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>used to be chubby and heavy
>drop ten Pounds
>tfw I'm now I'm skinny fat with a little muscle
>"a little"
>look weird af in certain shirts usually the nice ones.
>tfw I've made progress but I now hate myself even more

Going to drop another ten pounds and see were that gets me. For now I literally were jackets all the time to hide my shame. Anyone else do this ?

Also im dating fat chicks now just because they are easy. Just broke up with 3yr gf so im just fucking everything i can
You....I like you. I was in exactly your place at one point. I've dropped around 50 lbs of fat and put on a bit of muscle.
>feels so good bro
>pls keep going, sweaters help
It is like nobody knows how to english on /fit/
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>tfw can't deadlift the bar
>drop ten pounds now skinny fat
If you only dropped 10 pounds and you were chubby, and now a skinny fat, then you weren't chubby bro.
What's your height and weight?
Do more cardio, lose your fat, get skinny, then lift a ton of weights and gain muscle. Do a high protein low carb diet.
Don't hate yourself, improve yourself.
Now go out there and do some cardio you fucking faggot.
i dont know that feel manlet lmao
Not even a manlet. My parents just never forced me to be a jock in high school so I never really lifted.
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>been on hiatus since pretty much august
>only been to the gym a handful of times since then
>doing weighted dips
>tips fedora
>total qt who looks like she doesnt fuck around in the gym asks to work in with the db I was using
>girl is so modestly beautiful and has a very fit physique not that cardio bunny shit
>9/10 would wife
>is able to do more dips than I can
>could probably out lift me in every lift even though she is a 5'4ish girl

you dont know how to train properly or eat.
hopping on juice wont give you any "extra" gains
It's more to make up for lost time
just waiting on my AI
>finally got pretty fit and good looking
>getting a lot of mires
>start dating 8/10 qt with 9/10 personality
>few months in she starts talking to me less and less
>getting more and more pissed at her for not wanting to talk to me
>want to break up with her but really just want things to go back to the way things were
>not getting enough sleep, sleep cycle messed up so stalling on a cut
>even more mad at not making any progress
Unsure of what to do familia
That's how I was dropping the weight.
>juiced out of my mind years ago when I was competing
>205lbs 5% bodyfat
>bad shit happens with the company I worked for, need a new job
>can't find shit, end up joining the military
>come off (PCT with triptolerin, god's drug) and drop muscle/gain fat but still look better than the average gym rat

>tfw my shipmates refer to me as the huge guy and always talk about how jacked I am
>tfw I'm a shadow of my former self and feel small as fuck

I dunno if I'm doing a single term or making it a career, but the day I ETS is the day I start blasting gear like a madman all the way to hell.
>picking up 45 lbs
Start looking into other options for girls. You don't have to break up with her yet, but if she realizes you're getting disinterested she might start putting in more effort. Of course she might be disinterested too and will break up with you first so its better to just get ready now.
>caring this much about a wymon

You'll learn to not care. Women love it when you don't constantly try to communicate with them. (in the long run any how)
>going to DL today
>ohp and power cleans went well, progressed 5 lbs on each
>attempt to deadlift 5 more pounds than what I did Sunday
>barely get 3 reps, feels incredibly heavy and my body just doesn't feel right

Felt weird. Maybe I was just fatigued or something idk. I couldn't believe I struggled that much when Sunday knocked out my deads no problem.
Sorry bro i dont think anyone here knows that feel.
yup same with me today. Felt great two days ago, squatted with perfect form and felt awesome. Today I go to the gym, everything feels tight, I fuck up my squats and cant finish my OHP. Haven't slept well the past few days so that probably it.
I've got the perfect solution, but whether you actually man up and do it is up to you.
>call her/text/whatever and ask her why she's being so distant (if you haven't done that already)
>she'll either A) not respond at all or B) give you some vague, shitty answer that doesn't really make sense to avoid saying what's on her mind
>If it's A, move on and find someone who won't play that shit. I don't care how good the pussy game is, it's not worth putting up with flaky people like that
>If it's B, bluntly tell her that it feels like she's been ignoring you and you want to know why
>if she doesn't try to work things out with you, same deal. Drop her and find a new lady
This is being very realistic...
I think bad days just happen either for some big reason or a bunch of little ones. We'll be ok, brah. Can't let it get to ya.
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get back to the fucking gym. this is what i did since august 2015
Are you being sarcastic?
>8/10 qt with 9/10 personality
real 9/10 personality would be straight up with you about what's going on

>Women love it when you don't constantly try to communicate with them. (in the long run any how)

In a way. It's a lot more attractive when you have enough stuff going on that texting all the time is not the highest priority. Simply not texting or communicating for it's own sake just makes you a wanker.
Not at all, fami
Literally a broken human bean.

Good feels for me
>waiting for guy to be done with squat rack since its the only one
>his stuff is there but he isn't around
>I look for him
>find him in area with mirrors posing with shorts hiked up to look like underwear
>kinda gay but n-no homo
>ask if he's done and if I can move his things
>says yes and we talk a little
>turns out he's been lifting for 6 years, training to go on stage
pretty cool dude. Then the next time I went to the gym
>big black dude comes in while I'm on my last set of squats
>I do them
>he tells me my form is off, shows me how to do it right
>I do it right a few times and he's hype for no reason
>lol excited black people
>tells me he sees me a lot, called me a regular, said he just don't bother me cause "you always in yo zone"
Made me feel really good. Like I really am gonna make it. And then today
>first guy is doing dips while I'm doing deads
>belts are in front of me so he comes over and gets one
>I ask what they're for
>tells me, tells me they're really good for deadlifts, demonstrates
>black guy comes back in
>they're both friends anyways
>tfw I made gym pals on accident

doesn't take away from my oneitis getting engaged to some dyel fat fucker with a literal neckbeard but it helps.
>met 9/10 grill in a class
>started chatting with her, she seems interested
>told her i had feelings for her
>went on sort of a date with her, hung out at her place
>made out and cuddled with her but didn't fuck her
> she said she doesnt want to have something with me before the night i went out with her
>still chatting with her but it feels like she's trying to avoid me
>what do
>oh and she's a crossfitter
been there, dealt with this. 90% chance that this goes nowhere. play it cool, don't expect much, don't get attached. if you go out and have fun, great. but don't be needy. you should adjust your level of interest relative to hers.
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>good /fit/ feel: upgrading from Medium to Large t-shirts
>bad /fit/ feel: when your thighs and butt don't fit in slim fit jeans anymore
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>ask out qt3.14 from uni, dinner went really well and ended up kissing
>super lovely and really nice, a bit introverted and shy but awesome student and really funny, cute with a great body, cutest laught too
>a bit drawn back when I see her with her classmates
>learn that she has no friends to hang out with in her group and keeps to herself
>she invited her class to her birthday party and not a single classmate showed up

Anger fueled my lifts today, 1 plate ohp getting closer to the holy 6 reps.
Thanks i think this will actually help
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As long as you were there for her it she should be alright brah.
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The birthday thing was before we met, but I know her birthday, I'll do something nice when it comes up.

Right now I am trying my hardest not to be clingy/needy, but still spooked I might be too passive, I have bloody zero experience with this shit. (She was my first kiss). We both have pretty trying studies right now and I know she will pick studies before anything else so I don't want to push her away.
Humble brag
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It's terrible. I've worn 514 slim straights for ages, and I'm starting to split them like fucking Spongebob.

I don't know where to go from here.
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I dreamed I had a gf last night.
She looked like the mid 30s qt I saw in the gym the other day.
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>tfw having a dream like that and you can't remember her face when you wake up
>tfw can only squat the bar

Although I'm a fatass and that was on my first attempt at squatting so it was more about form. Going to try for bar+5kg on each end and see if I can handle 5x5 of that.
>upgrading from medium to large t-shirts

I'm 103kg 6'1" atm. I'd be fucking happy to downgrade from a large back to a medium.

>tfw after a few weeks at gym you can fit into your smaller shirts everywhere but your stomach.

Bad feels, bro.
Most threads on fit are humblebrag general family.

Good. Banging fat chicks is hot af.
>tell myself I'm over her
>start lifting
>midway through workout she's all I think about
My idea of making it now consists of me not thinking about her for an entire workout.
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I know that feel. It's been 6 months and she still pops up sometimes, but it's more of a yearning for somebody to hold at night.

>tfw took a girl on a movie date
>tfw she's easily twice as attractive as last girl
>tfw hugging a girl that smells nice and looks after herself

Motivated me to go to gym more. We'll all get there, bro.
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>tfw lifting didn't help me wake up inside
I haven't gotten a /fit/ gf yet
>feels good because Iv'e asked out some pretty hot fit chicks
>diddlyliftanthatfeelerino because well, I just don't have one yet
But Iv'e come too close to quit now
same here
>tfw passing by the bus stop we sat on every day
>tfw pass by the store that she titled "the creepy store" because the windows were all black every day
zyzz help me
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