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>sumo deadlifting 285 for 1x3 after ramp sets to the weight
>local PT says i've gotten bigger and stronger since I started
>work in retail
>notice more girls make eye contact with me as im walking by
>always break it first
>old lady with her granddaughter walks into the store im working at
>checking out her granddaughter trying to not look so obvious
>old lady walks up to me and ask for my name at work then winks
>normie nerdy girl asks for progress pic since she knew me as a skeleton
>says holy shit once she sees it
>not even that low bf or built

Fuck I can't wait til I actually get big
that bike looks cool af

it's a very reliable, powerful, comfortable bike with a ton of aftermarket parts
Isn't sumo for women?

this literally just happened

>be me
>first week at the gym
>super nervous
>finish work out
>look over my shoudler in the lockerroom
>tall guy with pecs staring me down
>nervous as fuck
>skidaddle outta there
>i stop outside to pull my phone out of my backpack
>he comes out
>walks right up to me
>I'm oleg, can i get your number?'

jesus christ. hes french tho so no hoom
>Come back from break two days ago
>Female friend of mine sees me
>Oh my god Anon, you got big!
>Get a decent haircut
>She sees me again and tells her friends
>They all agree that I look much different
>First female friend pulls me away and says "You can give me a kiss"
>Too much of a faggot to do it, go for the hug instead
>She finally says "Promise me you'll stay Anon . okay?"
>be me 6'3 240lbs
>at my second job delivering car parts
>modified uniform for maximum aesthetics: wear shirt stays to keep shirt straight down and prevent bunching In rear, also pin the excess in my waist to a"dove tail"
>combined with pants that fit and a snug belt this greatly accentuates a V taper which I have despite a 34 inch waist due to massive shoulder width
>18 inch arms fill up sleeves
>pull up to oil change place where I'm delivering some shit
>late teens guy and girl working at counter
> walk lazily to counter, girl comes around counter and power walks to me like "hi! How can I help you?" Cute smile and nice tits
>hi I just need a signature here blah blah blah
>chick is all smiles and blushing
>literally stuttering spilling her spaghetti
>okay that's all I need, see ya later
>"bye anon! (Wearing name tag lol) see you soon I hope)
>glance over at the guy who also works there
>catch him sizing me up and mean mugging me
>he's average sized stoner college freshman kid
>probably likes this chick, don't want to be a Chad so i just leave
>hope those 2 fuck
You're a good guy anon. But I think that you should have been chad in that situation.
I'm 25 Years old and married anon, besides I remember working with hot chicks and wanting to fuck them as a teen and getting Chadded by some older dude bro. Hope that little nigga fucks that jailbait latina in a supply closet
yeah he should have gone for it. stoner guy wasn't even his friend. And I'll go even at girls my friends like.
It's the circle of life. Don't spit on the circle of life.

Besides he can fuck her despite her being with you or 120 more men. If he doesn't it's because he has a problem with him, not with the other 120 men.
When I go to gym randos approach me "oh you so strong"
mfw only working out with 3pl8 bench
mfw was working with 4pl8 a year ago
lost ~50lbs since then
>what's your name kid?
>a, anon
>I'm reporting you to the manager. She's 14 you sick pervert
Why lift when it's all about the bike?
>tfw no motorbike or slutty bitches



you fucked up
I really didn't dude
>qt 3.14 who I've known for like 15 years and we're dating 3 years before
>families are friends
>in the military so I make decent chunk of change since I'm married
>based Mexican family let's me stay at home for free and save up 2100 a month
>got 2.5 years left of this 5 year enlistment, gonna save it all up to down payment a house when I get out of the Marines since I have police work lined up already
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por que no los dios?

Pick juan and only juan, juan.

army and married

nigga making good decisions seems to be your wheelhouse.
how does your wife's lover's dick taste?
Don't understand that expression sorry. Urban dictionary said area of expertise?

Based Conquistador genetics from my ancestors being raped by Spaniards
can you post a pic?
Was she cute?
shut the fuck up pleb
>sumo Deadlift 285 for 3
If I wanted to laugh I would have asked for your mom's one Rep maxes
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I got my first mire today, from a gymbro ive talked to a few times.

>Be 2 years ago
>5'10 267lbs
>Fuck this
>Do cardio for 2 years and get down to 195
>Figure now is a good time to start lifting
>Get gym membership two months ago
>It's an anytime fitness in a super small southern town
>Everybody in there is super nice and friendly
>Get advice from a couple of Bros
>Today, doing Squats. Haven't been lifting long so i'm only up to squatting 205 lbs
>Get done with my workout and head to the showers
>Run into one of the older guys who helped me out when i first got there
>"Hey man, I was watching your squat. You're making some real progress son
>T-thanks b-b-boss
>"Keep it up" and pats me on the back
that better be kilograms
Repost because last thread got nuked by solid

>at gf's friend's birthday party, sitting next to one of the group's guy friends
>on of the girls (that's cute as fuck but holy shit I'd end up killing her if I was in a relationship with her) says "hoooly shit look at him sit next to anon! Just in case you forgot anon was huge, just look at him next to normal sized people"

>at dentist office
>whole office is filled with girls
>pass two women that are pretty good looking and I noticed they kept eye contact a little longer than normal
>hear giggling as we walk away
>woman that was taking me to my room said "Ohhh girls, I bet you get that all the time though, don't you?"

>at work
>see mega qt 8+/10 blonde grill that just turned 19, went there for her birthday
>she's staring at me when I'm not looking and blushing when I see her, it's so cute and hilarious
>before they leave, one of her friends said "Hey I know it's busy but so-and-so wants to take a picture with you, you know for her birthday"
>of course I agree
>Get in for picture with her, she's wrapped up all over me and I have her in tight (got half mast just from feeling that tiny waist)
>Thanks me after the picture and gives me a hug
>halfmast went to full blown boner (full blowner)

>checking two qt customers in. Both Asian, both flirty as fuck but I'm getting taken vibes from one of the grills (doesn't matter either way I have gf so it's not like I'm on the market either)
>finish checking them in, ask if they need anything else, grill says "yeah we're gonna need your number"
>spaghetti for the first time in forever, tell her my gf doesn't let me give my number to cute customers
>she says my gf doesn't have to know
>"UHHH WELL YEAH ANYWAY HAVE FUN LET ME KNOW IF YOU NEED ANYTHING HA-HAHAHHA" trying to fucking cram spaghetti into my pockets.
>started from nothing and now squatting 230 and nobody has said anything.
maybe one day but probably not
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2/2 posting Chad face for reference

Also 6'4" 240
My gym has a huge bodybuilding component. All women, all physique competitors. They're gorgeous, one and all. At least 5 of them are IG famous.
>one of them introduces herself to me, she's California hot, blonde, decently sized boobs, cute smile, all the good stuff
>"I always see you in here lifting, I figured we should know each other at this point"
>"Ha, yeah I'm anon nice to meet you"
small talk ensues
>so you're what, the strongest guy in the gym aren't you?
>explain there are lighter people with comparatively better lifts here
>"oh, well you look great. Have you considered bodybuilding?"
>try my hardest not to sound like an asshole explaining that it's not my thing
>after this she adds me on facebook, comments on like two of my videos, and likes probably a dozen of my posts
nice lady

>talking to receptionist, she was a 10 in my book but got cartoonishly big fake tits and man it really kills my dick. She's like a 9 now at best and that's when I'm looking past them monstrous fake tits. She also competes BB so I guess that comes with the territory.
>she asks what I'm doing today
>explain that I'm doing block pulls, then bench, then deadlifts
>"no what are you doing AFTER"
>"Oooooohhhhhhh, well I am gonna kick it with my gf until I have to go to work"
>"oh yeah?" She smiles at me "what are you doing after work?"
>"uhh, passing the fuck out, why?"
>"oh nothing, just was curious"

>be at my birthday party that a few friends planned for me. Maybe a dozen of my closest friends just getting absolutely obliterated
>friend wants to smoke a bowl
>hell yeah let's do it
>a couple of my friends fucking hate weed, just with a passion
>one of them is talking to me and I'm trying to sneak out
>other friend points out to me later that it's impossible for me to sneak out since everyone knows exactly where I am and if I left (there's a greg plitt quote out there that's so fucking true to this)
Getting hit on often seems annoying.
>fat power lifters detected
and OP even said he isn't big
Show hair
Let me guess its boardshorts

Nah I still enjoy it
Was more fun when I was single tho
lmao mirin your twink gains

>used to be 140 lb 6'0 skele
>workout really hard but don't eat as much as i should
>now 160 lb 6'0 skele
>almost ottermode
>gf constantly giving me compliments on how much better i look and how she's proud of me
>she grabs my arms and feels my triceps when we fuck

whats the quote, brother?
Found it
>At a party, someone asks if Tom’s here yet, and people are like “I dunno”, and no one knows if he’s here. Tom’s been at the party for 4 fukin hours. You know why Tom isn’t noticed, because Tom looks out of shape and not noticeable. If Tom was jacked, it’d be like, “Ye Tom’s right over there"
>te] [Auto] 1 new post
Thanks. I think you can also achieve this by being a charismatic, funny, and generally likable person; being fit just helps you have more confidence to posses those characteristics. Unless autismo.
Yeah I agree f a m

I'm a big personality among my friends though so it's really just a combination
You should always be chad if the opportunity presents itself. Every time.
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Tfw 6'1 Mexican
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Thread images: 6
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