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>scoping out an item
>auction finishes in a few hours
>retards show up and start raising the minimum bid

>not waiting until the last 10-15 seconds to bid
you wouldve lost regardless
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Not really. I've won 2/3 auctions on amazing pieces 4 cheap m8.
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>Find perfect cardigan
>marked down because only my size left so dirt cheap
>wait a day

It never really stops hurting. Not ever.
psst use gixen
>tfw people tell you you should do modeling
>tfw no money
>tfw most valuable piece in your wardrobe is probably Yohji Yamamoto Y-3 x Adidas shoes that you found at goodwill for $10

Why would you need money, if you have no taste?
I have taste, just no money.

My mom funds everything and she doesn't see any sense in paying more than $40 for a pair of jeans.

Getting a job soon though, so that's cool I guess.
>buying Y-3
>having taste
Pick one.

c: toperor
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>tfw /fa/ is probably a big part of why I'm turning bi
I don't know how to feel about this
you were always afag lmao
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Quality post anon
You dont just turn bi. Either you are imagining it or you have always been one of us
>tfw u dont know what look ur going for ultimately
>tfw spread in too many different directions & could be fuccboi of all styles, master of none.

This Rick Owens Tote is fuckin cash tho, can't beat it.
are you cute?
I'm torn between cozycore and workwear/military style.
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>Be me.
>In college.
>Comp Sci.
>Have one class with people outside CS.
>During this class I admire qt from afar.
>Start sitting near her in hopes that I can find the courage to strike up a conversation some day.
>Class involves developing algorithms to solve problems.
>I suck at it.
>Co-operation is encouraged but she's always co-operating with someone else.
>Be Thursday.
>Wear ballin’ fit to impress qt.
>Given problem and as usual I can't do it.
>Chinese guy starts trying to co-operate with me. Go with it.
>Don't know what's going on but pretend I do, knowing she's within earshot. Chinese guy figures out most of the problem. Establishes 4 cases and can't figure out how to verify the last one.
>I suddenly start to understand everything.
>Quietly suggest simple solution to Chinese guy.
>"YOU'RE A GENIUS", he says. Loud enough for her (and everyone else) to hear.
>Notice her look up at me as I stare at the page.
>Chinese guy has to go early for some reason.
>I say goodbye to who was inadvertently the best wingman I've ever had.
>When he leaves she comes over.
>"Have you figured this out?"
>"Yes I have".
>She is standing over me while try to remember what I just did, keeping the spaghetti firmly inside my pockets.
>"That's much clearer now. Thank you".
>We walk out of class together.
>She laughs at some things I say.
>My heart when.
>We leave the building and turn left and continue until we reach a crossroads.
>I consider that we might not be going the same way.
>"I have to go this way", I say.
>"I have to go back that way".
>Back that way. As in back where we came from.
>She had no reason to walk in that direction other than wanting to talk to me.

tfw she's from Germany and only here for the next two months.
for the love of god you better not fuck this up
>didn't get her #
keep going bro you can do it
>was in a biz admin major the last two semesters
>mostly nice normal people to have decent conversations with
>also qts everywhere
>got an app idea, started programming & enjoyed it a lot
>switched to a information systems major (has biz and cs courses, can do whatever I want as master)

I thought the social situation would be a bit worse in the cs related major, but holy shit:
>some guys literally wear fedoras, blazers and anime shit to class
>people playing are video games during lectures like its no big deal
>from the 300-400 freshmen only about 30 went out to the first bar hopping event
>only 10% of the people are girls
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This fucking feel
he already did
>tfw same sort of situation
>girls p qt
>not going to see her ever again after the test (a few days again)
>Have her facebook
Should I just facebook her for coffee when I get back there in a week or so? She lives really close (like minutes) to me too. Seems a bit out of the blue, especially if it's a while away, but I'm pretty sure she likes me...
should be
File: 1411308614285.png (133 KB, 1280x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>girls miring your legs
>girls miring your thigh gap
>girls just miring your body

It's good, I'm planning on being a trap anyways.
a good feel
>met a qt girl after class
>talked for nearly an hour, she seemed interested in me
>her friends came over, the lecture started, we got quiet
>didn't ask for her facebook or # in front of her friends because of my autism
>haven't met her since
>regret this the last few weeks
just ask her
do it
>tfw u dont know what style u are
>I think im finally settled on minimalist fuccboi
>Acne, SLP usually what I'm dressed in
>ppl always seem to think im gay
>always wearing slim clothing
>6'1 and 63kg
>shirts, sweaters, skinny jeans and sneakers or chelseas is my uniform
>This board has made me worse and worse
>talking to qt
>she goes shopping
>texts me saying 'only been here 30 minutes and already spent £70!'
>Thank God it was over text so I could hide my disgust
>why is she saying it like thats a lot

I'm a shitty human being /fa
Ok will do, gotta wait a week or so as we're both really bussy with other tests and shit. You don't think it's too long?
Motherfucking ask her. It's not like she's in Germany or something. Don't throw chances like this away.
nah m8, just tell her you were busy with tests and you wanted to catch up or something
When you're out with friend(s) do you judge people based on their fits?
When I'm out in public I have to hold my laughter from my mom effay friends. I even ask why they woukd dress like that.
But Im always silent with my laughter.
>can't let them Know
>tfw you always judge people if they dress like shit
>tfw it's probably just your insecurities
Woah woah woah guys okay, I'll do this for you if not for me.
Oh nigga I'm overthinking shit, thanks for that. That's exactly what I'd like to do, just catch up with her, have a little fun etc.
>be me on friday
>buy new raws
>think "hmmm maybe I'll wear them today to start breaking them in"
>"better not, it's rainy and they're still uncomfortable"
>get hit by a car on my way to gfs house
>missed out on sick road rash fades
>wear skinny jeans
>"anon why are you waling on your hands lol"
improve yr posture, work out, and try to be more confident. this makes it less likely that people think youre gay.

>texts me saying 'only been here 30 minutes and already spent £70!'
>Thank God it was over text so I could hide my disgust
>why is she saying it like thats a lot

dont be that dude. this board has definitely deluded you a bit. be more fun and chilled out and try to do fun stuff, and try to not act pretentious about what is and isnt a lot for clothes.
really most of this is easily fixable, man. :)
Quite a lot tbh, like idk seeing people happy over things I think are shit just make me cringe. I have one friend who isnt /fa at all but hes my best friend and i love him so i could never judge him, nor could I judge somebody over 30, apart from that I can judge ppl for hours
I feel that if I met you in a bar we'd have fun talking shit bout other people
Those boots have made me think someone was gay more than once too. This might be part of your problem.
every fucking memorial day this happens to me. true story.
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>feel like the clothes I spend ages saving up for are too good for my face
post pic
Damn ur right, my posture is ok apart from my neck bc I am forever using my phone, slowly improving it tho. Thanks a lot man.

Again very true, its a tough one

I hope one day it happens <3
post fit u were wearing
No way :^) I feel fine about my self but if I see a someone wearing cargo shorts and an American eagle tank top and sperrys with Nike socks I just have to make fun!
:) I do this to! And that's really sweet tbh
All of us should meet up!
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>sk8 van his
>multiple shoes
>no money

You could always be worse off.

A couple on the bottom row are pretty nice. The brogues are To Boot New York by Adam Derrick and those gray boots are Blokes.

I guess it can't be that bad if I have 12 pairs of shoes.

Can't decide what to cop once I get a job though. I want MMM splatter painted GATs, but I also want the flaky MMM x Converse, but I also want CDG x Converse with the hearts, yet I also want pic related.

> I want MMM splatter painted GATs, but I also want the flaky MMM x Converse, but I also want CDG x Converse with the hearts, yet I also want pic related.

Stop posting
What's wrong with wanting to cop shoes that I like?
sounds like you got got
the only reason you said this is because he mentioned the play converse

why do they make people so angry damn
I know, it's dumb.

Just because something is, or was, popular on /fa/ doesn't mean somebody can't still like it.

hur dur meemee shoo u r an autisq so effay
should have asked for her number
>green pea coat
>1 bidder, $4, two days left
>buy it now price is $10, $15 with shipping
>like I'm gonna wait two goddamn days
>there's a very mad, very cold faggot out there somewhere
10/10 feel
cdg converse

File: 1363060772364.jpg (68 KB, 500x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>in class testing
>wearing a dadcore-ish fit (cdbs, apcs, oxford, jacket)
>basic bitch in a yellow peacoat and riding boots next to me
>don't pay attention to her because test
>look up after i'm done and she's staring at me
>quickly looks away once i notice her
>s-she mirin

>at a starbucks because it was the only coffee shop in the area
>wearing a goff-ninjer-ish outfit
>girl in front of me in line is wearing these leather heels, jeans and a cream colored sweater
>lmao basic bitch alert
>she orders a pumpkin spice latte
>have to restrain myself from laughing like a retard
>realize how autistic i am
>put sunglasses on as i walk out
>see an older guy in a truck staring at me
>he mirin

i'm starting to notice how much attention i get from dressing well and i can't deal, /fa/. i think that people either think i'm weird or they're silently admiring and i don't know which is which.
people are looking at you because of how goofy you look
Maybe when I dressed goff ninja, but my dadcore fits are pretty inoffensive and I still get attention.

I'm German, and I swear if you fuck this up I will track her down in two months and fuck her only because you didn't
>being satisfied with being poor
top fucking kek
you are dense
>tfw live in shithole
>tfw trends kick in later than other parts
>tfw goof-ninja is starting to kick in now
>tfw dressed goof a year ago

abstract kind of feel
Do it. Then I can live vicariously through you and your alpha tendencies.
Meant for other anon.
>goof-ninja is starting to kick in now
Do you really think you live in a shithole if people in your town know (even slightly) anything about gothninja ? I

I found a pair of Y-3 Verns @ the Goodwill about a month ago, they were $325 and used, so dnc

It's kind of goof but more very fuccboi. Like Zara shit and random Japanese letters.

Also there was one girl wearing one of those fake 'Ain't Saint Laurent without Yves' Colette shirts.

Not that many people wear goof though, only the 'more fashionable' people eventhough they're previouslvl as fuck.

I bet if I'd get a top-knot now in maybe 6 months a shit ton of people will copy it.
thats not really goof ninja at all then
just mall tier
nobody is catching up to you
and i hope you didn't dress like that a year ago

it's mixed, a few people wear drapey t-shirts and all-black generally. honestly, some of them have pretty decent fits, but I grew out of the style. but because I'm in my last year in high school most of it is zara stuff because that's what people can afford.

An everyday fit I'd wear last year would be an oversized white-tee, underneath a thin black hoody with frailed sleeves, black skinnies and Memebaskets.
>Be watching an item
>Have two long as fuck coats (below the knee)
>Want a shorter more casual coat that can be dressed up or down
>Throw bid at the coat just because I think fuck it, I won't win
>60 quid later...
>sort of need but spending a lot of money lately and I'm like FUCK
Could always resell...
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