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Hi there, /fit/.
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Hi there, /fit/.

First time posting here because I guess that there are some guys here who know what they're talking about.

I'm a 21 years old german guy and it took me something like 4 years to realise that going to a university is not something I should do, just something that many people expected after I got my Abitur.
Now after looking around for a bit I started thinking about joining the Bundeswehr after I will likely drop out of Uni this summer. I'd benefit from it because I guess I'll finally learn how to actually be an adult who can take responsibility for his life instead of a drifting useless idiot.

Now on topic:
6 months to go, how do I get /fit/ enough for the Eignungstest? What's the best way to train?

I wasn't very interested in sports when I was in school but I started to work out regularly about a year ago. At least once a week, depending on the Uni-Work load. Mostly cardio on a bike and running to keep fat away, only started to really work on muscles 3 months ago and I have no idea what I'm doing besides attempting push-ups/sit-ups.

Bit over 5.9 foot/181cm tall
Just around 124 pounds/56kg

My goal at the end of Spring is at least 21 Sit-Ups in 40 seconds, about 14-15 Push-Ups in 40 seconds and running about 2kilometers in 12 minutes.

Help me /fit/. You are my only hope.
Now you can help protecting the refugees from the evil German population.
American Army ROTC candidate here. Start running until you can't run anymore, then start running with bricks. When you can't do that anymore run with even more bricks.

Hopefully we'll work together at some point, best of luck.
Thanks and I'd like that.
But my problem isn't endurance, at least not really. Running for 10km in a bit over an hour I can do.
I mostly just lack strength.
I can do something like 10 Push-Ups, one or two with just one arm, but I'm exhausted after two Sit-Ups. That's shit and I need to fix it.
This, South African Lt here. Run like a motherfucker.

Also, calisthenics will definitely help you a lot. Push ups, sit ups etc.

Then walk at least a 10k 3 times a week with a backpack full of shit to get you started, then increase weight of backpack, length of walk and decrease time of walk. Then start doing it 4 times a week, 5 etc
If I remember correctly the fitness test for the Bundeswehr is completely laughable. That being said you make your life a whole lot easier by being in good shape, mostly cardiowise, in the army. Apart from the obvious benefits like not passing out during every little drill, you instantly get a lot more respect from anyone there if you're fit.

So in conclusion listen to this guy >>35601730
and do some bodyweight exercise/weightlifting to supplement it.
>I can do something like 10 Push-Ups, one or two with just one arm, but I'm exhausted after two Sit-Ups. That's shit and I need to fix it.
then do that every day multiple times.

The thing people don't realise, is that the army will make you do that shit until you die.

If you can do a 150 push ups, they will make you do 200. If you can do 200, they'll force you to do 250. It's like that. You can never win
>Bit over 5.9 foot/181cm tall
>Just around 124 pounds/56kg
>If you can do 200, they'll force you to do 250. It's like that. You can never win
Exactly what I want and need. The happiest I was in life was with a teacher in school who did exactly that.
Hated him like noone else ever before but damn, it was satisfying.

What about food? See >>35601805
I'm literally Mr Skeltal, mostly thanks to puberty burning away fat and not building muscles.
Should I stick to a diet plan or can I get fit enough as it is? I'm not one to eat many fat things. Right now I consist mostly on noodles, toast with honey and mineral water.
Any specific kind of food that's good for this kind of training?
No money, so I gotta live cheap.
On Sit-ups:

Is it better to train with Crunches or with actual Sit-ups?
Internet says Sit-Ups are less effective, but there's a lot of shit on there and I hope that if /fit/ knows anything, it's about this.
Next question:
Best way to train Chin-Ups? Get muscles first or get muscles by trying them?
Only way to get better at something is by practicing.
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Would you say lifting is relevant for the army?
Hey men, neighbor from Holland here.

Joined our armed forces couple of years ago after finishing uni.

At medical application test I was 182cm and 64 kilos, but pretty fit (lots of cardio, mostly on the crosstrainer)

My workout after that to prepare for military training consisted of the following:

Building up to running 60 minutes (started at 15 minutes, added 5 minutes each time)

Doing a body weight workout that I called 1-2-3-4: for every pull-up, you do 2 push-ups, 3 sit-ups and 4 squats. I did this in 3 sets, added one pull-up whenever I made the 3 sets until in the end I could 3 sets of 25 pull-ups, 50 push-ups, 75 sit-ups and 100 squats

To get there, it took me 3 months. The body weight started off easy because I was light as fuck (as are you) but it will get heavier

I did running-body weight-resting day, and repeated this to infinity

As for my diet, sandwiches in the morning, yoghurt with muesli for lunch, pasta with chicken for dinner. Added up to roughly 2750 kcals per day (lots of sandwiches)

Gained 6 kilos in 3 month and at the start of military training had a very good basic level of fitness for army work.

Hope this helps, ask any questions you want and good luck! Hopefully we will together in the future (we already have a German-Dutch Army Corps)
Don't fall for the cardio kills gains meme. Do a lot of running and swimming. A friend of mine is planning to become a Kampfschwimmer and he usually runs everyday with some off days.
Having aesthetic muscles isn't as important as having a good heart rate but you should be able to carry some weight anyway
So go lift some heavy ass weights and run like a motherfucker
Viel Glück Bro und lass dich nicht erschießen.
Exactly what I had hoped to read here! Thanks, Oranje-Bro!

I'll screencap your post and try the same work-out.
Now the big question is, where I can practice pull-ups. But I'll find a way.

I take it that it's totally feasible to be fit enough for proper military service if I stick to your plan for 6 months, right?

Do you think I can substitute the chicken with cheaper similar stuff? Not unhealthy chemical shit but something more affordable?
Money is a bit tight for me since I literally depend entirely on my parents and want to take as little as possible from them.

My eyes aren't exactly good so I'll likely won't be joining any of the special corps like the Kampfschwimmer or any of the Luftwaffe.
But yeah, I plan on doing a lot of cardio to gain pretty good endurance. Always good to be able to run faster and longer than someone else.

>Viel Glück Bro und lass dich nicht erschießen.
Thank you and I'll try.
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Nice going man! Welk onderdeel zit je nu?

Ben op dit moment zelf aan het trainen voor het KCT aangezien ze praktisch op hun knieën liggen voor nieuwe instroom daaro.
Nog tips danwel suggesties?
The Oranje bro again:

Start walking a lot and slowly adding weight will also help in preparing for marching.

As for the pull-ups: if you can't do one at the beginning, no worries! go stand by your pull-up bar and in stead of pulling up, jump up, hold the bar, hold this position and slowly go down. Trains the same muscle groups as you need for a pull-up. Do a couple of sets of these everyday and you'll be able to do pull-ups in no time.
fitnesstest isn't something you have to worry about. I was in the bundeswehr because I was curious if it's something for me (and I had nothing to do after I finished school). Was still a fatass back then, lost a lot of weight tho and I was one of the few that went through with everything and didn't back down.

Since the bundeswehr isn't mandatory the ausbilder won't be as strict as they used to be, trust me on this.
For the fitnesstest (you don't have to do that one during the musterung iirc, only during the AGA ( allgemeine grundausbildung).

Klimmzuege, Ausdauer (a few km, let's say 5), and some stupid parcour.

Seriously don't worry about it. Go for a run on a regular basis, try to build some muscle and youre golden.
machst du Offizierslaufbahn?
Hab mich für den reserveoffizier beworben und hab grad den eignungstest erfolgreich hinter mich gebracht. ( ist der selbe wie für die offiziere die die vollen 12 jahre machen )

der eignungstest ist ein witz. du musst ne strecke (glaub waren 5km ) fahrrad fahren in einer bestimmten zeit (total leicht )
dann musst du 5sekunden (!!!!!) klimmhang machen, also in der klimmzugposition.
danach musst du noch einen kurzen sprint machen.

den sporttest hat bis auf eine etwas dickere frau, die den klimmhang nicht geschafft hat, jeder erfolgreich absolviert.

ich hab vorher schon FWDL gemacht und kann dir für den grundwehrdienst nur empfehlen deine ausdauer zu trainieren, da du viel joggen wirst.
außerdem kann es nicht schaden ein paar klimmzüge/situps machen zu können jedoch war ausdauer am wichtigsten und für die gepäckmärsche die beinmuskulatur und der rücken. squats und klimmzüge haben mir da sehr geholfen.
triotzdem sind etwas weniger als die hälfte durch die eignungsprüfung durchgefallen, die meisten beim psychologen weil sie einfach nicht geeignet waren ( schüchterne, lauchs, ungebildete, unsichere, etc. )
Onderdeel hou ik even voor mezelf, privacy is belangrijk.

Voor het trainen, zorg gewoon dat je basis fit bent. Cardio heb je meer aan dan spierkracht, dat komt vanzelf wel. Als je goede pullups en pushups kunt doen (en ook meer dan een paar) ben je eind op weg. Verder zorgen voor goeie core stability, op website van defensie staat documentje, heet "fit voor de keuring" of iets in die richting. Volg dat schema en je bent fit genoeg voor de keuring.

Voor KCT training moet je wel een fit baasje zijn hoor, dus gewoon trainen met je donder, goed eten en veel slapen.

Succes en hoop dat je het fixt, KCT is mooi maar zeker niet te onderschatten!

Chicken is comparatively a pretty cheap source of protein, and you're going to need a lot of that as any /fit/izen will tell you. Tuna is another great one! Generally just start eating everything in sight, you're going to need a lot of fuel to build some decent muscle
En als je bij het KCT wil moet je natuurlijk geen plaatjes van mariniers gaan posten pannenkoek!
>181 cm
>56 kg



Laufen und Liegestütz, mehr brauchst du für diese Witzarmee Bundeswehr nicht.
>Any specific kind of food that's good for this kind of training?

Literally anything (except refined sugar) but LOTS OF IT. Eat as much as you possibly can, and I mean that. Fucking stuff yourself, run, do crunches, pushups and pullups, then get a snack. Then get 3 more.
But why join the Army during peacetime?
If you can't afford fresh chicken, buy frozen chicken.
If you can't afford frozen chicken, buy Quark.
If you can't afford Quark, grow a beard and apply for refugee status.
Wenn, dann würde ich eine Offizierslaufbahn anstreben. Dann hab ich mein Abi wenigstens nicht verschwendet, wie ichs die letzten 4 Jahre gemacht hab.

Vor dem Sporttest hab ich nen bisschen Angst weil ich einfach bis auf Ausdauer nie wirklich was mit Sport gemacht habe. Nicht weil ichs nicht mag, aber ich hatte nie nen Grund, wenn alle einem immer erzählen, das man sowieso nen Büro-Job kriegt.

Ich müsste mir nur irgendwo ne Klimmstange besorgen oder nen Gym finden, das ich mir leisten kann. Gewichte und all sowas gibt es heir in meinem Studentenheim, das ist recht praktisch.

Meinst du, 6 Monate reichen, um /fit/ genug zu werden, wenn ich sowas mache wie >>35602729 Oranje-Bro vorschlägt?

so lots of fish/bird. How bout bananas?

Basically eat like I'm a fat feminist but do sports, got it.

Ha, so hat mich mein einer Sportlehrer früher genannt. War mir allerdings lieber als 'Tonne' genannt zu werden, das hat der Rest der Klasse abbekommen.

>Laufen und Liegestütz
Hanteln für Armuskulatur oder lieber nur Körper-Training und auf Geräte und sowas verzichten?

Not for much longer.
I also need to learn discipline or I'll end up as a fat Neet with Neet bucks from Mutti Merkel.

If need be I'll cut back on other stuff.
>grow a beard and apply for refugee status.
Too white and too gay for that. Not quite the kind of guy to rape women in cologne.
absolut. 3/4 der leute mit denen du AGA machen wirst hat den sportlichen leistungsstand den du gerade hast, also wird auch das geringste training der sehr viel helfen.

>I'll finally learn how to actually be an adult who can take responsibility for his life instead of a drifting useless idiot.

Have you been following the news lately?
10 Germans were killed by ISIS literally yesterday.
The German army is currently involved in 3 seperate wars (Syria, Afghanistan, Mali).
5'9 is 175 cm, 181 is just under 6".
Verstandig, begrijp ik volkomen man.

En thx voor de info, dat kct trainingsschema ben ik inderdaad al tegengekomen en ik was dan ook meer opzoek naar wat insider knowlegde haha. Hardlopen heb ik met de paplepel mn strot door gekregen, en ben nu ongeveer 2 jaar serieus bezig met liften, dus daar maak ik me niet heel veel zorgen om tenzij mn knieën het begeven. Het enige waar ik enigszins tegen op zie is het zwemmen, altijd al een struikelblok voor mij geweest.

Excuus xD Ik kon mn plaatje van opperbaas Tuinman ff niet meer vinden.
Danke, Kumpel.
Du glaubst es vielleicht nicht, aber das ist für mich ne ziemlich gute Motivation, um richtig anzufangen.

>implying that noone can ever actually grow up
>implying that I'm a whiny entitled brat

See, that's why that system is bullshit. Can't we just all go with the metric system?
Bundeswehr Story time?
>Friend of mine was in for 8 years
>One day there's a steaming pile of shit on the floor next to the toilet bowl
>Officer asks each soldier in the barracks if they did it
>No one admits to shit
>Ordered to unhinge all toilet stall doors and put them in storage
>Except for one which was placed in officer's office
>Now every time someone wanted to take a dump, they had to knock at the office
>They would then carry the door to the toilets, put it in, close it, do their thing and return the door afterwards.
>The officer would then inspect the toilet for cleanliness
>joining a Western army at this time

Yes! Go get your legs blown off thousands of miles away so the young, fit guys of fighting age from the country where you're sent to can go live in Germany with everything paid for by your government and complimentary kraut pussy.

There is literally no point in joining the armed forces when the greatest threat to your country right now is your actual government.

>inb4 gb2 /pol/
you know im right
iss, mein junge, iss!
Bin gleichgroß und wieg 75kg (Zielgewicht sind 85)
>Other story, same barracks
>Friend's direct superior is a piece of shit or whatever
>Harsh words are exchanged
>Friend is called into the office
>Superior tells him he has a very important order for him
>A job that will be vital for the security of the country
>Gets the coordinates of a hunter's treestand in the very north-east of the country
>The order is to go there with a bivouak bag and a radio
>And guard it over the Christmas holidays in case the Russians attack

you're right, but for the wrong reasons.

>oh no brown skin people showed up what a tragedy our culture which was already basically american culture is now gone forever

Don't join the army because it's basically to make oil and weapon sales go up.

You are just falling for the Jew's evil plan, going right to their perfectly placed scape-goat to distract you from their for-profit war.
Well, /pol/ is always right...
But yeah, you actually are right.

But also: Guess what.
It'll take at least a year before I'll be send anywhere because they still have to teach me. And since shit will go down sometime at the end of this year... Well, I'll be here, being taught just how to defend my home.

Jo, mit meinem Untergewicht werd ich nie ins Heer kommen, also werd ich wohl hoffentlich zunehmen, wenn ich anfange Muskeln aufzubauen.
Don't join the army. You will bveasked at some point in the near future to betray the German people, like the polizei do on a daily basis.
Stay in umiversity and get an education and try and right the wrongs the politicians are doing to your country, and being a university graduate you can slowly get into a position of influence and change things for the better.
Fuck the army, any moron can join the army, and the chances are they may send you abroad to get maimed to serve the interests of the corrupt elite who have hijacked your country.
Be smart, turn on, tune in and drop in, not out.
>next year
>there's a serious problem
>his unit didn't use up all the ammo they were given for that year
>it's already middle of December
>if ammo is left over, they will get less the next year
>friend is ordered to drive to the shooting range with a truck full of machine guns, small arms, practice grenades and use up all remaining ammo by shooting in the air
>there's a legit term for that:

Two different versions of /pol/.
The >>35603310 redpill and the >>35603385 IT'S ALL A ZIONIST JEWISH PLAN GUYS-pill.
Maybe so, but even if it's all a plan by the juice, they've been at it for literally thousands of years. They just know how to play the game, right?

Maybe every idiot can join, but not every idiot can start as an officer and work his way up.
Look at egypt: They were at the edge of the big bad muslim drop, but the military pulled the breaks and now they are much more stable.
If all goes wrong, the top ranks of the military are who decide the fate of the country, not the politicians.
>le poor refugees are being used as scapegoats

No. They are trash who don't belong in Europe. For all I care, jews and muslims deserve each other so they can fuck off to the middle east and sort their grievances there.
Based officer.

I like that officer.

My father told me about that.
He and his unit had to do that as well, in the 70s. But with tanks. he said it was amazing because they got old non-functioning tanks to aim at. They didn't leave a trace and he took pictures. Glorious.
>Fuck the army, any moron can join the army, and the chances are they may send you abroad to get maimed to serve the interests of the corrupt elite
germany is not america.
You can try and justify it all you like. In my opinion you can do more good by having ten strong white children and becoming a person of influence in society, get a job at some choke point where you can influence things for the better.
The army is for idiots, maybe the German army of old was an impressive force indeed and the German soldier was the best in the world, nowdays they are US lapdogs fighting for the interests of the people they should be fighting against.
Don't do it.
Had ook altijd een hekel aan zwemmen, behoorlijke watervrees zelfs. Uiteindelijk in de opleiding bijna dagelijks gaan zwemmen, ben er nu gek op. Gewoon vaak gaan doen, goeie cardio workout, je krijgt er een goede bouw van en als je het de dag na een zware training doet voorkom je er een boel blessures mee.

Verder niet teveel luisteren naar de mongolen op dit board. Veel van deze lui zijn of nog nooit in een sportschool geweest, of zitten aan de junk en willen er alleen mooi uit zien.

Er zijn drie ingrediënten nodig om fit te worden: Trainen, eten en slapen. Goeie bouw volgt daar vanzelf uit. Zo'n bodybuilders lichaam heb je geen reet aan. In de opleiding zul je wel zien dat de jongens die niet gigantisch zijn, een beetje vet hebben, maar wel gewoon goed trainen, degenen zijn die alles het langst volhouden. Je lacht je kapot als er weer zo'n "kleerkast" na 10 kilometer marsen begint te piepen dat hij stuk gaat.
Wie sieht das mit dem FWDL aus, wie wird da aussortiert? Überlege zurzeit, ob ich mich demnächst bewerbe. Wie lange warst du dabei?
> having ten strong white children
Not really much of an option for me, but I'll see if I can donate some for some white family to be happy with.

If the german army is just a lapdog who does everything murica wants, then why did we not join in Iraq as well?
The stigma of the Third Reich is nearly gone and within my generation germany will either fall or gain back it's place in the world.

File: 1450931725051.jpg (739 KB, 1405x2411) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
739 KB, 1405x2411
Gleich in die Armee zu gehen nur weil du Erwachsen werden willst ist meiner Meinung nach ein scheiß Fehler. Du lernst vielleicht Disziplin, aber nicht wie man im Alltag zurechtkommt, da gehört mehr dazu.

Ich war in einer ähnlichen Situation. Hatte über Jahre tiefe Depressionen, hab keinen Menschen an mich rangelassen und bin in die Uni gegangen weil man es von mir erwartet hat.
Bin jetzt 23, seit n paar Monaten geouted und demnächst mit dem ersten Semester in meinem neuen Studiengang an der Uni fertig. Ich hab jetzt Ziele, Hobbies die ich liebe und hab sogar schon ein zwei Typen gefunden, die ich als wahre Freunde sehe.

Falls es dir nur um Disziplin geht, Liften ist ein hervorragender Sport. Verlangt viel Durchhaltevermögen und Dedication. Wenn dir das zu langweilig ist, mach noch Kampfsport dazu, versuch dich beim Bouldern oder was auch immer dir sportlich zusagt.
Du willst Verantwortung und Erfahrung? Besorg dir ein Haustier um das nur du dich kümmern musst. Nimm einen kleinen Nebenjob an.

Werd dir über ein paar Dinge klar. Was für ein Leben du leben möchtest? Was du beruflich machen willst? Wer du sein willst.

Wie auch immer du dich entscheidest, viel Glück auf deiner weiteren Reise.
File: 1452050530161.gif (944 KB, 356x292) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>has free college tuition
>decides to join army
If you want to make a change for the better the army is the last place you want to be. Eventually you will have to gun down your fellow citizens when they start to rebel against the policies being force fed them.
Just look at Cologne on new years eve. 1000 immigranst molesting your women and the police and politicians do nothing. Germans protest a few days later and are met with hundreds of police ready to bash their heads in.
This is the system you will be serving.

Don't do it. Don't become a willing traitor.
Erstmal: gz das du dein Leben auf die Reihe gekriegt hast!

Meine Situation ist allerdings nen bisschen anders als deine. Depressionen hab ich nicht und gute Freunde auch, mehr als genug, vor allem, weil ich für Menschen an sich nicht allzu viel über habe.
'Outen' ist keinerlei Problem, weil mich das nie interessiert hat.

Ich würde es lieben, ein Haustier zu haben, aber ohne ein festes Einkommen und eigenen Wohnraum (ich leb zur Zeit in nem Studentenheim), wird das nichts und ich werde es keinem größeren Tier antun, lange allein sein zu müssen. Um nen Zwerghamster hab ich mich die letzten 3 Jahre gekümmert und vor nem halben Jahr per Feuerbestattung auf der Donau beigesetzt. Es war sehr rührend.

Ich weiß nicht, was ich beruflich machen will, aber ich weiß, das ich nicht einfach rumsitzen will. Ich brauche Veränderungen. Viel herumreisen/umziehen stört mich nicht.

> Du lernst vielleicht Disziplin, aber nicht wie man im Alltag zurechtkommt

Wie man im Alltag zurechtkommt, weiß ich auch jetzt noch nicht. Aber wenn ich ehrlich bin, will ich das auch nicht. Den gleichen Alltag zu haben, wie ihn so viele andere haben, ist für mich nen richtiger Alptraum. Komplett zu stagnieren will ich auf jeden Fall vermeiden, sowohl im Privat- als auch im Berufsleben.
Wenn ich nen Job habe, dann will ich ihn mögen und nicht nur des Geldes nehmen oder weil ich dann 'ein produktives Mitglied der Gesellschaft' bin.

Viel Erfolg mit deinem Studium und nice, das es dir mittlerweile gut geht!
It's not free. I pay nearly 20€ every 6 months.

Jokes aside: Doesn't that show that times are changing a bit? Higher education is becoming the norm and, frankly, it's boring.

Or maybe my moral compass will allow me to step up and stand on the same side as those citizens.
Maybe I can convince my brothers in arms and the soldiers beneath me to join them as well.

If you want change it is not enough to work on one front. You need people willing to change in every position. I'm willing to see if I can live up to that when I join the Bundeswehr. Maybe you can change the system from another point, but we will work towards the same goal.
werd pilot. kann ich nur raten.
Hast du 'n Plan ob die bei der Bundeswehr 'ne Mindestkörpergröße haben?
War das allererste, was ich probiert habe, als ich mit dem Abi fertig war.
Augen zu schlecht.
Hät ich 20/20 wär ich nicht in dieser Lage sondern gerade noch in der Pilotenausbildung.
Traumjob und so, aber wenns nicht geht, gehts nicht.

>Körpergröße unter 179 cm oder über 195 cm

Wenn du das hast kannst du schon mal nicht mit T1 gemustert werden.
Wie groß bist du denn?
174, leider
>Komplett zu stagnieren will ich auf jeden Fall vermeiden, sowohl im Privat- als auch im Berufsleben.
Wenn ich nen Job habe, dann will ich ihn mögen und nicht nur des Geldes nehmen oder weil ich dann 'ein produktives Mitglied der Gesellschaft' bin.
Du wirst enttäuscht werden, junge
Oh und 2006 war es wohl so, das die mindestgröße für generellen Dienst 155cm war und für Sanitätsdienst 160cm.

Was wegen der Ausrüstung und so weiter Sinn macht, schließlich hilfts ja nicht, wenn man ne Trage oder nen rucksack nicht alleine ins obere Fach von nem Wagen bekommt.

Mein Vater ist 175 und war jahre in der Bundeswehr.

Alles über 170 und unter 200 ist kein Problem, sonst wären die Anforderungen ein wenig zu spezifisch.
anon, is there an option for others than germans for that job if you are in the eu, or is it strictly tied to german nationality.
>Du wirst enttäuscht werden, junge
Ich weiß. Aber das sollte mich nicht davon abhalten, es zu probieren.

Most militaries need you to be a citizen of that country in order to join.

And the French Foreign Legion is really really really picky. They only take the best they can get.

But I wouldn't mind any other european military. I don't want to fight for germany alone. I want to fight for europe.
Dann passt das, danke, du machst mir Hoffnung damit.
Im Zweifelsfalle sehen wir uns in der Kaserne.
Denk auch, werd aber erst nen FWD machen, um zu sehen, wie ich da zurechtkomme
Awesome, ik zie je daar bro!
Du musst einen BMI von 25 haben (deiner ist 17).
Auch solltest du vorher, zur einer Berratungsstelle der Bundeswehr gehen.
Dude, join a studentenverbindung, lets say a corps and you will learn how to take responsibilities like a man.you also wont have to fight for the jew, you just have to fight on mensur.
Nicht korrekt.
Bei einem BMI unter 19 oder <50kg Körpergewicht gibt es die Möglichkeit Gesundheitsziffer VI zu bekommen, aber nur wenn keine Gewichtszunahme zu erwarten ist.

BMI über 30 ist auch nen Ausschluss, es sei denn man kann beweisen, das man abnimmt. Dann wird nach 24 nachgetestet.

Tatsächlich ist ein BMI von 25 schon nicht mehr optimal und kann in sehr seltenen Fällen zum Ausschluss führen (Gesundheitsziffer II). 22 ist das Optimum.

It's not just about responsibility it's also about the fact that University really isn't something that works for me.
Und zusätzlich dazu ist der BMI nur eines der Merkmale und führt alleine weder zur Annahme noch zum Ausschluss.
You'll learn how to become an alcoholic, nothing else.
Hängt 8fach du phritte
56 kilo sind untergewicht
iss mehr und fang mit starting strength an wenn du muskeln aufbauen willst
ich schätze du solltest zusätzlich an den tagen laufen an denen du nicht trainierst um genug ausdauer zu bekommen
Awesome. Danke, mate.
Und ja, 56 Kilo sind viel zu wenig, aber das ist seit 7 Jahren unverändert. Wird Zeit was zu tun.
Ist das mit der Offizierslaufbahn oder generell in der Bundeswehr sehr einschränkend? Habe keine Lust 8 Jahre (?) ein Sklave zu sein.

Weißt du, ob für ein Medizinstudium bei der Bundeswehr eine allgemeine Hochschulreife notwendig ist?
Hab noch nicht recherchiert, bin jetzt erst auf die Idee gekommen.
>21 Sit-Ups in 40 seconds, about 14-15 Push-Ups in 40 seconds and running about 2kilometers in 12 minutes.
Holy shit the Kraut Army has shit standards.
If you cant do many, you can do the negative movement only. Jump into top position, then lower yourself slowly
Look at our minister of defense.
A woman who was orignally minister of family stuff.
Before her we had a guy who was absolutely loved by all the soldiers and stuff, went to visit the frontlines himself, drove out with them and tried to reform the army into something more effective and less reliant on Wehrpflichtige.

But he had to be thrown out cause of some shitty publicity scandal and now the woman who has as many kids as germany has 'refugees' wants to drop most restrictions and make the whole thing even easier to get into because it's not nice to deny fat people the chance to serve.
If she actually does that I can just as well stay in the shitty malnourished state I am and will still get a good job within the Bundeswehr.

Just all the more reason for me to actually join and be one of those who try to do their best.
Run and do calisthenics. You can keep a few days of lifting per week though.

When I did ROTC I did SS with calisthenics and running in the AM, lift in the PM.

Now that I'm enlisted (god dammit). I just lift. American army only throws a PT test at you like twice a year. I'm not even close to a combat job, though.
You're a retarded cuck. Of course it's a problem having millions of low IQ Africans and Arabs flood your country and leech welfare
This thread was a good idea. It helped and I got the info I wanted.
Thanks /fit/ you are an okay place and thanks guys, it means a lot to me, especially the part where I got real answers not some troll shit like any other board.

Let's see if I can get this to work within 6 months.
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