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Sup /fit/.
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Sup /fit/.

I'm a very hardworking, self-disciplined person who spends all of his time working out, running my home business which I'm very successful at and doing all the things that I love. I have a good relationship with my close family, but have no friends since I rarely leave my home (I absolutely love staying home) and all of my goals that I want to accomplish in my life are really just about me, and I don't ever picture anyone besides maybe my close family in my future. (no desire for friends or gf or wife or kids)

What I'm trying to get at is everything I do is for myself, and I'm worried if I'm becoming a narcissist? Will my lack of desire for friends or women eventually bring sadness/loneliness to my life? I don't mind being alone at all, actually I prefer it, but will that change as I grow older?

And I say my goals are selfish and I don't see anyone but myself in them, but it's not like my goals are "ruling the world and shitting on everyone lower then me", my life goals are legitimately stuff like I want to own every lego set ever made.

I heard once the sign of narcissism is constantly comparing yourself to others and trying to be better than everyone. I don't do that at all, to be honest I don't think about other people all that much to begin with.

Am I talking like a sociopath/narcissist? Is it so bad that everything I do is self-centered?

I'm a really happy person, even without friends or gf, is that normal? People go on all the time about how having lots of friends is the key to happiness but I'm really happy just lifting and doing my little hobbies all day.

Am I a narcissist? How do I stop?

Help pls /fit/.
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Yes, it is narcissist. Not really a bad thing however, being narcissistic has gotten you what you wanted right?
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Yes, but is it all really so subjective to just "what I want?"

How do I know for sure that I don't want a wife or a family in the future? All I know is I don't care about it now, but what are the chances that will change as I grow older? Isn't it just biological to desire reproducing? Is there not something more seriously wrong with me that I don't desire/care for it?

Narcissism is just a word. Everyone has a single goal in mind: feel the most pleasure, feel the least pain. For some people, pleasure is having a rich social life. For others, it isn't. The fact that you're asking if this will bite you in the ass is a possible clue that you believe what gives you pleasure will one day shift. Decide if that is the case, and take appropriate measures.
you being happy is all that really matters in life.

no its not normal to not need people, human beings are social animals, a lot of our brain chemistry requires face to face human interaction to maximize the feel good juices.
if you truly dont need that you are for sure a bit wonky. But dam is that a blessing. Ive often wished I didnt.
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I hate my job. It's the same damn thing every day. The same damn people, the same damn complaints. When I was young I had this beautiful idea of what the world would be like when I grew up, but every day I forget a little bit more of what I used to imagine. It's like forgetting what your first dog's name was, you just remember that you loved him.

When I met her I didn't know anything about her. All I knew is that she was beautiful. She was a bit chubby, but her eyes made everything she did forgivable. For the first time since primary school I felt vulnerable, like I could be truly hurt. It felt horribly good, like my heart was getting a shiatsu massage. It made me feel alive.

I had spent so many years trying to be invulnerable, never letting anyone get to know me. Even though I did my best to be funny and kind, at my core I believed that nobody could ever love who I truly was. Every joke and meaningless piece of small talk was just a means of deflecting true human contact. Being emotionally invulnerable means shit if you've got nothing to protect.

She changed all that. I told her everything about me, and hearing it felt so ridiculous. I was so worried about sharing my darkest feelings and secrets, but hearing them out loud made them feel so small. Having her to hear them made me feel like it wasn't all so bad, that I wasn't all so bad.

Life means nothing if you have nobody to share it with. It's like filling a vault with Earth's most incredible treasures and then burying it forever. This is why I share everything with her. I don't want her to grow up and forget how beautiful the world could be. I want her to become the person that she challenges herself to be.

She is my daughter, and she is the reason I lift.
You can always say being goal orientated and self-improving is narcissistic. It's all bullshit tho famila. Creating purpose and setting goals and always wondering whats next is a good mindset. Stop putting your self down OP.
youre looking too much at how others live their life perhaps, "People go on all the time about how having lots of friends is the key to happiness". Not everyone is the same, youre maybe different. But thats okay, I wish you the best and many gains
I am literally the female version of you anon
>run my own animation/graphic design studio
>own my own home at 23
>don't have bf, only some fuckboys occasionally
>love my family
>don't want bf, husband or kids ever
>finishing up my MA in animation
>aim to be successful at what I do (work)
>work out, eat right, take really good care of myself

All of my high school and college friends are off getting married and getting fat, and honestly I don't think it's selfish to want to be independent, successful and enjoy the fruit of your work.

you were so close to making it, until the fuckboys part.

but now you're just another slut like everyone else.
Oh well fuck you :)

im reading that and going "oh, cool, a girl that doesnt use her pussy for attention, and is actually motivated by things"

and then I see "fuckboys"

nope, you validate yourself with your pussy, just like other girls. but hey, that's what society expects these days I guess.
I'm highly compartmentalized, and thus, am into some fetish stuff and sometimes act out my fantasies with consenting adults that don't want to be in a relationship. I don't think it's for validation. It's just an itch I need to scratch from time to time.
Lol degenerate and destined to dry up and whither away
You write very well. That was beautiful, thankyou.
Virgin detected
Casual sex is a part of normal life for early 20s in the 21st century my friend, better get used to it and maybe wet your dick unless you're planning on becoming a wizard
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life is about what you should do you faggots, not what you want to do
well op, this is far from narcisstic/sociopathic you are already doubting whether your current lifestyle is making you happy or not, so you dont really need to fool yourself with
>I'm a really happy person, even without friends or gf... etc
the problem you have encountered is that you are curiuos about other possibilities, but you dont really know the results of these...
one thing you can do is give it a try, if you'll like it, continue, if not, keep your old lifestyle.
another option is to forget what might be and life a happy life.
BUT never never stay in your current position where you want something/curious about smth, but never will make a go... so all these desires will develop an unhealthy part in your psyche/soul/mind.
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