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Can a chainsaw with a carbide chain cut stone?
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Can a chainsaw with a carbide chain cut stone?

I've been on youtube watching videos of Alaskan mills and I wondered if you put a garden hose on the jig to keep everything wet and cool, would you be able to cut stone like lumber.

How can you /diy/ stone cutting? Bonus points for fast, easy, and cheap. Kinda like how an Alaskan mill is much faster, cheaper, and easier than building a regular lumber mill.
There's another geology/mineral related thread here, everyone >>941473

Our posts were like 30 minutes apart so I had to link them together.

Call it autism if you must.

Fuck no.

The blade geometry is completely wrong. Chainsaw teeth are very aggressive. They are designed such that they actually want to pull themselves into the wood (this is also why so much as grazing a chainsaw blade will land you in the hospital for stitches at best), and if you look at the links, there are small protrusions that keep them from trying to bite too deep.

You don't want this kind of tooth for stone. Trying to use it will get you nothing but some jagged nicks in your rock and a lot of carbide fragments You want far, FAR less material removed per tooth. something more akin to what you'd see on a hacksaw. Theoretically, you could make a custom chainsaw blade that had such teeth, but that would be horrendously expensive. Even if that weren't an obstacle, you run into the issue of stone getting into the blade's track and ruining both it and the blade in what will likely be a fairly short period of time. Not to mention the load of shit that will end up in the rest of the saw.

Literally everything about the chainsaw is wrong for cutting stone. Just isn't going to happen.
you'd need a rock chainsaw. and rock saw are usually used in sedimentary rocks since they're softer. 4-5 on mohs scale.

rock chainsaw are huge and mounted on rail.

otherwise you can buy a rock saw with a diamond blade and you can cut yourselve pieces of rock but they would be 1cubic feet max I believe..

Ok, point taken. It needs a specialty chain. What kind of chain? Would it absolutely have to be custom or would it be as simple as running the chain backwards?

What would be an obstacle? When you cut stone with saws you use water to remove powder, fragments, and to keep everything cool.


Rock chainsaws exist? Please tell me more!
No. A human cannot hold and drive a chain saw straight enough nor stable enough to prevent the blade from catching and kicking. Don't ever try it.
OP here, I answered my own question I guess.


Apparently chainsaws can cut through granit and iron.

What makes a rock cutting chainsaw? The water supply and chain?

Apparently you totally can...
Well, now the only real question I have is about the chain..

It doesn't HAVE to be a diamond chain, right?
Here's the rock boss chain.

If I find something that is similar enough it would still work even though it doesn't have diamonds, right?

So long as I keep the chain cooled enough it would be ok?
probably not, but it has to be harder than stone.

industrial diamonds are cheap enough anyways
I cut a new entrance in my basement foundation with a masonry chainsaw. Any decent rental center will have one. The main difference is indeed the chain and watering system. The one I used just hooked up to a garden hose. The deposit on the blade was most of the rental fee, as they'll be destroyed in seconds without the water hooked up.

It made quick work of cutting a doorway into a cinder block wall.
i believe they make special chains you can use but not sure how effective(or safe) they are compared to a tool designed specifically for rock
If your dead set on using a chain saw... Ive seen guys run circle saw style blades attatched to their chainsaw to cut lumber... They are pretty big blades and would not wanna be the one holding the damn thing.. Stone or wood... So i assume you can do the same.
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>hey guys ive seen this chainsaw used to cut wood
>a tool used to cut wood with a jig is cheaper than another tool used to cut wood
>can i use it to cut stone?


nope. all the information you have is wrong.
the GS461 is not a chainsaw. it is a chainsaw shaped masonry cutter. it is not just a chainsaw with a different chain.

chainsaws use bar oil for lubrication of the chain and sprocket. the GS 461 uses water. it is a completely different machine. made of different materials with a different lubrication mechanism. the masonry cutter uses water channels to cool and clean the sprocket and chain. bar oil will fuck with this.

masonry saws are not expensive to rent.

Best as I can tell it's a damn chainsaw with a water hose attachment and runners for water in the bar. That's the only thing that makes it different besides the specialty chain.
OP, you may allready have the basics in here, but my two cents:

The answer is you CAN cut stone with a regular chainsaw and the right chain, but it won't be as good or last as long as the proper set up. So, depending on what you want to do, you get what you need...
looks like a chainsaw to me
do you run your car without any water in the cooling system? please tell me how you keep your head from warping.

>but its a car anon
>I can just dump water in the oil sump to keep it cool
It's still a chainsaw though. Just with slightly different chain and lubricates with water
Circle blade attached to actual chainsaw, or to gas circular saw that is similar to chainsaw?
It's a chainsaw motor, hooked up to a thinner blade, a chain designed to cut rock, and a water coolant feed system.
That's like saying that running on of those diy bandmills with a lawnmower motor is cutting trees into planks with a lawnmower.
If the only thing you're keeping is the motor and the handle, it's no longer really the same tool, now is it.

To further add to this, ask anyone that's ever had a chainsaw even remotely knick soil. It will dull your chain faster than 100 trees will.

Can you even attach a circular saw to a chainsaw?

I've ever seen this before. Really?
I got a 20" chainsaw last spring because I burn wood for heating. Previously I bought wood already cut in the round and just split, then I made a connection who'd let me fell and buck on his land which made a chainsaw a worthwhile purchase.

I do not like fucking around with my chainsaw. It is literally the most dangerous tool I use around the house. I have kevlar trousers and a bib, ear defenders and a face shield. You have to suit up like you were about to take a space walk and it is often hot and disorientating to work with, especially out in the field. I like it about as much as I like climbing untethered on my roof.

The idea of modifying it or using it in a way for which is was not designed is completely stupid to me. I can see a ton of problems with the lubricating oil vs water cooling/clearing stone dust. You get bar wear anyway let alone with the dust from cutting stone. You already spend about as much time tinkering with it, sharpening it, tensioning it, refilling fuel and oil etc as you do cutting.

If you've ever had one kick. Or get pinched. Danger danger. Watched one flooded and run despite the break being engaged while you are in a physically difficult position.

Or hit a stone or nail. Or cut through and caught some soil/the ground. Just .. Basically you've just fucked your chain straight away. You know about it. They get blunt quick anyway, they get fouled up with wood shavings/chips anyway. The airbox needs cleaning anyway.

Also I've used a cut off saw with diamond discs to cut concrete with steel reinforcing bar. I use an angle grinder most often anyway. If you've ever cut asphalt or concrete, most stone is quite soft and easier to cut in comparison. Different rpm, different disc types, different wear characteristics. Cut a guide in concrete with a diamond disc. Expose the steel, use a skinny metal cutting disc to nip those off, horse through the rest with the cut off saw.
Is that tool a saw? Yes it is. Does it have chain? Yes if does. That means it's a fucking chainsaw you idiot. Which part of the name "chainsaw" stands for "meant only for cutting wood"?
yep one single fucking touch and it's dull, same goes for even just dirt on the wood
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As other anons have mentioned, use the proper tools for the job or risk injury.

There are chainsaws which are used to cut rock, but they're not for diy usage.
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OP here. Near as I can tell, with the right chain and a garden hose ANYONE can cut stone with a chainsaw.

I checked out the specialty diamond chains and the diamonds aren't even on the cutting edge! Steel literally does almost all the work.
Think about abrasive cutting discs, they are designed to wear down so you've always got a fresh cutting surface and they remove material by abrasion. They do an ok job on softer materials. Think about diamond discs, they are designed to be harder than the material you are cutting and give a clean edge, but they aren't designed to wear down, they are designed to remain sharp. I've had cheaper ones where in time the diamonds actually fly off the disc with wear and tear.

Think about steel just grinding through material with sheer abrasive power, you aren't really using the right tool for the job dude even if it does work.
So nobody knows anything about mounting a circular saw to a chainsaw?

I tried Google images but got nothing.
Husqvarna makes a "masonry chainsaw", the thing is a beast though, the chains are very expensive (~$700.00) and you have to run it wet.

Renting one is not bad, but we measure the abrasive block height before and after rental and charge accordingly.

They also offer what is called a "ring saw" with the same powerhead, but I've not dealt with it.

As far as mounting a circle saw to a chainsaw, the internals are quite different, the masonry saws lack the tank or pump for the bar oil normally found on a wood use chain saw, and the masonry units tend to have far more effective air filtration systems.
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Use a demolition saw?

I couldn't cut a 3 foot wide 1 foot deep stone slab with that...

I couldn't use it to machine a 3 foot wide 10 foot tall stone obelisk...

I couldn't use that to pull out sizable chunks of granite from a rock wall.

That's the kinda stuff I'm looking into.
That kind of stuff isn't done by cutting into the stone -- at least not in the way you're thinking.
you are literally retarded.
Garden hose
aim it toward chain
>he fills the boot with water containers then pumps it over the engine to keep it cool instead of fixing his radiator
>engine stalls anyway

Improper analogy. Car engines have more cooling surfaces on the inside than the outside.

Dude even with legit concrete chainsaws they literally just screw a garden hose into it.

The chain has a massive surface area and only one side contacts the material you're cutting.


Thanks for that read. There is still more than one way to skin a cat.
pretty good analogy actually.
how easily do you think just aiming a garden hose at the chainsaw will properly infiltrate the water channels and clean the blade vs properly routed water channels?
>Thanks for that read. There is still more than one way to skin a cat.
No, there really isn't.

Look guy, I know you're all super excited and shit, but cutting rock is something humanity has been doing for a *very* long time. Once you get away from the quarry, bandsaws are used. The chainsaw style is rarely used and only used in situations where you can't really do anything else because it's horribly inefficient and very, very slow.

I don't think the water runners have as much to do with cooling as they do with giving an expensive piece of equipment another selling point.

Don't you think you could cool the chain faster with more water? And not forcing the water to run through tiny runners in a thin chainsaw bar would indeed limit how much water could come through.

An unhindered hose would put out more water.
Go ahead and rent one of those saws, and run it as you're describing.

Make sure you have a couple thousand dollars of disposable income to pay for the damage you'll inflict on said saw.

Hasn't anyone tested this yet?

We need an appliance combat ring on tv.

>"In this corner, we have a Maytag dehumidifier!!! And, in THIS corner, a Coleman humidifier!!! Two appliances enter, ONE appliance leaves, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN LET'S GET READY TO RRRRUUUUUMMMMMBBBBBBLLLLEEEEEEEE"

And like ten years later we find out which is better lol
Good god, ive seen a guy break his jaw with a hammer drill when he was going through a foundation wall and got a Hilti bitch slap to the face when the bit hit some rebar, i wouldnt even want to witness the damage of a chainsaw if it hit something.
It's funny that if chainsaws had only been invented today, they would of been banned instantly. Fucking little death machines they are.
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