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>check catalog
>no mirin thread
>start mirin thread
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>girl looked at me today
>she wanted me to fuck her to death
>be me
>be 26 years old
>last year and a half doing SS meme routine
>at old highschool bro's wedding
>spot 3 grills that i used to hang out with years ago
>glance at them as they notice me
> all of their mouths are wide open as the see me sitting in my chair
>catch up after ceremony tell me that i look so good. "Youuu tt tooo"

> go to lunch with them after
> cant stop telling me how much i have changed
> asked when i became a "hunk"
> all three grills constantly locking eyes with me during lunch
>2 of the grills are single mothers 6/10, last one is a solid 7/10
> pay bill, and leave
>fiancé seems pissed on the way home.
>tells me all those grills look like sluts.

Did I do it fit?? Fiancé pissed, and grills mirin"??
How long til i make it??
>live in the ghetto part of the city
>walking to 7/11
>wearing a wife beater
>stumble into drunk native couple
>chick asks me to buy her a rockstar
Why not
> her boyfriend thanks me
>chick lifts up my shirt and says I told you he had abs.

Sry for the shitty green texting,Felt good tho
Strange story pal
>paying for lunch

you already made it, bro.
Two days ago

>Be nursing student. Arrive at hospital for intern rounds
>In my scrubs, arms showing
>See lady I had as my instructor nurse from freshman year again
>She's really great looking, had a crush on her. Still sort of do. Great hair, amazing eyes and smile.
>As soon as she sees me she starts fiddling with her hair all nervously
>I'm in a rush but we agree to meet during lunch to catch up
>She keeps saying how much I've grown in two years and constantly complementing me
>Asks if I've gotten a gf yet

If she hadn't been 20 years older than me and married I'd say she was hitting on me. I mean her daughter is my age.

I'm still DYEL but nice to see that I've made some progress because I still look the same in the mirror desu.
>6'5'', good gains and my face is alright
>student at a school where 80% are girls
>girls in my class act all bitchy towards me when I try to initialize normal conversations
>meet them at the club and they're all over me
>fucked a couple of them

w-what is going on, does girls actually get intimidated this easily?

I should also add that I've been on accutane for six months so my skin looks better. I've also learned how to style my hair and I've started using glasses which also happen to fit my face according to people.

Feels good man

Dude. Get with her daughter. Then when you're at her place bang the mum.

God wills it.

Be the porno.
>haven's seen best friend for 6 months
>finally get to hang out with him
>wearing pleater hooded jacket and duffle coat
>get to his house
>heating is turned on (mind you its winter still felt cold and coat was left on)
>chat about okc and match
>he has some new bird he's seeing monday
>he opens the door leading to the garage
>see hanging bar in the door way
>ask how many reps he could do? says only 2
>proceed to demo progress
>see's slight progress
>hang low from bar (do 5 reps)
>Lats give me that Viper look
>Smirk as I go back to sit down
>Continue to talk about how he couldn't go gym unless I went with him
>Play vidya the whole night, whilst he talks to his match date for 2 hours on the phone

>tfw no gf
>my main goal is to fuck my ex and show her my gains
>proposed to her to be fuckbuddies gave me the "will let you know" answer
>it's been 2 weeks since then :(
you in paris brah?
But counts as getting mired right?
Norway bruh
This is how you become Chad
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>at uni cafeteria
>run into professor I haven't seen in 8 months
>she asks me if I've been working out
>tell her yep
>she says I look good
>she says I got bigger
Fugg fit this is the closest I've gotten to a stranger mirin' and man it felt good.
>not fianceé
Girls hitting on a gay guy? You're a forbidden fruit to them, which probably made it harder on them too. GJ son.
I always get checked out when I do advanced movements at the gym. The girls always seem to enjoy seeing stuff like levers and v-sits instead of people moaning doing isolation on machines
File: 1447986189688.gif (2 MB, 280x238) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Bro and I hitting weights
>3 new bros come into the gym
>1 is /fit/, the other two are a disgrace
>start doing the same exercises as us
>catch dudes mirin' how we do more weight with better form
finish workout
>be in locker room
>bros come in
>conversation starts up about preworkout
>guy asks for tips from me and bro
>school where 80% are girls
mate, I'm glad you're getting mired and shit, but a liberal arts college is not the way to go
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>tfw you don't care about being mired by anyone except the qt co-worker who doesn't know you exist
>14 months and still no mires afaik

i lift out of pure self-hatred at this point.
I'm getting there too. Put on 30 pounds last year but it doesn't look like anybody gives a shit. Maybe if I can put on another 30 pounds this year
>omw to gym, wearing tank top
>stop by gas station to get a monster
>walking out, think of something funny, smiling on way out
>look over at a parked truck, grill in passanger seat is smiling at me

She was probably underage but it still felt good fit
if it's mostly fat people will not notice. If you've bulked for 30 pounds, try bulking up a little more before the season ends then cut like a motherfucker for the summer
Not even fat, I started at 120 and worked from there. I put on a bit of fat but I'm still mostly lean
>stop by gas station to get a monster
not gonna make it
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>14 months of training
>get a fair amount of mires on daily basis
>work frequently on high schools
>15-17 year old girls mire me hard and usually go out of their way to make contact with me/ask to take pictures with me
>have an 18 girl text me "I have a boyfriend but you can pump me and dump me I dont care, I want to be with you"
>I have a gf
B-but it's zero cal
in that case slow bulk.
It's a long fight but it's worth it f.am

Damn you ripped are you? Pics please, no homo
>go to gym with gf after overnight shift
>no sleep so 2scoop rage
>start doing routine
>feeling so pumped
>start looking around between sets
>it cant be...
>im the biggest guy here..
>feel cheated because the only other people are skinny dyel teenagers doing curls fx100 and middle age guys wearing wife beaters using bench press
>get mires from everyone
>gf says iv gotten bigger and look strong
>y-you too

>at gf's house
>mum says 'omg anon, have you lost weight?? You look heaps stronger and bigger in the shoulders'
>just say yes cos couldnt be fucked explaining loss of body fat and loss of weight are different.

Then i looked at a progress pic from a week ago when no one noticed my gains. I look about the same except... i got a haircut.
not really, all of this basically happened during the apex of my bulk, I was buildfat at best
>80% female

nigga are you majoring in some dumb liberal arts shit?
>need to get tattoo retouched
>go to appointment
>regular dude isnt there, its a girl instead
>10/10 turbo qt
>feel nervous
>take off my shirt as she starts drawing over to make sure everythings ok
>starts tattooing
>near the end she says
>"so anon you hit the gym a lot? I can tell."
Show haircut anon
>gay coworker comments on my facial and overall body aesthetics
>he hooked me up with this qt from his department
>we have a date in three days
>we been talking since this morning

Wat do?
>getting drunk in the woods with some rednecks
>"you need to get yer a beer belly goin bud!"
>lift up my shirt
>beer belly from years past is almost gone

I'm counting it
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Kindly stop posting until you have lurked for at least one calendar year
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help pepe.jpg
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sweating pepe.jpg
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>walking around outside
>about to walk past girl
>accidentally make eye contact
>she smiles at me
I love how "paying for lunch" counts as making it haha

Fiancée, bordel de pute de chienne de ta race.
> working at mom/mum's work, accounting business
> just data transferral
> talking to mum over lunch
> 11/10 made a passing comment earlier to mother about me looking good
Your mum's married to an American lesbians?
No, I was making a point of: If you're an Amerifag its mom, if your normal, its mum
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> tfw no professor with a mommy fetish to finger your arse
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> 3d pigs trying to get between you and your pure waifu
>mums got me work basically copy/pasting documents into excel files at her job
>awkwardly eating alone with her at lunch
>hey anon my average coworker made a passing comment about my son being handsome
>chick asks me to buy her a rockstar
>why not?
she was with her boyfriend?
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>at Raising Gaines
>order chicken
>retrieve bag
>come home
>inside was the cashiers number
>call her
>we go out for drinks

pic related my body
How did you manage to get the "you're" right only once in that sentence?
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>have the lady friend over last night
>decided to cook her a delicious meal
>bj on the couch and then take her to pound town while the food cooks in the over
>she's rubbing on by traps and biting my delts loving every minute of it
>she cums buckets and can't even sit up
>tells me it was amazing and asked how I do it
>tell her it's magic
>really it's muh hip thrusta'
just cause there's a goalie doesn't mean you cant score anon
>>my main goal is to fuck my ex and show her my gains

This is one of the most beta things I've ever read here (which is saying something). You are a loser
File: 1443566853691.jpg (119 KB, 617x932) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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wow that is beta
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>cutie coworker gets hired on last spring
>I love her but she'll never know it because I won't shit where I eat
>she's friendly towards me but I don't think anything of it because I remember she has a boyfriend
>meet the boyfriend at a holiday party
>he's a fucking dad-bod
>I'm dressed fancy as fuck looking sexy in my tailored slacks and button-up
>she comes up to tell me merry Christmas
>for the rest of the night the boyfriend is giving me dirty looks from across the room
I think I could cuck him but really the idea of fucking a coworker and then having it turn sour sounds really unappealing.
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>I have a boyfriend but you can pump me and dump me I dont care, I want to be with you
Still waiting for the mires but girls don't grimace at the sight of me now so that's good I guess.
>Raising Gaines

Good taste
been there. it's tough but you're doing the right thing anon. don't be surprised if she suddenly gets a new job and tries to get in contact with you.
Only a gay man would know the difference.
File: 1452948388593.jpg (10 KB, 550x550) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I get mired for my strength.

Look like skinny dyel in clothes md I work as a mover.

If you like being eyefucked by milfs this is the job for you.

>constantly pick heavy shit up with breeze
>always hear "wow you must work out" or "wow I didn't know you were that strong"
>all of my coworkers call me he-man
>I get paid to get mired while lifting heavy shit.

I made i-it right g-guys??
>at fwb's house day before yesterday
>been getting at it
>lying naked, cuddling and talking
>get into a joking argument about whether I said I was going to come by at time X or not
>unlock her phone and find our text convesation
>my name has an eggplant emoji next to it
>it was late and I was tired so I don't get it
>"why is there an eggplant next to my name"
>"all my friends have an emoji, look..." she takes the phone from me and changes the subject
>mfw I get it 2 seconds later
Because your head is shaped funny?
It was quite obvious they were poor as fuck, maybe even homeless
I guess I didn't mention how they could have been homeless.either way, I help the less fortunate whenever I can
hello reddit XD
Are you gonna be daddy?
I wouldn't be opposed to that honestly.

>8/10 cutie with long blonde hair
>really slim and a cute personality but a thick ass
In any other situation I'd be trying to marry this girl or at the very least smash. Dadbod is right to give me dirty looks.
Only if you've fucked on of these MILFs.
D you live in Winnipeg or somewhere else in Canada?
Accutane work?
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Mires are suffering.
You get used to it but you will never be big enough in your own eyes.
Mires from yesterday
>at gym for gnarly shoulders/arms workout
>Start up first set DB press
>kinda-gym bro walks over, catch him in the mirror take out my headphones
>"Damn man you're looking huge! What the hell?"
>literally said y-you too

>Girl I've been chattin up keeps calling me "hulk"
>5'11 185 lbs

tb.h I get mired more than I should, might have BD
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>be 120 lbs
>hard gianz bulk
>2 months 140-5lbs.
>mires from everywhere
>girls all be mirin, telling me how I've gotten buff.
>I've only scratched the surface.

On another not, nearing my 4 pl8 DL.
>gains train has yet to install breaks
>go for a workout today
>see some cardio bunny MILF mirin from the corner of my eye as I do rows
>move onto doing deadlifts
>she's still eye fucking me
>squats now
>now she's on le smith machine right behind me fiddling with some five pound weights
>catch her looking in the mirror and she calls me over to bring the bar down for her
Feels nice even if she's old as dick. Her body looked thick solid tight and at one point I'm sure she was a solid 10. I'll take it.

>go to the locker room to change
>literally everything popping from dat der pump
>mfw I'll never be as big and defined as my pump
I'll chase this dragon forever m8. Was still mirin my pump hard though.
>140 lbs
> buff
>4pl8 deadlift
How fucking short are you chief!?
>be me highschool senior
>marching band
>been lifting for about 16 months
>two of my friends play tuba
>one is lesbian, the other is straight
>recently started asking me to help load their Tubas and carry them "it's too heavy for us anon"
>don't really mind I've always helped my friends but they've always managed to hold their own
>pick up tuba, "wow anon have you been working out?"
>"y-you too"
>load their instruments and start changing into uniforms
>always wanted to go commando in uniform
>it's senior year why not?
>don't go full cammando, keep boxers on
>get on busses and headed to competition
>tuba friends sitting behind me
>lesbian friend, let's call her X, starts scratching my head
>X keeps doing it and then switches over to sit next to me
>"you know anon we're going to be at this competition all day. Why don't you keep us company?"
>my spaghetti is flooding out of my pockets "Sure, I'd love to keep you guys company"
>friend who is still behind me, "Y", says "anon she's looking back here"
>my bitchy ex is starring at me
>"I don't really care"
>X says "jeez it's hot in here" unzips her jacket and all she's wearing under is sports bra
>Y says "we saw you going cammando so we thought we'd join you"
>"ugh ok. It is pretty hot in here"
>Take off jacket only to reveal pecks
>X starts grabbing them "Wow anon! They're like rocks"
File: 1453628169392.webm (3 MB, 854x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 854x480
From the stretching thread. There was no love over there
File: sadness.jpg (18 KB, 400x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I think I had my first case of mirin'

>in the gym
>2 girls are there, can't be older than 14 each
>tightest bodies I've seen, tiny firm little booties and pointy breasts
>both keep giving me looks and whispering to each other
>end up doing booty exercises right in front of me while always giving me glances
>their fucking dad (I think) is there with them in the othr part of the gym and come up and talk to them all the time
>give me angry looks whenever I look in his direction

Fucking hell bruhs. I can't stop thinking about their tight bodies. How do I deal with the fact that I officially missed out on PTP?
What do you mean? I thought that was just no underwear
>20 Ibs in 2 months
why lie on the internet mang?
Usually we wear like a white t shirt and basket ball shorts.
Hope you're posting from a country where the age of consent is 14, my friend.
Yes but how the fuck can't it be legal everywhere? These girls are at their sexual prime.

>those fit bodies without an ounce of extra-fat on them
>every bodypart firm and perfectly formed
>dat ass
>dat youthful playness

Why couldn't I have been an attractive kid.
16 yes, but 14?

What the fuck bros, it's a meme to think that everything under 18 is pedophilia, but they aren't even fully developed at that age.
Today a qt 3.14 at work started calling me giant. Told I was like 2 meters tall when I'm clearly 185 and not even the highest of guys who I'm working with. Too bad she works only on weekends. Was a nice day even after sleeping only 2 hours this night. We all gonna make it brehs, keep it up.
File: martina3.jpg (129 KB, 460x426) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
129 KB, 460x426
Old enough to get pregnant, old enough to get fucked.
Continue breh
Hej ven. Dansk bror her
are you a grill?
File: oil-rig-worker.jpg (55 KB, 594x397) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>work at pic related
>only mires are "congrats on not fucking killing yourself"
>"your too fat for the hole man"
>"wow look at that faggot not even able to put his hans down"

fuckin kill me already
Sorry. I'm running errands with my grandparents
>from 120 to 140 in 2 months
she's a horny slut not much to explain, I never tapped it because she was incredible needy and I know I would regret.

>be 140 lb skelly
>start lifting
>gain 20 pounds of muscle
>now almost into full ottermode
>gf is always grabbing my biceps and chest during sex
>tells me i look so much better

Shit man...
>I'll never be as big and defined as my pump

Never realised how true that is
>At my local grocery store
>qt shop assistant keeps looking at me
>pretend i don't know what's going on
>her hands tremble when giving me my change

She totally wanted it, I'm such an alpha, I totally could have fucked etc etc

In real news I dumped my girlfriend and am caught between self hatred and happiness
Calme toi frérot. Y a beaucoup de francophones sur ce board ?
meme le fromage est superieur de pamplemouse
Moi déjà.
>After performance we change into street clothes
> I'm just wearing jeans, sweatshirt with school name on it and my running shoes
>X is wearing thin black leggings with same sweatshirt as me
> Y is wearing jeans with her dad's work jacket
>sitting on stands watching other bands perform
>starts to get chilly so I pull out blanket from my bag
>X says "hey anon you don't mind if we squeeze in do you?"
> sure Cmon in
>all three of us are sitting together with blanket over out shoulders
>constantly see ex looking at us
>they're holding on to my arms squeezing them
>it was honestly the greatest feeling in the world. I've always been self conscience about myself
>flash foward 2 hours
>it's around midnight and we're on bus going home.
>X is sitting next to me and Y is in front of us.
>X is falling asleep so I pill out blanket again.
>when she feels it on her she looks up and says "you're too nice anon"
>I'm legitimately holding in my spaghetti before it spill it all over her
>5 minuets later I feel her hand grab my wrist and start moving it towards her chest
>she has probably no bigger than a B cup but hey I wasn't about to stop her
>"Thanks for being so nice today anon"
>feel her chest for 10 minuets then she starts grabbing my meat.
>"I thought you were lesbian"
>"I'll make an exception for you"
>feel her butt, firmest thing I've ever felt.
>after we get back to the school and unload everything I go to use the restroom in the auditorium
>it's like inside if a changing room and when I finish I open door to changing room and ex is there
>X is there

nothing really happened except like a 2 minuet make out sesh with grabbing
Nothing really big has happened since with either of them, except X sent me a an up skirt pic. Did I make it?
Ferme la a tout jamais and ne revient jamais ici ou roleplay un ricain obese.
Shit I didn't realize my mistake.
>only X was in the changing room
Never change /fit/
File: the todd.jpg (7 KB, 194x259) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
the todd.jpg
7 KB, 194x259
Please be pic related
Just remember if they cheated on someone with you, they'll cheat on you with someone eventually.
>getting into a serious relationship with pussy
You're doing it wrong bb.

If you haven't fucked her yet, no, you will never make it.
How does one acquire a FWB desu senpai
I'll just kill myself now.
...who that
I...I don't get it.
forget it I'm retarded I got it kek.
pls help I don't get it
File: 1386289979002s.jpg (2 KB, 125x93) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 KB, 125x93
watch the gif twice
>one for not getting it
>one for not googling what eggplant emojii might mean
File: 1441739164501.jpg (210 KB, 1080x1068) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
210 KB, 1080x1068
>mfw its not a gif
>mfw spaghetti's pouring out of my pockets like they're some niagara falls
File: 1434253132752.png (86 KB, 283x262) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
86 KB, 283x262
>saving thumbnails
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