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/fa/'s Creativity Level?
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Can we have a thread where we just push new ideas, see what we can come up with through creativity and critical thinking? I'm aching for a different or new look and I know at least a few of you /fa/ggots feel the same.

Pic unrelated.
>following stupid internet meme trends
Then why are you here?
I'd be so in if I didn't have to sleep for early morning class tomorrow...

Hopefully this is alive tmr afternoon but im going to see a show anyways blah
This place is just full of meme clothing. The fact is nobody here is very creative. I mean a true creative could look /fa/ on a budget ya know, that takes creativity.
anyone else feel like you lost most creativity after middle school?
No one here is creative, like >>10868091 said.

/fa/ and 4chan in general is conservative (not meant as in politics) and hardly do what is "unconventional" or creative.

Good idea OP, but did you have something in mind so we could kickstart the thread?
You mean conservative as in conformist then, right? As in, conformist to 4chan.
Yes, exactly. I guess that's a better word to use.

Just take a look at WAYWT threads, and I've raised this opinion before, but I'll do it again:
it hardly allows any form of creativity (outside of certain people like Huck who wears anything because of confidence).
People tend to differ towards certain styles; the people who think money means you look good (Rick and Raf only, Laserface as an example does this) and people who have no idea what they're doing and do what everyone else does.

I think it has something to do with the demographic of 4chan, scrawny white kids. People tend to not have a lot of self-confidence, which is THE most important thing to look good.

>outside of certain people like Huck who wears anything because of confidence

Worst example. Should've said Knoch or user or anybody that's actually involved in the industry
I don't think so. You don't have to be involved in the industry to know fashion or make your style work, quite the contrary actually.

Do you think e.g. skinheads, who are used as inspiration here, are involved in the industry? Most likely no, but most of them look great because they wear it with confidence.
let's start wearing fedoras ironically
skinheads are the most conformist of the subcultures they all look the same

do you have any idea what you're talking about?

Huck is exactly the kind of person who have no idea what they're doing, is a scrawny white kid and only dresses in the same shit in every picture of him
Of course skinheads are comformists, I never argued that. I argued they look good in what they wear, because they wear it with confidence.

Doesn't matter what you think of Huck, he dresses with confidence which makes him look much better.
My point is, 4chan is a central point for many people, a lot of them tend to be introvert and not very confident, hence they tend to look worse and tend to go to the comformist looks.
>he dresses with confidence

He never leaves the house.
See, this is why /fa/ is so awful, so little actual discussion

This is just splitting hairs and completely irrelevant. You wouldn't even know if he did.
What's there to discuss? /fa/ is shit and you're not actually contributing anything to make it better. Just observing it's shit isn't going to change anything. Nor is sucking hucks hook nosed dick.
I'm trying to start a discussion, that's not observing, but frankly you're being hostile for no reason.

I don't care for Huck, but he was the obvious example of someone who looks better because of confidence.
Well, this thread is total shit so why would I not be hostile.

If you'd really want to help /fa/, start by doing something that is actually related to fashion.

Confidence is a given for everything in life. It's not some kind of big revelation.
It isn't, but /fa/ clearly doesn't understand it.

M8 you should seriously calm down
Who cares if /fa/ doesn't understand it. Do something productive.
Discussing it, is not productive? What do you propose instead?

I honestly don't care what /fa/ thinks, I'm not trying to change anything, I'm just raising my opinion.
Not your blog fag.

I propose instead of discussing a moot point you discuss something of worth. Maybe how much the socio economic state of your country has influenced the rise of fast fashion. Dissect the new AW collections, go outside and read a book in the park. Go out with friends and get a photo taken of you. Go watch a film in black and white in a foreign language.
This thread is about creativity, and I'm discussing why creativity is so limited on /fa/.

Quit strawmanning.
Creativity on /fa/ is so limited because of retards like you who make threads about why creativity is limited INSTEAD of doing something creative yourself. How about you learn how to make clothes and make a nice creative thread about that?

/fa/ isn't creative because it's literal children thinking they can acquire social currency by buying into anything memey.

You could also just do the cheap approach รก la huck and do the whole second hand closet cosplay thing where you create an outfit with anything you've got immediate access too without buying anything new.

Stop talking and do something. Discussion is for losers that never amount to anything.
I didn't make this thread.
>/fa/ isn't creative because it's literal children thinking they can acquire social currency by buying into anything memey.
truth to be honest
doesn't matter dipshit
File: lemao.jpg (72 KB, 784x520) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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plebs here can only see memes

how u expect them to be creative
High fashion
Yes it does. You're attacking me, because I'm discussing the thoughts I have about /fa/. You have no idea what I do creatively, yet you assume I don't do anything at all.

Get a grip.
You're a fucking faggot. I bet you're huck.
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After that massive derail just now. I'd like to get one track.

Disclaimer: I'm not trying to sound smug, it's my admittedly horrible writing style.

You want creativity back on 4chan? How much time are you willing to spend to make it so? It's going to take time and effort if you want it. Because the average 4chan poster is not going to contribute until it is safe to do so, e.g. when the thread has already produced some meaningful content, even then a minority is going to carry these threads. The rest is probably going to be useless and parasitic, taking up post space and deflating whatever motivation they can. Sometimes, negative comments are actually constructive, nurture those posters.

To start off, it won't be done with a single discussion, nor will it be done in two weeks or two months. It's going to take repeated effort, several times a week, to get creativity threads rolling.

Then, once you're aware of this, you'll need OC, you'll need to show people this new creative thing that might be it, or hope that someone else shares their thing in response to your thing. To get creativity rolling, you'll probably need to go for a layered approach, that encompasses several aspects of creativity.

Then, you'll need experience. You'll need someone with enough skill to produce whatever you've envisioned, which in itself takes several different skills to achieve.

File: 1453432851419.jpg (73 KB, 500x508) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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If you want /fa/ to haul ass, I'd suggest the following few threads, updated daily until users start to bite. Some of these were lifted from /fa/ itself, but lacked nurturing to make them catch on:

>Outfit explanation thread, threads in which you post a fit you've seen and subsequently explain what you like about it. Sort of like a WheWT, you dissect what it is that makes an outfit so beautiful for you.
>Aesthetic thread, focussed on images and ideas that anons have seen circulating or films that they've watched. Acts as an inspiration thread for the next one.
>Moodboard threads, a little more effort than aesthetic threads. once you find something that inspires you, you construct a collage of images that reflect the aesthetic, both in colours and general atmosphere. Most fashion brands/designers work using some sort of moodboard to keep a collection coherent and inspired. Image sharing platforms (4chan) lend itself really well to this.
>Sewing/pattern-making/production general, thread that aims to nurture the skills that are necessary to produce clothing. DIY threads suck, something as polished as perfume generals should do better.
>Once an aesthetic has grown sufficiently, the creation of [aesthetic]-core/ [aesthetic]-wave/ [aesthetic] generals.

Please contribute/ critique. I'd love to see /fa/ as less of a disappointment.
tl;dr make threads that inspire people to do something, consistently update these threads or start new ones.

see: >>10868555 for threads that could possible fit this bill.
This is some of the worst trite I've ever read.

>the creation of [aesthetic]-core/ [aesthetic]-wave/ [aesthetic] generals.

You're the exact type of person that is killing anything original.

The exact type of 'Life is a video game where I level up' child
>make threads that inspire people to do something

This is dumb. Why not just do something on your own in the first place?
Dude, it's simply scaling an idea once it gets too big for the other suggested threads to handle.

Since its /fa/ you'll always get some cross pollination, but you'll have to offer an idea more space to grow once it takes up too much space in other threads. This would also allow for more focussed discussion on the subject matter. Infrastructure, fag.

You seem like the kind of person that would complain about [aesthetic] shtting up a thread.
The fact that you even use 'aesthetic' in this context tells me everything I need to know.

Fucking parasite.
Dude, what about,
Wow that sounds very original, lets discuss it and then we can make it a core and post generals about socks with flipflops
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>co-creation, because you don't know everything about all there is to know. Other people can know stuff you don't.
>This also has the benefit of putting you into contact with others that share similar interests.
>This helps with other aspects of creating an aesthetic, such as fabrics or whatever.

Why do you go to /fa/? Answer this and fill in the blanks: This is dumb. Why not just do [reason I come on /fa/] on my own in the first place?
Sorry, not going to feed your patterns.

I come to /fa/ to laugh at people like you,
feel vindicated about my choices and fortified in myself and what I'm doing with my life.

That seems more befitting of you, friendo. To create a contrast, my idea is being #rekt right now, whilst you're idea is... nonexistent. You're criticizing an idea , whilst contributing nothing.

It's unconstructive if you don't explain what makes me so terrible, and please, be elaborate if you do. Or better yet, share your ideas and beat my idea into the ground with yours.
Nope, that's how a nonperson like you would do it. You'd try to quantify my contributions. Instead I'll be constructive and work on something real for my own life instead of 'discussing' things on the internet.

What makes you terrible is the fact that you think you can force a creative and original process by giving guidelines like you did in your previous posts.
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>discussing fashion on a fashion board is stupid.

The guidelines are only there to focus on a certain topic or medium through which an idea can be expressed. A moodboard is nothing more than a collage of images that go together to express what you find beautiful, it is a medium more than anything. How do you into creation if a medium already kills creativity?

Not doing shit kills creativity, originality remains without expression if you don't act.
You create by not using that medium. I'd never fucking have a real exchange of anything on here. Are you an idiot?

If you actually use /fa/ or 4chan for that matter for anything serious pertaining to the individual board there is no way to help you.

I don't discuss, I just do.
You're using it right now, you have been for at least an hour now.

Well done.

Also, the question on the use of a medium was rhetorical, a medium always come with constraints, that belie guidelines.

Please though, contribute. You seem interesting, and you haven't used the word "cuck" in at least 15 lines of text, which I appreciate.
I'm not using it for what I actually normally use it for though. The fact that I am actually discussing my standpoint towards fashion and creativity right now already makes me uncomfortable and sick to my stomach.

I'm actually one of the few certain people would say have contributed a lot to the board but revealing my identity might jeopardize certain future prospects.
there's nothing wrong with meta discussion
I hate that shit though.

My perfect /fa/ would just be pictures, no text. Just images, maybe even videos and music. But then we're back at the beginning where I think having a fashion board is useless altogether.
Sounds like Tumblr without a search bar.
Which by this point if you know the right blogs (OC only) to follow is better than this shithole.
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