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Yall niggas using ever use thoes musles in a fight
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Yall niggas using ever use thoes musles in a fight

>fit fight stories thread
Once my younger friend was getting beat up by seniors in HS at a party

I pussied out and didn't help him

It was at least 6 years ago. I'm a goddamn cuck, I think about it at least once a week. TFW I can never go back in time and defend him
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How could you even tell a story in this thread without looking like a liar?
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>playing football in high school
>we wreck niggas
>up by 35 pts by half time
>kickoff return time before 2nd string steps in
>we return it for the TD
>I'm running down the field with arms raised in triumph
>out of nowhere I get leveled from behind
>I rise up swinging my fists into the other opponent and he falls to the ground clutching his gut
>ref throws a flag
>penalty on them

Flawless victory.
Got in a fight at a bar, i tanked 2 hits to the chin from a manlet then hit him back and floored him. I then turned around and walked off because I saw the bouncer running in. He told me to wait outside, he asked me to tell him what happened and I did. Nothing came from it

Generally if i square up against someone they back down so it was a bit of fun
hate to admit it but got my shit rekt by a boxer with anger issues. Being fit didn't help much
>Be me

>Never been in a fight

>Kid tried to kick my ass at a party because I wouldn't buy weed off of him

>Knocked him back with a right reflexively

>Holy shit, I'm in a fight

>Comes at me again

>Better use the left this time

>Knock him back again

>Comes a third time

>Knock him back again, this time with the right again

>Stares dumbfounded, glasses broken

>"You just made the BIGGEST mistake of your entire life!"

>Runs out the door

>Comes back


>Be me again

>3 years later, different party, different town, different people

>Be chatting up two girls I've wanted to fuck for like a year, and they both are actually interested in talking to me that night

>Dumbasses start getting loud and hosting around to draw their attention

>Move in between their line of sight and the girls because of some article I read about "Avoiding Cockblockers at Parties" that says guys are too pussy to walk up and start a conversion if you don't look at them

>It works

>Guys move on to pick on younger kid, about 15

>Apparently kid has had way too much to drink, and happens to named Nick, just like one of the douchebag's

>They start pushing him around, calling him a baby

>Kids getting teary eyed and his girlfriends trying to get in the and tell them to leave him alone

>Douchebag's get worse because of it

>Finally the kid puts his fists up and they all start laughing because he's trying to defend himself

>Now the girls I was talking to are laughing too because they think it's hilarious


>Then I walk over

>"Listen kid, it sounds like this girl really wants you to go inside with her, so why don't you do that?"

>Douchebag goes, "Oh, no." And grabs the kid by the shoulder

>Without making eye contact or even looking at him I grab the dude's arm, take it off the kid, and open the door and tell him and the girl to go inside

>They do

>Afterwords I walk back over to the girls who are standing there not knowing what to say

>The group of douchebags start trying to freestyle, badly, in an attempt to still look cool

Moral of the Story: Some people are dumb, and women are evil
I forgot
After this fight, everyone at the party thought I was a badass for like two weeks and told everyone I was the shit
It was pretty sweet

Plus after my first fight, I got an adrenaline rush like no other, it was legit better than losing my virginity
I literally felt like I couldhave ripped the sky open
I beat up a bunch of niggers on the daily.
I've never been in a fight, and the thought of fighting gives me anxiety (because of the embarrassment of losing), but most people think I could fight.
I've been in a few wasted scuffles. I wouldn't say anyone ever really won. We'd always just fight until it was broken up and everyone was hungover and bruised the next morning. That was awhile back though. I don't drink anymore and can always talk my way out these days. People still think I'm aggressive and intimidating even though I never threaten anyone or put my hands on them. It's kinda just whatever at this point.
No, never been in a fight. literally everyone i've met likes me or just never bothered me, and i dont even talk that much. i have no idea why but its always been that way.

not bragging, just something that i've been observing since highschool. even in my first year in college the same shit happens

>not necessarily putting myself out there
>still become acquaintances/friends with many people without trying/saying much

not complaining though, makes my life easier and conflict free
thats pretty alpha, you ever lost one?
>walking home almost sober at 3 am
>a Wild manlet appears in my path
>he's wired on some sort of stims, asking me where some building is
>try to walk away and say I don't know but he starts following me
>shoving my chest and kicking my shins
>put my hands up to block his shoves but get pissed and pop him in the jaw
>hear his head whack te concrete hard as I sprint away
There was nothing about a dead manlet on the sidewalk in the papers the next day so I guess I need to lift more.
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>be me
>5th grade or so
>friend getting bullied by some faggot, pouring water on him
>i step in pushing that little shitlord around and stuff, about to strike him
>he kicks me in the balls as hard as he can and runs off
>he had brand new leather black shoes that day where the front toe region was still hard as concrete
>im on my knees balling my eyes out
>balls were okay, but the entire area was black/red/green all sorts of fucked up colours from bruising for about 3 weeks
>I have now graduated school and am still too afraid to get in to another fight for fear of losing my manhood to another cheapshot
I just imagine you running home with protein and creatine falling out of your fanny pack after you smashed some child's face in thinking he was a deranged manlet. In my vision you definitely wear socks and sandals
A child shouldn't push and kick people way bigger than him anyway. In any ever I think my creatine rage was put to good use.

*tips 5% flatbrim*
Havent been in a fight but i guess im intimidating. Used to work at fast food and some dude was blasting me over the speaker, comes around to my window and is chill as fuck even nice. Some guy who lives in my block went off at me for slamming the gate and ran down to fight me, saw me and said "can you please stop i have a baby that cant sleep". Im just tall, not even that big.
Grew up in Russia fighting anyone I felt like knocking the shit out of, those went both ways. Used to fight competitively in Judo at a regional level. Was pretty good, never placed less than third. Retired after the fight where my opponent broke my collar bone and I broke his knee. Was not a pretty scene. After that moved to Canada, started lifting weights, had a few scraps here and there, but even the dumbest niggers here don't want to fuck with a Russian.
Used to work solo patrol security, had 18 arrests over my time, got into quite a few fights, mostly just intimidated my way out of shit though. Shit can be really freaking scary at times since you're by yourself at night and 8 young guys with weapons pop out of a property I'm checking, hard not to shit yourself. I just keep it firm in my mind that they are plebs and dress them down, threaten them, they end up apologising and leave. I thank satan that I am not dead and its all good.

As for fights my favorite was a junky stabbing at me with a syringe, knocking the arm to the side with my right arm, stepping in and elbowing his face with same arm. Head hits the concrete, I run. All good..

I have too many to count. i won all my fights from training boxing as a kid, not from lifting. I fought most during my dyel phase. Ive never lost a fight, although ive lost in sparring to my close buddy who did BJJ for awhile. sucks because.i taught him boxing but he never taught me BJJ except for positioning. Which has helped me fucktons
Alfa as fuc bro
I used to run the marital arts club at my highschool and eventually took up boxing and not once have I even remotely been in a situation where I thought I might have had to defend myself or someone else. It's even hard finding a situation where somebody has pissed me off to the point where I would want to put'em up.

And I lived in so cal, so with all the cholos and teen angst I'd figure SOMETHING would have came up. It's like the second you learn how to fight stupid shit just stops happening.
nice i lost my first fight (that i initiated; i was retarded when i was in 2nd grade) and it pretty much changed me into the pussy i am today.
>Be me
>3 dickheads jump my mate,don't see me and another mate nearby
>Try and break up the fight, get decked, oh shit nigga fucked up now
>drunken beastmode activated
>choke-slam a motherfucker
>his mates don't want to fight any more
>go to after-party and continue drinking

adrenaline rush was fucking amazing, plus people heard the story and thought I was a badass which prevented future fights, Great night all in all
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>be 105kg 184cm, vaguely pudgy
>tiny manlet aggressively insulting me
>smakc him, take it to the ground asap
>his three nigger friends come in and start kicking me
>cop literally pops up out of nowhere and arrests them
>Pulling in to walmart at the T like 3 way stop sign
>get to the stop before the guy driving perpendicular to me, sino proceed to drive
>Central Americans in old ford truck accelerate and block my way
>i throw a stare while i let em pass (but i have a baby face at 22)
>salvadorians/central Americans stop their truck in the middle of the intersection, and i proceed to park
>both guys get behind my pick up to confront me(fight)
>me and my dad get out of the car, we are both 5'11 kings of manlets but are wearing tank tops cause we were fresh out the gym
>dad n I are ripped and attletic
>central american 5'4 manlets see us and run back to their old ford f150 yelling at each other
>didnt get to use my gains
>too afraid to ever get in a fight with everyone

getting your ass beat has got to be the biggest wake up call that you're not the hot shit you think you are, and i am far too afraid to face that kind of realization and want to continue believing i am hot shit, so i avoid fighting
It isn't that bad desu. Learning how to take a punch is a valuable skill too, most people panic when they get socked in the face or gut and the fight is oer because they stop thinking clearly.
Surprisingly I never got in a fight after I started lifting
>sophmore year of hs
>weak chublet boy
>stoner friends inv me to party
>lax bros are there
>lets call him seabass
>seabass is absolute dick
>hated him so much bc he made fun of me when i was on the team
>stoner friend brought brownies
>seabass (colombian) goes full nig and trys to sneak a brownie w/o chipping in the dosh
>call him out
>"lol yo seabass what ya tryna do ther--"
>fucker socks me in the mouth
>knocks me on the floor cartoon style
>cry like a little bitch bc pussy
>everyone there saw
>everyone saw seabass OTK me for a fukin brownie
>people still laughed bc i cried but others thought he was a dick

>tfw i cockblocked him at a pollo tropicale 3 years later
Not really a fight but it was the most physical confrontation ive ever had bc like i said im a pussy
Only ever been I'm that one, and then that time I helped the kid out
One time I had a friendly wrestling match with a friend who had like 250 extra lbs on me and I lost that, but it was more life a two bucks fighting thing where we were trying to see who could push the other person back
Made up for it though because this one kid was talking shit saying he could beat my ass and I put him on the ground, which shut him up. So that was cool.

Plus the friend that bet me was one of my best friends since I was 10 so it wasn't a big deal.

Another time I had to hold down my friend who was freaking the fuck out on acid thinking he was going to be sacrificed to the devil, and I held him down with no problem, which was actually really cool because I was completely sure I would never be able to take him in a fight.
Sometimes you have more strength than you realize.
Last street fight I was in was getting jumped by 4 guys. After that I got into mauy thai, then jujitsu, then everything else. That was 14 years ago and I still haven't been in another street fight. Anon above had it right, once you learn how to fight you don't get into many actual street fights. Your general attitude changes. Even if people don't consciously know it, they get the vibe that you're not to be fucked with.

As for my gains helping me in a fight, they help all the time when I do matches. When technique breaks down, and it will, you still have strength to help you out.
Me again
Also for everyone too afraid to fight, let me tell you it's never a good idea to go looking for one
But when you're trying to defend yourself or someone getting hit hurts, but it fades pretty quick.

That being said I'm weird with pain, I don't have a high tolerance, but I do at the same time. Like whenever I'm in competition to see who could take the hardest punch I normally quit first, but if I get socked in the nuts I can normally take it and keep going. Might be from years of shitty fast food diet as a kid causing gastrointestinal pain I'm the abdomen and genital area, which thankfully I don't have to deal with anymore, but helped me build a high tolerance to pain I'm that region.

Sorry, at work on a cellphone
>at a bar lining up for a beer
>roughly 6'1 chubby guy gets really angry and has a go at me because he thought i pushed in
>laugh and smile and say cmon m8 relax
>gets right up to my face and asks what i'm going to do about it
>I've seen enough fight videos online to know not to mouth off and instead hit first.
>pull some Sherlock Holmes calculations in my head
>this guy is a fatass and looks like he is a heavy drinker, i'll go for the liver first
>drive my left fist into his liver followed through with a straight right hand to the nose
>he falls back clutching his liver and doubles over in pain
>bouncers saw the whole thing and kick us both out but they let me in after 10 minutes because they saw he was about to hit me

i kept my cool after i hit him and just walked away, some grills that saw it were mirin me for the rest of the night and i ended up hooking up with one. Was bretty gud night.
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Rudolph Head.png
3 MB, 2512x2504
I went to a new school and instantly got a reputation for being a master martial artist. In reality when three guys from the rugby team tried to tackle me I fluked out three times in a row, throwing with their momentum, somehow floored two guys in one movement and the third grabbed my foot and was thrown with a spin of the leg.

In reality, they had psyched themselves out thinking I could fight, threw themselves by running like morons and because of it everyone in the school thought I was some judo master.

Reputation > Skill
Despite doing really gay shit at school like reading physics books in breaks and avoiding all sports I was never bullied because of that unfounded fear.
Not fit fight but I will post my fight in HS
>Out of Sophomore gym
>Changing in locker room
>Kid I hate starts pushing me while I am changing (in boxers)
>Say something like "are you fucking serious? I am in my underwear, let me get changed and let's do this in the hallway
>Go to hallway
>We fight
>Literally the pussiest fight of all time, slapping with no form or technique
>I get on top of him and start swinging
>Get off when a security guard comes
>Everyone down the week is like "dude you kicked his ass!"
>Cool kids let me sit at their table
Shit was weird
>move from Mexico to US
>be in 5th grade, and was a massivo dragon ball z/van damme fan sono loved fighting
>cholos at my school decided to pick on me cause i didnt speak english and had blonde hair
>one of the cholo decides to Spit on my face
>i started yelling like if i was turning sayan, cholos laughing
>adrenaline kicks in
>i punch the cholo right in the gut and he falls on the floor in fetal position
>other cholos didnt even try to touch me
>next day all the cholos confront me to befriend me lol

To be honest I was skinny but very strong in fith grade because I lived in a ranch and Mexican country people r generally stronger
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suspended poop.jpg
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Be little freshman with my 2 freshman friends in locker room
>they start fighting over some stupid bullshit, I dont even remember why or what
>seniors/juniors start recording them with phones encouraging them to fight
>tell them to put the phones away and to stop recording
>my fucking legs shacking but they listened and walked away
>tfw shouldnt be alive
not fit but it was my only fight
>be me 10th grade
>walking through the hallway when big native guy bumps right into me
>look back and see he did it intentionally by the smug look on his face
>feeling tough so i look a few steps towards him and shoulder bumped him
>200+lb guy falls right over not expecting it and stumbles into the bathroom door
>he stands up and stares right at me as i square up
also i should mention i was an auschwitz mode 130lbs 5'9"
>he throws a punch right towards my face and i tackle under and bring him to the ground
>he throws me right off him pretty much across the hall
this is when the metal shop teacher broke it up
he was my favorite teacher, always gave me food
>been going to gym for like 2 months
>go at night because aspie
>one week started jogging there
>always listen to rap or heavy metal for the gym
>imagine being a sickcunt fighting people with my gains
>heard some nignog from roommates school got expelled for selling drugs
>walking to gym
>barely around the corner
>car pulls up diagonally
>niglet gets out with green (green?) bandana over mouth
>has a screwdriver
>lol niglet
>raises screwdriver
>raise hands to show they're bare
>he takes a swing without the screwdriver
>he clearly only wants my stuff not to kill me
>duck back and push him
>"what do you want mate I don't have anything on me at all"
>takes another swing that hits me
>pussiest retort punch but he stumbles back
>4 other nignogs get out all with different coloured bandanas
>noobs can't colour coordinate
>they baited me with this little niglet
>get completely ragdolled by 5 guys
>did the niglet have to sit in the middle?
>they get my bag with my gym stuff in it and drive off
>go back home
>call cops
>they know who did it
>submit insurance claim
>buy iPhone

That said I've never really been as confident again. Can't really walk around at night without being paranoid.
does anyone here have a really fucking rage point ? its not even funny when i hit the wall there's only the sensation of touch no pain so much adrenaline and when i scream its heard through like 300 400 m im not even fucking with you at first it felt good and stuff but sometimes i dont even correctly remember what i did while i was raging everyone threats as a psycopath after they see it it caused me to be a social autist anyone here like that also i get stupid power and can knock out pretty much anyone with one punch of course if the guy isnt trained but shit im going to psycologist soon so im sure it will be fixed anyone here like me ?
Russian born living in Cali. Can confirm that no one wants to fuck with a buff Russian
are you me? except they had guns

i cant look blacks in the eye anymore, which is a shame because i usually get along with them okay
>playing AFL (Ausfags know)
>kid on other team being a dick to my mates all game
>keeps spear tackling kids behind play, refs aren't doing shit
>see him punch a kid in the kidney, dropping him to the ground
>run over to him, punch him 3-4 times straight in the face
>he goes off field crying
>mates from his school tell me he came to school with a black eye
>tried to tell everyone he belted me
>everyone watching game calls him out

good feels
Well i have been in a fight but everything else is same for me. Sometimes i wonder why i even have friends since i never go talk to people but its pretty nice. Some people say that their first impression of me was weird as fuck but when they got to know me they just think im a chill autist and thats pretty much what im going for and what i enjoy doing.
Me and my buddies have no-punching MMA type fights every now and then.

>friends been doing jujitsu for a few years but still super fat
>we decide to fight to see who would win since I'd been lifting a year but never took any fighting lessons other than watching WWE as a kid
>I don't know how but he shits on me the first round, he gets me into a headlock
>realize that it's just about getting a strong grapple
>shit on him with full Nelsons from that point on
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>at a party
>see some douchebag trying to take advantage of some girl
>put my hand on his shoulder and say "I think you've had enough fun" while smiling
>tells me to piss off
>"beautiful night, isn't it? I'd hate to have to drop you on it." now leering
>Two of his cronies then take his side
>"heh...if it must come to this, so be it"
>take up SF4 Ryu stance
>I'm anticipating their next moves and planning out the swiftest way to victory
>main dude sucker punches me mid thought
>fall to ground
>Other goons stump me while I beg for them not to kill me

It was all a blur, but the house owner through me out and apparently one of the dudes pissed on me. I heard that the girl still went home with him. Moral of the story: Women are bitches and whores. Let them be raped
>"heh...if it must come to this, so be it"
heh, you're a fag
never been in a fight senpai, but you bet your ass my 110lb DB for reps on flat bench and 80lb DB on shoulder press will have some sort of carry over in a fight
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>Back in HS
>Photography class doing the least amount of work for the highest possible grade
>Finish entire semester of work after a single class session
>Gotta go to the bathroom, leave computer open
>Come back some 6'4 fat red neck hopped on my computer and deleted my files as a joke
>Teachers not doing shit, threaten to kick the fuckers ass
>Some banter about my mother and manlet jokes because I'm 5'7
>Lets meet up at the bus stop
>Find him at the bus stop and confront his ass in front of all his friends
>Say to myself this fucker is huge I'm going to get my ass kicked
>Hes standing next to wall so I get him in his face and shower him in willy banter calling him a homo or something
>I curly my leg around his like you would do if you spooned with someone and he didn't notice
>In one quick motion I push his head towards the wall and slam it against it 5 times to the ground
>Proceed to kick him all the way until he gets up off the ground
>Throwing punches at the face, most are connecting

Anon grab his head!!! Guillotine!!!

>I go in to choke him out
>I end up doing a somersault off his back because fuckers like 300lbs and I'm 150lbs and land on my head
>Its black I think I passed out but I instantly woke up and I was standing with a teacher holding me against the wall
>I was about to punch a teacher and get expelled
>In the police report near the end in my period of darkness I punched him in the throat and collapsed his air way
>Almost killed someone but no charges were pressed
>After a 2 week vacation from school I return and the guy was transferred out of my class to avoid any further conflicts

I lost that fight though. Made the mistake of listening to a friendly bystander and got fucked.
calm down bro, it was just a prank
In grade 10 I had a fight with my friend.

>Friend punches black friend In the dick and runs away as a "joke"
>Black friend tells me to punch him back because it'll be funny
>Find friend in the school canteen filled with people
>I sneak up on him and uppercut him in the nutsack from behind and started laughing obnoxiously in his face
>As I'm laughing he runs up and punches me in the face
>Didn't really hurt, but I'm still processing the situation because my friend just punched me in the face
>He jumps on my back and starts punching me in the side if the head, gets in at least 20 punches
>Still processing the situation, not sure what to do, so I grab his arms and bodyslam myself backwards
>Get on top of him and punch him in the mouth twice
>knock out his tooth
>I tell him to leave me alone and I start walking away
>he gets up, he's visibly crying, I turn away again
>Feel a huge hit to the back of my head
>See a broken Gibson Les paul guitar head on the floor
>This retard threw a guitar head at me, I start looking at him all confused
>He sprints away crying

Next day we met up and apologized and became best friends
>mfw walking home from school
>see guy who has been dick to all my friends
>he starts yelling shit at me from distance
>surrounded by his "friends" but know for sure no one cares about anyone in those circles
>he taunts me more
>taunt him back
>earthquakes as the 5'10 ball of fat starts moving
>he goes for my throat and pins me against a store window, trying to choke me
>grab his neck since 5'11 and long arms
>slowly apply pressure on his Adam's apple, completely content with tearing it out if he doesn't let me go
>let's me go, grabs my hand from his throat and tries to take me down and pin the arm on my back
>twist around with the arm and hit his wrist hard
>he lets go of me and I proceed to walk away
>he's panting and sweaty as fk and tries to run after me to push me
>I start walking a little bit faster
>fatblob can't catch me
>confort him next time I see him, telling that if he wants to fight he can come to the boxing ring
>give him a time and place, he never shows up to fight me

alpha wins again
>heh...if it must come to this, so be it

you shouldnt watch so much anime mate
Guys is it normal to be constantly pushed around in nightclubs? I feel as though I get it worse than others just because of my size and though it's sort of natural because I'm bigger than these chumps I feel like they isolate me out and purposely do it. That being said whenever I've called them out they always look scared as fuck.

>as a kid, get into fights regularily due to being born in a war zone
>later on, stop fighting with others
>never get threatened
>never the need to kick somebody's head in
>solve every altercation any of my friends have by talking to the aggressors

most of the time, the guys that want to fight with my friends end up telling me how sympathetic I am
You're probably look like a faggot or something

Also, height weight?

it's pretty normal. I'm short (175cm) and face the same problems. notice how it's only the men that do that? yup, drunk fucking faggots

most of the time, when you tell them to back off, they do so
>be me, 19
>out in the city, drunk, 3am, empty streets
>behind me i hear someone say ,,whats up" or some shit like that
>turn around not thinking anything bad, maybe he need a light or some shit like that
>get instantly hit in the left side of my jaw
>very surprised, wasnt expecting that, raise my hands up
>im 6.3 , hes even taller than me, very big fucking dude with a beard
>im wearing a suit so im afraid i might get blood on it
>we jump around for a couple second, he tries to hit, misses
>i scare him with my left straight and throw a left hook
>did not think it was strong
>he stops fighting, gets his phone and tries to call his buddies
>i wait next to him, for whatever the fuck reason
>his eye is red/blue, tears falling from it (hes not crying)
>his friend are not coming
>he actualy apologizes and wanders off
>i go home
5'11 85kg literally people have always told me I look intimidating (in the face) so I doubt that that. They jelly? Mad mirin merlin?
A friend and I used to both be skinny but now I've gained around 40lbs over two years while he stayed the same.

>meet up
>he says some bullshit to tease me
>i talk shit back
>gets mad, tries to grapple me
>overpower him
>"hey bro watch the jacket it's expensive"

Every time.
>> Fresh out of gym/swim session
>> Two girls from school were watching my swim, drinking booze (fuck knows why)
>> Ask me to hang about the town
>> Cross paths with a group of douchebags from school the girls know
>> Faggot called 'Tommy' grabs one of the girl and forcefully tries to get off with her
>> Walk over, shove him away
>> 'You lay a finger on her again and you're going to regret it'
>> Tommy cowers and puts up his hands 'sorry bro didn't mean anything lets just leave it'
>> Turn around to check on the girl, get punched in the back of the head
>> Didn't really hurt but being cheapshot made me go into full blown rage
>> Grab the guy by the collar and punch him in the jaw
>> Two other lads tackle us to the ground and pull me away

Everyone still regards Tommy as an A-Class faggot to this day.
If you're going to fight and try to win, go for the first punch, not a cheap shot after surrendering and the guy's back is turned.
5'11 85kg is pretty skinny desu
You probably just look like a wanker which is why people want to push you around.
File: image.jpg (2 MB, 3264x2448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 3264x2448
Strangely i've never been in a fight. I'm well liked in Uni, but I was ocassionally picked on in High School (went to a nigger school). People always talked big shit about beating me to a pulp, yet they always pussied out in the end. Why was this
I never had to fight as an adult, thanks civilized first world country. That said, I used to get into fights in middle school and early high school, but I was fat then so it was pretty damn easy.
Same here, fights in middle school and even high school were a joke because I was fat. I guess it's different as an adult, especially if the other person knows how to fight, so I'm happy that I never had to honestly, even after becoming fit.
Freaking this.

I want people to think about it like this.

>Think of something that happened in your life that's insane/crazy/impossible/remarkable
>You probably have 1 or 2 stories like that hiding within your memory
>Now imagine that everyone on this board has 1 or 2 crazy-ass stories that they want to share
>Some of those stories are crazier than yours
>Other times, they're actually pretty mild in comparison
>But the point is, everyone has 1 or 2 crazy stories worth talking about
>Is it REALLY so far fetched to believe that some anon in a country of 1 billion, or some anon from some backwater town in the middle of bumfuck nowhere saw, or did something totally and completely insane?
>There are 8 billion people on this planet right now
>If I said that one of them were once set on fire and jumped off a building into a pool to put it out, chances are, it PROBABLY has happened
>In fact, I'd go so far as to say its happened many, many, many times
>So the next time some anon posts about his pet snake eating his neighbor's cat, or his little sister coming on to him, it's entirely possible that it actually might have happened
>The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood. Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
I find the opposite, if a guy wants to get through the crowd in general he'll tap you and gesture. Whenever it's a girl they just barge through like they own the place.
>used to work out since 14 because basically the only thing i did in my life back then was practice sports
>in 16 started to practice all kinds of fights

story #1
>be me, around 19
>used to hook up with some girl
>suddenly she was back with her ex
>meet her at a daylight party one day
>tell her she still makes my dick hard
>she says i have to hold on until later on when we attend to another party in the night cause there will be darker and less people will know us
>i get there and her boyfriend is there
>i say hi and hug her
>the guy sees us, he must have recognized me from pictures or something
>starts calling me names and coming to my direction in a very aggressive way, his friends behind
mind you I was totally drunk
when fight is imminent, I get some kind of "click". I sober up and plan my next moves like INSTANTLY. in this case I was going to toss my drink in his face and go for the double leg takedown.
>when he is about 1m from me, security shows up and takes him away no questions asked
>i look around and figure that a circle was formed around us
>random anonymous /fit/ guy says "hey bro, if more than 1 guy jumps you, I'll join"
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barks internally.jpg
73 KB, 524x468
>Be me in elementary school
>Pretty fatas fatass status
>Kid keeps fucking with me, but I don't know what his problem is, because he's pretty fat too
>He gets worse grades than me, he's as fat as me, he's as ugly as me
>He literally has no reason to pick on me, because he's essentially just a carbon copy of me
>We're doing PE one day, and we're out on the field
>I don't really remember how it began, but according to eye witnesses, he began pushing me, and I began to nervously laugh it off
>Then, I guess, he took off his slippers and whacked me in the face with it, which I don't actually remember happening, but okay I guess
>This is when they say I went fucking ballistic and chased this guy down and started beating the ever loving shit out of him
>I just rocketed my fists into his back and chest like someone had strapped jets to my elbows
>I could feel his organs absorbing the shock wave from my blows, it was actually pretty exciting
>At one point, I think he had enough, so he just kind of hugged his knees to his chest and waited for me to stop being so fucking pissed off, but I just kept slamming my fists into his back
>I could hear my punches echoing through his chest cavity. I could hear my fists thudding against him like a fucking drum.
>I might not remember how the fight started, but I can definitely remember how it ended
>Then the PE teacher finally got bored or something (Apparently, he was just standing and watching us fight because the guy that was bullying me was kind of a dick to everyone in the first place)
>He pulled us apart and sent us to the principals office
>I started crying like a little bitch because I thought my dad was going to kick my ass, and the adrenaline made my stomach feel funny
>Also, I genuinely felt kind of bad for the kid I just beat up
>He kept talking about how much his back hurt, and I was feeling really scared because we had just learned about law suits earlier that month
>Turns out life just went on as always
>That's it
No. I'm huge (not shredded, builtfat) so I never get the chance. I'm not opposed to a good fight, and probably I wouldn't even do well, but no one ever starts one, I'm too big to have brawling fun ;_;
Won done and lost some
>walking home from party
>separated from mates on the phone to one of them. I ask were he is
>hear "right here" behind me, turn to look get haymakerd
> get up relize they ran
>still mad 5years later
tfw I hope he got better friends after

story #2
>be me, 20
>club is crowded af
>i am trying to make my way to the bathroom
>some little dude standing by my side stumbles somehow and spills his drink in some other guy
>i didn't even touch this fag
>the other guy turns around, shouts in my ear "don't push"
this guy is much heavier and taller than me, but "click" happens and i rage because i did nothing wrong
>i grab the big guy and pin him to the bar, he almost falls to the other side, tries to hold onto me
>i tell him to chill the fuck up and watch his shit cause the little dude fell on him by his own fault
>little dude confirms
>big guy says he's sorry and didn't mean to pick a fight
>later on he buys me a beer
i'm friends with big guy up to this day, always meet him in clubs and parties
>be me in 9th grade
>cheeky cunt, usually joking around with everybody
>talking to some beta kid who takes karate classes
>don't even remember what I said but I somehow rattled his jangles pretty hard
>without warning, the kid comes up, plants one hand on my shoulder and punches me square in the jaw with the other
>it is at this moment that both of us learn that a punch in the jaw isnt the insta-KO life ender that the movies portrayed it as, and we just stand there staring at each other for a second
>don't even know why this is my first reaction, but I slap him across the face, put him in the ground, and he just lies there.
>both of us just freeze for a few seconds, processing what the hell just happened
>realize I sort of won, say some more cheeky shit and walk off
>neither of us say anything about it again because my first reaction in a fight is apparently slapping and all of his karate lessons didn't help him do jack shit against a 110 pound weakling

story #3
>be me, 21
>meet a group of random girls, talking to a specific one cause trying to get laid
>group of random males show up
>they are friends with the girl
>one of them is from my elementary school
>used to bully me
i'm okay, no grudge
>he gets inbetween me and the girl i'm trying to fuck
>he initiates GIRL COMPETITION, trying to steal the girl's attention from me
>makes fun of me, trying to make the girl laugh
>says i'm big and swole but its not good cause i lose movement
>"watch out cause the stuff you're taking will make your dick limp"
>i'm pissed off but trying to chill cause girl is there, so I just tell the guy he should check if his friends care about his opinion because I don't
>i don't know why but he starts saying how he's a pro judo fighter today and to check his moves and whatever
>all of the sudden he grabs me to demonstrate some kind of move for no reason
>i throw him on the ground in a violent way right by his friends
>confusion ensues
>his friends figure out what happened and apparently the guy is known to be an ass and do shit
>one of his friends tells him to chill the fuck up or go home, cause "we are not going to fucking help you when you're getting your ass whooped for being an ass again"
>girls got scared in the confusion and went home
>this guy comes close and says he's sorry for his friend's actions and he's also sorry cause girls got scared so he'll buy me a beer
i'm also friends with this other guy up to this day
This isn't /b/
These stories have all been great. And it all started with an illiterate OP.
>be me
>useless little nerd with glasses
>grade school
>have to walk in the shitty frozen wasteland to school every day
>with my retard little brother and some fellow nerd fgts
>it's fucking COLD. some retard go his tongue stuck to the flagpole on a bet once
>get bullied every day by white trash asshole every day
>literally wears a coonskin hat with a tail
>so fucking sick of his shit
>one day he and his little fuckboi toady scare the little kids including my brother
>he knocks my glasses off
>I am at the limit. my life sucks, school sucks, my family sucks
>tackle him in the snow and go full tard rage on his face
>screaming out swear words and shit
>it works
>he's crying
>black out
>mom comes running down the street in her bathrobe
>wtf bathrobe
>pulls me off, takes me home
>I'm crying
>dad's home
>little bro hiding under sink crying that dad's gonna murder me
>eat dinner
>cold fear errywhere
>mom doesn't say a word, I skip a whupping
>based mom

wew lads.
Autistic as fuck. Planning fights in your head is stupid. Seriously it falls tk shit as soon as somone punches you in the face.
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>Play football class vs. class back in school
>my best bro who was a twig back at the time nutmegs school bully
>He goes apeshit
>punches my friend full force
>my friend was 5'6 140, he was 6'2 170
>my curtains go down
>I seoi nage that fucker
>right on the concrete
>proceed to bash his head in
>they split us up
>he is completely bloody
He ended up in ER, prolly has scars to this day, I was a school hero, avoided problems because I was a good student
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smug moonman.jpg
110 KB, 800x783
>"Beating up" as in "shooting"
File: 654984.jpg (64 KB, 420x450) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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That's fucking embarrassing and I cringed thousands of miles away and 3 years into the future
Never been in a fight in my whole life. I can make people get angry pretty fast but nobody ever bothered fighting.

Btw if theres anyone in montreal who wants to fight just say it
>beautiful night, isn't it? I'd hate to have to drop you on it
>bragging about football
>being on special teams in a blowout
Europoor here, so metric system
>180cm around 90kg
>155kg squat 190kg dl 120bp
>non-imposing posture (don't really have time to train for looks, so no proper traps or forearms development, I also don't dress to flaunt anything
>been training martial arts for some time, but nothing serious, a year here, two there but pretty overall as I've been involved in kick-boxing, muay-thai and 1,5 year ago I found my ideal pair which is wrestling and boxing

and now for the story

>Be me
>be at a favourite bar
>getting fucked up is going well
>we're discussing a guy me and friends were sometimes at odds with (skinhead/oi! stuff)
>we know he's at the bar but being drunk we don't care so we call him a pussy
>go to bathroom take a leak, get out
>a guy comes to me and apparently demands to fight on behalf of the guy we dissed
>be too drunk to even notice what he's saying to me
>push him aside
>he jumps in front of me and headbutts me in the mouth
>too drunk to care really
>he headbutts me again and again, several times until I start to actually hurt
>return the next one, connects with his nose, he backs up
>people jump to stop us
>the actual guy we dissed gets up and comes to beat me up (he's bigger and has much longer hands, also less drunk)
>my 2m high 130kg wrestler monster of a friends takes him down with force the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth mark my fucking words
>get sober enough to punch the guy who headbutted me in the nose again, breaking it
>somebody looks at me and calls an ambulance
>tfw I have a permanently disfigured lip from a drunken brawl
>tfw my friend almost wen to prison for killing a fucktard who spent next 4 months in a hospital with his neck vertebraes vaporized
>tfw we got a ban for drinking more than 5 shots/beers in our all-time favourite bar
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