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Guys I know this seems ridiculous because...
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Guys I know this seems ridiculous because I'm on the internet, but I really could use some help.

I just got informed that I'm going to be filming for TV tomorrow and I have no idea what to wear.

For starters, I'm dead broke with a wardrobe about as big as my cock. Tiny. Tiny as fuck. I have 3 dress shirts (1 black vertical stripes, 1 blue with tiny white dots, and the last is black plaid) and 2 ties (1 blue/grey stripes, the other black/grey stripes), 1 pair of black slacks. That's it in the line of professional attire. My nicest shoes? Some black Jordans. No dress socks though I do have some black socks. What the fuck can I do to look semi-professional? Please help me guys filming starts in 10 hours. It's 11:40PM so no shopping available atm.

>pic semi-related
Some Targets stay open late. Try that.
What's the context? Are you totally sure you couldn't dress like you usually do casually?

Also you worded it like you're the one who's going to be filming, but I'm assuming you're gonna be on camera.
Okay assuming I can find somewhere open, I need some fucking good advice and quick. I am a full fashion retard.

The context is shooting a sales commercial. I work for a Vietnamese guy who basically pulls me in for odd-jobs at his leisure, and his English isn't the best so I don't always know what's going on exactly, but he made it pretty clear that I am to "dress professionally", recommended a suit & tie, and I am sorry for my ambiguity, yes I am meant to be on camera.
I realize that sounds kinda dickish, I didn't mean for it to. I'm just in full panic right now. I'm not socially awkward but I'm still a bit uncomfortable about being shoved onto TV for the first time with 12 hour notice.
Not sure if it helps but here's a little about myself:

Height: 6'1" / 185.4cm
Weight: 185lbs / 83.9kg
"Figure"(?): Average, slightly bigger frame with a little muscle (not ripped by any means)
Hair: Very short, brown

Anything else I can give to help I am more than happy to. Please let me know what's needed. I will provide any evidence I can for my claims tomorrow after the shooting.
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Please help me guys. I'm sorry if I broke some posting conventions here, I've never actually posted on /fa/ before but I don't know where else to turn. I'm begging you guys, please help.

>Pic related, I'm doomed.
You and I probably have a similar build. Anyway, typically slim-fit medium size shirts fit me well as do slim pants. Try a plain color shirt such as light blue or white, and tan or grey slacks/chinos. Try to find pants that end right at the shoes, also known as "no-break". A quarter break is okay too, but could cause some flaring.
Though MFA gets flack here, check it out and look for business casual albums.

What you will probably have most difficulty with at the moment are shoes. Avoid square toed shoes. Go for something sleek and rounded off. Preferably in medium to dark brown or black. Stafford shoes from JCP are probably your best bet on a budget.

If it is a bit cool, try a sweater over a collared shirt. Cream or grey sweaters are pretty versatile.

For easily accessible and low cost clothing, Target and Old Navy.
My man you seem to know what you're talking about, but my issue is that filming starts at 10:30AM tomorrow, and most stores don't open until 10AM on a Sunday. My main resource at the moment is fucking Wal-Mart. Is there hope?
Rent a suit?
From where can I rent a suit before 10AM (probably before 9AM so I can make it to the studio) on a Sunday?
I don't know, I don't have/rent any suits
Then it's back to the OP. What can I make out of this that would look the best?
I am not sure where you are located, but most Targets near me open at 8 AM.

I am not sure about clothing at Wal-Mart. I assume from what I have seen that it is more traditionally cut, so even though you may think you are a medium size because of your stature, try out a small.

I am not certain of your store's availability, but this shirt is available in-store in my area.

Arctic white, aqua, blue streak, and blue stripe are all acceptable. http://www.walmart.com/ip/George-Men-s-Long-Sleeve-Oxford-Shirt/44809161

For pants, just try out some form sitting khakis as seen in the short pictures.

Belts are cheap there, so get one in brown, and preferably one that matches the shoe's color.

If you can find a Target nearby that is open, or is open early enough, I recommend you try that instead. There clothing has is not as billowy and has a more modern cut than what is available at Walmart.

Also, at the moment, avoid dress shirts, since I assume you don't know your neck/arm measurements. Ex. 16.5,34-35. Go for shirts labelled in sizes like small or medium.
Black shirts are more for people who are in the service industry, such as a bartender or a waiter.

If the blue shirt is of a light blue, it could be acceptable. In a professional environment though, your more likely to see a plain shirt or a shirt with small stripes, not dotted.
I found a Target near me that opens at 8 AM, you're right. But will that shirt go well with a tie? He specifically asked me to wear one. Is there a good general rule for tie color matching?

Alright, noted. Curiously though, why is black representative of the service industry?
I am not really sure why black is so commonly worn. I assumes that since they deal with food and drinks, if something spills, the stain is less likely to be noticeable.

As for a tie, it should be darker than the shirt. Try to avoid a tie that is very shiny.

At the moment, at the Target nearby, there are some plain grey cable-knit sweaters 70% off original price. It is a decent looking and versatile sweater, so it may be available in a store near you. A tie would look alright under it.

Here is a link to the sweater.


Small DPCI # 043-02-1333
Medium # 043-02-1334

Try either of those numbers in an inventory check to see availability and current price.

Link to checker. http://www.fyndly.com/target/tools/inventory/check.html
It's available. Okay, so if I plan on that, are you absolutely certain it will be "professional"? What color/kind of tie should I wear under it? What shirt should I wear under it? Do you think it'd be smart to bring a backup shirt just in case he doesn't like it?

I don't mean to be a girl about this, I'm just really nervous and this could mean more work for me in the future. I was raised very poor and I get very uncomfortable at the prospect of having money.

If you are going for a lawyer or finance look, probably not what you are looking for, but you would need a nice suit for that. For a typical office environment, it is acceptable. Unless you can afford to get a suit, it is seems like a decent quick option.

Here's what I am think you could do with that sweater:

White or light blue button-down shirt, burgundy/dark red or dark green/olive tie, grey sweater, navy or charcoal pants, and brown or black shoes. Heck, maybe even a black tie, but I would only do that with black shoes.

Here is a picture of a guy in what looks like a professional environment wearing a cable-knit sweater. The jacket on top is not necessary.
I have to be totally honest, the sweater makes me pretty nervous. I'm not sure if I could pull that off, and it strikes me as more of an office-attire type of look than a commercial shoot. Do you really think that it'd go over well for what I'm doing? I'm going to trust your response and base my decision off of it.
Honestly, it's tough to say. Try speaking with the guy first since the formality of sales varies.

Since you do not have a suit, I am not sure where you could get one on such short notice, and especially one that fits well.

My reason for the sweater was because he wants you to wear a tie, and a tie on its own looks a bit odd to me and also I thought it would be an okay low-cost option. Other options besides a suit would be a cardigan or a blazer. Like a suit, a finding a blazer on suck short notice could be tough too. But if you'd prefer the tie to fully show, omit any of the laying pieces. Many people do it all the time in office positions.
Thanks a million dude. It's 7:45AM, Target opens in 15m. I'm headed up to shop now and going into the shoot.

Thank you to everyone who helped me out in this thread. I'll report back afterward (hopefully with a clip).
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