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What's your most awkward moment at the gym?
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What's your most awkward moment at the gym?
Autistically liftong and putting down weights in the same place 6 days a week alone
I walked into the locker room to some guy shitting in the shower.
I threw up at the YMCA after going way too hard on some lower back raises with a plate. Woke up to some 60 year old leather bag of a woman telling me that the blood of christ was going to wash away the demons.

Don't think I ever went back there.
>doing high bar squats
>350 for 10x3, ain't nothing but a peanut
>starting my first set
>doing good
>3rd rep
>at the bottom
>I pass the nastiest smelling gas in the loudest way possible
>can't do anything but awkwardly laugh
>Be me
>First time at gym
>Had been doing a home workout routine for about a year and so I had some basic chest and arm strength
>Book in for the owner of the gym (also a trainer) to take me through the basics
>Eat huge breakfast before gym because muh nutrition
>Working out with trainer when I start to feel sick
>Embarrassed to say anything and afraid to appear weak so I keep working out pushing it way too hard
>Finally, I'm feeling really ill and rush to the bathroom
>Simultaneously projectile vomit and explosive diarrhea
>Panic mode!
>I need to contain this but I can't have my head and my anus in the toilet bowl at the same time
>Spin around like a garden sprinkler spraying the cubicle with vomit and shit
>Spend the next 30 minutes cleaning up when my training talks to me through the door...

After that I thought I would be too embarrassed to ever show my face again but I resisted the urge to quit. Now I'm 19 and lifting an acceptable amount. I think the owner of the gym is still surprised I stuck with it.
Gym owner caught me railing the front desk girl in the women's locker room after hours.
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>be me
>at uni
>go to gym at night
>It's like 6pm
>Find gym bro crying in shower
>His mom called him gay or something
>As he was my gym bro I did my best to console him
>Give him a back massage and all that
>start gently caressing his shoulders
>We're both naked and crying at this point
>We've felt too much together
>We start to kiss
>Some dyel faggot yells "dude, gay"
>Everyone in the locker room looks at us
>Gym bro starts whimpering
>"We...uh...didn't say...no homo bro"
>He's right
>I start crying harder
>Suddenly I'm ashamed of my erection
>It becomes a lot of people's snapstory
>I never really live it down

Such is life
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zyzz pepe.jpg
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The dream
Don't worry bruh
Just say no-homo now and it will all be fine
I would love to fuck the front desk chick at my gym. I feel as if they would be desensitized to gains though.
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high five bro I did that at work
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Same here bro. The one who works in the morning is a cute little thing, but I'm far from the best looking dude there.
Feels bad man :(
Dude you are so right, those bitches are a lost cause unless you have an impeccable personality.

>Rowing for cardio
>15 mins in
>Ass moves back
>Seat Doesn't
>Fall off the back of rowing machine
>make loud noise
>Young kid sees
>Legs stuck in straps
>Just dangling off the back of the rower with my feet stuck in the straps
>struggling to get up because feet are stuck

Longest 5 seconds of my life.
Who the cares if you like men? I just wouldn't want to see two guys getting it on in the locker room
>Who cares if you like men?
normal people
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you're not fooling anyone bruv
>It becomes a lot of people's snapstory
fucking lol
>doing bench
>on my last set
>have lmfao2pl8s for 5 reps
>know i might not make it
>looking around for a spot
>grab a guy that looks like he is in between sets
>"hey man, can you spot me?"
>"no, i don't do that"
>"no man, i dont do that kind of thing"
>back away, go to a guy 2 or 3 stations over
>"hey, can you spot me for my last set?"
>do set, guy goes back to his own workout
>dude that doesnt spot people is staring at me in the mirror like a fucking weirdo
>just ignore him and go on with my lifting

ive definitely had days where my routine followed people around for 4 or 5 exercises too, but i still think getting shot down for a spot was the most awkward shit ive ever experienced at the gym.
>Curling without clips
>going for reps of 20 for final set
>only 100 lbs
>get to 15 and notice something feels a bit off
>keep going whatever.jpg
>on rep 19 the weight falls to the ground
>maybe no one heard it
>take off headphones
>could hear a pen drop

Fuck me
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>doesn't want to experience the joyous camaraderie that is spotting
>"no, I don't do that"
who the fuck does that?
>just resting between sets, gym is almost empty, 3 other guys working out
>one of them is new
>I'm just sitting there, contemplating life, staring blankly into nothing
>he stops his workout
>walks to me
>"hey man, how you're doing, It's a pleasure meeting you" and shakes my hand
>goes back to his workout
>never talk to me again

I don't understand.
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correct form.png
22 KB, 772x535
>increasing the plate count on one side and forgetting to increase it on the other
>mfw this isn't the first time I've done this
>"no, i don't do that"

Maybe he was concerned that he wouldn't be able to lift it off you if you failed?
Still a weird way to say it...

He's sussing out the competition bruh
I've done that on bench before

>My right side feels way stronger than my left side today...
This is my biggest fear whenever I'm about to squat.
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Not really embarrassing for me but embarrassing none the less

>80kg loaded on bench made up of a 20kg and 10kg plate on each side
>Unrack weight
>Feel the right side of the bar become a lot lighter
>Quickly rerack and look around
>This weird 50yo borderline anorexic woman is standing there with the 10kg plate from the right side of my bar
>She's completely immersed in her music and doesn't realize what she's done
>Lose my temper and yell
>She goes into full spaghetti mode, drops the plate and rushes back to the cardio area as fast as her knobbly little knees can carry her
>People looking at her and me but most of the people there are bros and can see what's happened
>Haven't seen her since

I feel pretty bad for yelling at her but how oblivious can you get? Did she not wonder why the peg she was pulling the weight off was moving?
he was bigger than me, just a fucking weirdo.
>adjusting the rack height for squats and making them uneven
> not realizing they are uneven until i put the bar on the rack
>squatting, skelly wants to work in
>he's doing 1pl8 front squat, whatever
>wait, why's he wrapping straps around the bar?
>he's front squatting not holding the bar, he's holding the straps he attached to it and dangling the bar
>straps obviously slip, no grip
>bar flips sideways, kid hit in face with plate
>he awkwardly puts the bar back and leaves
Thank God I'm not the only one. I've done it deadlifting and squatting. Now I check the weights twice and I'm sure I look like a total autist.


He's measuring your grip strength
So, what WAS she doing? "Helping" you unrack weight, I don't understand?
Are you black? Maybe he was a racist.
Was he bigger than you? Maybe he thought you were a sad cunt and was trying to give you some inspo to keep going
she was grabbing a weight for her own use- from the bar he was using at the time
Have you tried a thicker lifting plug?
maybe he was a /fit/izen and was hoping you'd be his new gymbro. you failed to reciprocate and broke his dreams, did he an hero?
>squatting while gassy
>hit the bottom and feel your asshole open up just a bit
>not a full fart, but a little wind escaping

am I the only one?
First time in a gym in a couple years... I literally passed out on the floor. I sat down, and then apparently just fell forward onto my face. I must not have been out for very long because nobody even noticed.
Damn dude I wish I could be as grossly incandescent as he is.
She was doing shrugs over in the cardio area. Obviously these shrugs were more important than my bench press.

some old guy was being a dick when I was checking my phone (it has my routine/lifts on it), implying I was wasting time (I was resting after a set)

so for some reason, shy me just snapped.

I started yelling at him, saying that I was just resting and looking at my phone. I said if he wanted to use the equipment, all he had to do was say "hey, mind if I work in?"

"but no, you had to act like a fucking child. how old are you?" (this guy was at least 40-50.)

on that day, my balls grew a few sizes. im usually quiet. funny thing is i've seen him again recently and he looks like shit, while ive made big progress. karma, I guess.
I think when you get in the rhythm, you can easily make that mistake and only put up the weight on one side. I always get distracted while listening to music.
lel, serves him right for being a strap using faggot.
Almost passed out after the press today, face went completely white haha
Good job anon
Maybe he thought you were asking for homo sex
Well of course he's going to look like shit compared to you. The cunt's 50 years old!

i've seen people his age in shape, no excuses

this guy is a bag of shit that has an attitude and uses his mouth more than his arms to lift shit.

people like him should jump off a bridge.
Youve coulve use it as an opening. She dropping her spaguetti and you the chill guy that didnt make much of it. But instead you scared her off.
B r a v o
One time a guy asked me to spot him but I had my earbuds in so I was like "what?" and he had to repeat. Than I spotted him and everything went well.
That is fucking racist. What if he is white but the guy who didn't want to spot was black?

Around here it's usually the blacks who are racist.


>benching 135
>my first bulk after being fat
>have hit the weight 3x5 but barely a few times
>start to bench 1,2,3,4, fuck I'm tired
>rich piano mode baby gladiator style 5th rep engage
>in an arm wrestling lock with the barbell mid way up
>form is quickly diminishing
>bar is slowly en route to neck
>rack it on the very last rung as awkward and painfully as possible
>smash my forehead on the barbell as I insta jerk sit myself up after experiencing that
>pretty cute girl who regularity lifts staring at me
>we lock eyes for 5 seconds
>I ask her why she didn't help
>says she was frozen in terror
>we talk and fuck sometimes now

Don't be so autistic and anything can be good
>alone at gym
>protein farts
>shamelessly letting it all out
>love is in the air
>cute gym receptionist girl walks in for something
>her face
>we talk and fuck sometimes now
Well it almost belonged on /fit/
>when I was first lifting, about 15
>only me in the gym and 1 staff
>resting between set on bench
>start randomly playing with the bar, rolling it
>assumed there'd be a catch to stop the bar rolling off
>there isn't
>rolls off and lands on my head
>knocks me out
>eventually come to
>staff didn't even realise
>get up
>massive lump on head
>grab stuff from changing room, tears in eyes
>power walk out of there
>"bye anon!"
>"b-buh" is all I can muster
>go outside and throw up everywhere
>walk home

never went back
>Used it as an opening

Are you retarded? I said she was 50 years old and anorexic and I'm 19...
A good spotter can increase your lifts by 10%
Failed bench 1rm for 2 reps... Had no clips on and had to ditch plates from each side making noise n stuff, got angry/confused stares from some kids who struggle with 1pl8.
>be me, hard and long day at work
>have to drive around a lot, no time to eat properly
>hungry as hell, see mcdonalds
>fuck it, this gonna be my cheat day
>eat 2 whole menus
(I'm a skelly)
>work is over, time for gym. I do Crossfit, feel free to hate me
>front squat maxing, great
>130 kg on bar, unrack, do halfish squat, rerack
>trainer says squat wasn't deep enough, try again
>unrack bar, go down deep
>as I struggle to stand up I let out a horribly loud fart
>bar slips forward, I'm going with it
>drop the bar and fell on my hands and knees, ass up in the air, still farting
>way too shocked to move
>tfw the smell hit
Don't worry anon, Crossfit trainers love sniffing their own farts so I'm sure you didn't offend him.
File: Natsi siitoin.jpg (200 KB, 726x959) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Natsi siitoin.jpg
200 KB, 726x959
>See 2 new girls at gym but i dont think much of it
>As i leave i see some plates and a bar on the floor and i ask if its theirs
>and i asked if they're done
>i just reminded them "Remember to rerack weights when you're done"
>then this assburger fucking lanklet whiteknight comes up to me saying WATCH YOUR OWN SHIT DUDE
>I turn around and walk out of the gym

Goddamn some people...
ripped my shorts while squating
shit mate, it hurts.
you lost to a lanklet, why didnt you bust his nuts?
Way to go, anon
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>First week at the gym
>Weak af
>Chilling in between exercises
>Buff dude suddenly asks me to spot him on bench
>Kinda stand behind him ready
>He lifts up some like 40kg's db's
>Realize I couldn't even catch them if he failed
>Just kinda lift my arms up and "help" him get them up
>Still stand there
>He looks up at me and tells me I can leave now
>Oh ok bro

And that's the only time I ever talked to anyone in my gym.
This is why I never ask newfags for a spot. You never know how it'll turn out.
Conversations at the gym:

"Hi" to the front desk girl
"How many sets do you have left?"
"Can I get a spot?"
"Are you still using that?"
"Bye" to front desk girl
Almost did that on squats once.

>got under the bar
>took one last look in the mirror
>notice that I completely forgot to add weight on one side
>chuckle "close one" to myself and go to correct my mistake
>gym regular runs up to me
>"Glad you noticed, was watching in horror from across the gym, thinking to myself 'this is it, this is how he dies'."
>talk some shit with the dude, then continue my workout
Now I pay more attention to the shit I'm doing.

Other stuff I've done due to not paying attention, includes
>removing 45's from bar
>forgetting the 10 that was on there as well
>the 10 falls to the ground
>proceeds to take a tour of the gym
>almost rolling into several people
>"Heads up, got a rouge 10!"
>catch up with the fucker on the other side of the gym

Being absent-minded in the gym, not even once.
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>Those guys with like, zero bodyfat and where those fucking tank-tops with arm holes so big they end at the waist line

Nigger, that shit is awkward, you may as well just come to the gym shirtless brotherdude
I know that feel mane. Was going for a single on ohp, forgot to breathe in before lift, decided "fuck it, i can do this", complete lift, drop bar, collapse into wall, barely dodge plate rack, lay on floor flailing arms weirdly, couldnt control them
You sound bro-tier mate.
Doing RDL when a PT suddenly comes over and asks if I'm "trying to do SLDL".
I answer simply "No, Romanian."

- "Uh, ok". Walks away
>be britbong
>in the gym doing my routine
>literally indian drawf comes and stands right infront of me as i'm deadlifting (standing in cia man pose infront of me blank faced)
>think wtf but continue the set out
>put the weight down
>he shouts "Yo Jamie whats up mate ?"
>"eeeehh not much man how you getting on ?"
>thinking who the fuck is this and how does he know my name
>"You're looking massive these days mate!"
>"haha yeh thanks man"
>"well good to see you mate keep it up eh"

He pretty much says this same set of lines every time i see him, i try to change it but it doesnt work. I have no idea who he is or how he knows my name
Stuff that didn't happen and you would know didn't happen if you actually lifted once in your life.jpg
>be old lady
>be toning up for the summer
>wander into the freeweight area
>grandson is always muttering about compound exercises, let's give them a go
>some red faced chap is pacing around in circles, very sweaty
>loads up 30kg on one side of a barbell and 20kg on another
>gets under it, 10kg on the floor next to him
>he's so focused, doesn't notice
>he'll figure it out
>goes to lift the weight, is audibly confused
>i pick up the weight to hand it to him
>he looks around
>sees me holding the weight
>screams something unintelligible, i manage to pick out "gains goblin" and "skelly"
>get frightened cuz old lady
>run and hide behind cardio machines

i swear that's the last time i lift at planet fitness
Everything about this screams weakness
> 80kg bench being hard
> feeling a 10kg weight difference on one side as if it's the end of the world or something
> screaming at an old lady
>Go on a trip to the beach
>There is a gym near the house I'm staying at
>Get a new friend that lives there to join me
>Gym is fucking packed, huge dudes and qts everywhere
>My friend never lifted before so I explain him how to squat with proper form
>Let him do his sets first to watch and correct him if needed also check out the girl with a big ass squatting nearby
>My turn to go, load in my weights and decide to put some extra, since I've been having a pretty easy time with my current
>Decide to try to low bar it even though I never done it before
>Get down, lose balance and fall flat on my ass while dropping all my weights
>Big dudes come to help, girls look terrified and my friend is laughing.
>Get up, unload some weight. Finish my set.

That was the longest workout in my life, weirdly enough my friend said that after I fell and he laughed a lot his nervousness about being in the gym went away and he started to feel less uncomfortable in it.

I spent the rest of my vacation lifting there with my friend and even talked to some of the big dudes there. They were super friendly about my accident a shared a lot of their gym fuck ups with me.

Nice summer.
File: 1366986619182.jpg (10 KB, 240x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
10 KB, 240x200

Nah anon, she definitely pulled the plate off of the bar. She was literally stealing my gains.
This happens every time I go into work bro... howt he fuck do these people know me? its not like im thre every fucking day. its so frucking creapy.
>Implying I said 80kg was hard
>Implying you wouldn't be surprised if the weight on one side just became 33% lighter
>Implying taking a plate off of someone's barbell is an easy mistake to make
>Implying you're not an aspie skelly

Keep bragging anon
How come you guys still have protein farts? Mine were gone after 2 months of high protein diet.
This tbqhf relatives
Asked to work in on t bar rows.
>Yo Grandma, how many sets do you have left?
When the turk walks in and starts beating me and calling me a slav slave
>go back to gym after year and a half of physio
>don't know anyone there
>still managed to keep a fair amount of upper body muscle, but legs were fucked
>struggle even getting back to body weight squats
>hear some faggot giggling about leg day

Fuck it. I'm back and couldn't give a shit.
when im trying to mire myself in the bathroom mirror without anyone noticing
faggot i bet it was a guy or she was ugly/a shit cunt

you should go to the doctor dude

that could be a sympton of something really serious
Pussy is pussy even if it is the diameter of a tennis ball and is dripping with week old seamen.
>His mom called him gay or something

I literally just did this today and didn't put clips on so the weights went flying all over the place.
Shut up

He is a literall drawf and i had never seen him before that day
>last war up rep squatting
>mixed up my playlists The Choral - Dreamin of You starts playing in my earphones
>start thinking about my oneitis
>daydreamin completely out of my mind
>some guy takes out the earphones asks me if I'm aight
>get up rerack weight confused
>tells me I spent the last 2minutes atg staring in the mirror not getting up

I'm still Dreamin of her
>Around here it's usually the blacks who are racist.

..but ... but that's racist, bro. Are you black?
File: 1450212756343.gif (128 KB, 160x128) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Fucking Kek
Failing a rep that easy last week
I thought l could do it without a spotter, evidently not
>doing drop snatches from a rack

if you don't know what that is, basically hold the bar snatch grip resting behind the neck, then drop straight into OH squat and up

>guy working out right behind me
>ask him politely to move, in case i drop the bar
>he doesn't understand
>ask him again
>nods and says ok
>doesn't move
>fuck it do my set anyway

And that's how some jacked Polish guy ended up trying to spot me on an unspottable lift
Not me but I've seen a bunch of NYRs doing the newfag shuffle where they just watch the strongest lifters in the gym and then try to copy that routine but with baby weights.
Other than that saying "y-you too" to the receptionist when she tells me to have a nice workout.
I once farted extremely loud on my final dl rep in front of two hot girls.
File: 1451570886207.jpg (93 KB, 717x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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> Just started gym, skelly mode
> Got 60kg squat but powerfat guy tells me Im not going ass to grass
> try going ass to grass, fail miserably
> girls behind me squatting 80 kgs ass to grass
> feel them judging me
Passing out
This was way back
When I weighed a buck 90 at least
There was no time for "look out"
I just staggered and tried to grab some racks
but I was on my back wondering the fuck happened. Help. Please?
>be me
>at the gym doing some deadlifts
>just lifting my 400 lbs bar from the ground while screaming and gasping(pretty usual cause heavy ass weights to me)
> some guy about 30's mirin me cause I'm outlifting the shit out of him
>Dat mirin face tho
>btw I'm 18
Their bodies don't like dairy, but they keep using whey and drinking milk anyway
>finished my session
>decide to do some hip stretches as im a kick boxer (might aswell theres more space here and im already warmed up)
>see poslav women cleaner and other looking at me
>being judged and laughed at
>some stretches look odd
>fuck man.. this is so i can kick higher and kick peoples heads
>anyway, walking in town of gym some days later, see poslav and other, stare at them, see awkward, frozen look as walk past

i generally at first was being nice but they obviously had guilt
Not showin up
>1st day of ICF 5x5
>doing 25lbs incline curls
>two gym bros that listen to the same music as me giggle and make fun of me for curling 25s

I could curl 35lbs 3x12 standing, but Jason said to do incline curls and who am I to question the advice of a man who looks more dyel than a bloated corpse?
Totally bro-tier. Would lift with/10
>be me
>bring my friend to the college gym because he's mirin my gains and wants to get some of his own
>walkthrough each workout machines and giving him tips
>come across the bench
>triceps and chest are made here newfag
>bro wants to try it out
>puts on 35s
>I get in position to spot him, but he thinks it looks gay
>explain him that it's normal
>insists he can handle the weight, so i decided to do some curls at the near the opposite side of the gym
>hear a screech
>turn around and see him choking on the bar
>rush to help
>friend starts making the total recall face (pic related)
>burst out laughing as he's struggling to pull up the weight
>he's literally dying in front of me as he's gasping for air and I become decider of life or death
>pullout my phone to take a pic
>begins making gurgling sounds
>shit gets serious
>help him pull up the bar
>he awkwardly laughs it off and tells me his going to hit the elliptical in the cardio room
>works out with me for another week and never comes back
Worth adding that while it might be good to just double-check with a doctor, this is unlikely to be a sign of anything serious.

I've fainted at the gym before, and when I saw a doctor, I was given all sorts of tests to see if I had anything wrong, but nothing was found.

AC wasn't working the day it happened and I'd had a bit of a heavy night beforehand, so was probably just de-hydrated (rookie mistake).

Plenty of guys go to feel faint/throw up at the gym. Like me, it's normally a combination of ego-lifting, not drinking enough water, and a warm day.
Haha, fucking hell dude. I wouldn't think twice if someone paused their squatting and stood upright for a few minutes, but atg, I'd probably check you were OK too.
What is a drawf? At first I thought you meant dwarf but you keep spelling it like this as well as emphasizing that he LITERALLY is a drawf. Help a non-native english speaker out
>close to end of workout
>decide to try dragonflags on bench, because there's something to grab on to
>there's only two guys around, one doing cardio the other curling
>lift my legs up and start going down
>can't even hold it for a second, legs fall on the bench
>cardio guy looks at me oddly
>load up small weights and pretend I'm doing chest finishers
>Hurt my shoulder pretty bad a while back
>Pull ups where an absolute off limits pain
>Heal up, hit everything like the old days. lift heavy, dumbbells starting to get as heavy as they used to, ect
>Get to the pull up bar. My straight up nemesis
>No ones around so I take my time. Hang a bit, raise the chest a few times, couple negative pull ups to warm up
>Suddenly 4 people standing around me, clapping and saying "you can do it man! go for it!". Busy gym, some people looking at what the noise is.
>Big scene as I'm trying to warm up
>Nervous, try and bust out my pull ups full on
>Get 3 before the pain in my arm drops me.

Holy fuck that was embarrassing. Anything I could have said then would have looked like excuses. Just thanked them for the support and moved on.
every visit to the gym is awkward. can't properly lift even 20kg plates for fugs sake
Same situation bro, super fucking out of shape and weak as fuck.

Started out at 210 6ft 1". I went for a little while and it was very fucking awkward and embarrassing. There's only a tiny ass free weight section, and it's always a bunch of huge ass roided up dudes.

Got a friend who was a personal trainer show me proper form, and bought some stuff for home. Still can't lift worth a shit, but i'm getting a bit better. At 100lb squat (could probably do more, but waiting on some safeties before i get carried away), 70lb OHP, 70lb barbell curl and my highest 5 rep deadlift has been 250lb.

Anyway, what i'm getting at is i know those feels. Sucks. I took the pussy way out, by doing it in the comfort of my home.
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