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It's late, I'm drunk, and can't...
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It's late, I'm drunk, and can't stop thinking about my ex. I just want to deadlift tomorrow already.
Lol, it's okay OP.

Things are going to be okay.
>can't stop thinking about my ex
lmao what a fag
get over that already you bitch nigger
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I know exactly how you feel op.
I single handedly managed to drive my ex back away from me and into the arms of her own ex.

I can ignore it and not think about it during the day, but it kills me softly every night.
I also feel you OP, my ex and I broke up because we were slowly drifting apart, but she was the first woman I loved and the feels just won't leave
Here for ya if you need us broski.
How? :/
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>mfw I'm in the same position as you

God I fucking hate her
just saw pictures of the girl I had myfirst time with with a guy I assume is her bf. Guess I have to unfriend our mutual friend, she posts pictures of her every few days...
Feeling you op.
Friday night off work spent alone isn't the best
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Most of us have a story. I find the best thing is to let go. You're the one holding on.
Let go bro.

You can always pick it up later. We specialize in picking things up.
We also can put them down.
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>Asked her out two months ago
>"Aww you're such a great guy, I'm sure you'll find the girl for you!"
>Went cocoon mode. Great gains
>Log on to facebook for the first time in two months
>First thing on my feed: she has a boyfriend
>Some soft, DYEL smiling and holding onto her hips
>tfw he's at least 3-4" taller than me
Man I had gotten over her and that's the first thing I see when I try to get social again.
how tall are you?
Feeling you too op

Sleep soon so you can wake up and deadlift tomorrow. That bitch is gonna get fat and be a land whale soon enough. It happens to all females.

Maybe you'll run into her one day. She'll see your aesthetic body. She'll see how much better youve been doing without her. She'll feel horrible. You'll feel great. Because youre aesthetic as fuark. You're a sick kunt. Nothing can take that away, especially an irrelevant shitty ex girlfriend.

I've went through similar. You'll get through this op. Youll be fucking bitches who swoon over your aesthetic body. You'll be swimming in pussy.

Deadlift like the world depends on it tomorrow. Fucking PR that shit breh. You are better than her. YOU ARE A SICK KUNT

man, this is pretty zen and pretty legit. do you have a switch for just letting go or do you feel what you have to feel until you've let go?
That's not great dude, but honestly it's not a huge deal. For most chicks height isn't a deal breaker. Like yeah, maybe they'd like a guy who's taller but it doesn't really matter.

I'm 6'1'' and I dated a girl who left me for a guy who was 5'6''-7''
Fug, mate you gotta put her out of your mind and concentrate on yourself. I always think to myself "how am i going to improve today?" set yourself some goals over next 1month, 3 months, 6/12 months in all aspects of your life then go about achieving them. Working towards them is the best way to help you forget about her - your past. Been in the same situation and Keeping yourself motivated and improving and looking forward is the best to stop yourself getting hung up on whats already happened and what you can't change.
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Both. Meditation helped me, idk it's not for everyone, it's how I developed the focus to "switch off". Shitty truth tho, sometimes you have to just feel them out yakno?

Stupid white girl inspirational shit thing tho - an arrow is pulled back only to fly forward.
Maybe ur just being pulled back right now
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>Be me
>5'11" Manlet
>Sami heritage, so I'm always going to be lanky
>Start dating 5'11" Ukrainian Slavic beauty who looks like Mariya Poezzhaeva
>We date for a year
>Refuses to call me her boyfriend
>Won't let me call her my girlfriend
>We get in a fight over the National Endowment for the Arts
>Break up

Haven't been on a date since in over 5 years

Can only say, "Fuck you, Olga!" in my mind with every bench press to this day.
Poo Annte! Do you want some reindeer brain pancakes to cheeryou up? Maybe some Guorppa or Mallemárffe? Scamming the government is hard work!
this hit me right in the feels. screw you asshole.

>tfw ex's name is olga
Stop drinking, stick to lifting.. It helped me a lot when my ex broke up. I felt like shit for 6 months and was so angry with her (loved her). I used the hate and anger down in the gym along with some disturbed to pull a lot of weights. Met her a month ago (broke up 2 years ago) and she was fatter and had a worse posture than when we broke up. I am 20 lb lighter and a lot more muscular (4 months SL, 6 months Upper/lower with some 5/3/1, 8 months army basic training, now back on split). It was so rewarding looking at her face. She felt like shit standing with her uglier-than-me boyfriend and i felt fantastic.

The wish to make her feel like shit really motivates me to get shit done. Try to see if you can use your breakup in that way.
fuck yeah dude you just made my night, fuck these cunts im fucking sick dude and so are you dude fuck yeah
me too, im not drunk, but i wish she wasnt my ex

im sad about it and it's fucking pathetic to be sad about this, we were only together a month, but i really thought we had a shot until i blew it
This is one of the reasons why I lift. Does that make me a narcissist?
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We are all narcs here Anon
Ed is that you?
Do you guys ever jack off and when you finish say that you hate yourself?

It happens to me every time now. As I finish, every missed opportunity to fuck a girl or maybe get a gf goes through my head all at once.

my secret is to cum at least two more times right after, you won't be able to think about ANYTHING for at least few mins :^)
Maybe I'm just fucked in the head.

Last two times I got drunk I went straight rage mode even though I never have before. Told my friends I was better than everyone and a god. Almost got in a fight. Pupils got hella dilated. Pretty sure I went manic or some shit.

Mental health is turning to shit. I can't leave home without thinking I forgot to lock my door, or my place is going to catch on fire, or some weird shit.
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I feel you OP. My gf and I broke up a few months back because we were about to move to different countries and thought the distance was too far. We were together 3 years.

I saw her over Christmas and begged her to get back together with me, it was utterly humiliating. But she's moved on insultingly quickly an says she doesn't love me anymore. I don't understand how that level of emotion that we had can go so quickly.

We were each other's first times and all the best memories of my life were made with her. I've never felt so alone before. Tips on what do? This is my first major heartbreak and I don't think I'm handling it very well
not even saying this as a bitter angry dude, i have a gf im happy with right now. women dont love like we do, men get much more attached whereas women cheat and find new men easy (no, not every girl, and yes, some men do the same thing)
I'm sure she promised you the world too. But the thing is, promises don't mean shit to most women.

I broke up with someone who I went through extraordinary circumstances to love, and she claimed many times that she loved me too.

She moved on FAR quicker than anyone who could have matched the deep emotions I had.
I've heard that but I thought that was just 4chan meme bullshit, I try not to take anything here seriously.

She claimed to have been in love with me long before we got together whereas I fell in love with her over the course of the relationship.

This is gay af but she was the most genuine person in my life and she was my best friend as well. She seemed so different to all the shallow bitchy girls that I know but she's moved on so quickly and I wonder if anything that I thought was ever real
i wish I could give you real advice bro

sounds like you need therapy țbh, nothing wrong with that.

it's either that or
>just relax bro
Shit man I'm sorry to hear that. I don't understand how girls can move on so quickly like the entire relationship meant nothing. I have absolutely no desire to sleep with anyone else for example, and I have to force myself into the gym and to study but everything's so grey. I have little interest in my friends and my hobbies.

I feel pathetic for acting this way and everyone keeps telling me to get a grip but I don't know how. What did you do?
they love being attracted to a man, they love being in love, but if you no longer have that pull they basically dont give a fuck any more. women are fickle as fuck, you have to enjoy the time you have with them and try your best to move on as easily as they do
Imagining some drunken robot deadlifting lmao5pl8 blasting tay tay.
Honestly I'm pretty chill. That's why when they told me what happened (I blacked out) I was do surprised, and they said so where they.

I just am not going to drink for awhile. Maybe there's like something in my subconscious that needs to go away. Idk.

Shits fucked tho lmao.
I started working out.

desu I just have to do the best I can with my life now, no point in worrying about things that are out of my control. Nothing I could say would get her back, she's made up her mind. I have to trust that if I be the best self I can be, that I can get the girl of my dreams.

And maybe this time that girl won't cry if she has to go on vacation with me because traveling is too stressful. And maybe I won't have to move to bumfuck wyoming to be with her family.

I was willing to do all that though, because my love was unconditional, her's was not, so why would she still deserve my love?

idk, it helps to feel like that man
i'd say her willingness to move on is evidence enough of her true feelings towards you
give yourself time to grieve, cut your losses, and move forward
spend time with friends, try loving yourself a bit

was in the same boat as you last year
Can confirm. I work with about seven 19-28 yo girls. Their stories of constant relationship jumping is scary.

Jesus this is a bitter pill to swallow. But thanks for the support. It's strange to suddenly feel so unsure of the relationship you had for most of your adult life.


I've been working out for a while from skelly it helped for a while but my motivation is at an all time low. I suppose this is where discipline comes in.

Yeah there was stuff about my ex that annoyed me like her immaturity, but it was always so petty and I loved her too much that I could never be annoyed for too long.

I tried talking to friends but they're frankly bored of me droning on about it, and I can't really blame them. I'm bored of thinking about it but I can't think of anything else. All my relationships seem fairly shallow as well, as she was the person that I could be completely open and honest with. Good luck with making it though
Richard Pryor
another thing i'd like to add; at least yall didn't have any kids together (assuming)
lucky you can just cut her out instead of having to deal with her shit for the rest of your kids' lives
honestly theres nothing i can say except you'll get over it, we all do. once you're aesthetic you'll have more options for women anyway, there's literally millions out there and you have the rest of your life. keep lifting and eat healthy, they both improve mood and stopping either will make you feel a lot worse

Thanks brehs
It's early, I'm sober, and I'm feeling the exact same shit.

But I'm gonna lift the shit out of these weighs. If it didn't work, that means someone else is gonna make you feel better one day. This is coming from someone who spent a half a year trying to get his ex back, and now moved on to someone better.

We're all gonna make it brehs.
>deadlifting heavy (for me) while hung over
>almost fucking pass out from the head rush

I said Sami heritage. I'm not in Finnmark letting people run over my reindeer.
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>being a spineless beta who got attached to some bland bitch
I'm lmaoing at your life right now, kiddo
Better grow some balls and destroy those feelings you have for her, because she's gone and there is a fuckton more bitches out there
If you don't, you will continue living your life like a sad fucking cunt who couldn't make it because >m-muh feelings
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I have been trying to lose weight for over a year now. I keep going up and down, going through complete binges with great weeks of dedication. My body is the ugliest thing I have ever seen. All I want is to take my shirt off for once in my life. I failed Uni, failed online classes, I don't have this month's rent, I don't know what I'm doing with my life. The one thing I really put my heart into has only given me a shitty body, terrible lifts, and platoues for months. I've never had a real friend. I still have zero. For 6 years from Jr.High to Graduating from HS, I sat in the library during lunch time pretending to sleep. I'm a failure of a man. Everything is hurting, but I feel numb.
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Anon, listen well.

You are doing it right.
This is the curse of being born male, and this is something you're going to have to go through on your own, each and every time you let yourself fall in love.

They tell women feel more than men do.
That their feelings are somehow more meaningful and more real.
Nothing could be further from the truth.

A woman's feelings is like the coming of spring. With the melting of the snows, the rivers flood their banks, creating smaller streams. They seem powerful and forceful, but for all their supposed strength, they dry up quickly, and are easily diverted.

A man's feelings is the river itself. It is deep. It is strong, and it can keep flowing in the same path and fashion for ages.

This is your curse, but also your blessing.
You are able to feel more deeply than those of the opposite gender, but not as many things at once.
This might seem like a bad thing, but it is not.
It is, however, the price you pay for playing the game of love at all.

Heartbreak is the mandatory price of entry. You know it will happen if you let yourself feel. It will happen every time if you choose to play that game.
And there's nothing inherently wrong with that. It is natural.

You are doing it right Anon. Make yourself feel this pain, because it is part of what makes you human. Channel it in ways that will help you cope.
Lift heavy shit. Take a few risks. Go do some things you've never done before.
Emotions are, at the end of it all, what drives our species forward. When channeled correctly, towards constructive ends.

Embrace the pain Anon. It will pass.
Life will get better, and you will be richer from the experience, should you survive it.

The Iron doesn't care Anon. The Iron will always be there to help you lift the feels away and replace them with accomplishment and selfconfidence.

Now get out there and smash that fucking deadlift.
>it's been exactly a year since I broke up with my ex
Kill me pls I'm lonely

Stay chill

>drink shitload of water
>take vitamins etc stuff you take
>watch netflix until you fall asleep
Tomorrow deadlift your ass off
Lol, why you gonna go and lie to the poor manlet like that? Little bro has been through enough already.
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I was happy until i red this. Now I am sad again because I left my gf 3 months ago and it just all came back.

I try to rationalize it but it is so heartbreaking to leave someone. It's like shooting your own dog or something and it doesn't even understand why you would do it because it is not as aware of its actions and like small kitten it doesn't understand why she is punished and her pain is real. She says she was jealous because she is so in love with me but in the end I just couldn't take it anymore.
hurts so bad

How long until the quilt goes away?
This thread is far too real for me on Friday night bros.

Keep going, we're all gonna make it.
>How long until the quilt goes away?
dunno man
how many generations were working on it?

mein neger
That's... Uh... Wow.
>We specialize in picking things up
>We can also put them down.
That hit's me personally dude. I think that just helped me out. A lot.
>tfw my ex had been flirting with me for weeks
>tfw we end up making out at a party
>tfw we end up texting eachother nearly every day and constantly flirting afterwards
>tfw I finally ask her out on a proper date
>tfw she breaks my heart all over again

Fuck bros, I really thought we'd get back together. Hell, everyone thought we would. Never again...
If it happens again, break her heart and then laugh about how great you are.
Lmfao, why didn't you learn your lesson the first time?
I would but the worst thing is I think I still love her bro... Not sure I coud break her heart if I wanted to.

Fuck. I'm so pathetic.
I don't know man. She was special and everyone, even her friends, were telling me it would work out this time.
Put Take Care by Drake on repeat, cry (1xF) yourself to sleep and wake up with all of your emotions gone. Tomorrow you'll be numb to the world.

Its temporary so you should do this at least once a week, I recommend on a rest day.
Its normal for some time after you break up, especially when you're drunk, but it goes away and u stop giving a fuck, just lift weights nerd
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you are all faggots that wont make it.

the next time you feel bad about your ex, know that she willingly chose to suck another mans dick and get fucked from behind by them.

still gonna mope over it?

or realize that she is a cunt? get over it.
My girlfriend told me some guy who's ripped and aesthetic as fuck wasn't her type because he was short. I'm not a big guy or anything, i'm just 6'2 and feel bad that she didn't date him because he was short.
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as retarded as this sounds, crying actually does make you feel better. i force myself to cry like once every 2-3 months (regardless of how i feel, im not sad over any breakup) just so it doesn't build up, feel a lot better afterward every time
Maybe she didn't do it out of spite and you shouldn't even want to be a dick.

Maybe not wanting to fuck over somebody you claim to care about doesn't make you pathetic and makes you not a psychopath.

Maybe time is the best healer of all wounds and from the sounds of it you are a decent human being so you will get to love again.

Just maybe.
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