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Do cars still use relays for that blinker...
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Do cars still use relays for that blinker sound? I have an 05 passat with an overactive blinker sound. Doesn't matter which blinker, when I cancel it I get a handful more rapid ticks (no lights). Sometimes just get the rocks while driving along, no lights though

Any ideas? Gogling had failed me
>Bought German

It's a meme bro
Generally that means you have a busted light.
Nah, some cars have a big "flasher" but i believe your car has a switch that talks to a bcm (body control module) that then sends the message to the bulb you're trying to use. I know this might sound stupid but have you checked all the bulbs? It's probably unlikely all 4 corners turn signals are out but bulbs are probably the cheapest "guess" you can make. If it's not bulbs, just keep them for when you need them. Check the fuses, probably not that but if it is checking anything else first is pointless. After that you can start pulling your hair out diagnosing the switch, bcm, pcm, wiring shorts. Personal exp has shown me that wire shorts and the computers are probably the least likely problem, and if it is shorts is will most likely be near connectors. The switch does some shit when you move it so it probably isnt that. I know this probably didnt help at all. Anyway check the bulbs.
My grandam had this problem. My clicker is built into the hazard light button. I replaced the button and the problem was fixed.

I feel your pain. Mine would click constantly and change the speed of the clicks too.
did you recently replace some bulbs with led bulbs , if so that is your problem
Haha ok.

Nah man a busted light makes the indicator+flasher go at double speed. This malfunction is the noise maker only, and it goes off irregularly.

Bulbs are ok. I'll test some fuses. There was a water leak tho so I'll start pulling that out, might have some corrosion shorting things out.

Thanks I'll try and find where the clicker is, I was hoping I'd find an answer like this - just I've checked all the bulbs and their connections, checked the stalk, looked at the wiring.

No idea where the clicker is. Gonna have to delve deeper.
- this a B5.5, by chance? if so, and you haven't traced leak, clear (inaccesible..) plenum drains and replace pollen filter seal - it leaks onto floor, exactly where the CCM is cleverly placed, then does the funky electric, then CCM dies. If its a B6, its probably developed its own methods of leaking.
>Germun Engineerung, Etc.

The poor girl has spent her whole life in dry Saskatchewan then moved to wet Nova Scotia. This is probably a good start. Time to get pulling panels
PS I've no idea what B5.5 / B6 means but i will get to the manual presently to find out.

Funny how pollen filter is the last thing I would think of changing (until the fan stops working, at least)
Probably designations for different engines (no clue about VWs). Your manual won't be a help if that's the case, you'll likely have to look up your VIN.
Sometimes I wonder what the fuck these guys were smoking. Or is the german auto industry going the way of the american auto industry of the 1980's?

Shit, Klaus! Are cars are too good! people will never buy another one every 5 years.
B5.5 / B6 Model Variations, 2005 could be either, see:


B5.5 - 2001 - 2005 (aka 3BG Yurope)
B6 - 1005-2010

If B5.5, nothing to do with Pollen Filter as such, but, the actual box it is mounted in leaks (factory seal is bad, was subject of recall) - good cars for California, ROTW, they leak like a sieve. The CCM (Convenience Control Module) is a box which controls the entire electrics, this is floor-mounted (by RHD) in the drivers footwell. Exactly where the pollen filter leaks to..

Some links if B5.5 (or google 'passat leak' - you wont be short of hits) - but if going from dry to wet, really recommend you get the Pollen Filter Case seal done, whatevers there will be dust by now.

How to clean the hidden drains (do first):

VW official and Top Secret Memo (ie. - we f***ed up here) on how to fix the bad seal:

How to fix/dry out the CCM (only if needed, last resort):

Above all for B5 / B5.5 only, bear in mind, can also be sunroof (if applicable) door seals, et-cet-era. Really, I'd sell it b4 fishtank/mould/etc. I were you, you can end up chasing your taill on this, buy something waterproof. As said, in dry?, really good cars otherwise, older+damp enivorens=problem.
Thanks will do.

Haha never heard of such problems with old vws back home in Europe. That said, we rarely run up 300k km on cars like north americans

You are a God amongst mortals. Did you have the same problems?
>A God among mortals
- thanks, but nope, just yet another leaky Passat (03 B5.5) owner. In Bongoland.

As said, ascertain whether one jot of previous is applicable to you in the first place, ie. have you 05 B5.5 or, 05 B6 - if the latter, you have your own leak problems to seek, idk. Easy way to check, open bonnet (big opening at the front ;) - see if pollen filter is there, top right hand side (if facing car) under windshield.

Take out (uncovered) paper filter (one clip at front), admire large hole into car interior directly above sensitive CCM unit in floor, and admire the 30c POS of plastic 'bridge' over this crap (directly under windshield) that is the entire barrier between your car being functional, or an electrical write-off. If your car looks like this? - its a B5.5.

If so, post back, throw a few other tips at you, like how not to break that 30c POS (if renewing seal under pollen box) by removal, which would be (a) really easy (b) really bad idea.

If looks different, is B6 & you on your own with leak finding, g'luck, and start a 'how to build a garage/carport' thread, you'll prob. need it.

Also fucked up in previous (RHD=LHD) - ie. CCM is always on the left (when in car - ie. drivers side by you) - before you go ripping up carpets wrong side, apologies. But if floor damp here, fix, b4 really expensive.
Who's bumping this shit?
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