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For those of you that decided to stop drinking,...
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For those of you that decided to stop drinking, I'm curious to hear about your experiences. How long has it been, why did you decide to stop, how has it been going for you?
I stopped almost two months ago. I hadn't drank in a couple days cuz I was sick and just on a whim decided to keep it going with no expectations. As the first couple weeks went by I enjoyed how much better I felt all the time and all the money I was saving. Made me reflect and realize how much of a slave I had been to alcohol and I didn't like it. Now keeping it going indefinitely. Gonna cut out weed soon and then cigarettes soon after that.

Though sometimes I'll just open and smell a bottle of tequila which of course smells fantastic and the fumes make my head a little woozy.
Stopped about six months ago, realized I'd been drinking pretty much every night for the majority of the summer and got scared. It's fine, I spend my time alone reading and other stuff. When I'm bored and alone it's the worst, that's when I want to drink the most. But now I just go to bed early or shitpost.
I stopped because it was ruining my life. Alcohol is usually like a crutch to help you have a good time with friends. I was using friends as a crutch to have a good time with alcohol.

Sober for 3 years 2 months. My skin looks healthier, I dont get sick much anymore, mind is clearer. Probably the best decision i have made.

Not much social life anymore, when you are a sober alcoholic being around people drinking is tough. I get very lonely at times but its better than the horrible pain alcohol brought.
Have you tried to get out there and still socialize with friends? Have a club soda or a coke or something. Im a bartender and it's actually pretty common. Also I do it myself and I still have a good time.
I stopper From july 2012 til january 2014, because I wanted to stop smoking and was very hard to not light a cig when drink.
Now I drink a good beer or a Glass of wine almost every week and get very drunk 2 or 3 times a year.
But now I don't smoke and never will again.
How long has it been?
>10 months

why did you decide to stop?
>I made it into my everyday passtime

how has it been going for you?
>At first it was cool seeing me function without it.currently i feel, i cant be deterred.even if i end up useing worse drugs atleast it wont be alcohol.
One night I ended up getting way too drunk at a person's house that I barely knew. Apparently I had also done other drugs with them. I don't recall any of it. That scared me. I haven't had a drink in about a month. It sucked at first because a lot of old friends were in town visiting during the holidays and were at the bars that we used to get together at. I'm doing well so far, and want to see how far i can go.
Haven't drunk alcohol in about 4 years, lost my best friend cos I was drunk and was being a dick.
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I was drinking 2-3 beers almost every night to decompress from the stress of grad school. Went from 120 lbs first year to 180 lbs third year. Then the girlfriend left me out of the blue and it hit me HARD. I got a couple 6 packs to forget my troubles but I just sat them by the door and sat in my chair for the rest of the night. Quit cold turkey and lost 30 lbs. in just over 2 months.

Drinking is alright to unwind when you're stressed but I was terrified of drinking while depressed. After the weight loss I realized how much better I began to look so I got my first gym membership, cut fast food down as much as I could afford, and made a go of it. It's been just over a year and I'm looking and feeling great. I still have a drink or go to the bar now and then but nothing like what I was doing before.
For about five years I drank heavily to the point of intoxication about every night. I used it as a crutch to deal with my social anxiety and I tried to justify drinking at every occasion.
>how long has it been, how has it been going?
Since stopping about 1.5 years ago fitness has replaced alcohol in my life and I feel and look a lot better with fit and social gains going through the roof.
>why did you decide to stop
I decided to stop drinking because I had lost a lot of money, friends, family, partners and jobs from my drinking.
get out normies
I stopped drinking regularly about a year ago. After being done with university i felt that i didnt need to party and get stupid anymore.

I do get the social pressure from time to time. Drunk people dont like sober people.

Now my only vice is weed and im cutting down on that too
>13 months
>finally recognized that alcohol destroys people
>one of the best decisions of my life
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