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Its that thread again
Post favourite and least favourite exercise, explain why
Hard mode: no squatz for either

Favourite: Dips
>that sweet control and ROM
>just feels fucking great finishing a set
Least favourite: Pendlay row
>feels awkward as fuck
>can never get to proper failure
>would rather do pull-ups like a civilized human

Favourite: Pull ups
>Feels great, no way to fuck things up, clearly defined ROM, useful in every day life

Least favourite: Overhead tricep extensions
>Just don't seem to get it right, basically asks to fuck it up and use shoulders to help out. Skullcrushers are basically the same movement but in a much better position.
Power Cleans. Just love the feeling when you make that weight fly
>least favoutie
Lunges. I find them terribly boring.
Favourite: Squat
>because im stronger than everyone at my gym and it requires more overall body strength than any other lift
Least favourite: Bench
>feels awkward as fuck
>its a fucking meme
>I get strong triceps and chest from it, and i dont care.
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Favourite: Lowbar Squats

Worst: Lunges bleeeeeeh
Cable flyes. Dat squeeze, dat pump, hnnnng. I fucking love it.
>least favorite
Barbell rows. Dumbbell and cable rows seem to work much better for me. T bar rows are good though.
>He squats lowbar
favourite: snatch
>feels cool
>ohp and squat are tied at a close second

least favourite: bench
>dont even do it anymore

wildcard: thrusters (for singles after a clean, not high rep xfit bs)
I don't know why, but they feel horrible. I mean, doing as many as you can is a real struggle and just generally feels like fainting or something

Just feels great and effective despite being tough.
Deadlift. Satisfying to do. Training a lift that I have to use frequently in daily life so it's very practical.

>Least Favorite
Squats. I don't hate them or anything but doing them every day on SS has made me sick of them.

>Hard Mode Least Favorite
Probably barbell rows. They feel fucking retarded to do.
OHP. I just love the feeling of pushing that weight above my head. Feeling my entire torso at work stablising it, all the while my arms have a sweet warm burn pushing it up. I love it.

>Least favourite
Bench press. I don't find it has any functional value whatsoever for me, it has a history of fucking up shoulders (I know this is usually due to muscular imbalance and poor form, but the mechanics of the lift itself don't exactly help in this regard), and that power racks are unnecessarily taken up by dudebro chads for 45 minutes doing flat, incline, decline, close grip, etc on them - wasting everybody's time and holding up proper full body gains for everyone.
Favourite: OHP
>my strongest lift (even though still pretty weak)
>locking out each rep is satisfying
>guys 'mirin

Least favourite: Hamstring curls
>fuck this
You're literally me
Favorite: Decline barbell bench
>Like a dip except it doesn't snap your shoulders and elbows apart
Least Favorite: Dips
>Literal poor-man's decline bench

i want dips to leave my 4chan
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What part of pecs chest dips are activating? I'm trying to grow my non-existent inner upper pecs and looking for some options here
Favourite: Deadlift singles
>Makes me feel strong as shit

Least favourite: Deadlifts for < 3 reps
>Can't get back to proper starting position, so end up almost straight-legging.
The visible pec is just one muscle, focusing on "inner upper" pec is a fool's errand
The more you lean forward when dipping the greater the chest activation will be
The more you stay upright the greater emphasis on triceps
>focusing on "inner upper" pec is a fool's errand
But how about this?

You know how I can tell that you're fat

The pectoral muscle has two heads, the sternal, or major head and the clavicle or minor head. Sternal is lower, clavicle is upper. The only thing that determines "inner chest" are your genetics/insertions.
Different exercises will rely upon varying degrees of activation of the 'upper' versus 'lower' pec (really just one slab) sure
But it's impossible to do a pressing movement using only a certain section of your chest no matter what position you get your body into
Focus on growing the chest as a whole and it's shape is largely determined by insertions
Incline versus flat is largely in order to vary stress on the shoulders not to differ the application of stress on the chest
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thanks, I guess
My chest is super flat in the inner upper section, but looks like I'm doomed
DB Row
>ripping close to my bodyweight now off the ground with one arm
>Holding the contraction at the top feeling it in your back, chest, and arm

Least favorite:
Bench Press
>I'd rather just do weighted dips, takes me longest to get setup every time, most annoying lift to fail without a spotter
>weighted dips
I guarantee you that if your chest gets developed enough no part of it will look "flat"
People get so worried about specifics of their chest when it's still not close to it's peak level of development
Just keep training your chest and it will get bigger all over
ok, I'll keep my shit together. Thank you senpai
Bench. Easy to not cheat. The form is easy and just makes sense. Im also on 235x5 at 5'10 173 lbs it's my best lift too. Such dank tricep and chest DOMS too.

Deadlift: i hate plenty of other useless exercises but this is my least favorite of the lifts that i do. I bench more than i dead. Not even kidding. I never used my hamstrings before so i used to hate them. i also have terribad proportions for it. Long shins long legs. Long torso but short arms. It always made bench form easier but it makes deadlift weird.
Favorite: Highbar squats
>that feeling when you hit the bottom and explode out, causing the weights to make a loud clanging of victory

Least favorite: Binch
>hard to progress in
>doesn't feel as good
>isn't as physically exerting as something like squats, cleans, or deadlifts even if you go all out
Favourite: Push Press
>dat rocket launch concentric
>those sweet controlled eccentric tricep gains

Least Favourite: Bench press
>Worst meme lift ever
>Literally no reason to do them unless PLing or going to combine
>tfw long torso short limbs
I fucking hate this shit. I've been told i'd be good at deadlifts because of my legs but my arms fucking ruin it.
At least I can bench ok.
>Favorite: Bench Press
I've been strength training and my bench has increased 20lbs in the past 6 weeks. Repping out my previous weeks PR always feels amazing. Thank you creatine.

>Least Favorite: Leg Press
Im cursed with small legs so I've been training them extra hard. Leg day always kills me and I should be able to put up more weight than I do.
Favorite: concentration curl
>easy to keep good form
>killer contraction
>pump feels fantastic

Least favorite: deadlift
>uses every god damn muscle in the body
>almost feint from headrush after each set
>totally exhausted afterwords
Favourite: Cable Crossover

Least favourite: Shoulder press
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you'd best be baitin, pal.
You're squatting right?
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Worst:Anything else.
Favorite: Deadlift
that feel when everyone watches you load up plate after plate on the bar, silently wondering if you'll actually lift it or not

Least Favorite: Squat

I just hate it.
Favourite: Clean and Press

>Nice systemic stress from the clean
>Whole trunk is engaged during the press out
>Feels good putting weight overhead

Least favourite: dips

>I suck at doing them
>My form a shit
>dips tough
No wonder you hate pull ups. You're probably fat
Favourite: deadlifts. Easy to do, lift heavy ass weight, feels great. OHP is also great.

Least favourite. Dips, always hurts my shoulders no matter what I do, I've tried fixing it but failed. I also dislike back squats somewhat.
>Least favourite
Squats, i still do them and get compliments about depth (commercial gym, so if you go ATG with 315 for three reps you're some sort of demigod) but i just don't fucking like them

>Hard mode least favourite
Any row that isn't T-bar, i'm unsure about dumbbell ones

Idk Deadlifts or OHP
There's something primal in picking heavy shit off the floor or pushing relatively heavy shit above your head that makes me super happy to do them.
Bench is great for building general upper body strength.
Favorite: Deadlifts
>makes me feel like a monster
>grunting makes my girlfriend's panties wet
>bar callouses rule

Least favorite: Dips
>weak ass shit
>shake like hell
>know that I should do way more than I already do because it's the only way I'll stop sucking
I love any overhead exercices; I am really strong at them and they are by far my best lifts. push presses, strict presses, jerk, behind the neck presses.

I dislike back squats cause they are fucking horrible on my body, I get achy and sore as fuck everytime I do them.
except there's a distinct upper and lower part of the pec
>Favorite: Deadlifts
>2 plate deadlift feels
>Favorite: OHP
Feels really natural and manly. It's my best lift relatively and is just fun to do.

>Least Favorite: Squats
I know OP was looking for people not to say this but squats suck. My hips are always too tight and it just feels unnatural to perform.
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Thread images: 7
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