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Can we have a noob thread where we talk about...
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Can we have a noob thread where we talk about our progress as noobs? Where we all admit we're noobs so we can ignore the trolls who claimed they benched 5 pl8 first time in the gym no athletic background.

For me, I feel like I've come a long way but there is much more to go. I started out being as undead as they come - unable to lift an empty bar in basically any manner, even to squat. I don't know how it was physically possible that an adult male could be that weak, but I was. Now I'm at
>2pl8 squat
>almost 1 pl8 bench
>95 lb OHP
>105 cleans

Part of my slow progress was not sticking with it as much in the gym, and neglecting my nutrition outside the gym. I've been working on tracking my macros now so I'm confident I'll start making actual gains.

Any other noobs out there want to share their noob gain progress so far?
>184cm (~6')
>70kg (~150 lbs)

>75kg squat
>85kg DL
>57,5kg bench
>40kg ohp

11 months lifting on and off i guess
>tfw scoliosis and afraid for my back
>tfw no better excuses
Been stalled at 150 since last year for bench
I'm a spooky skelly, 6'2 145lb
>OHP: 32.5kg
>Bench: 57.5kg
>Squat: 1.5pl8
>Diddle: 2pl8
Been lifting about 6 months, SL for the first 4 months and CoolCicada PPL for the other 2.
>tfw I'm 145lb from 135lb
I was 135 for literally about 4 years and I'm definitely getting bigger. Grills always compliment me on my gains even though I'm still DYEL as fuck, probably because I have god-tier genetics and have naturally broad shoulders. Feels fucking good man.
23yo programmer
Binch 70kg/155lbs
Squat 2 pl8
OHP 50kg/110lbs
diddly: haven't diddlyd for a while due mild back problems, doing dem BB rows with 90kg nowadays
>naturally broad shoulders
>32.5kg hop

Ive got "naturally broad shoulders" and i started OHPing with 30kg the first time I set my foot into the gym at the weight of 57kg
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a little bit over a year now.

67kg from 53kg

90kg squat from ~30kg
135kg diddly from ~50kg
87.5kg bench from ~30kg
55kg OHP from ~25kg
>"we can ignore the trolls who claimed they benched 5 pl8 first time in the gym no athletic background"
>thinks 32.5kg ohp is a lot on the first day
fucking pussy ass skelly kids
In one year

>no lifting exp
>Bench 65lbx12

>180lbs, ~140lb lean muscle
>180lb bench
>125lb OHP

Lifting 6mo.
No numbers for squat/DL because of back issues.

All on ~1600cal/day
3 weeks of SL

170lb Squat
125lb Bench
225lb DL
95lb OHP

M-maybe I am going to make it.
lmao manlet
Started SS on Tuesday. I'm 6ft 195lb
>65lb squat
>75lb bench
>45lb OHP
>65lb row
I'm fat and weak :(
20 y/o
60kg - 72kg
90kg x5 bench
110kg x1 Squat
160kg x1 DL

Trained for 3 years, oh and i also fractured my back twice (not gym related) also injured my shoulder badly in a fight, which i couldnt use properly for 6 months, injured a knee wich i struggled with for a while.
>tfw when making progress again
how is your squat so shit
Shit flexibility shit form for a long ass time.
Woah mate that's really bad for 11 months...
File: 1436426105384.jpg (37 KB, 498x556) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>tfw scared to go to the gym cause no form cause I don't go to the gym because scared.
go with a friend who lifts or practice your form with diagrams and a mirror
go to a low key one with old people and nobody cares, also practice form at home.
Liftan around 2 years, was once fat at 75kg almost all of my youth, became 20 cut too 70 was skinny went to the uk for 2 months was too tired to add working out so i decided to bulk gained 14 kilos in 2 months weighed 84 became super fat decided this is a great way too start being srs did a push pull program and cut to 70kg and was looking very good but then it came to me that working out for the looks is only short term since u cut and then just maintain nutrition and workout from time to time so i decided to start getting stronger slow bulk to 83 and i look very good while getting stronger,
currently 22 y/o stats
80kg Ohpx1
110 kgbench x1
Sq is my weakest lift 125x1
Deadlift 170x1
Chin up bw 83kg+55kg( strongest lift )
Same anon. During my first two weeks I focused on form rather than seeing how much I could lift. Once I had my form correct, I started adding weight.

I also go to the gym at no earlier than 11pm because I'm just as scared.

>21 y/o
>169cm (manlet)
>65kg from 48
>65kg bench from 35
>80kg squat from 40
>40kg ohp from 15
>105kg diddly from 40

progress is still progress r-right?

also, any tips for someone who have scoliosis and only one side of my back is getting worked during diddly?
Been lifting 10 months.
160lbs bench
110lbs OHP
165lbs row
275lbs Squat
305lbs DL

Stop curling and fix your bench form
Today is my first weightlifting day.
I've never done this before but am following the guide in the sticky, alternating between two programs recommended by it.
Basically going like Cardio Day -> Rest -> Weightlifting Day -> Rest -> Cardio Day ect.
I started the Couch to 5K one and Starting Strength. Hope to keep to this, I'm tired of being fat.
Dunno how the hell I'm supposed to eat 2950 calories though, I feel full at 2000.
My bench form is good. I'm just weaker upper than lower. It'll correct itself eventually.
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3 months here

Squat: 40kg to 90kg
Deadlift: 60kg to 95kg (kill me)
Bench: 30kg to 57.5kg
OHP: 20kg to 37.5kg
Bent over rows: 40kg to 70kg

I feel like my only decent form is squat and bench, so I'm focusing on the other 3 now.
Not sure if i missunderstood you but if you're doing SS and c25k you should be doing:

M:Lift T:Cardio W: Lift T: Cardio F: Lift etc, im sure you get the point
Okay, I misunderstood how to do this. Thanks anon I will fix my schedule.
Why is my squat so bad? all 3x5 in kg
squat 80
bench 70
diddly 110
ohp 45
post form
dont have a video or anything and imat home and its late.
wtf how are you guys squating so much, are you doing lowbar?
18yo lifting for about 17 months, 110kg bw

Squat: 125kg 5x5, 140kg orm
Bench: 85kg 5x4 (getting there), 90kg orm
Deadlift: 165kg 5 x 1, 200kg orm

Hoping to get 2/3/4 split by a year of training, then focus more on accessories and cutting some weight and maintaining barbell progress. I love the powerlifting movements but i also wanna look good.
I'm >>35624993
and I'm doing low bar
High bar just wasn't comfortable for me
When I first started I was way weaker than you, my legs were burning when I did squats with no weights, I was the only one using the 5 pound dumbbells, Comparing my arms to a skeletons would have been rude to the skeleton, you're going to make it just don't give up.
*7 months
File: 1449197744573.jpg (27 KB, 232x421) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
27 KB, 232x421
Been lifting seriously a little over 6months now.
started out as a 59kg 6"4 skeleton.
Bench was 20kg
Squats was 30kg
deadlift was 40
and all my other lifts were crappy.

Currently weigh 69kg.
Bench is 70kg, Going for 75 this monday.
Squat 1rm is 130kg.
and deadlifts are at 140kg.
It felt so rewarding to bench my body weight.. I struggled so hard with it.
22 lifting for 4 months, 78kg

squat: 105kg
bench: 55kg (i know)
deadlift: 130kg

all x5

how do i make my bench increase quicker?? i can't seem to do 5kg increments, only 2.5.
Who told you to do 5kg increments on bench
Even 2.5kg is too high
/fit/ told me to increase everything in the compound exercises by 5kg every sesh until i could only do 2.5.
Thats pretty good progress man. But i'm also surprised that you were this weak 6 months ago.
i started 3 weeks ago
1.80 high and 140 kg.

squat is at 50 kg
overhead press is at 40 kg
deadlift is at 80kg

bench press 50 kg

on a different day i do bench press instead of overhead press.

Honestly i know i can do more. expecially in squat and bench press but i'm afraid of tripping on the squat and not being able to push the barbell up again if i do to much weight at the bench press.
Could someone critique my OHP form?
Ways to improve, etc.
Been working out for 9 months now. Squat 185KGx5x5, DL 1601x5, bench 75x5x5, OHP 55x5x5 and 3x10 chins. Want to focus less on squats and more on bench/OHP, but don't know how to yet.
Routine is
A: sq 5x5 90% of 5RM, 5x5 bench/OHP 90% of 5RM
B: sq 2x5 80%A, 3x5 bench/OHP 90% previous 5x5, 3xF chins
C: sq 1x5RM, 1x5RM bench/OHP 1x5RM DL.
This is like the planet fitness of threads. Fuck off weakling ill talk about my 3 bench no leg activation bench all i want
a life of gaming and autism
Almost a year ago
>Bench 55lbs
>Squat 65lbs
>Shoulder press 45lbs
>Deadlift 215lbs if I recall
Now(Yes I used to skip leg day)
>Bench max 195lbs
>Squat 185lbs
>Shoulder Press 135lbs
>Deadlift 320lbs
>trying to lose weight
>force feeding yourself to 3000kcal
Nice work.
26 year old. 1,90m tall. On and off for around 2 years. Been quite active a lot of the time.

110kg body weight down to 107kg.

120kg x 1 bench
80kg x 1 OHP
120kg x 1 squat
160kg x 5 deadlift

Not entirely disappointed in my progress. But it could have been better.
that bench is absolutely ridiculous. There's no way you're being serious
>179 lbs
>180 chest press (bitch mode machine. No friends to spot.)
>10 mile and a half (Navy)
Weighed 215 this time last year when I joined Murica' freedom force. Chubby shit. I'd run at night getting ready for boot so no one would see me. Then I'd go eat fast food. Was noob af. Rocky road to where I am now. Still got a ways to go.
And I'm being 100% legit. Its not reps though. Its a max bench. Reps of 165. I wish I could bench 195 for reps I'd be happy as can be.
>178cm (5'10 feet)
>85kg (187 lbs)

>200 lbs squat
>225 deadlift
>130 bench
>90 OHP

I've only been lifting 3 weeks, but I seem to have weak arms compared to legs. Also above are not 1RM's since I haven't tried.
I fucked around for ages. Then started stronglifts seriously a month ago.
>squat 57.5
>bench i did 50kg but failed my final set on third rep, dont feel too bad though. Ill get it next time.
>deads 70kg
>ohp 35kg

Im slowly gainig weight too, wemt up a kilo since i started.

My goals are to have 0.75plate ohp 1plate bench 1.5 plate squat and 2plate deadlift by the end of the year. I plan to beat it by summer though.
Its supposed to be a judgement free zone
go on a deployment. Nothing to do but get big
u probably misread the 5kg, its 5lbs which is 2.5kg not 5kg.
>25yr 5'11 manlet 150lbs
>lifting for 3 months
>bench 45 to 140
>squats 45 to 130 (injured my knees so took 2 months off)
>ohp 45 to 85
>diddys 135 to 170 (also didn't do because of knees

Am I going to make it?
Why do stronglifts for those goals and not just SS? I got those stats using SS without even going all out on my dieting so I would think it capable.
>bench greater than squats
>bench almost greater than deads

Is this reverse T-rex mode?
I've been benching 3 times a week so I'm pretty sure that's why it's so disproportionate.
Also like I said my.knees were giving me pains since December so I had to stop doing squats and deads.
195 lbs
Squat 135 (lbs) deal with it eurocunts
bench 95
ohp 55
dl 175

squat: 330
bench: 225
dl: 400
ohp: 135
bodyWeight: 170
used 5/3/1 > candito's > 5/3/1 bbb for cut after 1 year > bulgarian method 9 week block over summer> candito's for fall semester > bulgarian / HIHF block started week before new years
2 years time <It gets better>
>185cm - 6'2"
>exactly 1 month SL, now starting with the accesoires of ICF

>75kg squat
>55kg bench
>80kg deadlift
>45kg row
>35kg ohp

I guess I'm doing good, dropped weight last year via biking. Came from a whopping 100kg to 85 at my last doctors visit a few months ago. Great blood work now, it was terrible the last time 3 years ago.

Squats are getting heavy, but doable.
On the other hand I feel like I'm becoming OHPresses bitch...

Am I doing good?
File: image.jpg (153 KB, 680x1010) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>5'7" 290 lbs
>trying to include half an inch in your height

Need some neat suicide tips and tricks?
6 ft
180 something pounds

Squat 75kg 3x8
DL 90kg 3x8
Bench 45k9 3x8
OHP 35kg 8-5-5

Still feel like Im the weakest person in my gym, really demotivates me sometimes. I also seem to have been born without upper body strength.
I started lifting a few weeks ago. I can do the following for 5 reps.

OHP - 37.5 kg
Squat - 85kg
Bench - 72.5kg
Row - 75kg
Dead - 125kg
i found my old candytoes program with my old 1rms lol.

April 2014
Bench: 135
Squat: 185
Dead: 180

Jan 2016:
Bench 225lbs
Dead: 370lbs
Squat: 325

Im about 5'4"-5'7" (from comparing to people and guessing but I havent measured myself) and 150 lbs. started at 135 lbs or so
The first time I ever squatted (with just the bar) I literally collapsed in the rack half way through my first set.

I started lifting next week and I can DL 5000kg without even going into my second form
Thing is I'm not joking. I didn't even know it was considered good. I'm flattered actually.
>115lbs squat
>65lbs bench
>unknown deadlift
>15lbs OHP, really.

Over six months I cut down without seriously dieting, just now starting to bulk. At my lowest I was at 145lbs and currently at 152.
>225lbs squat
>145lbs bench
>85lbs OHP
>200lbs deadlift

I feel like I'm making progress. I had to slow down my intake because I was gaining a lot more weight than I should have been beginning the bulk. Definitely due to over-estimating how many calories I needed to eat. Evening that out now, though, and it's working better.
Powercleans, not a huge fan of them.
I saw.a ss.with deadlifts instead nut that would be deadlifts 3x week.
typo, 155lb bench now, not 145.
Is there any danger with working out 3 days in a row if you don't feel sore the day after much? I've been getting back into lifting and worked out the past two days pretty well, and now I've been eating better so my muscles recovered quick. Do I need a rest day even if my body isn't saying so, or can I keep going since I'm still lifting relatively lightly?
You need to fucking EAT MORE
My hips hurt like all fuck when I squat, and when I get really low I can feel myself kind of fold in a bit. whats the best video(s) to learn squat, I watched a shit ton of Ripetoe and Omar videos but I still can't fucking squat. Am I a retard?
stick to what your program says
Not him, but this has been the hardest part of getting /fit/ for me. I just don't get it. How the fuck do people get to be 600 lbs when I struggle to even hit 2k calories a day?
Teach me dude I'm same height and same starting lifts. What program? What Cal/Protein/Carb/Fat?
How are you guys so good at bench press? I can barely do 93 lbs 3x10
Buff dudes really helped me out
I feel this post a lot. Not about squatting, but just generally feeling like a retard because there are so many videos of people demonstrating how to do an exercise, yet I feel like I'm always making mistakes.
Low bar vs High bar squat.

Which does /fit/ prefer?

Lifting properly for 3-4 months. Fucked around on machines for a month before that.

>Squats 40kg to 100kg
>Bench 30kg to 70kg
>Deadlift 60kg to 130kg
>OHP 20kg to 45kg

All for 5x5

Feels pretty good brehs.

Setting a target of 4-3-2-1 by Easter. Achievable?
But that's what the guide said for losing weight so I am a don't understand.
The bar is a bit heavy to start off with for overhead press. Fine for bench though. Would it be okay to train with light dumbells or just arm movements for a few weeks to start off?
"New years resolution" -The thread.
You can probably find smaller bars in the dumbell area
>He literally cant ohp 20kg
Yeah, you'll be able to lift it in no time.
And ignore this idiot:
Not everyone is fat as fatass when they start.

Thanks. I'll have a look next time I'm at the gym.

I'm about 15 stone btw, don't know if that matters.
No pic, but:

>Started at 218, 5'9 around 26% BF 2 mo ago. Smoked for 5 years, desk jockey/IT, now vaping, need to get in shape.
>Gay ass Planet Fitness because I'm a noob and financially stretched atm.
> cutting on 2200 cal, lots of fruits and veggies, 40/35/25 protein/carbs/fats split (I like fatty foods)
> 3 days a week upper/lower split, minor cardio
>so far DL PR: 210, Squat 190, bench 160
>lots of IC DB fly's and DB work
>lost 16 LBs of fat and gained 8LBs of muscle noob gains
> went from 218 to 202, and as of today back at 210 even with adjusted macros

Am I gonna make it /fit/?
File: fuckoff.jpg (3 KB, 100x100) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Reading all these DYELs and their "gains"
Feels good
Seriously, don't post you're "gains" even if they are noob until 2pl8 bench, 3pl8 squat, and 4pl8 DL

Because when you hit 2,3,4 like that, you are officially average.
Oh and
>8 sometimes weighted situps/crunches a week. Each workout, 2 sets of 30. Once I can blow through a set of 60 without rest gonna add another 30 to each day.
Fuck, forgot, aside from leg resistance machines and certain DB work, I'm applying the 5x5 method to pretty much all exercises, lifting as heavy as possible.
if you couldnt deadlift atleast 2.5 plate the first time you tried you should kill yourself for having such a lazy nonathletic childhood
How do you guys go to the gym without feeling like everyone there judges you for being clueless? I've been trying to muster up courage to approach the weights for weeks now, but I just can't get me to do it so I run for an hour on a treadmill instead and convince I'll make myself do it next time

good weight loss, but how are you deadlifting at planet fitness? It's expressly banned and they dont have barbells. They have smith machines, and those bars for sure are not 45lbs, I cant imagine trying to use them to DL.

I went to PF last week to try to show squat form to my gf (she has a membership there) and those machines fucking blow
people will judge you

people will snicker

but that's fine it happens to everyone
top fucking kek.

Go with a friend for the first week.

Or go extremely late at night.

When I first lifted, I went at like 1 am and some guy taught me some lifts.
Watch how-to videos on YouTube, practice, ask friends or even niggers at the gym. Otherwise fuck-em. Everyone starts somewhere, just go in hard as fuck and take every opportunity to learn. Put your tunes on and ignore motherfuckers.
Average among people who workout is much above average for the general population.

I think that's the part of /fit/ that people either forget or the trolls realize is very easy to exploit. It's too easy to get trapped in thinking the average person knows anything /fit/ related. To be "average" by /fit/ standards is quite an accomplishment when looking objectively overall.
Deadlifts are permitted at the franchise I signed up at. Plus I go at like 10 at night nobody's there, so grunting/noise doesn't cause trouble either the gains police.

Yes, the bars are not 45's they're 20's and they are somewhat of a Smith machine, I just compensate for lack of use of stability muscles/realism by ignoring the 20 lb bar and adding an extra 20 lbs to whatever weight I'm lifting.

It's not the real thing, I get it. But I'm definitely getting stronger. Started at 20lb DBs day 1 for overhead press. Now I'm at 60's.

Once I start maxing the lame ass weights they have and can afford I'm switching gyms.
i started 5x5 3 months ago. 6' 270. down to 243
squat: 255x5
bench: 175x5
ohp: 135x5
DL: 315x5

still fat, but steadily progressing on a deficit. Used to be athletic and am enjoying lifting again,
Yeeeeah man.

Applying 5x5 to everything has worked well for me so far. Lift as heavy as possible, even on resistance machines.
Is it true that fat people have it easier than skellies because their body weight is greater so they can move more, and hence gain muscle faster?

Eating < 1500 calories a day is pretty easy, but this is coming from a skeleton myself.
Fat people have an easier time burning fat because it takes so many cals for just AVERAGE daily movement. Any consistent compound exercises they do, the body will inefficiently start burning calories therefore fat making it easier for them to create a caloric deficit. Fat will melt off of them.
That's what I thought. How do fat people motivate themselves to keep eating despite the physical pain it causes? I struggle so much just stuffing my face with stuff to get my weight up, but meanwhile they're tossing around weights I had to work up to moving.
I'm 20 years old. 1,83cm (6feet). 83kg (182lb).
I've been lifting for a year and I only make 34k(74lb) in chest press 12 reps. I don't know what im doing wrong cause is very little. Maybe I should increase weight and do less reps?
Increase the weight at less reps for sure. You can't lift more weight if you don't try.

Also, after a year of training something is wrong. I doubt your form is so horrendous that that is holding you back. It is most likely a nutrition issue. You need to eat at a calorie deficit with lots of protein so your muscles can become stronger. That and resting a sufficient amount of time after working out (sleeping) to rebuild as well. At least one of those is not being done properly if you aren't making expected gains.
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