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Everyone take a good look.
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Everyone take a good look.



If there's nothing wrong with your eyes or brain, you have now laid aside all millenial "qts" as you call them, and their cringeworthy fashion tastes as well.

You can now live a saner life, contemplating the beauties of the recent past instead of pursuing coarse, vulgar and misshapen contemporary females.
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>I'm a virgin by circumstance and I say you should have a waifu instead of trying to get your dick wet

Cool message, telling it to 4chan is preaching to the choir tho.
Whether you try to fuck her or not, you shouldn't make a waifu out of a contemporary girl.

That's what I'm saying.
All you're saying is just cynicism masked as gaudy wisdom, while you use words like 'millenial' in an effort to distance yourself from a group of people that you're undoubtedly a part of.

Don't worry though bro, you can still fuck girls and keep your waifu. It's not illegal yet.
And what you're doing right now is clumsily trying to dismiss wise words by relying on armchair psychoanalysis. Probably to feel less guilty about your low standards.

It doesn't matter where my words come from; they could be a mistranslation of an aztec poem, they're still good advice.
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All I'm doing is being real with you. What you're saying doesn't have enough substance for me to be dismissive, it's like not laughing at a joke.

You have no foundation of reality because you live your life through a screen. 'Low standards' only exists on an individual level, your projection of that in the real world is the internalization of your own self-worth. 'Waifus' by nature exist to transcend your own standards because they're intangible, so your projecting this idea of loss of standards is just airing your own personality flaws, the most prominent of which seems to be detachment.
Holy shit you're going full psychology 101 with this.

Nothing like accusing those you disagree with of projecting whatever personal flaws you pick to make their words seem unimportant right?

Know that detachment is a virtue, and that regardless of whether you have relationships with someone through a screen or not, regardless of whether it's individual or collective or whatever, regardless of whether it's one-sided or not, regardless of whether it's staged or not, regardless of your personal baggage or tastes, there is a fact you cannot rightfully deny: that millenial girls look bad compared to their equivalent of previous generations, and do not deserve to be desired or admired.

And this is the only thing that matters. This is the only thing that's real, not your superfluous psychoanalysis.

I don't have to argue with you on that. I just want you to read it in plain words. Try to focus on what people say instead of picking apart their motives.
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go on.....
The reason you don't want me to look into your motives is because you're no-true-Scotsmaning your way into an inane conclusion and ideal.

If you publish a scientific journal you're not expected to just put the results, amongst other things you need to have an explanation of why you thought to do the experiment in the first pace, what you did to get that result, and why do you think that the result happened because contextually that matters.
You handed out some tables and charts and didn't even bother saying what the foundation for the thought was, so I am well within my rights to challenge your shit, tell you the data's wrong and fill in the blanks myself of where I think you went wrong.

Your scorn-fueled predilections are a dime a dozen over at /r9k/ and I'm sure whatever the equivalent of it is over at reddit, but what I find interesting is your inability to compartmentalize the idea of 'waifu standards' with tangible desires.
Jesus fuck this entire thread is cringe worthy
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misshapen contemporary female detected
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