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beta alanine overdose
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I accidentally did 4-5 times the dose I wanted of beta alanine.

At first I just had the usual tingles. More than usual but it felt great. Half way through my workout I started overheating. Just felt like my entire body was boiling.

I stopped the workout and had a cold shower (home gym master race). I kept feeling hot then cold then hot. Tingling became unbearable. Felt like I had rolled in a pile of freshly cut grass.

Basically had to lay down in the shower and all my mental effort went into not vomiting (ma gains). Didn't work though, lost my control and vomited like crazy.

Finally got out of the shower and laid on my bed. Took about 2 hours to return to normal.

Has this happened to anyone else? Or something similar? Anyone got any other overdose stories?
I take 6g a day of BA.

You shouldnt take anymore then that bro.
I accidentally 12g in one go
>be me
>stupid 17 yr old dyel
>work at ssports arena thing and help set up/ watch a sport/fitness expo
>Nutritech people appear
>giving out goodie bags, gives me and friends extra for working there and serving them good
>fuck yeah, fuck ton of sample size preworkout in bag
fast forward a few days
>gonna go workout with bro
>i mixed your preworkout for you anon
you da best bro
>chug chug chug
>go workout with him, start doing some dips
>wtf where have you gone strength, crash off the fucking bars and hit the ground
>tinglies are going crazy outside and in, eyes fucking hurts, cant stretch out of fetal position
>shivering like fucking crazy, vomit red battery acid
>bro laughs at first, then gets serious and helps me up
>im so sorry anon, it was just a joke
>i mixed in the rest of your sample packets, i thought itd be funny to waste your stuff on one workout
>carries my ass home
>shit explosive battery acid for hours, everything is red, trembling, asshole burns for days
like six of those fucking packets in my cup, never let someone else mix your preworkout for you
Solid advice anon

I hope your ass has since recovered from that terrible ordeal
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>beta alanine
what are the health benefits again?
increases muscle carnosine content
I became completely immune to the tingles which makes me sad.
try a 1,000 mg Nicotinic Acid

It's effect (through different processes) is similar to creatine. Increases muscle endurance, etc. Only not as effective.
Will the effects stack if used with creatine?
The difference between beta and creatine though is that most of the studies about beta alanine have only been shown to increase performance in long endurance activities such as marathon runners, crossfitters etc
Studies with placebo vs creatine vs BA+creatine have shown the latter to provide the most benefits.
The link I posted has a section on this exact question.

Not exclusively.

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>A significantly higher training volume was seen for BA in the bench press exercise

No wonder my bench stalled when I cycled off of pre-workout

Take BA separately from your PWO. Timing isn't important with BA.
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took to dam much C4 earlier and popped 4 hydros 10mg. Now i feel like shit and my heart keeps palpitating while i have this shitty nauseated feeling in my stomach. trying to focus on Staying alive because my docter told me to stay away from caffeine because of my heart... Fuck why am i Such a dumass. evolution at work anons.
If one was to make homemade pre-workout (I assume it would be cheaper) what would you include?

Creatine and BA can be taken any time. There isn't any benefit taking them pre-workout.

BA is commonly put in PWO because of the tingling feeling it gives you which some people think is a stimulatory.

If you don't want buy PWO then just use caffeine pills. You can get them from a chemist for $15/100 pills of 100mg.

I personally think there is a psychological aspect to taking PWO. You read stories about people smashing down 3 scoops and hitting PBs. You always hear about substances getting banned and there's all these long fkn chemical names on the over-the-top packaging. I think these things enhance the effect. Part of lifting is motivation and mental effort so it's not a bad thing.

You still alive anon?
you fucking goober, stop playing with fire.
$15 for 100 pills with only 100mg? that's way too much lol


200mg each, 100 tabs for less than $8
Yer... Australia


USA. capthca coffee :D

I use these actually. I take 2 preworkout.
Thread replies: 26
Thread images: 4
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