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Stay motivated.
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Stay motivated.

How do I stay motivated /fit/ ? I've been going to the gym now for 9 months or so but I notice I lose motivation. Like I want to go home sooner and sooner and I havent increased the weights in a month or 2. Kinda like i'm losing energy.

Do you got any tips on how to get that beginners rush back again?

I do full body 3 days a week if that matters.

You have to get your social bar up. I know it's a pain, but what I found that helps is taking one day off of work to call people over to have a party to get your social bar good for a few days.

I also hated how you needed to have like a million fucking family friends in the game to become a general or astronaut or whatever the military track was
no i am actually meaning real life gym, the pic is just from a game but i was talking about my actual self

Fucking keked this is /fit/ humour at it's findest
Just stop. If you dont have the fire on your heart you will never make it.
serious replies only
I am serious you fucking dyel faggot. What do you think is funny about my statement. If you dont have the will to get better every workout either more reps or weight just stop it. Why do something you dont enjoy??
I could actually use some motivation right now if anyone is interested in helping. I went from 360lbs to 180lbs and eventually just kind of stayed there for a while (body looked like shit). I recently went threw some depression and gained weight to around 195 currently. I bought stuff for a home gym, got the power rack set up earlier with my brother. Just waiting for the bench which should be here later today and plan to do SS and get in better shape. What I could use is pics of anyone that is 180lbs or heavier that looks good, so I can use that as motivation to get stronger and build muscle. Besides that though, before my depression, my main motivation throughout my weight loss has always been feeling better for myself.
>not becoming an artist painter as writer
You mistake /fit/ with /b/

/fit/ is like /diy/ or any other serious board. You post serious replies. If someone asks something you dont go about posting shit like: "JUST DONT DO IT LMAO XD" or whatever shit

so if you got nothing of value to post, go away and go shitpost somewhere else faggot

they're right though

you gotta want it enough to stay disciplined

unless you have a mental health issue of some sort
I want it, thats why im asking here
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>serious advice
please keep my thread clean guys and post ontopic
does anyone have some valuable advice please?

it would be greatly appreciated
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Then just do it?
But I need to know how to get that beginner motivation back

back when i started i was obsessed with fitness, now it has become more of a chore
Full body x 3 per week is good to get aesthetic. I recommend making almost all of your lifts compounds (with some important accessories like facepulls) in order to maximise your time there. Thse lifts will get you looking aesthetic in minimal time, provided the weight is heavy:
>pull/chin ups
>oly lifts

Now watch yourself get juicy and your motivation rise.

Perhaps right now you should take a week off. Let yourself fully recover, lots of sleep, and you will be itching to get back to the gym before long.

Also, do try to maintain an active social life. The best motivation can often be mires irl.

thanks man, this is some advice i could use

so you recommand just stop going to the gym for a week and then see if I feel more motivated when I go back?

hmm yeah maybe its because i dont do much social shit that i dont feel much motivation right now, I am almost 100% sure motivation will come back in summer when its time to be shirtless on the beach. But I kinda need that motivation now in order to look good shirtless on the beach

wont stop going to the gym for a week fuck something up btw? or could it only do more good than bad?
All things worth doing are never easy.
What part of 'just do it' dont you understand?
I do "just do it". I go, arent I? that isnt the issue as i wrote in my thread
Yes bro, take an absolute rest. One week is not enough to cayse any atrophy and you will only benefit from the full recovery. You may even find you're anle to lift more when you finally get back.

Dont forget, winter is also a shitty time for motivation. You are right that the summer should give you a boost.
ok thanks i might just skip the next week then. Or just a single day.

I go Mo, We and Fr every week so if I maybe skip We I already have a 5 day rest

yeah i think once the winter ends i get more motivation but i need it now to look good for the summer

thanks for your replies
confirmed for not going to make it
No problem man, hope you get your fire back.

I would urge you to take a full week off though for two reasons: to allow a full recovery and the chance to gain strength, and to remind you what it feels like to be sedentary so working out feels like a blessing again.
>/fit/ is like /diy/ or any other serious board. You post serious replies. If someone asks something you dont go about posting shit like: "JUST DONT DO IT LMAO XD" or whatever shit
>so if you got nothing of value to post, go away and go shitpost somewhere else faggot

look it's great that you've started your fitness journey but you're painfully new so treat /fit/ like /b/ for a little longer and lurk moar faggot
Best advice I can give ya is make it fun again.

You say your motivation was more of an obsession. A burning desire that drove you to be /fit/.
I have an addictive personality which leads to a kind of obsession as well. It runs the course for weeks/ months and then something new comes along and the old is dropped.

Your discipline is your saving grace. Take a week off like anon said and make sure to get back to it harder than ever.

>In the mean time...
I *strongly* advise doing all in your power to find a lifting bro.
Someone you can go pick heavy things up with.
Fuck it, if you got the nads find a chick and get her to be your bro.

As long as you can tolerate the other person's company you'll find that the 'I'm so done' feeling vanishes.
Doesn't matter if you're a lone wolf kinda guy or hate all of humanity with a raging inferno.
No bullshit about 'muh weird gym times' etc neither. If you're the only one at your gym every time you work out then enlist friends, make new ones.

>Find someone(s)
>Lift together
meh 1/10
ok then i might take a week off then yes

i did skip 1 day or 2 days sometimes (in holiday or when sick) but never a full week, so maybe i should do it yes

thank you, but i think finding someone to lift with is gonna be hard since im pretty much a loner and go on weird times
>is gonna be hard
Don't tel me you're the kinda person to back down from a challenge now.

You're doing what most only dream of. You're on the path to becoming the best you you can be.
One step at a time and with well-earned rests inbetween but marching on nonetheless.

If there's a mountain in front of you you don't turn back.
Maybe you're the kind of person who will scale the mountain for shits'n'giggles before going onwards.
Maybe you'll find a path around the obstacle.
Heck you might even be the kind to dig a tunnel right through that sucker.
But you sure as hell ain't the kind of person to see a mountain in their path and think 'oh it's a challenge, guess I better give up now nowadays because I'm scared of failure'.

Go forth and overcome your excuses, Anon. They are your mountains and you will wave them goodbye as you carry on.
You will make it. I believe that and so do you.


but i am just not good at the social aspects thats all, so i rather motivate myself. I lift for myself, i dont care about other guys

thanks for the peptalk doc

Get naked and eat a candy car in the mirror.

That should be enough motivation.
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Take a break, deload, get some new gym gear, switch up your routine, do more cardio, do less cardio, just fuck around for a couple of workouts to make it fun again.

One side of me says that motivation can help you to get started but it's your discipline that will have you keep going. But on the other side, I don't know how much willpower I would have if I didn't genuinely enjoy 95% of my gym sessions.

There is always going to be peaks and valleys but you can affect how high and low you go.
This happened to me about 9 months in as well. Pull through, once you reach 12 months the motivation will come back. When you know for fact that you worked out according to your plan for 12 fucking months straight you will be happy you pulled through.
Realize that this can only work in the long term with discipline. Be motivated to develop self-discipline.

Also, you can change your attitude towards things that you do as well as attitudes towards people.

It takes practice like everything else but the more you try to get a positive attitude to going to the gym, the easier it gets to do it properly and not wanting to be somewhere else.

One of the most horrible sufferings of a person is wanting to be somewhere else.
somebody screen cap this
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