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Daily reminder that you're gonna make it.

Keep going.

Trying but I'm sick right now
Gonna take this week to deload, at least that way it won't be a total wash
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Tomorrow is monday and you know what that means! Well Core 4 me baybeee
Our bodies need down time in order to heal from sickness, or let our muscles heal, bro.

Consider your sickness a blessing. Allow your muscles to recover from that work, and heal all together ... then when you get back, it's gainz time!

>Keep up a healthy diet no matter what

We gonna make it
That's the separate broski. Don't forget to do cardio and some HIIT if you're looking to get those beautiful abs. Keep that diet clean, I'm counting on you! We gonna make it.
Let's get it hitting the gym 5 days a week, I'mma make it.. you gonna make it, we all gonna make it
currently 52 .. got up this morning. downed some Yohimbine HCL with a black coffee and did a couple of hours of cardio , rested a bit , ate then lifted through the rest of the afternoon.. gonna do it again tomorrow with a little more Yoho.
>be me, working out for 2 months
>clean up diet
>things going well
>not seeing much results, but whatever gotta keep going
>get invited to swim party
>time to show of muh gainz
>been working hard, moment of truth
>take off shirt and swondle in pride
>expect mirin from females and males
>get the exact opposite
>people laugh
>dudes bean dip my nipples
>mfw im not gonna make it
Hell yeah bro, let's get it. Every morning is a blessing, bless up. I'd recommend laying off the Yohimbine HCL, though brother. Coming from a good hearted and spirited gym bro and biologist background, that stuff can cause nasty side affects. Can lead to kidney problems, liver disease, heart attacks, depression, diabetes, even more. You still gonna make it, regardless bro. Just consider dropping it for now.

Thanks for the motivation, breh
First of all, nice trips bro; confirmed for making it.

Second, two months is not enough time to get your desired results of having fools mirin your gainz. This is a journey my friend, and no matter what; never say you're not going to make it.

I'm proud of you for cleaning up your diet and working hard. But I want you to look deeper and cut out anything that could be holding you back. NO cheat days, bro! Make sure you're working hard enough and doing correct regimes. Do some research and get on it.


No matter what, you're gonna make it. Let's get it!
Bless up brother. No matter what, we gonna make it! You lucky mother fucker, wish I was sick right now 'stead I'm getting gainz! You'll be there soon enough, flick on that TV, bundle up and get yourself some celery and oatmeal.
well thanks for the advice... can you link to some evidence of these risks? I was trying it to liberate stubborn belly fat.. have only taken one 2.5 then two yesterday wanting to be very careful but even with ALCAR/ Coffee/Capsaicin and Black Pepper.. It was not over stimulating.. I had planned on trying thre (7.5 mg today and so on ..

You really think I could do damage if I try this for a few weeks skipping a day or two here and there?

it is true I have no medical evaluation of my organs so if such risks are documented I;d probably toss the bottle
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Im only looking for abs when i make sufficient gains so i don't look DYEL by the end of cutting
Sure thing bro:
Article outlining the potential life threatening things to happen with consuming the drug:

Article outlining the more likely side effects happen with the consumption of the drug:

(click side effects on both articles)

>You really think I could do damage if I try this for a few weeks skipping a day or two here and there?

100% absolutely. Yohimbine HCL is not a natural substance to our bodies. The scary side effects outweight the possible positives to taking this drug.

As we age, it's completely natural to lose testosterone over the years. Not only is this natural, but healthy. From a biological standpoint, our bodies release testorane as we get older because we do not need to reproduce and pass our seed on past a certain age; the same goes for women.

Do not try to fight nature and our body's biology makeup. It's unhealthier to supply your body with more testosterone than it should have, rather than letting your body take it's natural, healthy course of lowering it's levels to a safe, healthy amount each year.

This is why teenagers and young adults spike in testosterone; because our bodies are ready for reproduction. As we grow older, we naturally lower our levels to a safer amount.

Do not try and fight it, or you will reek unhealthy benefits! The only people that will tell you different are corporate shills trying to sell the product to you to pad their pockets.

Have you seen the new commercial about these testosterone suppliers/pills? Lawyers are binding together to take victims to court to sue major corporations because their stuff caused cancer in my users. Don't become a statistic!

I would even suggest cutting out the coffee to become a healthier, fitter you. But it's not a complete must, but if your goal is to become Mr. Fitness, stay natural to your body!
I can vouch for that. Abs are the definition of fitness; although sometimes those without abs are in better shape than those with.

A good diet will help you better your journey into achieve abs! along with fat burning ab exercises! that's the only thing keeping those abs from popping out, the layer of fat over them.

Everyone has abs at 8% body fat, but I personally wouldn't recommend going lower than 10% to maintain a healthy balance.

Abs will begin to show up at around 13% bf and look best at 10-12%.
care to share some of your ab workouts? You seeing results?
What do you mean? I usually do declined crunches with a medicine ball. You can do decline sit-ups holding a weight (like a 35/45) in your arms as you sit up. Leg raises, Chin-ups with legs extended are all really good. But if you're looking for DEFINITION you don't have to lift a single pound. Just run. Lol Cardio is literally all you have to do. I love to hate cardio
If i didn't clarify what "with a medicine ball" meant. Have a buddy throw you one, do a sit up and throw it back and rinse and repeat.
I mean are you seeing abs form?

Im trying to get abs, too.. i run a lot and always finish my workouts with intense ab workouts, how long till i start seeing abs
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Fuck no im not seeing abs form. Then again my diet isn't really strict enough for them to form.
Also >>35572088 is a pretty helpful guy who framed it into a nice perspective with
>"Abs will begin to show up at around 13% bf and look best at 10-12%."
You know it, bro. Your diet is pretty much the biggest yes or no factor to whether or not you'll get abs. Granted, you need to form the muscles first and work enough to drop to that body fat, eating plays a big role.

It all starts with you!
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You know i've pissed around for a few years when i was like 17-19 in the gym which has attributed to some strength i have a larger more defined chest and arms but wouldn't you know it ive neglected just about everything else besides back. Since November ive been going hard to catch-up the other parts of my body
You gonna make it bro. We all gonna make it. Keep grinding
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Don't lose your hunger. Keep your inner mongrel angry.
I used to think I would make it. Now, I don't
Why bro?

The reason you haven't made it (over what seems to be a long period of time) is because you lost focus and didn't work hard enough! Combine that with a healthy diet, and boom, you gonna make it.

You need to dedicate for at least 8 months before you can say you won't make it

lost 25lbs and have about 60 to go before I look reasonable, haven't lost shit since thanksgiving - xmas thanks to cookies everywhere and shitty willpower.

>tfw I finally started losing weight again after a month of sadness
It's been years. It's not the body anymore. It's the mind.
You gonna make it.. self discipline and dedication
I need to trust her but I can't. My entire future depends on my being able to have faith but I can't.

As for my diet, yeah it's brutal but I'll get it back in line. I'm determined to lose another 15 this year so I'm under 90, get that 3 plate bench and rack pull 6 plates.

help me not throw away a wonderful woman because I'm a stubborn fuck who holds petty grudges and ridiculous double standards.
Bump for positive thoughts
i love you all, i want all of you to be happy.

make it!
Even if shit seems bad now ibt worry bros. Zit vets better. We're all gonna make it.
>Broke my back last labor day
>Lost over 20 lbs due to sheer inactivity
>Surgeon said I might not regain full mobility for at least 2 years
>I say fuck that
>Start hiking 3 days after surgery
>Slowly gain strength back
>Start hitting the gym 3 weeks ago
>Feeling stronger already
>Getting my dyel gains back

Don't ever give up faggots
Trust her to do the thing most beneficial to her.
Trust her to betray you when she feels like it.
Trust that you can lift your feels.
Yes my friend, that's pure discipline and motivation right there! keep on your jouney, bro

no excuses
You're gonna make it bro
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Goddamn that looks painful familia. Good job, keep it up
snap city is a detour
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Hey Dox,
Gimme sum of dat advice pls
I recently switched mass gainer to help on my quest outta Auschwitz.
I went from Mutant Mass to Massive Mass because sick of old taste.
The new gainer is giving me the shits/runs. Should I just finish the 7kg bag
or does the shits ruin my bulk? I've gone from 65kg to 85kg in half a year.

Thanks mate
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It's not that bad now that the gorillion staples are out.

Please ignore my disgusting stretch marks, I was a fat fuck before I got fit
Thats an odd place for stretchmarks. I admire the determination tho!

On another note, are you a manlet? And how did you break your back?
At least you now have a cool scar to start conversations with
File: 1279794761808.jpg (10 KB, 144x145) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I'm 5'9" which is manlet status for Americans, but most Mexican males are around that height. I certainly feel like a manlet when hanging out with my white friends :(

I've shown it at parties a couple of times so yes. It still feels weird and very uncomfortable when people touch it
File: DICKBUTT.png (34 KB, 859x871) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Also I was in a car accident and pretty much destroyed my back. This is a crude representation of what happened. I've got a bunch of rods and plates infused to my spine now
Not when I've strained my vastus medialis or whatever and am now apparently going to have weeks of my knee just randomly failing whenever I put a load on it.

Is this my punishment for trying to do cardio?

how does one brake it's neck??
I got the same stretch marks and have never been fat. They come from growing vertically too fast at one point.
I've got them all around my lower back and my ass cheeks, I was pretty chubby until I joined track in High school so I don't really know where they came from, I've always attributed them to that.

I didn't break my neck thank to fucking god, that would have been hell. I broke my spine at around chest level so I spent 2 days without any feeling whatsoever from my chest down. The third day I regained feelings, the nurses aided me to walk around, then they promptly told me to fuck off home. I went hiking that day for like 20 minutes, and each day I kept upping it up until I was hiking for a full day
Perpetual lanky fag here, I have stretchmarks on my lower back and arse as well.

Also you have inspired me to ignore my pathetic injury.
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What happened to you?

Hiking didn't really do shit for me on aesthetics since I spent all day pretty much in bed depressed as fuck about having lost my back, but did speed up the healing process. I started hitting the gym as soon as I was cleared to do so by the surgeon.
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Tell them you got the scar in Vietnam or on the D-Day.
I'm this post

I'm trying to get fit enough to participate in a charity run/walk event in a month and a half my friends invited me to, to unfuck my social life you see.

I want to be able to keep up with at least my unfit friends and I'm worried I'm not going to make it.
I'd say don't risk it. Knees are vulnerable as fuck
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So I've been told.

Thanks anyway.

I've been depressed for years, barely able to get the motivation to do anything let alone physical exercise. I've been doing bodyweight exercises for a few months, I've gotten visibly more muscular and that's a nice feeling. But after only about a week of jogging, now that I have to stop for a bit all I want is to start again which is a better feeling.
Is it possible to make it with crippling depression that removes apatite and makes you want to stop existing because you just make a fucking fool of yourself?
thank you family
I think. I'm not there yet, but I can see it from here.

>want to stop existing because you just make a fucking fool of yourself
I know this feeling too well. I know it so fucking well. Sometimes I have literally crawled into a ball and tried to crush myself out of the world.

The mind pretends to be a negative feedback loop, but actually functions as a positive feedback loop.
Negative feedback loop: if you touch a hot stove you want to pull your hand away to stop the pain and damage, and this is good.
Positive feedback loop: you're about to cum so you thrust even harder

Your mind keeps telling you to pull back, but what it really needs is to push even harder.

I made a woman who wanted me hate me in the span of a couple weeks. Just by talking to her a couple times at work she went from friendly and cute to now actively avoiding and ignoring me if I say hi. I don't understand what I did. She even talked to me the saturday to ask about something, then today she won't even look at me. I'm so confused, man.
There are a few explanations for that behaviour that have nothing to do with you.

Maybe she's realised she's leading you on and doesn't want to hurt you.
Maybe she has a bf and he's the jealous type.
Maybe she has a bf and is attracted to you and needs to keep her distanced.

How has she been ignoring you if it's only been like 1 work day since Saturday?

We were working in that same part of the store today and it seemed to me that she was trying not to look at me. Also, I walked by and she wouldn't look at me, despite previously always waving and smiling. I said 'hi' and she seemed to be pretending not to hear it.
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>I'm not there yet, but I can see it from here.
Holy shit, thank you for sharing these words. I just spent the last week and a half hating myself after relapsing into a state of constant suicidal ideation. I spent the entire time in bed, unable to even get up and shower or brush my teeth despite how much dirtier I felt with each passing day. I didn't want to see anyone and I didn't feel worthy of being in the presence of others, so I'd lay in my room for hours and hours, simultaneously dehydrated with a bladder full of piss, waiting until the house was empty so I could sneak out to relieve myself and grab some water or an apple or a spoonful of peanut butter if I felt capable of eating (lost so much weight I had gained, woke up at 111 lbs. today.)

The month before that, I had been doing so well. I was working out every day, my diet was better than ever, I was making real noob gains and getting babby's first mires from my family. Then everything stopped -- why? I keep trying to find out why, but there's no pattern. The only thing I know for certain is that it only takes one day, one bad choice, and that one misstep leads to catatonia, torpor, depression, self-hatred, suicidal thoughts. These demons have taken years from me, often months at a time, entire seasons lost to the dark. So much time I'll never get back!

Now I see the light. The toll exacted from me this time was only a single week. Not months or years. One week, and I'm already back on track. And I haven't lost my progress, only stalled. If anything, I gained better knowledge of how to deal with situations like these: illnesses, grievous circumstances, bad days. I'm stronger for it. And while I'm still light-years away from where I want to be, I can see my destination now like a star whose light has finally reached my eyes, calling me, guiding me. I see how good life can be if I get back up now and continue walking in the direction I'm facing. We're all going to make it.
>Your mind keeps telling you to pull back, but what it really needs is to push even harder.
Would you mind elaborating on this? Especially the part about it being a positive feedback loop in disguise. Feel like I'm missing something important that could help me here.

Good luck, brother! I don't know if my suffering can lend you any insight, but my depressive episodes seem to be kicked off most often by social frustration and isolation or confusion. Whenever I don't know what to think or feel about something, I default to crippling depression.

I already lost 25 kg in 6 months.

I've planned to lose 10 more kilos by the end of February and don't know what to do later.
Damn senpai. What kind of exercises are you currently doing/working towards? Can you ever do the big 3 compound lifts again?
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