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I'll start:
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I'll start:
>come home to Cali for Winter Break
>mom sets me up with her friends daughter
>apparently I've known her since I was an infant
>now she is a gorgeous 18yo
>half Filipino half German, 100% babe
>she's super shy
>she's had nothing but terrible experiences with guys
>become her friend
>fall for her
>go on a hike with her and notice lots of sexual tension
>she made it clear however that she takes her time with guys
>don't make a move yet
>mom tells me that she thinks I'm attractive because I'm so fit
>with her family a few days later at a fancy hotel on the beach for dinner
>we are walking around having a great time
>walk onto the dark beach
>the moment feels perfect
>drop some sappy shit and go in for the kiss
>she makes a weird noise
>"I'm sorry I must have misread the situation"
>she says, "no I'm so sorry, it's not you I promise!"
>she hugs me tight and begins to tear up
>"anon, I have severe anxiety and depression"
>she talks about how girls at her school would tell her to kill herself
>even attempted suicide a few times
>her moods are uncontrollable throughout the day
>she says, "you must think I'm crazy."
>I reply, "no, I probably should, but I don't."
>I just want to give her affection more to make her feel better
>she texts me the next day saying that she cares deeply about me for some reason
>wants to continue to get to know me and hang out again
>I leave to Uni in Colorado on Monday
>no female has ever made me feel like this before
>hold me
feels threads are meant to be bad feels
this is about you and some girl liking each other
not only is this not feels thread material it's not even feels it's just life
The bad part is I won't see her again till this time next year, and that she has to deal with all of her shit.
merci mon ami
>she has to deal with all of her shit.
that's her job anyway fuckwit
if you want her to get better you need to let her figure out ways to get better not do shit for her
I can relate anon. I'm with a guy with some mental issues. Depression and Bipolar.
>walking around with him on my shoulders last week while holding his hands
>he offhand says nobody's ever made him feel so wanted

I guess I lift not just to support my own feels but to be strong enough to support the feels of another as well.
Well then do something, however, until next year you might expect to find a completely different "her", I know these kind of people with problems of this genre, they tend to change by the wind, I don't mean to be rude, but you might find her a complete slut after a year, do something now, or say goodbye. However you might find her the same, but keep in mind that if it isn't you who's by her side there will be someone else. So go for it.
>anxiety, depression

cmon, guy, you know how many women claim to have anxiety nowadays? They have literally nothing to be anxious about, there are pretty low expectations for women in our society.

skype, call, text her and fuck her brains out when you see her next year
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They are naturally crazy, vapid and confused, Poor cunts, they literally can't handle themselves.


>From California
>Calls it Cali
Pick one
Could have sworn this was /fit/..
>be 120 pounds at 5'9 42% body fat
>walk down street where people call me pickle arms
>name is chris
>they start calling me sissy chrissy
>be 20 years old
>resorted to taking heavy amounts of gear
>220 pounds at 8% body fat 5'10-ish
>still think sbout pickle arms
>still can't eat pickles
>mfw mom bakes me pickle cake for my b-day >mfw uncle gary molests me and takes me back to toronto
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>never been laid
>never thought i'd get mocked for it
>people have told me i'll never be loved
>i believed it
>finally don't want love
>finally want to just do what i do and get laid >don't get butterflies thinking of cuddling
>don't get blood rush thinking of watching netflix with a girl
>everything'll turn out ok
>sure a few of you can relate
sissy Chrissy hahahahah
lol that first paper talks about the gender pay gap and then says that women are surpassing men in higher education. Note they don't call it an "education gap", bitch that's still a gap, just the other way around.
>before lifting: flawless skin, no acne, no acne scars, silky smooth skin
>started lifting: acne, acne scars

Can't have best of both worlds
Finally cuddled and kissed and 19 years old.
>that she isn't enough. Freakout at her for DAT pussy.
>she says I'm not right for her. She's 25 years old.
>still looking to lose my v card but lifting heavy. This six bruehh
Holy shit this

I'm from San Diego and I've never said Cali unless I was mocking the shirts I see where that's written in cursive
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Thread images: 3
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