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CGT: Current Gym Thread
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Who here /AnytimeFitness/?

>24 hours
>abundance of barbells
>no lunk bullshit
>cheap as fuck (mines $28/month)
>refer people to get a dope tshirt like zyzz

interested in what gyms you guys go to
community gym, only machines, dumbbell go up to 65lb, no fucks given, might go to goodlife fitness soon $50 a month.
If I say then you all will think I'm a douche.
Army life sucks but gyms are always plenty and decent.
word, gotta make do with what you can bro, as long as you find a proper routine to make use of the equipment you got
which state you at cunt
Crunch fitness.
i'm making do bceause goodlife fitness is in the hipster part of town and is a bit intimintating to a newbie, also I don't like their one year contracts.
Current current work at Anytime as a PT. our DBs go up to 100 & we have a full squat rack w/ a rogue bar.
No plate-loaded machines like hammer strength, but still has the basics.
onelife. they bought out all the golds in this area (southeast VA).

It's ok. Pretty big, ton of free weights, average number of racks and benches. My biggest gripes are:

One, over the past couple of years they'be been replacing various good shit like hammer strength machines with casual nautilus bullshit that doesn't work as well, and adding shit like pic related which attracts nothing but DYEL-tier folk.

Two, parking situation is fucking awful despite the fact the lot wraps around the entire warehouse-size building. Shit like 5:30pm classes pull in like 80 people who all drive 1 car per person and clog the lot, people drive like absolute fucking apes in the lot (I've seen maaaaaaany absolute fuckin calamity car wrecks with shit completely totaled), faggots doing some cross-fit shit in the lot carrying around barbell plates running laps and accidentally dropping them on cars (this happened to mine), and the poor rape/car theft-friendly lighting.

But whatever, it's the only decent option I have.
Some local gym in Detroit. $108 for a year.
Where the fuck is your AF 28/month?

The ones in Sydney CBD are 65-75 a month
Town gym, but my town is upper middle class and full of doctors and shit who go for health-centric stuff instead of just weightlifting. It's got a nice pool, and I have never seen a single weight left un-reracked when someone finishes their sets. It's a gym kinda similar to Equinox, but costs $45/month if that makes sense.
I go to LA fitness, it's the nicest gym in my area and the price was good, I got the 3 year one (I think something like 15-20 bucks a month). It's pretty empty any time before 5 and weekends are usually good too.
student discount for me mate, sorry should have said that in the OP
1 barbell
1 flat bench
1 squat stand
500 lbs of plates
24 hours
$10 a month and falling.
Bullshit, at this station there's 2 benches and 2 squat racks for like 3000 people, but like 400 cardio machines.

Fucking HATE that. You can do cardio with a big patch of fucking dirt.
uni gym
20 power racks w/ Olympic barbells
1 oly lifting station
tons of cardio/weight machines(who gives a fuck about those anyway)
indoor and outdoor heated pool with hot tub
indoor courts
indoor track
like 6 racquetball courts
climbing wall (10$ sesh though)

there's probably some other shit I haven't discovered yet, this place is like 3 stories tall
anytime brah too. 3 squat racks, a platform, dbs to 50 kg. still fucking expensive for what it is. fuck sydney man
Las vegas chain gym. Free/month cause I work front desk, 21usd/month for regular people. 7 locations, my stacks out at 6 flat bench,3 incline,2 decline, 2 squat rack, one power rack, dumbells up to 100, all the machines you expect. Pretty cash tbqh sempai
Local football club gym

cons: football players and their shitty pts
university gym masterrace
>everyone is smaller than you
>fresh pussy everywhere you look
except >everyone is smaller than you
That is actually a reason to change the gym.
Dont want to train with pussy ass bitches, I need a hardcore gym with dudes I can look up to and who motivate me.
Workout world
open 5am - 12 pm everyday
Ample free weights
$10 a month

Only 1 squat rack
No sauna
No chalk allowed

It's nice because it's cheap and close to work but I miss uni gyms that were free and all inclusive
Golds gym in okc. Bunch of weaklings, I'm the king of the squat rack
hey at least that pic has a squat rack attached. my gym in toronto has that exact same thing and it takes up a quarter of the gym with useless bs

The anytime fitness in Aus i'm looking at is $13p/w and doesn't even look like it has barbells and adjustable weights.

The Zap is pretty damn casual looking too though but marginally cheaper.

What state OP?
Lots of anytime aus bros in here.
Where are you all from?

Newcastle here, my anytime is being overrun by shit skins, what do?
>just bought a 300lb weight set (including 45lb oly bar) for $200 at sports authority (it was $250 but on sale, so i got it 200)
>bought 100lb additional plates for $85 (Again, on sale)
>squat stands for $55

no bumper platform, but i can't clean or snatch that much, so i can still set it down.

frankly i don't understand how one could need to slam the weights down, as no weights i handle are heavier than my deadlifts, and i set those down soft and gentle..

so... i don't see the need for bumpers.

i still go to my gym because i have 3 months left on my contract, and because i don't have a lat pulldown machine.

literally the only thing my gym has that i use, and don't have at home.

but i got a pull up bar and a dip belt, so i am not worried about never going to a gym again, come the end of my gym contract.

going to get some oly dumbbell eventually, but i rarely do dumbbell work, and i have a nice set of spinlocks with a good amount of weight (enough to do my presses which is the only really heavy dumbbell movement i do)... found that shit off craigslist forever ago, think i payed like 15 or 20 bucks for 55lb each (not including the handle, which i think is 5lb, but i could be wrong)
>barbells, over 80 different free weights
>two squat racks
>two bench press
>smith machine
>two calf raise machines
>two incline press
>huge free weight area with 5 benches
>huge tricep/pulldown area for back workouts, tris, chest, etc.
>three cable workouts
>60+ treadmills, bikes, ellipticals, stair climbers
>95% hot chicks and gym bros, 5% nice fatties who mind their own business
>hella cool desk greeters
>sick ass, cozy locker rooms with no naked old men
>shiny, clean huge mirrors
>specific wooden floor + complementary mats for ab workouts and TRX workouts with giant mirrors in a separate, closed off room
>usually chicks in there, plus the occasional gym bro

I fucking love my gym.
forgot to mention:

>over 40 weight machines
>pull up bars everywhere in the gym
>rope pull down machine
>assisted pull up, dip, and chin up machine
>hella custom machines ive never seen anywhere else that give me insane tricep, bicep, and lat pumps
>actually $9.95/month
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>20 power racks w/Olympic barbells
La Canada Anytime fitness bro here. Don't know why but I pay $40 a month
currently going to an anytime fitness, but I'm switching to a powerlifting gym right near my uni in the next month or two.
Anytime Fitness Mexico here.
I love it.
I always go between 12am and 3am, the gym is just for me.
It's about $65 monthly.
how the fuck
Which one, thinking of signing up purely for 24 hours, or should I go elsewhere?
Genesis Cairns
24 hr
15 p/w
Adjustable everything
Dedicated heavy lifting section

When I get out of DYEL stage its gonna be goooood
Man why are amerifats given free gym while sydfags get fucked with $600/y memberships at their uni gym (looking at you uts)
Dude that's good, sign up and after a month you can go anywhere you want (and find a anytime suitable for you). Its as common as a maccas in Sydney , no excuses.
TheGym Ealing

Gonna be there in like 40 minutes and I need some straps

Help me out Ealing brehs
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goodlife is the only life desu senpai. lets me do 8 hour arms
Penn Crossing or Northwest?
You get yours at 28 a month? What the fuck cunt, my anytime is 58 a month, and you dont even get a shirt if you refer, you get 2 bucks off a month

Some bullshit

Anytime masterrace tho, love the place
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