlift: 115 starting, 345 current
ohp, 45 starting , 140 current
time lifting 1 year went from anorexic to 150 pounds
I'll try my best to remember

Squat: 135lbs starting, 405lbs current
Bench: 95lbs starting, 300lbs current
Deadlift: 185lbs starting, 495 current
OHP: 80lbs starting, 190 current

Lifting about 3 years
Lifting one month
then 135lbs, now 210lbs
then 105lbs, now 135lbs
then 75lbs, now 110lbs
then 175lbs, now 255lbs

just started powercleans today. send help.
Squat:125 -> 205
bench:95 -> 160
ohp: 45 -> 100
diddly: 185 -> 285
4 months of actual lifting, plus 3 months of shit split b4 that.
hey, your starting stats look just like mine>>35813535

I hope I can be like you one day senpai

Did you used to work out/play sports/are fat?

Because if you started the gym 6 days ago a 225 bench is fucking ridiculous.
Hey man, it takes time, but with consistency of training and eating, you will get there, I'm a 5'8 manlet and I could do it, so can you, friend.
>started to look a lot leaner and muscular
I would hope so, the gains you've made are shit

I really doubt his bench went from 185 to 225 in 6 days.
tfw i was like him 7 years ago

Same, that's why I'm questioning him.
Obviously he just started incorporating squats into his routine.

> Get your bench to 225
> Literally never do squats once

Pls tell me there aren't people actually like this
Literally everyone who lifts for "aesthetics"
I lift shit at work all day in construction. That's why I'm dissapointed in squats because I used my legs to rip 20 some feet of poles out of the ground filled with crushed rock from time to time.

But I was doing elevated one armed pushups and basically a lot of pushups before then. Haven't benched in like a decade before a week ago. Which is why I'm so worried about form. Also I gave myself a hernia benching like 130 pounds back then.

And I do 185 5 times for 3 sets. That's just me trying to get my form down. I tried 225 though and did it fairly easily and then my weight holder shifted back (homemade power rack) so I didn't want to try again.

That should answer all the questions about me
I avoid posting in these threads as it's usually full of DYELs congratulating each other on their weak lifts but I hit some PRs today so fuck it.

Squat: 135 starting, 410x5 current
Bench: 100 starting, 260x4 current
OHP: 55 starting, 160x4 current
Time: 1.5 years

I don't do deadlifts lmao
Squat 100lb?/205
Bench 135/205
DL 145?/250
OHP 75?/120

Lifting for 6 months
Are you fat? I bet you are.
lol DYEL manlet?
>squat 205
>bench 205

how do you even let this happen to yourself
squat: 90--->285
deadlift: 115--->275

lifting: 8-9 months. I haven't been as consistent as I'd like but for the past month I've been doing really well.
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I'm 6'2 ;)
Squat: 135 --》245lbs
Bench: 145 --》215lbs
OHP: 80 --》115lbs
DL: 160 --》300lbs

3 months, just started SS three weeks ago though. Before just did compounds.

I have really bad shoulder joints so I have difficulty gaining on OHP. Any recommendations? I could maybe do more on squats but I'm really concerned about keeping form. How am I doing lads?
these are all 3x5 if anyone cares
mirin, routine?
Bosu Ball Smith Machine Squat: 100 Pounds
Incline Cable Flys: 80 Pounds
Side Laterals: 55 Pounds
Sumo Deadlift High Pull: 135 Pounds
Kipping Pullup...
95 consecutive reps B)
I stayed on SS until I hit 1/2/3/4 (took about 12 months sadly) & switched over to Texas Method hoping to hit 1.5/3/4.

I hit the 4 place squat surprisingly earlier than I thought so I'm modifying the program a little to slow progression on squats while I wait to hit the 3 plate bench and 1.5 OHP.
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Ohp 45lb-235
Bench 85-290
Squat 95-420
Dead 225?-505

Time lifting 7 years
Used to train for uni track. Was 400m runner. Now that's all over I just train to enjoy
>I'm modifying the program a little to slow progression on squat

Why do people do this?

If you're progressing, and look aesthetic, why are you purposefully hindering yourself?

Honestly curious, beeteedubs

Stretch out your hammies and glutes before doing squats, and get someone to check your form. Try doing electric chairs, too.
Time starting
Bench- the bar- 315
Squat- Didn't squat- 365
Deadlift didn't deadlift-475
OHP didn't OHP- 185

1.7 years
I honestly doubt I'm going to be able to continue consistently adding 2.5lbs onto my squats weekly at this stage. I'm aiming for 2.5lbs every fortnight right now and I plan to switch over to 5/3/1 as soon I hit the 3 plate bench anyway.

Monthly progression will take me to a 500 squat in a good amount of time, I don't compete so why should I rush?
I fucked up the conversion, it's 5lbs I've been adding weekly and now changing to fortnightly.
>then my weight holder shifted back (homemade power rack) so I didn't want to try again.

do yourself a favor dont ever fucking try it again. People die benching in homemade power racks all the time.
unless they feel excessively tight, you don't stretch your muscles before lifting

even then you're better off using a foam roller
I have spotter bars. The issue is I need to find something to stop the thingers from shifting. Rubber washers or something. Maybe weld something on that side.

The rack is sturdy. The holders shift like fuck though. Maybe I will die, who knows, who cares. Tomorrow's a rest day and I need to go to the hardware store anyway.
Bench 70kg 5x5 ->100kg
Squat: 40kg 5x5-> 70kg
Deadlift 60kg 5x5-> 110kg

1RM: Bench 120kg Deadlift 140kg

Been 8 months, never really squatted or deadlifted before this. But I have a really fucked up knee so I go slow and not really heavy on squats
Starting 5x5 again after not lifting for a year, starting lowish to be on the safe side.

Squat: 165
OHP: 88
Bench: 110
Deadlift: 209

what a sad picture
Lifting with 5x5 (not a program, but with those set/rep ranges) for 3-4 months with each lift 1.5 times each week. I have done deadlifts for two months. Last two weeks I have gone up to two times a week for each lift.

Estimated max:
Squat: 65kg (143) -> 110kg (242)
Bench: 55kg (121) -> 90kg (198)
deadlift: 100kg (220) -> 130kg (286)
in kgs
squat 40->70
dl 70->115
bench 50->80

damn, my chickenlegs
2.5 months
Squat: 40kg
Bench: 50kg
Deadlift: 90kg
OHP: 25kg
Squat: 90kg
Bench: 105kg
Deadlift: 125kg
OHP: 60kg

i used to look exactly like this kid when i was younger lmao
Squat: 30 -> 65
Bench 25 -> 50
OHP 15 -> 35
Deadlift 35 -> 100
Time: 5 months
Squat: 40kg
Bench: 40kg
Deadlift: 90kg
OHP: 25kg
Squat: 135kg
Bench: 100kg
Deadlift: 190kg
OHP: 60kg

time 2.5y
Squat: 30 > 80 KG
Bench: 20 > 50 KG
OHP: failure with bar > 30
DL: 40 > 80

3 months

Am... Am I going to make it /fit/?
Squat: 30 > 80 KG
how the fuck nigga?
I've we started the same but you outlifted me in half the time>>35816964
here's my tip for deadlifting: don't stiffleg that shit, make sure you drive with your shest first
Squat: 80lbs, 165 current
bench: 65lbs, 100 current
Deadlift: 105lbs, 230 current
OHP: 40lbs, 75 current

After 4 months
>I'm a grill, btw
No fucking clue DESU, it happened when I went from my 'health club' gym (no squat rack, hack squats) to my uni gym with a rack, just kept loading on weight trying to find where it was and hit 80.

And yeah, my DL sucks, gonna sort that form out next week on my push day to get a good PR in on Leg day.

DESU? What? I think I said M a n

Squat 175lbs -> 320lbs
Bench 93lbs -> 222lbs
Deadlift 198lbs -> 374lbs

~1.5years of lifting. a lot of cutting in the beginning because I was a fatass and didn't only focus on strength but I am still pretty happy about my progress.
Squat: 155 lbs starting, 420 lbs current
Bench: 110 lbs starting, 225 current
OHP: 88 lbs starting, 165 lbs current
Deadlift: 200 lbs starting, 463 current

14 months.
do you squat high bar or low bar?

and don't get demoralized about 40>80 dl, in 3 months that's great, I think in 3 months I was doing 65-70
fuck me i made OP's picture like 5 yrs ago in ms paint

High bar.

Yeah, I'm not too cut up about it, as far as I'm concerned the fact I've stuck with this iron bullshit is an achievement in itself.
not gonna make it.
Squat: 45lbs(the fucking bar)x5 ,current 310lbs x 4
Bench:45lbs(also the bar)x5, current 150lbs x 4
OHP: I just use dumbbells
Deadlift: 95lbs x 5, current 365lbs x 2

time lifting: 16months current weight 165lbs around 20% bf

my progress is pretty much shit since I get sick too often for weeks on end and having to deload often just so I dont fuck myself up is pretty annoying but at least it's progress.
Bu.. But muh quadzzz
>Yeah, I'm not too cut up about it, as far as I'm concerned the fact I've stuck with this iron bullshit is an achievement in itself.
hell yeah! before I started this summer I was just a lazy piece of shit that did no sports and just sat on his ass in front of the computer for 10+ hours/day

I started squatting high bar but they just kill my back because I squat atg so I think I'll make the change to low bar because they're way comfier
front squats though, they're fucking great
my fav. deadlift accessory is snatch pulls (look 'em up) they're much better than power cleans
and for bench, I feel like dips helped me the most getting the bar off my chest and pendlay rows for a controlled descent
there's no reason to do low bar unless you want to be a fat powerlifter, which I do so that's my excuse
the bar to 70kg
8kg dumbells to 40kg ohp
the bar to 120kg
the bar to 90kg
I started with 20 kilos on all, except deadlifts,where I started with 40.
>Squat 160 kg x5
>Bench 100 kg x2
>Deadlift 195 kg x3
>OHP 70 kg x1 (only train this when I feel like it)
I don't know what it is about weightlifting, but I just find being able to lift something I couldn't lift in the past enjoyable.

As for the snatch pulls, I'll look into those, not sure if I can drop weights in my gym though (it's a tiny demountable).

And if I'm entirely honest, I have no clue what I do, I just looked at a form diagram and said high bar because it looks close enough, I'll clarify with the gym officer who does form checks.
nice family
how long?
>not sure if I can drop weights in my gym though
you don't have to drop them, I don't
you just take 30% off from your normal deadlift and just jump with a shrug at the end

I wasn't sure whether I was high bar or low bar either until I actually did propper low bar, which is fucking uncomfortable to get into position because it's not on your traps, it's actually on the back, on the posterior delts
In that case I'm High Bar.

Oh, I wouldn't drop the snatch pulls, but any sort of clean you have to drop so this is a good accessory to prep for eventually doing that.
>how long?
Sorry, I have been lifting for soon one and a half years, started with Stronglifts, now I'm doing Texas Method.
That picture motivates me desu. I realise how fucking little i do everyday. Fuck i'll save this as my phone wallpaper right now
69 kg, massive quads relative to my size. Didn't squat, bench or deadlift. Only did dumbbell work. Used around 30 kg for flat db press.

Still did bro split which lead to nothing. I never skipped a day but I trained like fucking idiot without knowing. Squatted like 60 kg with horrible form. No deadlift or barbell bench yet.

2014 summer.
80 kg squat for 5
Finally started using barbell bench. around 65 for 5.
Deadlift was 125 cause I thought maxing out was fun.

2015 december.
Starting training for strength but I was still fucking around. Did so much program hopping. Squat 100 kg for 5. Deadlift was the same. Bench the same.

March 2015
Finally did candito 6 week.
Squat 125 kg
Bench 97
Deadlift 140

Gonna start my 3rd candito cycle monday.
Entered max:
147 squat
165 deadlift
102 bench.

The max are 5 kg lower than true maxes, since my experience tells me it's better to lower it and hit top end range on the sets.

3 years
Sq 60 x5 to 130 x 5
Bp 45 x5 to 85 x 8
DL ??? to 147x 5

*2015 december was supposed to be 2014 december
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Thread images: 3
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