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Post your Ideal effay lifestyle:
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Post your Ideal effay lifestyle:

Here's mine: hyper-minimalist house/apartment. $400k/yr income. A manageable heroin addiction. A cold distant marriage to a 9/10 very thin short haired brunette wife that lives almost entirely independently doing her own thing most of the week. Spend most of my time consuming high-concept culture.
u post this same shit all the god damn time

no1 cares
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My future house. Will be living here with 3 kids + wife.
As much as I hate how pretentious this sounds, I could make this into a very interesting European style film about a weird rich guy with a loveless marriage.
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You forgot the specs of your stereo and how expensive the whores would be.
you sound like a shithead

i like this bait
You absolutely disgust me, particularly the "hyper-minimalist", "$400k/yr" and "highbrow culture" parts

But I wouldn't mind living in that house, not at all
A room in SF, a small homestead in a cloud forest and keeping my room in Manhattan.

80-100k, doing tech stuff or fashion, a husbando and like maybe kids.
kids? are you stupid?
think you can do the cold relationship part tho?
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>nice downtown loft in nice city
>good income
>a couple good friends to shoot the shit with everyday

That's all I could ask for
tfw living in SF, making 100k+ and working in tech :')
there's no fucking chance that you'd be able to afford both a place in manhattan as well as one in SF, not too mention the fucking "homestead" on 80-100k.

you're totally clueless about the real world
>3 houses, two in cities, with 100k income.
Nigga 300 thousand isn't enough for that shit. Get the fuck out of here.

>Enjoyable job.
>Don't care about income as long as I can afford basic amenities (running water, heat, electricity, internet) + spending money for clothes and media here and there.
>Small cozy house.
>Traditional wife.
>A few great friends.
>All around simple and enjoyable life.
I think it's achievable except for maybe the last two. People are dumb as fuck, self-entitled and generally shitty nowadays.
Last three*

Apparently a simple life isn't possible from what I've heard.
tfw you're yuppie scum and priced everyone out of the city. Thee Oh Sees moved out of SF because of shitheads like you. Congrats.
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Warehouse space in industrial district near downtown sprawl. Making $500,000 a year working in counter-cyber terrorism tech lab and selling my personal works of art. Muay Thai training 6 days a week. Small group of close friends and countless celebrity associates to party with. Absorbing the new music scene, constant shows and private performances, sharing my latest discoveries with whoever is savvy enough to enjoy. Street art missions on my nights off, utilizing the latest tech wear of course. Vacations to foreign countries and learning new languages as I go. Helping creative persons of interest get on their feet with private donations to their work.
small farm house
grow fruit veg/produce own food as much as possible
grow weed also
roaring fire
few mates
sexy traditional wife
all chill listening to music
volunteer work for kids/animals
afford the clothes i like with a few standout pieces

enough money to buy island
new laws, new methods of teaching children, new ethics
anybody can come as long as they're chill as fuck
be a model for the rest of the world to live by - show them people can function without all the shit we have to deal with (government, laws, beef)
downtown la loft
doing judo 3 days a week
only pet is my bonsai tree
ducati cafe racer
make that good good music late at night with friends
fuck koreans and redheads

go sleep in my chair with a glass of cognac and the sad memories of my ex-wife when we were young dumb and full of cum
>(government, laws, beef)

wtf lol
>management consultant with $700K+ salary
>live in northwest european city (Amsterdam/Stockholm/Copenhagen/Etc)
>have things together in office life
>Be chain smoking alcoholic drug addict
>Drive expensive german car
>return to large apartment filled with alcohol, drugs, hookers, drifters, sex partners, etc

basically a modern european version of circa-1967 Roger Sterling
I said "a room" I pay 500$ for a room in Manhattan

I have several friends living in rent controlled houses with people paying for rooms 500-1000 in NOPA, Upper Haight, Hayes Valley, and Mission

I have friends with homestead land of about 7-12k per acre in Hilo and far up in Maui the main cost is well drilling

Even then Oaxaca land is dirt cheap and I could always look further south.

Far be it from me to try and quiet your quick assumptions, not everyone here is delusional suburban teenagers. Some of us are actually connected to people who have made something for themselves and enjoy giving their friends deals.
Reasonable income doing something I enjoy with a loving wife and a couple of children. Also a rescued greyhound probably named Strider.
>anybody can come as long as they're chill as fuck

Can you tell me about this, I'm wondering how that would work without governments and laws, who is the decider.

>new laws, new methods of teaching
>no government(?)
>nice house on some land in a rural area within close driving distance to a major metro area with a barneys location
>well paying job in a creative field with adequate disposable income
>qt3.14 wife to come home to everyday after work and fuggg

so far I have everything except the wife, but i do have a gf who lives an 2 hours away that i plan on making my wife
you sound like you're 15
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>loft in shoreditch
>making bespoke shoes by hand in my workshop
>drink coffee in brick lane every morning with the crossword
>ride my bike everywhere
>have faithful bordie collie who is my best friend
>have loving girlfriend who does her own thing
>spend my free time cooking and growing my balcony garden
>earn enough to set parents up in a nice house
>brakeless fixie
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Here's mine

Become one of the best cosmetic dentist in the country.
$400k-$500k yearly income.
Living in a big ass fancy house in some major city.
Married with my college-wifeymaterial-love who's also a dentist.
Dress myself in nothing but high class luxury clothes.
> Become International Model and Playboy
> $200k+/yr
> Get paid to look good all over the world
> Get free fits from my job
> Never live anywhere longer than a year
> Do lots of drugs
> Literally all my money is for drugs
> Die in my 30's

/fa/ as fuck
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>marry current gf
>travel the world, live in London for a year
>3 kids called Ezra, Ames, and Elizabeth
>top level career in fashion/music/architecture, >200k / year
>houses in LA and Seattle
>buy the best of everything for my family
>career in law
>live in London or NY
>rocky relationship with a highly strung skinny gf that's also a huge cunt
>loft apartment in Islington or Chelsea
>wear SLP all day but not in the Nouveau Riche Asian way
>collect classic cars to drive around Central London at night
>all you guys itt wanting a troubled relationship with a hot girl thinking it's /fa/

it's not as cool as you think, it is hell
>he thinks any models are rich

>look at him and laugh
You're Jewish, right?
Probably the way I'm headed when I get my internship on my specialty(anesthesiology);

>lots of money
>divorced, single
>ridiculously expensive rent because of its location(already have achieved this)
>next step is buying a house close to here
>expensive whiskey
>staying single
>spending a considerably big amount of money in expensive bars and restaurants
>work in a reputable hospital
>die a lonely depressed motherfucker
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Live in pacific northwest, maybe seattle (my gf and I love to smoke weed together)

$150k/yr Medical or pharm outside sales so I wear suits and travel the world like my dad

Married to chill cutie like my current gf, honestly might be okay with marrying her

Two sons, Mason and Mark so the whole family has normal white american names with the letter m. If girl Morgan. I want sons though, I have 7 sisters and girls kind of suck as a dad. My name is Matt and hers is Megan.

Call the kids sport and champ and make them do sports and wear tracksuits and jordans. Basketball, wrestling, and tennis.

make music with the family ranging from emo to classic country

Go shooting and hunting with my sons

Take my family everywhere with all the travel miles I get from work (my dad does this for a pharm company)

Overall I just want to travel and fall in love and keep making bedroom music

drive a restored 1984 supra in silver

Work out with my wife every day that I'm home

Go on family hikes for days at a time
>am dead
>wearing effay outfit in coffin
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I only use /fa/ to influence others. This is the only way to be. There is no "ideal effay lifestyle"
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independently wealthy hikikomori
Everything I need and nothing more. Enough money to buy what I need and no more. A loving marriage with a woman that I perpetually love being with more than when we first met. Doing whatever interests me, whatever is important to me.

I know that /fa/ doesn't agree with all these things, and that is why /fa/ is shit
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>rich; drive a 1990s mercedes all restored
>not in the spotlight but super popular underground because of the general aesthetic of my work
>also a graphic designer
>long disheveled hair
>black haired gf whos also fa
>a pug and a husky
>live in italy or some shit
>have an fa posse of cool friends
Most American life in the world.
Here's mine: hyper-dive motel off Hollywood strip. $40 a shot Sperm Bank donations. A manageable Mountain Dew Slurpee addiction. A marriage to washed-up Actress. Spend most of my time consuming high-concept Japanese porn.
I got you bruh.
>No job because fuck working. I just want money.
>Travel everywhere with my gf
>Cool clothes
>Cool dogs
>Annual income somewhere in the 100k neighborhood
>working in finance or banking
>decent apartment with a view in some major city (somewhere in northern Europe would be optimal; I grew up in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and living somewhere without heavy snowfall and harsh winters would just be too strange)
>drive a small 6-speed manual I can use to get around outside of the city
>travel a lot for work
>girlfriend who does her own thing (work or just some artsy shit) and doesn't mind me being gone fairly often
>have a bunch of really nice stuff for the kitchen since I love to cook
>lots of nice suits and such for work
>small group of friends that my gf and I both like that we can go out to a lounge with, get some drinks, and shoot the shit with until 2 in the morning a few times per month

Bit basic and plebby, but whatever.
Ya niggas got some high ass expectations..

>Apt in Atlantic city or some shitty Jersey city, because living in NY is getting lame
>I like how minimalist shit looks, so something like that.for the interior
>two door car, that doesn't look gay, and so I could go to NYC during the weekend.
>own a bar/ or small store, with a small group of friends. Some IASIP shit or something,
>enough money to pay for simple shit and save for expensive shit
>going through a bunch of chicks until my mid-late 30's where I settle down with the qtest girl who would sleep with me.

from there it's whatever.Unfortunately, I don't have the biggest dreams.
ideals aren't expectations ya dingus
>The Year is 2032
>Work security for prosthetics manufacturer
>Become RoboCop
no :( i just like the name ezra
But then you can't have sikk fits.
I'm just depressing then, I can't think of a lifestyle without being in the realms of something realistic; I really can't see myself making millions and living on a mountain with some bad bitch.

And for you guys who think a shitty relationship is /fa/, no it isn't. Only when you're famous, and have some creative aspirations. 99% of the time, you're just contemplating how to push this chick into a car or something. It's a horrible experience.
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