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its 2015
what are you copping this year

what are you changing about yourself in terms of style/attitude

who is going to be DOTY

who do you think is going to be a breakout desinger/brand

who's moving into labels, who's moving out

what trends will be hot, what will be not.
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I'm going to be as normal as possible, but still buy decent stuff. Might get some seh Kelly or sns stuff if I feel I can use it, really like the cinnamon tour jacket.
gonna cop some givenchy, kva ,and maybe some thom browne and moncler.

There's two types of people
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givenchy floral.jpg
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come on those floral prints are /fa/ as fuck
also damir doma, rick owens, julius, and some y-3 are also on my planned cop list.
Im gonna stop being a consumerist whore and start making my own clothes.
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going to get my hair cut tomorrow, then when it's long enough I'll cut the sides and go for a young Pitt cut, if that fails I'll just buzz the sides completely and get some kind of HY

will continue on the stereotypical all black effay but will also try to get into lunar because I really like the aesthetic and I think it has potential

will pick up skating again when spring comes around and hopefully stick my 360 flips

happy new year /fa/ cheers
getting some cordovan loafers to wear sockless with maroon light gray and dark green chinos rolled up high. black tee. most a the /fa/ is gonna come from getting in shape
hedi slimane will leave SLP
Iv spent 2014 compleating my basic waredrobe and experimenting with different styles. Now Im going to commit myself to a monochrome wardrobe which I will slowly add designer peices to. Ill cop some older season adidas x raf simons in muted colours or maybe the all black or half black joggers from his season.

May get a CLG x converse shoes cause I'm a fuccboi and because I also want to mess around with getting /pale/ because I live in Sydney and I would look stupid to be in all black through summer. Also with pale I can occasionally branch out into lunar when I get bored

Then ill add designer peices as my budget allows or rather save that money to spend a couple weeks skiing in Japan.

Hopefully ill be better and more consistant this year. Have a good year /fa/gs
I need to settle on a haircut. I've done just about everything at this point, but I never stick to anything for more than a couple months.

Also w2c long-lasting comfy boots that can be for casual use or dressed up. Maybe not this pair but something similar looking. One pair to rule them all.
i need few more pairs of trousers
really some skinny fitting "dress" pants
will probably commission some nice linen ones with huge inseams

need rick sweats i can channel my scally neonazi steeze and wear with phat combat boots with

still waiting for one grail pair of rick boots to come up and double sole variant of the 991 in the ss15 guidi restock hopefully

will buy ccp tornados for retail in 6 months time when the next orders come in

and one more rick leather
pref a mollino

rude boi makin moveeeeeees
hedi to gucci?
Whatever I like and whatever I have the cash for.

No idea.

Hopefully SFTM gets some play here, hope people quit sleeping on Boris as well.

Hopefully this whole nothing but mememochrome comes out of the picture. Its boring. Turtlenecks are on the come up.
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that might be just crazy enough to work
>hope people quit sleeping on Boris as well.

he makes cool pants but the dude is trash
worse than hack slimane
Well, I'm actually really interested in seeing someone on /fa/ wear something interesting. Which Boris's stuff is. We can make fun of other fashion forums as much as we want but we're on a completely different level than others. A lot of /fa/ is too casual. Some of the guys at SZ look like clowns sure. But at least they're seemingly trying and I'm not gonna lie some of the pieces some of those guys at SZ and sufu have are insanely dope.
the consumerbase is a text fashion trainwreck
550bc wears it ok but his jackets never look good
if middle aged six figure incomers cant pull it off then flyover state teenagers on an anime fashion forum have no hope

corny citation of sk8 and hip hop culture makes me laugh everytime like what is this clown thinking

the problem is that all of his pieces are derivative goth bullshit & blatant carol christian poell rip offs
i think we had a thread about this last year too

but i like the pants
I'm going to probably go Uniqlo-core in 2015. Just wear everything Uniqlo except for shoes and outerwear.
>but I like the pants
This is enough of a redeeming feature for me to still at least consider Boris when I'm shopping. The prices are getting ridiculous though, and I find it harder justifying $1000 pants than I do jackets or shoes.

I can definitely see SFTM getting play here this year. I own some really nice pieces from them but I'm a little concerned about their fabric choices lately. Admittedly I haven't gone to the flagship to handle AW14 yet but the 'wolf' fabric is a wool/acrylic blend and I worry they're focusing more on how the clothes photograph over how they feel.

SFTM gets bashed here for being derivative of Rick and the whole goth aesthetic, but the same thing occurred with many of the 'sz brands' when they first started getting play on sz but people eventually find enough unique selling points that makes the brand worthy of discussion. I think sftm fits into this niche, but we'll have to see what they continue to put out.
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people, fashion conscious or not, will literally think you're retarded if you wear bbs
Anyone who keeps tags on their clothing is retarded in all fairness
>what are you copping this year
julius, ann, is, maybe more ccp
>who is going to be DOTY
probably yoko ito for me as ann has left and tatsuro has been doing stupid shit for the last couple seasons
>who do you think is going to be a breakout desinger/brand
in popularity? dont care
>who's moving into labels, who's moving out
dont know
>what trends will be hot, what will be not.
dont care

generally just selling everything i dont like 100% and upgrading into higher end pieces, already been doing this late 2014

check what boris tags are before you say stupid shit like this please
stfm is pretty mediocre
boris is fairly decent but with the raising prices almost nothing is worth buying, even used
Preordered. Hopefully 2015 will be my year
ordered a canada goose chiliwack bomber. Gonna get some dolce & gabbana plain sweaters and hopefuly some lanvin sneakers
I'm going to let my taste take the reigns a little more, as some of my favorite cops this year resulted from this.

Also, I wanna explore more. Try weird things more. Stop laughing off and discrediting trends and popular styles because they might actually be worth trying out.
BBS isn't what I'd call slept on. In fact, his popularity has grown so much that he thinks he can charge like five times what his shit is worth. Most designers start small and affordable and their pricing grows with their reputation and as their longevity is established. His prices have grown exponentially and each year the same mainstays like the ninja hoodie skyrocket in price as the quality goes down noticeably. It's like he's only in it for the money now.
Hopefully gonna sell a lot of shit I don't wear soon.

Just copped hella Sruli because I admire his aesthetic and he doesn't release much anymore, so I'd like to have some for my collection before it gets scarce.

I'm finally settling on a style that suits me and it's nice to hone in on designers that fit into that.

I'm not particularly familiar with up and coming designers, so I can't really comment on who is going to be a breakout. I really like Erik Ohrstrom and I feel that he's at that perfect career point where he's putting out really nice artisanal stuff and still offering it at a reasonable price.

As Trunks said, Ito is on point right now as well.

I don't really follow trends, but I think we'll continue to see neoprene and techier fabrics.
did you buy those ie trousers on grailed? dude accepted my offer but i guess i didnt pay in time cause theyre removed. hopefully theyre not sold, such a good deal and so rare to find
I'm going goth ninja this year. Don't care if i'm 5 years late.
Naw, I didn't see those. I hope they went to a good home though. I don't really keep a close eye on grailed. I ought to start; you can find some great deals there.

Almost forgot about Abasi Rosborough. I'm excited to see what they put out this year. Their quality is superb and the design is both fresh and timeless. Reminds me Rick designs with the quality and attention to detail of Helmut.
whats up with bbs tags anyway?
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