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TLDR IF YOU DON'T WANT THE LIFE STORY: Post fits you like, and explain what it is that makes them work.

Hey, /fa/, newfag here. Been posting for 3 days now, lurking for quite a while and I really like this board so far, actually. Despite the weird roasting and the pretensiousness, you guys seem to know some stuff.

I'm in a sort of transitional period of my life, where for the first time since I can remember I'm actually thinking about my appearance and how I can improve it. It's cool, but without a direction to go in, and a style to call my own, I feel like, as a certain comedian once described it (paraphrasing) "a dick thrusting in random directions, trying desperately to find purchase".

I started a pinterest to try and figure out what kinda clothes speak to me, and what I'm aiming for in terms of appearance, but I'm still struggling to find direction.

ITT: post some of your favorite fits, male or female, I don't really care, and describe what you like about them. Hearing what others find appealing about certain styles could help me find my own. Thanks in advance.
To start of with a classic, one that appeared on /fa/ first.

I'll also be berating you a little in one of my following points.
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Forgot pic.

This is mamma död, an old trip that has moved on. His fits can still be found on his tumblr: rainserenade.tumblr.com

I like his fits because he manages to rock androgyny to such a successful degree that I'm still torn whether I want to have sex with him or just revere him as a walking work of art. One of the things you'll notice about him is that he isn't very tall, yet he manages to effectively play with his proportions in a way that do not make him appear like he's short. Often times, billowy stuff, when done incorrectly can seriously fuck up your proportions, especially if your shorter than 6 feet.
This is honestly a really good idea for a thread, the kind of discussion fa needs more of. Bump.
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This is another one that I really like, although he's wearing stuff that's almost entirely black, it stays eye catching because of, again the proportions and the use of some interesting textures (his entire top half). I really like the use of tights + shorts, especially since the stop right at knee length. This covers up the proportions of his thighs, which would otherwise be accentuated because of his tights, making the whole outfit look incredibly feminine. Similarly, the length of his top covers up his hips as well, an shits his silhouette downwards, to create an elongated top shape, one that does not make his hips stand out, but instead creates a somewhat slouched silhouette that draws the eyes upwards.

Note that you'll be hearing proportion and texture a lot whenever I discuss fits, especially one's that are mostly black. This is because black clothing, or actually monochrome clothing in general, very good at placing the emphasis on the way that you're proportioned and the texture of your clothes.
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I could be wrong, but I think being willing to try your hardest is one of the things that often marks a person with serious style.

It also probably makes it really hard to walk on the streets without turning heads, tho.

This is exactly the kind of alternative stuff I wanted to explore. And good tip on the baggy stuff. Good stuff, even if I'm a skinny fuck, who'd probably never attempt billowy anways.

Love the analysis. This guy really put some thought into his shots, huh?
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Here's one that I like for completely different reasons. his clothes are simple, civilian, yet the details make this outfit nice for me. Especially the large cuffs, with the slim silhouette of the shoes gives it an almost Eastern vibe, which works really well with the thick, grey beard. What captivates me about this fit is the way in which American workwear is used for something that gives the aforementioned Eastern Vibe.
I agree, it does liken to India a bit, but I think it's mostly the beard doing it. The one thing that bugs me about is that his shirt and pants are so clean. I feel like it wouldn't hurt to have them be a bit used, but I guess that just comes with time. Nice shot.

Interesting choice of footwear and nail polish. I'm not sure how I feel about this. I really like the silhouette, though.
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I hope so, I always attempt to look at clothing whilst asking myself what it does to my proportions. The all black clothing thing is a very old trick in the fashion book. And silhouette is essential in just about any pursuit that deals with images in an artful manner.

Now about billowy clothing, it's all about knowing where to end the garment, and "proving" you're not fat.

Moving on:
I like this one because it combines a lot of stuff that I dislike immensely and makes it into something that I really like. Also, the lady is very hot.

Let's start with something that I do like, contrast: she's obviously very pale, a dark top makes her look even paler and creates a very clear boundary between her body and the garments. this contrast also breaks up a colour scheme that would otherwise consist of a dark colour (the beanie) that fades into the colour of the jeans. Blue and black can work well together, this is well documented. It's also a bit boring.

Moving on, it's grungy inspired which is sooo 90's xD. The torn top and the converses, beanie and straight legged jeans are all grunge kid staples. Nothing special here, I personally dislike it a lot, because it gets done to death every single year. Same reason I don't like red/black plaid. Yet the fact that her haircut does remind me Kevin Smith's movies and the lack of jewellery does speak to me, and ascribes it some form of authenticity that I probably attribute to it unjustly.

The belt, just really fucking ugly mongrel of a stupid studded piece of cheap canvas. Yet it's an eye catch and it work, precisely because she's not wearing any other kind of jewellery.

The single cuffed non-functional cuffs. Works because of the previously mentioned gradient, and does a ton of work actually.

The converses, work due to the way they hug her feet and the high cuffs. As it creates an interesting silhouette together, going from the wide-ass pants legs to the slim sneakers.
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For a newfag you seem chill OP
Anyway here's mine.Not a specific fit, but rather a style I've been getting interested in palewave recently most of the fits I see I usually like because of the colors,they give off a relaxed vibe and are easy on the eyes.
It also helps if the person wearing them has a laid-back personality.
Which I guess is another reason I've begun to like it since I'm like that.
Palewave's also pretty easy to pull off since you can usually make great fits with combinations of basic cheap clothing and no specific styles like you would need for a techware or military-core fit, but on the other hand you can also add on extra pieces to enhance it depending on your taste.
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2 MB, 1474x2382

Thanks, bro. Not my first time on an image board, I have some idea of what etiquette I should go with.

I've been thinking of getting into palewave too. Ever since I saw the >palewave is kill? no! thread. I like the idea of lighthearted upbeat clothing. Fits certain occasions, and it's one of the styles I can claim to truly understand, so I'm thinking this could be my starting point.

Very interesting fit.

It's interesting what you say about the eye catch. I agree, it's really ugly, and I think if there wasn't such a perfectly flat stomach right above it, it really wouldn't be a good idea. As it is, though, it's pretty nice. I'm a sucker for chick's in beanies.
Yeah the beard does a ton of work. The cleanliness almost gives it this editorial vibe, which ruins lot of the authenticity. (Important concept. Which is why you'll be seeing a ton of /fa/ lifestyle threads on here among other garbage).

One more:
Proving you're not fat.
Being tall really helps here, since it's going to elongate the fuck out of your silhouette. Whenever anyone talks about a garment that drapes nicely, this is often due to it hanging from your body in a certain way. My main issue with being fat is that it ruins the way in which a garment drapes, instead of hanging off the body, the garment has to be pulled over it, ruining any pretty folds and prospects of having the garment move with your body. pic related, Shui Tsang (tumblr: http://shuitsang.com/) is wonderful for illustrating drape. Notice how he proves how he's not fat using his wrists, hands, and of course face. The sleeves hang off his wrists, together with his bracelet, yet both have a significant gap in between. Note how it doesn't seem like the shirt is too big in any way, this helps with proving that shirt is meant to be billowy.

What I love about this fit is the simplicity of the colour composition (Black pants, white shirt, basic af), without any details in the clothing that seem to ruin this simplicity. It's all fabric that drapes nicely and does not contain any graphics, or distracting shit, allowing the folds to be a focal point. Yet, this fit isn't boring, because of tasteful placement of jewellery(for some a bit too much). I'd love to see this fit in motion.

I know this segment is a bit weird, but hopefully you get the idea. Gonna do some other stuff now. I'd like to see you post some stuff that you liked too, and express what it is that drew you to these fits. So get to it OP>>10820689
One last thing, about the chicks in beanies thing. Do you know why you're a sucker for chicks in beanies? Cause you should be able to deduce what makes you like it, especially after this thread.

Pic related: Fashion can often be better understood when you look at it from a sculptural perspective. I'm sure you're at least a bit familiar with Rick Owens by now. His clothes have a lot in common with architecture and sculpture.
Man, thank you so much. I can't believe someone who knows all this stuff took the time of day to show me a thing or two. Honestly blows me away.

>I know this segment is a bit weird, but hopefully you get the idea. Gonna do some other stuff now. I'd like to see you post some stuff that you liked too, and express what it is that drew you to these fits. So get to it
Let me just finish this set and I'll do some serious posting.

>One last thing, about the chicks in beanies thing. Do you know why you're a sucker for chicks in beanies? Cause you should be able to deduce what makes you like it, especially after this thread.
I could give it a shot. I'm generally attracted to practical people. A girl who knows how to sew, who doesn't take /too/ long to dress, and who keeps herself warm, is something I can get behind. Beanies are principally functional, as they keep ears and head warm. When done correctly as in the version you posted, they can drastically change the percieved silhouette and texture of the head.

It adds a certain tomboyishness to a girl, which I find very refreshing, and interesting when done properly. It's nice to see something that doesn't conform to the norm.
I'm along time lurker and what I usualy do is reading fashion magazines and saving inspo, thinking about what makes it work for the person wearing it, what kind of associations come up upon seeing it. This is an ongoing process of consumption and creation

If I like a particular look on the internet, I check if my wardrobe has similar pieces, in terms of color, material, fit, versatility and silouhette. If I really like something and it will compliment my other clothes, I'll go out and buy it.

Basically keep your wardrobe in mind when you go shopping. Train and challenge your tastes. Emulate the stuff that you like and deviate your own style from it. Figure out what colors look good on you. Don't be cheap

Try to build a basic wardrobe of solid colors and quality textiles and build upon that foundation, set accents with more out-there items
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Not very interesting, but good enough for a first try, using what I've learned here so far. Pic is from a clothing website. want to cop the shirt.

>first impression and textures
The first thing that strikes me about this, is that it does a number of things right, while everything very simple. The three textures employed are the knit textures on the shirt, the cloth on the pants, and the glossy material that makes up the shoes.

>values and color
Varying shades of black and grey lends the fit an air of simplicity and sincerity, without being pretensious or inauthentic. I like how it works with the man's skin tone. This fit wouldn't be nearly as effective on a black man (no offense, guys, I swear).

The silhouette is simplistic, not very exciting, but folds around where the sleeves have been rolled up and the bulge that this kind of turtleneck sweaters produce around the neck gives some reprieve from the otherwise bland surface. I like the transition from pants to shoes.

I'll think about this idea of wearing loose clothes to 'proove' that you are not fat. I'm a pretty skinny guy, so I could definitely pull this style off. I think I'd have to really consider my hair and shoe choices carefully, though. Could be a fun project to try.

Thank you, anon, I will follow this advice.

I wanted to add to my previuous post that you will need an understanding of who you are and who you want to be. Not everyone can appreciate Rick Owens because regular folks don't associate drapey clothes with avant-garde or high fashion. If you want to be involved with people who do wear Rick, you need to go out of your comfort zone and meet them. This is just an example, insert aesthetic x for Rick.

Work on your apperance, your fitness and mental capacities. Read, read as much as you can, this is the best advice I can give you. Read ten good books and you will be a different person inside

I hope this is not too preachy and somewhat relevant. This is what I realized after my own "transitional period"
Not at all, I appreciate the compassion.

I just started lifting weights the other day, and have been running 5k every other day for the past month. Bumping it up to 6k next month. I'll consider the book thing. Filling my head with more knowledge instead of the useless crap I usually do to expend time could be decent. Hope I'll be able to stick with all these changes once I've made them.
i think this one would be better if the trousers broke over the shoes, the cuff doesn't suit the rest of the fit. the shoes look kind of awkward and dressy because they're too prominent
This thread is so cringe. Is it just one poster doing this "descriptions"? Sounds like he/she is trying really hard to appear smart.
Maybe, but I felt like I got a good deal out of it. Honestly, I don't get why we even have to look down upon people wanting to appear smart. That's what we're here for, isn't it? Getting fashion 'smart'? Why should it be looked down upon to strive for that.
Some of the descriptions are cringe for sure, but the concept of the thread is great. Why don't you contribute? Because you ain't about shit
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Well... yeah initially I started posting descriptions, because OP asked for a fit and a description of the reasons why you enjoy a certain style or fit.

Now, about appearing smart. I've heard that more often, and you'll have to excuse that, I tend to speak and write a bit formally, mostly due to my upbringing. Couple this with the fact that English isn't my first language and you get something that reads like pseudo-intellectual garbage. It also doesn't help that most of my writing consists of study-related essays.

It is an honest to god attempt at articulating why I like a fit though, all of these fits come from my inspo folder and they resonate with me for reasons that I'm trying hard to translate into words. It's like deconstructing a snap judgement. I'd love to see you elaborate on your reasons why you like a certain fit though, mostly cause it'll help me to understand what I'm doing wrong.

Honestly, I really liked your description. keeping the descriptions compact seems to make the whole thing a lot clearer to read. Also, you make some good points, on the sleeves and neck parts of the silhouette.

You seem like a person that actually wants to learn more about fashion, would love to have more people like you post on this board.

I love the concept too, I'd be great to see this sort of thing more often of /fa/.
Seconded. The dick-waving on /fa is occasionally amusing, but it's also an underrated place to have conversations about style.
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Simple and effective. Draping is used tastefully, elegant without being overt and show-offy. Geobaskets add some pop.
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Saw this posted here a while ago, kudos to the anon that posted it. Draping is used well with his figure. A few different tones in the outfit so it's not totally flat. Jewelry is small and tasteful. Shoes match well and add style.
File: 13545202955561.jpg (327 KB, 565x660) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Colors are simple and coordinated. Very cute without being ridiculous and animecore.
File: 1452015316485.jpg (916 KB, 1600x2400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I'll bite. I like this fit because it looks authentic (even though lots of though probably went into it). It looks like someone grew into being a little Rick from whatever they wore in highschool instead of copping those Ramones with full Rick on Daddy's Amex.

It's pretty much all black, but look at all the different black materials: fleece, cotton, denim, leather, nylon.

The clothing color and drape almost looks like a giant extension of his hair in a way, it suits the person wearing it. I could buy all this shit but it wouldn't look the same because of the hair.

Plus Crystal Castles is good music.
ok i see these sandals everywhere w2c??
birkenstock sandals
I'll make sure to stick around for you, anon <3
good thread actually. am surprised.
I like this but it would be so difficult (maybe impossible) if you had anything larger than a b cup.

There is nothing that can't be gained from tucking your shirt into your skirt. Instant waist.
>use of complimentary colours and rare hues
>simple, functional style.
>looks comfy
>matching phone case
>varying lengths of shirts and jacket for contrast.
>the hood of the jacket adds nice contrast
>The bag is stylish without being feminine
>you will need an understanding of who you are

Key point. Like Caitlin Moran wrote: When a woman says, ‘I have nothing to wear’ she's really saying ‘There’s nothing here for who I’m supposed to be today'.
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I love how the proportions look in this fit. The short, wide pants increase the his perceived height while the jacket cuts short his torso.
w2c purse?
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